Highlights Getafe CF vs FC Barcelona (1-0)

A penalty converted by Jaime Mata in the second half gives Getafe CF victory over FC Barcelona in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez #GetafeBarça J06 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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100+ komentarze:

Super G
Super G:
Moral of the day: DONT WEAR PINK
I wanna reach 200 subs
I wanna reach 200 subs:
So if Real Madrid lose, Barça will lose
Jason Loke
Jason Loke:
Bruh Griezmann keeps complaining no one passes him the ball and gives him chances. This is exactly why. 2 clean chances and scored none
Ciaran Crighton
Ciaran Crighton:
I bet Real and Barca are gonna have a political debate who is playing in there away kit next week?
kev889 hen
kev889 hen:
Bruh i'm not gonna come down to hard on griezmann but he's getting on my last nerves
devron lodik
devron lodik:
Griezmann is the new higuain
On the other game, Suarez scored for Atletico. Just saying.
Vester Tawi
Vester Tawi:
Suarez be like: 😂😂😂
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks:
Griezman really messed up big time in going to barca lol
armaan malik
armaan malik:
Griezmann has become a liability
Kelvin Quartey
Kelvin Quartey:
I can happily say that Neto is an underrated beast
An embarrassment, they should’ve beat us by 2 or 3 they deserved it. We should’ve sold griezmann and held on to Suarez. He would’ve finished that no doubt another stupid decision by the staff at Barcelona
Héctor Contreras
Héctor Contreras:
Griezmann should’ve scored that
David Lynass
David Lynass:
That griezmann chance should've been scored, he's too good to be missing that. And he was standing still when the penalty was taken, de jong had to go round him to run in to the box in case of a rebound
Cobra Coven
Cobra Coven:
Barcelona deserved this for not keeping Suárez
Madrid & Barca are probably both going to lose in the upcoming El Clasico if they put up the same horrible performances.
Gio Ng
Gio Ng:
This loss is dedicated to Bartomeu.
Benny Kurtmann
Benny Kurtmann:
Where is Suarez?? O my god is not playing for Barcelona enymore!!!He is playing now for Atletico Madrid and he is doing well. Good decision Barcelona staff, Griezman is better
Michael Kamau
Michael Kamau:
LOL Bartomeu should start playing for the team...He's being blamed for the loss more than the player and coach...
lij surafel
lij surafel:
So nobody gonna talk about the bad referee ?!! like seriously the referees in la liga are the worst. period
Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex
Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex:
Getafe got so many scoring chances but that guy that missed a one on one @1:06 needs beating...
Sergio Luna
Sergio Luna:
Is no one gonna bring up how nyom stood over (17 old) fati after going down? & no barça players defended fati!
Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia:
Yeah I don't feel like watching La Liga this season. Maybe some Atletico de Madrid matches.
High Five
High Five:
It must be 3: 0 , but not enough accuracy from attack Getaffe
Григорий Прус
Григорий Прус:
Where is the penalty?? Such judgement must be killed!Such a shame for La liga or Peres liga,ha??? Wheres Var??
Unfunny Cousin
Unfunny Cousin:
On the other hand, Suarez is happy :)
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic:
Although barca was poor, this should have never been a pen, it would never been called against Real. And Nyom should have been red carded sometime in the first half.
Eric Wong
Eric Wong:
Barca should let Griezmann go instead of Suarez....anyway, Messi definitely will leave at the end of the season
mesut ozeir95
mesut ozeir95:
What tf is Barcelona wearing!? Deserved to lose for that one alone
Yeesyesyes NJ
Yeesyesyes NJ:
Griezmann 💩💩🤷‍♂️
Alexcia xA
Alexcia xA:
I feel like Griezmann can do it because look at his performance with France. I think Barca just isn't the club for him.
Danívio Eugênio
Danívio Eugênio:
É o mc' daleste galera quem curtiu a minha performance dá o link, e da moral pro "Daleste"
Danilo23 Farias
Danilo23 Farias:
Credo esse lenglet e ruim dimais . O Barcelona tinha que investir em 2 zagueiro muito bons . Lenglet e pique não da mais .
and no VAR used the whole game epic refing as per usual. how niom didnt get sent off is so funny its not
Playback Singer Vipin S Nanden BOLLYWOOD SINGER
Playback Singer Vipin S Nanden BOLLYWOOD SINGER:
koeman tiene que vender a Frenkie, Dembele, Griezmann lo antes posible ... grupo de aficionados ...
Tolga A
Tolga A:
We can all agree that a player is missing, his name is Suarez !
Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer:
That Barcelona uniform remains me of Ned Flanders from The Simpsons...
Mudi Mabiriani
Mudi Mabiriani:
Mudi Mabiriani Alikuwa Hapa
Greetings From Dar es Salaam,Tanzania 🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿
Adriano Celentano
Adriano Celentano:
The comentator sounds so bored wtf
I thought messi was the goat🤣🤣 I’m sure the goat would help his team? Especially against a small one
Thabang Lucas
Thabang Lucas:
I think Griezmann is really a liability. Without him barcelona was going to lose big tinw
Mohammed AMZAY
Mohammed AMZAY:
sergio roberto no role ..he keeps turning the ball to pique !!!!! no assists ...no dribble ...
Ֆուտբոլային Կյանք TV
Ֆուտբոլային Կյանք TV:
In el clasico they will lose both🤣🤣
Reda Ali Alsady
Reda Ali Alsady:
Greatest player of All time Goat 🐐
#Leo_Messi ❶
Harinath Ranjit
Harinath Ranjit:
I cant believe that Suarez left BARCA!!! 😭😭😭😭
The Best Gamer
The Best Gamer:
Vartafe needs to thank to their 13th player the referee and VAR for this win because Barca would have otherwise won and they would deserve to do so.
Countryballs Predicciones
Countryballs Predicciones:
🤩 No marcó, pero hizo un partidazo.

😉🇨🇴🔝 ¡RT si cada vez te gusta mas el juego de @cucho1099 en el @GetafeCF!

Guka Nozadze
Guka Nozadze:
Griezmann is getting on my nerves, I don't think he provides value for the Barcelona. Suares should have stayed, boy did nothing wrong :(
Влад Кутузов
Влад Кутузов:
Говорят что Гризи не могут найти позицию на поле. О чем идёт речь,если футболист промахивается с 5 метров..
Anmi Anoi
Anmi Anoi:
Will barca become top 5 best team again...i dont know too because the team still lacks chemistry...😒
irf 133
irf 133:
The pink color wore by Madrid and Barca are ugly. The pink uniform of Juve in 2011/2012 and Madrid 2016/2017 are better.
Sei Lá
Sei Lá:
Hazard (Real Madrid) vs Griezmann (Barcelona). Who is worst? XD
Aleksandar Gutesa
Aleksandar Gutesa:
Griezmann can score agianst Croatia only...
That's is reason for fan want Bartomeu out!!!!
Jamil baig
Jamil baig:
Messi was to change the squad
Were 2 penalties for Barcelona. Judge was sold. Game was sold.
Anthony Stroud
Anthony Stroud:
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL how the mighty have fallen.
Always happy to see Barcelona losing a match.
fede sincerità
fede sincerità:
The Getafe fullback throwing elbows at everyone. lol
ZZZ 69
ZZZ 69:
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
56' Jaime Mata (Pen. 1-0)
Trung Lê
Trung Lê:
they keep brathwaite instead of suares (lol)
жизнь на д. в.
жизнь на д. в.:
Зато такими как суарес, барса раскидывается🤦‍♂️
Стасон Скорый
Стасон Скорый:
Классный жест после пенальти!! Именно это они и сделали с Барселоной!!)))))
LA 90
LA 90:
Yuri Silva
Yuri Silva:
normal, the biggest won.
Nubia Camargo
Nubia Camargo:
Sou brasileiro
Akwasi Frimpos
Akwasi Frimpos:
I think Barcelona were just unlucky
오우 수아레스 팔더니 망했네
Eric T
Eric T:
Looks like he intentionally runs into de jong
Rosario 777
Rosario 777:
should have loan griezman to Manchester for free. get out of my club
alston anderson
alston anderson:
flume linus letmein reviewbrah billie barbiegirl
sen shing
sen shing:
The teams in pink all lost their games this week. Real madrid even wear pink at home.
Douglas Rodrigues da Costa
Douglas Rodrigues da Costa:
Barcelona pelo jeito não mudou nada da temporada passada, uma vergonha!
Gerry Guinn
Gerry Guinn:
Jeremy Mano
Jeremy Mano:
Barc should of done better has a new coach but still failing like this they need to improve
Adwaith Menon
Adwaith Menon:
Barcelona used to play a game of passing-passing and passing it into the net to score a goal. Now all i feel like is the passing is happening with the back 4 including the goalkeeper.
Its so frustrating to watch a Barcelona game.
Latifa Zulpidinova
Latifa Zulpidinova:
людмила дужий
людмила дужий:
Barcelona Ancur
Barcelona Ancur:
Dont put the fault to Griezmann.. the whole performance was just horrible, their playing style was like a club that coming from division league, worst game ever by barca so far! Barca needs to be lose again and again, so maybe they would relize how important one game is. Bcause they lack of motivation and confidence..
Реал Мадрид
Реал Мадрид:
Лучший спасибо хетафе
George Meladze
George Meladze:
Howba the GOAT?
Tessy Augustine
Tessy Augustine:
Haha lol. I don't see Barca progressing in the CL.
FC B Tv / ФС Б Тв
FC B Tv / ФС Б Тв:
Ай Барса.... 🤨🤨🤨
Wow! Barca and Madrid lose in one day.i can't believe in my eyes 👀
Where's Messi?
Ajmal Sooklal
Ajmal Sooklal:
Koeman out now ig...
Lyon Imalet
Lyon Imalet:
Le real et le barça ont commencé à perdre ensemble
Sergio Palomera Herrera
Sergio Palomera Herrera:
Que paquetes el Madrid y barsa esta liga es del Atlético.
Grazie tv
Grazie tv:
Baca and real Madrid are very weak
Aldorf Luthanus
Aldorf Luthanus:
BRAVO Getafe!!!!!

BRAVO Getafe!!!!!

BRAVO Getafe!!!!!

BRAVO Getafe!!!!!

BRAVO Getafe!!!!!
Countryballs Predicciones
Countryballs Predicciones:
El Madrid y el Barça palmando y sin marcar el mismo día? Me juego lo que quieran a que hace al menos dos décadas que no sucede...
추우먼부계 *아님*
추우먼부계 *아님*:
Laliga need to bring better ref
Денис Лаптев
Денис Лаптев:
Столько моментов было, обидно, что проиграли
Yasin K
Yasin K:
Wo war das bitte ein Elfmeter Foul ???
Андрей Бондаренко
Андрей Бондаренко:
Гризман просто дал по воробьям🤦‍♂️