HIGHLIGHTS | Hibernian vs Arsenal (2-1) | Pre-season friendly | Smith Rowe scores

Emile Smith Rowe was on target on Tuesday evening as we were beaten by Hibernian at Easter Road in our first game of pre-season.

With much of the focus on fitness and combination play, we started brightly enough and had a golden chance when Eddie Nketiah raced clean through on goal – only for the striker to shoot wide.

Reiss Nelson soon tested former Gunner Matt Macey with a firm strike as we forced the home side back, and from the resulting corner Nketiah sent a glancing header wide.

But out of nowhere, we gifted the Scottish side the lead when Arthur Okonkwo failed to deal with a tricky backpass from Cedric, and Martin Boyle had the simple task of collecting the loose ball and rolling it in from close range.

We fashioned a decent chance for an equaliser when a deep ball to the back post was headed back across goal by Sead Kolasinac, but Nelson’s goalbound shot hit Nketiah and deflected away.

Okonkwo soon made a sharp save to push away Stephen Bradley’s shot, before the Hibs striker hit the post moments later before the half-time break.

Mikel Arteta made seven changes at the interval, and one of them – Nicolas Pepe – came close to an immediate impact as his goalbound free kick from the edge of the area was pushed over.

Pepe soon saw a shot deflected just wide, while Folarin Balogun had an effort saved as we stepped things up – before Thomas Partey struck the post with a superb long-range free kick.

But, just like the first half, we were hit by a suckerpunch when a deep corner swung in from the right was headed back across goal by Paul Hanlon, and Daniel Mackay headed in from close range to double the hosts’ lead.

We looked to have a way back into the game when Pepe was taken down in the area and a penalty was awarded, but the Ivorian’s spot kick was saved.

We got back into the match with seven minutes remaining when, at the end of an intricate passing move, Hector Bellerin picked out Smith Rowe at the back post and he fired in.

But there was to be no late equaliser but Arteta will have seen plenty to encourage him despite the result.

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100+ komentarze:

Philip Concannon
Philip Concannon:
Conceding comical goals, Eddie Nketiah missing a sitter, Willian chugging around pointlessly - Arsenal are back, baby!
Jawaad Saleem
Jawaad Saleem:
The sad part is, we actually had a lot of our starting 11 in this team..
I’m genuinely convinced Swaz Lynch would actually be Arsenal’s best on the ball player
Unbeaten 49
Unbeaten 49:
After watching the brilliance of Italy for more than a month, Its so depressing to see arsenal play like this.
ifedi anyadubalu
ifedi anyadubalu:
We couldn't beat this team. From what I've seen here, they didn't just get lucky with two goals, they actually played good football.
Lijah _300
Lijah _300:
Looks like we are relying on the young boys again this season lads, its gonna be a long one🙏
As a Tottenham fan, I’m proud of this score line
Imagine arsenal getting relegated this season.
Barney Exactly
Barney Exactly:
Good to see Arsenal with a couple of promising young goal keepers!
Corry Mainor
Corry Mainor:
For the first time since l fell in love with this team, l honestly don't care. Not even that l feel bad, it's like watching your ex and you don't even hate them anymore. You just don't care. Great job arsenal, great job
Andreas Noel
Andreas Noel:
4:25 Arsenal being Arsenal here
Miss a shot and then miss a penalty 👍🏻👏🏻
Mini Mead3
Mini Mead3:
Nice to see us start the way we finished last year. Looks like it’s going to be a long season.
Was Hibernian a part of the Super League also 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Good luck with the relegation this season. Thanks Arteta
108 U 🟡
108 U 🟡:
“When Willian plays, there’s always a chance”

— every opponent playing Arsenal (probably)
captain joker sparrow
captain joker sparrow:
From invincibles to invisibles what a story
Arsenal is going to be so fun to watch this season. Arsenal insisting on keeping Arteta while he systematically proves he is incompetent gives me much joy. 😂
Elizeu Alfredo
Elizeu Alfredo:
1:37 pure talent
Tom's Tuppence
Tom's Tuppence:
Smith Rowe is one of the only players in the arsenal squad that is actually good enough to play for arsenal
Unlucky from keeper, nervousness can get the better of us all, one mistake doesn’t define a player.
Harry Nielsen
Harry Nielsen:
4:25 Jeez Lacazette that strike was sumn else
Bianto Ngis
Bianto Ngis:
Thank God Arsenal played a match this early now we can rest assured that we are still a mid table team 👍
The 2nd goal was offside, GK stepped out of line when saving penalty, they obstructed a clear goal scoring opportunity... We lost today because of unlucky things, so its nothing wrong
Random Empire
Random Empire:
Reiss Nelson plays so well, I hope Reiss, Balogun, Martineli will get game time ahead of Willian!
Caleb Powell
Caleb Powell:
The day Partey scores I will be pumped! Man only goes for bangers outside of the box
Best Haji
Best Haji:
It's like he's warming up with us.🤣🤣
Karim Hussein
Karim Hussein:
Vintage Arsenal, don't ever change.
Bellerin is a great player. I want to see him this season. Don't leave
charlie thompson
charlie thompson:
Imagine being told u can pay £7.99 for the game when arsenal show the highlights a couple of hours later 😂
vutiya sesi
vutiya sesi:
I was having a good day then Arsenal decided to play a football match for no reason
Logan Foster
Logan Foster:
Here don't be giving that keeper hate the on in the 1st half it was his debut so he was probably a bit nervous and the saves he done was excellent and the 2nd mistake wasn't his fault it was a bad pass so plz don't give him hate
How did we even lose this game. Omg. I can't imagine what's going to happen this season.
Pule Mothobi
Pule Mothobi:
That goalkeeper will be special 🔥🔥
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
Definitely not the start to pre-season we wanted! 😅 let’s just blame it on a friendly for now! 🔴⚪️😩
Mur Ribut
Mur Ribut:
Partey passing is amazing 🔥
Yuichiro Iihama
Yuichiro Iihama:
Reiss Nelson is amazing.
George Omondi
George Omondi:
Man I thought I had to wait few more weeks to see Eddie and Willian faces again, but my word it has started..!!!!! Old nightmares.
Iqbal Yanuar Ramadhan
Iqbal Yanuar Ramadhan:
I always love arsenal. Especially the past season. Very amusing to see them play
Snow Storm
Snow Storm:
I thought we would at least be able to get through pre-season without being memed. I guess I set my expectations wayyy too high
1875 Hibernian fc
1875 Hibernian fc:
GGTTH … pre season so means nothing but hopefully be a good Season from us this year!! Sunshine on leith 🍀⚽️ ☀️
Victor Lima
Victor Lima:
10 seconds in and Nketiah manages to bottle the easiest goal of his career
Now that's the Arsenal we all know and love! 😂😂
Lil Monkey
Lil Monkey:
Great start to the pre-season. I hope we get Relegated this season. We don't deserve to be in the Prem with the way the Club is at the moment.
Punyo Tadii
Punyo Tadii:
What a great start from arsenal only 2 goals conceded. Can't wait to the season.
Fun centre
Fun centre:
And I commit this club into God's hands.
Roshan Peter
Roshan Peter:
Lets just Trust The process,, In Arteta I Trust ❤️
Welcome back everyone. Looking forward to a fantastic season once again. Am I gonna watch every game even if finish 8th or below? Yes. Do I trust the process? No.
Rishabh Pat
Rishabh Pat:
Same old story and the team is with full strength!!
I am sure, all those wood work will be converted to goals in the future!
One thing I want to see this season is to play Auba n Lacazette play together..... they are very lethal together in the box , have great understanding, compliment each other and covert all balls to goals.....
As an fan, I also expect Partey to launch his shots very often as his natural work rate is relatively less...and has lot of power in his shots....
Please give him more chances to launch his shots....he is capable of scoring goals out of the box and he should do that very often......
Eager to see them shine....! 👍
Our proven stars should not be shadowed by young stars.... 👍🙏
Come on Gooners... 👍
That keeper 😂😂😂😂😂😂
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
4:25 Jeez Lacazette that strike was sumn else
Fair play to Hibs they look like a good team.
As if we were a part of the Super League plans
mark vega
mark vega:
That keeper 😂😂😂
Oww arsenal ....😔
From a team who wins championships and beat biggest teams to a team who doesn't know himself😞
Rennique Sings
Rennique Sings:
Shocking 😂 we had Pepe, laca, partay
Suracata Cham
Suracata Cham:
There’s no way I’ll blame the goalkeeper
Nketiah knocking 5m off his price with that display... get him to Palace ASAP
Joseph Lalduhsaka
Joseph Lalduhsaka:
That keeper is the back up for leno... Omg
fadly achmad
fadly achmad:
Thank you Arsenal for keeping the comedy inside a football... 😀
1st game of pre-season and I want the season to finish already.
Avela Mthembu
Avela Mthembu:
There is another day gunners, keep it up although it didn't come our way❤️⚽️
Aside from the match itself, this play here is beautifully done, 4:54.
Bluish _Correlation
Bluish _Correlation:
really need a backup goalkeeper for Leno for sure!
Okonga - Our future impenetrable wall. Jokes aside cause we shouldn't meme they young guys; he's been great in the u-teams and Im sure he'll come up (edit typo)
This was genuinely like watching a charity match
Not Covfefe Kpop - 1k sub goal!
Not Covfefe Kpop - 1k sub goal!:
Tell me I'm not crazy, and that Hibernian's second goal was clearly offside?
Viljar Byrkjeland
Viljar Byrkjeland:
Lord have mercy, we don’t need new players. We need Jesus Christ…….
Those first 20 minutes🤐I don't even know what I've seen🙌🏾
Will Anderson
Will Anderson:
Aside from Hibs 2nd goal clearly offside and the goalkeeper off his line before the penalty save...that's a pretty poor showing from Arsenal who had a lot of their 1st team squad involved.
Arsenal may give me depression, but I still love this club!!
Noble Arch
Noble Arch:
From this, safe to say Bellerin will be playing ahead of Cedric? One assist the goal while the other partly caused the concede goal.
As a LFC fan Arsenal’s attack is very good most of the times but their defence always lets them down
Adam M
Adam M:
How is no one mentioning that there were 2 players that were clearly offside and very much involved in their 2-0 goal? The one disturbing the keeper and the one heading it in. It's absolutely no excuse for going there and losing, but soooo clear.
This season will be it guys!! Arteta tried his hardest last season to get relegated but he will surely succed this season.
I mean in training the guys seems to love each other and have fun playing, why not build the game style after that,cause on the pitch it's like they're speaking different languages and, just as with Good Ebening, they dont understand the game plan. Our managers overthink it.

Didnt Wenger give them more swing room?
Still Call
Still Call:
This is the arsenal team what we all football fans were all waiting. Great job arsenal. Let's concede more n more.
Neo Ren Jie
Neo Ren Jie:
I understand that it's only pre-season and results mean nothing, but the club should really focus on finding better opponents to get the players physically and mentally ready for the Scottish league.
it was just a friendly and we will have more chances to win.Dont let Bellerin go nobody can replace him.
4:24 what a volley by lacazette
Stephen kitonga
Stephen kitonga:
Man of the match Henry Daniel that's a pure talent
Vanderson Toledo
Vanderson Toledo:
no matter about the loss, two given goals. but should have taken the opportunity to score.

one thing it was worth the watch is seeing Partey finally hit the target :P
Stacy Liddell
Stacy Liddell:
That GK mistake does note bode well for this new youngster. We need 5 players that will come in and be starting level.
jah Anam
jah Anam:
Wuaaarghh!🥱 Wow that was quite fun to watch. You know what? Arsenal should have been doing this long time ago..where they go out of the emirates for friendly match and having fun fooling around like this..good job Mikel👍🏻
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark:
As a Arsenal fan Pathetic performance once again

I hope you lot are all ready for another bismo season just like last year.
Cathal Brennan
Cathal Brennan:
Dreadful result but If smith-Rowe can add goals to his game on a consistent basis he is going to be a massive player for us this season
D bags
D bags:
This is the arsenal we want to see lol
Rabin Shrestha
Rabin Shrestha:
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life, for me
But it's the same Arsenal and I am feeling....... 😡😤🤨
Arsenal fans be strong because here we go
Unomtom Godsent Azi
Unomtom Godsent Azi:
i like they way smith rowe scored it is a good goal but they still beat us
This team is shocking they are actually a mid table team now
Amazing that its pre season and I still think Arteta is useless
Liam Powell
Liam Powell:
Looks like we’re challenging for the league now, boys
Here’s your daily reminder that Arsenal were part of the European “Super” League
Random Empire
Random Empire:
We don't want new players we want a new manager!
I’ll Speak
I’ll Speak:
Well done arsenal as we dont expect much anymore
Shawn SQ Zhang
Shawn SQ Zhang:
The only improvement I've seen from this team is Thomas Partey's shooting.
Arya Karkera
Arya Karkera:
Imagine having Sabitzer Partey and Maddison midfield with Laca Saka and Martinelli Auba or Pepe. We need to buy Sabitzer, he would be miles better upgrade on Xhaka and more of a leader who can command the midfield well while not holding back Partey as he doesn't share same flaws as Xhaka.
Nelson needs to play more with 1st team this season as well.
MR. bence
MR. bence:
That keeper😂
46 Parables Media
46 Parables Media:
Pre season is not about the result is about finding tune as a team and working on mistakes doing the necessary correction. There are teams who do well in preseason but disappoint in the league. Let's calm down. The coach knows his job.
Dan D.B. Cooper
Dan D.B. Cooper:
i know this is just a friendly, but for a big club like Arsenal, damn this is a Sunday league level of football especially the goalkeeper lol