HIGHLIGHTS | Leeds vs Arsenal (0-0) | Premier League

Nicolas Pepe was sent off for the first time in his career but we stood firm to secure a point at Elland Road.

The Ivory Coast winger saw red early in the second half following an off-the-ball clash with Ezgjan Alioski.

We were forced back after that but stout defending, the woodwork and fine goalkeeping from Bernd Leno kept Leeds at bay.

And we almost snatched victory when Bukayo Saka raced through to force a save from Illan Meslier.

An attacking reshuffle saw Willian and Pepe both start, and we were collectively bright and tenacious in the early stages.

Pepe inadvertently hit the crossbar with an attempted cross from the left, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang slashed a shot high and wide on the turn after excellent work from Hector Bellerin.

Leeds goalkeeper Meslier wasn't tested, but Leno was. He had to save from Patrick Bamford - twice - and chances also came and went for Raphinha, Stuart Dallas and Mateus Klick as Leeds started to get on top.

Mikel Arteta brought on Reiss Nelson at half-time but our gameplan was undermined when Pepe was sent off by Anthony Taylor once the referee had checked footage of his altercation with Alioski.

Leno made a wonderful one-handed save to keep out a Dallas shot that was headed for the top corner, and substitute Rodrigo crashed a shot off the crossbar.

We looked set for a Leeds siege but, instead, we opened up the home side on the break.

One charge ended with an Aubameyang shot that was blocked by Liam Cooper's arm as the defender slid in. On this occasion, VAR was not called upon.

Saka raced through moments later but Meslier stood his ground to block the England international's shot.

Bamford headed against the post and Raphinha hit the bar as Leeds continued to threaten - but we kept a valuable clean sheet.

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100+ komentarze:

Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman:
This is should simply be a Leeds highlight video.
Jonisio Daza
Jonisio Daza:
8 hours without a goal from open play in the league...
Kaif rahman
Kaif rahman:
How did we escape this lads😂😂we were lucky asf & big up leno
Muhammad Junaidi
Muhammad Junaidi:
MOTM Leno and the crossbar
Sha Grrr
Sha Grrr:
A 2 minute highlight video shows you all you need to know about this game, majority of it Leeds attacks too
Tayvin Thompson
Tayvin Thompson:
I surely can't go to hell becuase i am going through it as an Arsenal fan now.
Catfish Jon
Catfish Jon:
Without Ozil Arsenal player just run with no direction.
Marko Flash
Marko Flash:
What a header, great Highlights
Evan C
Evan C:
Tbh I miss Wengerball.. our football in recent years has been far from exciting
Ilkin Gaziyev
Ilkin Gaziyev:
It is really outrageous, what happened to us? We used to play good, now we lost all the momentum we had at the start of the season.
Arsene Wenger's "bad" final years are head, shoulders and balls above all that happened after him. Nobody could've done better under Kroenke. He overachieved and now we are midtable!
Peshal acharya
Peshal acharya:
This was more like Leeds vs Leno😂😂
Hailemariam Zewdu
Hailemariam Zewdu:
It is really sad to see Arsenal playing like this. Leeds could have won it.
AF26 Channel
AF26 Channel:
We need player like tierney, fight for badge and for team mates
Bring back ozil
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak:
I missed the first half, looks like I didn't miss much.

- Pepe lost his head after fighting for a first team place.
- Had Saka's chance fallen to Auba that's most likely 1-0, good save from the keeper though.
- Leno pulled off some quality saves.
Souleymane Coulibalyِ
Souleymane Coulibalyِ:
This team has a poor mentality. Even Partey will be like other players in December if nothing is done. Pepe seemed to be the only one who tried to force to do something before his red card. Arteta has to work on that. Players need to have confidence in their skills. Mourinho has a system and players know their role perfectly.
Jayden K
Jayden K:
Pepe asks for playing time and gets a red card? Lille should've kept him
Fakhri Hidayat
Fakhri Hidayat:
Maxi Ly
Maxi Ly:
Unai Emery is doing great at Villarreal, fighting for the top of La Liga
SeiWeng Yap
SeiWeng Yap:
Pepe wasted his chance but hope he will learned from this, just like some of the great players like Zidane or Van Persie. Leno is flawless today.
Patrick MacDonald
Patrick MacDonald:
Thanks for the “Highlights” video, I sure love watching the trauma again...
Mr. Arsenalist
Mr. Arsenalist:
Poor poor poor, 8 hours in the PL ZEROOOOOOOOO goals that sums everything
We are the most uncreative team we just got so lucky with a Leno masterclass
Henry C
Henry C:
Emery wanted Zaha instead for a reason....
Poker Face
Poker Face:
We did better without Pepe tbf
Admiral General Aladeen
Admiral General Aladeen:
I wonder what Kolasitank on twitter is saying to this match lol
Dangote, orji, whoever pleas I beg, takeover this club and sue kroenke
진짜 페페 그냥 나오지마라 슈발 ㅠㅠㅠ
Pepe, control your emotion. Your a profesional player. Even the children watch your play. Keep shine pepe
yimkh abou
yimkh abou:
.alled back to legendary wenger back. with good defense like now. i believe wenger will bring us back to top 4
Suvantola S
Suvantola S:
When they defends, they always give the opponents too much space, when they attack, their space is limited so much, what's the strategy? 9 attempts vs Leeds 25, they didn't work like a team.
Trooper The Don
Trooper The Don:
Pepe made a reckless decision for a class player like him, its so un professional and selfish.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee:
The perfect game of football ends 0-0🤣
Irwan Zirwanda
Irwan Zirwanda:
Pepe's red card is a sign of frustation
TE San
TE San:
The French do love a headbutt to be fair
jack alive
jack alive:
Thank you goalpost for saving arsenal
M Syafri
M Syafri:
Leno the real GOAT😂
google bazinga
google bazinga:
Leno really saved us today. Big ups to him
Cric time
Cric time:
first time watching premier league match its entertaining
Yaqub Miah
Yaqub Miah:
Honestly if you are going to play a 4-2-3-1 you need Ozil for the creativity that is what we are missing too focused on the defensive side of things
Pepe headbutts players
Commentator: There's a coming together of heads
Ugonna Chigbo
Ugonna Chigbo:
Forget the woodwork was MOTM of the match for arsenal 😂😂
arnes pabian
arnes pabian:
Come on, bring back Jack andrew Wilshere 😥
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya:
3: 0 actually for leeds
Kirthan Sakhamuri
Kirthan Sakhamuri:
Leeds vs Woodwork highlights *
Hrishaan Shah
Hrishaan Shah:
Leeds deserved the victory 💯
페페 머리 박치기
Steve Wallis
Steve Wallis:
Well, this was a doddle for the video editor, right... highlights, what highlights?
Marline Shirima
Marline Shirima:
Pepe will now dream of starting😂Guendouzi did the same thing and look where he is lol
Why is our team so dull rn :( all started so good but it’s still early days
Eugene Justin
Eugene Justin:
I'm glad for the draw, but need more urgencies when we got the ball.
Sampa Sampa
Sampa Sampa:
10/10 for the Arsenal woodwork. Great performance, Sturdy Presence.
Another mid table season is in it's way
김태완 857
김태완 857:
pepe is cow???
Taso Malaso
Taso Malaso:
Cross bar and Leno....thank you..
Coach continue wasting us....
Must Arry
Must Arry:
Hi Arteta, you see, your plan not doing well, put Ozil in starting XI then you will know the results

You will learn, this is "Ozil Curse" because you ignore him, for someone already gave an everything to this club
We were lucky that got the draw. It was a nightmare that seeing the opposition constantly creating chances and we barely done anything to stop it except Leno had a few great saves. Leeds were the better team and Arsenal should have played the way that Leeds played today.
Abubakar Abdulwahab
Abubakar Abdulwahab:
no difference from the arsenal of previous eras... remove sentiment and bring Ozil back you (Arteta) need him more than he needs you
Harry Saroy
Harry Saroy:
Arsenal breaks my heart again!!! Why! Why! Why! Cant Arsenal play like the women?????😥😣😔🤧💔💔
This game was so funny🤣🤣🤣
Reallythough 2.0
Reallythough 2.0:
Once again another soulless performance. Can’t remember the last time we had three or four passes that looked like we had worked on something in the final third. So poor complete lack of ideas going forward!

If you didn’t know and someone told you we had 10 men you would of thought it had happened in the first minute of the first half!
00:00 skip binomskuy
Networth 2
Networth 2:
Arsenal buys tough players with character then makes them SOFT , soon they look like other Arsenal SOFTIES. These players were tough, torreira, sokratis,willian, Guendouzi (refused to be softened), cedric, xhaka . Now even Partey cant play coz of a soft tissue injury but at Atletico he used to play even with mild injury, he will soon become a Wilshere. Look at Mourinho recruits, MEN, FIGHTERS, HOLBERG, REGUILON, DOHERTY,!!
willy yonathan
willy yonathan:
Thanks for the fa cup arteta 🙋‍♂️👋👋👏
Obby Samahiya
Obby Samahiya:
So poor yet again. It's poor planning in the transfer market. Great that we got Thomas but we still need that creativity in midfield. I'm sure the management have been seeing that big problem and I just don't get why they didn't address the problem. Acted quick to bring in other players that are not really solving the problem we've had. Just so tiring
99 Muhammad Talha
99 Muhammad Talha:
It's just like man utd after fergie a big mess how wenger kept us top 4 for so long and still top6 at his last season is beyond me
Azim Asyraf
Azim Asyraf:
Damnnnn !!! Arsenal jersey look fire ...
Terry Lam
Terry Lam:
We need Ozil !!!
harry jones
harry jones:
This is leeds United vs leno and his woodwork
Guendouzi was sent to Berlin for showing heart. Will the same happen to Tierney? Will Mikel be consistent?! If Ozil can't play because he's bad then how are Laca and Willian playing?!?! Mikel is a clown!
Homer Sandhu!!!
Homer Sandhu!!!:
They also knew that ksimon would split so they kept it nil nil
Give that goalpost a new contract
Kun El-Jabary
Kun El-Jabary:
Ya Gunners ya..., Ozil oh Ozil..., Where are you? We need you🤙🏻
And we’ve got our revenge
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Lile pulled a Leicester with that 70M 😂😂😂
Is Mikel Arteta turning into another Unai Emery?😁😉
Djauza Soedjarwo
Djauza Soedjarwo:
Saya merindukan Ozil.. ilove you, Ozil.. 💪💪💪💪😘
Azaan Khan
Azaan Khan:
I really hope Arteta get's the message across that Pepe cannot get red cards, full stop.
Muhamad Aldy Alfian
Muhamad Aldy Alfian:
Crossbar challenge or something like that?
yuna park
yuna park:
Jesus, on another day could have been 5 -0 to Leeds
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex:
This is more like leeds attack compilation
omg. i initially thought the headbutt like zidane did
Rollin Stone7
Rollin Stone7:
This match was like crossbar challenge😁
Princewill Madugba
Princewill Madugba:
Ty: the referee didn't help pepe stay on the pitch
Ifan Abi
Ifan Abi:
Bring ozil back to the team
Arteta told Pepe to play like Zidane, Pepe took it too literal
First Principles
First Principles:
We need Martinelli and his energy going forward. He has to start after he recovers.
Aashish Bhandari
Aashish Bhandari:
So this "big man with the plan" Arteta came in, stifled our offence for the sake of defence and still a -1 GD?
Son goal (9) = Arsenal goal (9) 😂😂
Sargam Mehta
Sargam Mehta:
Hope Thomas will change the dynamics of our team in attack
Arsenal's team goal is as same as Son's 9 goals.^^
Jamie Karim
Jamie Karim:
I no longer have the energy and patience to watch Arsenal play!
Sastra Mahendra
Sastra Mahendra:
Very lucky & still smallest club in london
Oki Riski Fatulloh
Oki Riski Fatulloh:
What a save !!! From the crossbar
Satrio Yudho Priyono
Satrio Yudho Priyono:
Its clear now. We have to play lacazette as cf and auba as lw
Man of the match - the post
Farah Hassan
Farah Hassan:
i have seen better performance and this is the first time i see a red card from you better luck vs coys u need to win vs them
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton: