Highlights | Fernandes, Greenwood & Pogba on target as Reds win | Aston Villa 0-3 Manchester United

Enjoy all the highlights from Villa Park as the Reds made it four wins out of four in the Premier League with a 3-0 victory against Aston Villa.

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Manchester United Lover
Manchester United Lover:
Brilliant from all the lads can’t wait to see what they will bring next season we’ll done
Hamze Osman
Hamze Osman:
let's not forget luke shaw, he's transforming into an incredibly attacking left back.
Football Club
Football Club:
*can we just take a moment to appreciate the two epic finishes form Pogba & Greeenwood.*
The Imposter
The Imposter:
Can we just appreciate the two brilliant but very different finishes from pogba and greenwood: Greenwoods finish was just pure power but Pogbas was so accurate and effortless with finesse
I really love how Martial was so hungry in the game
Mạnh Nguyễn
Mạnh Nguyễn:
The best moment: Pogba and Bruno celebrate
I respect Martial performance. He is so hungry makes things happen and scores when he can. Great game
We're not going to talk about Ole, the first manager in EPL history, to mastermind 4 successive 3-clear wins in a row?
Bourne De Laha
Bourne De Laha:
..the best United that I've seen since SAF era. They're gonna break records and make more history. GGMU..........
Marials hold up play at tht beginning. Ighalo has really taught him well.
Ashton Mackay
Ashton Mackay:
Greenwood is a scary talent, can’t wait to see what he becomes 🤩🔴
Pratik Basak
Pratik Basak:
The look on Martial's face explained a lot while he was being substituted. He was disappointed that he didn't score and wanted to score even though united were leading 3-0. This shows the hunger for goals...even the subs tried to create an impact at the end and prove themselves...The 5substitutions rule is helping a lot..each player is getting game time even though it's little..
Ilham Surya
Ilham Surya:
This season : goes to 3 in the table
Next season : time to bring back threeble trophy (bpl, fa, ucl) to old trafford ! Cmon !
We’re playing so well now, this is literally making me more of a happy person lol..
Chiranjan Sahu
Chiranjan Sahu:
That corner was incredibly smart
Mahkam Saeed
Mahkam Saeed:
We should've scored more goals. I liked that martial reaction, he's greedy to score more and more.
I'm happy for another win❤

But let's be honest, that was not a penalty🙉
a 1d fan
a 1d fan:
As a United fan , I haven't been this happy for a long time. What a terrefic team ole have made
Rashy 123
Rashy 123:
Offload Lingard, Jones, Rojo, Smalling, and Pereira.

Sign Partey, Szobozslai, Sancho, Badiashile.
Duncan Mugo
Duncan Mugo:
Even though am an arsenal fan, this boy Greenwood is real.
JkR Sam
JkR Sam:
Am I watching rvp or is it just me 🤷‍♂️
Bruno is just pure class, I think he’s a similar player to de bruyne, but more attacking.. any of these two players in a struggling team who needs to create goals or just have that calmness in the middle of the park would instantly improve them.. now with pogba back.. love seeing those 2 play together
Igor Rodrigues
Igor Rodrigues:
No one deserves more a goal than Pogba, he has playing great since PL backs, and even more with Bruno, deadly duo 🔥
Bruno falls over defender, "penalty!". Got to love my fellow Portuguese players.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui:
Van Persie said “Little boy inside me screamed UTD” THAT little boy was Greenwood!!!
Viktor K
Viktor K:
Seriously, Man United seems amazing at the moment, This is coming from a Liverpool fan!

What a change Ole has done to the club last year
Evan Lebzu
Evan Lebzu:
1:26 That left foot touch before the right foot bang!
Chelsea fan here, but I must admit, it's fun to watch man utd play, they're playing amazingly!
Make no mistake, Bruno was the main reason behind this momentum shift. He was exactly what United needed.
Dennis Luts
Dennis Luts:
Well before you dislike, lets be honest. That was no a penalty on fernades... But rashford should've got one
Hamze Osman
Hamze Osman:
mourinho would have complained about why greenwood is not defending in the right back and bruno is not defending infront of maguire. we finally have some academy graduates and a coach who is a graduate of sir alex management academy
Adox 28
Adox 28:
The workrate from Martial!
JmanG Jakey
JmanG Jakey:
The funny thing is that we missed half our chances. If anything I’d say that was a poor performance considering the goals we could have scored
hasna estunia
hasna estunia:
*The First Team in Premier League to Score At Least three goal in 4 Consecutive Win*

*Record Breaking*
George Hunter
George Hunter:
How has this already got 1.8m viewers? This squad makes us all so happy 😁
manuel teixeira
manuel teixeira:
When I see Greenwood shoot with both feet with this ease, only an elite player comes to mind ... CR7
Anish Basnet
Anish Basnet:
Who's here after Bruno won the premier League player of the month??? 💓
Edit: Added Goal of the Month 💓
Danial HR
Danial HR:
Rashford: *no goals for a few games*
Oh my goal: What t-the? what the hell happened ?!
Ali naqvi
Ali naqvi:
and Bruno Fernandence foul should have been freekick to Aston Villa (Not a penalty)
K Ahmed
K Ahmed:
Reporters: Greenwood or Sancho?

United fans: Yes
Oh My Goal Goal did a poll on which young players of this season will succeed and most of the votes went to Fatti but am sure Greenwood will be a superb player if he doesn't go to the likes if Real Madrid he'll be a United legend.
Eng. Abdisabir Yousuf
Eng. Abdisabir Yousuf:
I cannot believe he's just 18, Greenwood. He's just a simple definition of a beast.
Rohit kumar
Rohit kumar:
Bruh! Martial's hold up play was immense, he deserve lots of credit for this win, worked so hard to win the ball and also a assist, he did improve this season a lot , GGMU
Mason Greenwood
Weak Foot Usage: 100
Weak Foot Accuracy: 100
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
We’re playing so well now, this is literally making me more of a happy person lol..
Achhuana Renthlei
Achhuana Renthlei:
Couldve been 5-0 atleast🤣🔥🔥🔥
Super Man
Super Man:
Shaw need to improve to become united right back ! He’s terrible at attacking. To win a title united needs reliable players when needed critical time
Apple Inc
Apple Inc:
Rashford is playing like Wazza,not caring about his own goals but setting up everyone else's or atleast contributing to maintaining the attacking momentum. Well done rashy,keep on the grind and you'll get your goals.💪🏽
Attack is such a beauty at this moment. I missed this so much. Thank you Ole and the team .
Dr. Common Sense
Dr. Common Sense:
Man United at the start of seasons: AFC Wimbledon, Man united at towards the end of season: FC Barcelona golden generation (whenever that was).
Rania Moses
Rania Moses:
Greenwood actually looks like the closest thing I've seen to Messi when he just broke through.. Yes Greenwood's technique screams RVP.. But the ease at which he puts chances away and chances that aren't even there to be taken by us mere mortals lol.. All I'm saying is this kid is the real deal for sure.. Watching him score those goals since 2017
HyeonJun Kim
HyeonJun Kim:
I'm just really curious
Is being stepped on also foul?
The Em-Ar
The Em-Ar:
Greenwood is not the next Van Persie, Greenwood is the first Greenwood!!
Nadia Mohamed
Nadia Mohamed:
At the end of this season we will finish in the top 3 if u agree like the comment
I wish my stronger foot is as strong as Mason's weeker foot
Why the hell is reina still playing as a keeper, he literally stands rooted to the spot almost every time a shot comes
As a supporters , we suffered alot in a past few years , i really hope we coming strong again.
Leo Russell
Leo Russell:
Greenwood is unstoppable when he has a free shot on goal!
Luke Kereti
Luke Kereti:
Alternative title: Bruno Fernandes doin stuff
To all the Villa fans who mocked Newcastle when we were going down.... See ya!!!
Duke Raina
Duke Raina:
Bruno ❤️! Has just boosted the squad with positivity !
Razvan Alex
Razvan Alex:
Greenwood is slowly becoming the new Mbappé, if he hasn't already. Can't wait to see him in a couple of years!
Eddy A
Eddy A:
Greenwood looks like a player who’s taken straight out of FIFA!
Tbh this team is really looking like it’ll be a contender soon
2100 Subscribers without any videos Challenge
2100 Subscribers without any videos Challenge:
All goals
First goal Fernandez at 0:29
Second goal Greenwood at 1:17
Third goal Pogba at 1:43
Like so others can see
C. Barrington
C. Barrington:
I want you guy to look how greenwood controls the ball with his right, set up the shot with his left foot then strike with the right foot. If you have a strong foot and weak foot a normal person would control with the strong foot set the ball with the strong foot then strike with the same strong foot but greenwood is the opposite, just amazing. 1:15 (set playback speed @ 0.25 )
Syed Ali Haider Zahidi
Syed Ali Haider Zahidi:
0:25 For me the biggest problem with that penalty decision isn't that it was awarded after seeing it in slow motion.
It is that after seeing it in slow motion the fact that Bruno Fernandes was clearly not hurt (at no point is any contact made on his right shin or ankle) at all but was clearly acting (when he starts holding his shin and screaming) he wasn't called out for play acting.
Instead only the referee was called out for blowing the whistle
Dwiky Darmawan
Dwiky Darmawan:
That miss from AWB, man i want him to score. Regardless, outstanding performance from the lads
sohaib fazal
sohaib fazal:
After seeing greenwood it's time to clear deadwood
Kel Nash
Kel Nash:
That boy Greenwood can strike a ball.. Knows when to put laces, finesse o side foot and that wil make him score lots of goals
Zak Szilagyi
Zak Szilagyi:
I love how MU used the same tactic that wolves did to them with the pogba goal. At least they learnt some tactical masterclass from Nuno
Finally look like we have a decent starting 11.
Firmino 30 starts, 8 goals.
Greenwood 8 starts, 9 goals.
Jesutobiloba Salam
Jesutobiloba Salam:
Capture that moment when pogba scored, pogba and fernandes 🤗🔥🤧
Muhamad Arief Fathurohman
Muhamad Arief Fathurohman:
Greenwood on fire 🔥🔥
Justin Van Vuren
Justin Van Vuren:
Guys, watch the Ads so we can sign Sancho
Stats4Devils - United scouting and info
Stats4Devils - United scouting and info:
Greenwood and Pogba and Martial have improved the most since lockdown. Pogba's workrate is back to it's best, Martial wins the ball back more, Greenwood is just amazing
Izuan Wahab
Izuan Wahab:
We need to sign players from Sporting more often..
Facundo Russo
Facundo Russo:
Equipazoo, que bien que juegan, Go United
Narayan Neelesh
Narayan Neelesh:
Pogba's long balls from playing deep were exquisite to watch.
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
Greenwood is on 🔥🔥🔥
Joseph Calvin
Joseph Calvin:
Loved the game.. ❤️ happy with the result..❤️ but that wasnt a penalty ❤️😂 still happy tho ❤️❤️
Kamso Nwani
Kamso Nwani:
Man, lots of goals. Even wan-bissaka could have gotten one. Who's as excited as I am for next season?😁
chding zuure
chding zuure:
Greenwood is a scary talent, can’t wait to see what he becomes 🤩🔴
We need a second line up build when 1st line up injury
Satha Sivam
Satha Sivam:
That second goal deserves some recognition, Martial started that attack. His performance in that game was world class.
المطبخ المغاربي
المطبخ المغاربي:
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Cristian Rivera
Cristian Rivera:
Bruno fernandes and Pogba 😍😍😍😍
I love how hard Martial is working on the pitch lately.
Permadi Bakhtiar
Permadi Bakhtiar:
Once a penalty always Penalty
Youssef Ossama
Youssef Ossama:
A masterclass form Martial perfect no. 9 performance
JkR Sam
JkR Sam:
Pog and Bruno celebrate for pogbas goal 😍😍😍🇾🇪❤️
If you give greenwood a space within his shooting range then it's like begging him to score a goal be it with his left foot or his right foot 😂
Tommy Mr
Tommy Mr:
Finally!!! Pogba scores
amish jain
amish jain:
And Jose mourinho said he was excited by the quality of players in spurs 😂
Chibueze Ahamefule
Chibueze Ahamefule:
Absolute Masterclass!!!
Man Utd is playing some excellent football no cap
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉:
I saw Arsenal fans saying Saka is better than Greenwood, what a deluded lot. Greenwood is worldclass
Imam Sujarot
Imam Sujarot:
Man. united was'nt playing huge line by winger like SAF era but still nice to watching that btw greenwood left and right foot very strong 1:24
Absen 4
Absen 4:
Man of the match: referee