Highlights: Liverpool 1-0 FSV Mainz 05 | Late goal wins it for the Reds

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Watch the key action from Liverpool's first full friendly of pre season, as a late own goal from Owen Beck's cross, gave Jürgen Klopp a victory over his former club.

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Sri Srujan
Sri Srujan:
Konate seems like a perfect fit for Liverpool's play. He's strong, aggressive, and positions himself at the right places. He'll be a killer duo with Van Dijk. Just give him a few Premier League games to settle.
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Got a feeling that Konate is really gonna be good with Liverpool.. Liked his performance 👍
Beautiful performance by Keita and Konate. If these two stay fit, it will be a great season for them. Nice kits Mainz btw
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Konate and Keita were absolutely brilliant what a half they played. What's sad is that they're both injury prone:(
Eshiet Charles
Eshiet Charles:
What a great save by Adrian 🔥🔥
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
Kaide Gordon looks like star in the making his awareness and position was excellent. If it wasn't for own goal he would have been his in right place in right time.
Rooshy Patel
Rooshy Patel:
Love to see Harvey Elliott playing hopefully gets a couple games this season in the prem
An amazing game from them all. This season we are gonna shine
I've seen LFC in Mainz during a pre-season more than a decade ago. Great atmosphere.
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya:
Matip and Keita being injured isn't fair man😔. We are missing so much class
T L:
Brilliant touch by Elliot.
Decent save by Adrian as well.
I can’t get too excited over Naby until he proves that he can stay fit.
Most importantly... NO INJURIES!!
what a save by adrian 🤩
Greycie Pesh
Greycie Pesh:
Adrian being brilliant ❤️
Walter bishop
Walter bishop:
Gotta say Mainz black and gold kit looks amazing.
Julius N.
Julius N.:
Konate is massive and Naby lad ran the show. Cover him in bubble wrap for the season.
Only Liverpool ! ❤️
John Odande
John Odande:
I usually love it when Liverpool don't perform excellently in pre-season. Helps us build low expectations for the upcoming season only for the boys to do wonders.
Desert falcon
Desert falcon:
Konate is the perfect fit of a defender for Liverpool I’m sure he’ll do 👍 he played very well out there today
Logan Norrie
Logan Norrie:
Good win ❤️
Susanto Mahato
Susanto Mahato:
I always get a good feeling watching matches of liverpool😇.
C. Mirashi
C. Mirashi:
Minamino will be beast this season. He will prove all the haters wrong! C'mon Taki!!
bergstrom oliver
bergstrom oliver:
Need to see more Minamino
Сінан Шанавас 4
Сінан Шанавас 4:
Well play 🔥👍
Esona Betrand Kubri
Esona Betrand Kubri:
I was never convinced with minamino how can someone had one good game in the championsleagu and we were rushing to buy him I didn't see any need.
Glitched Out
Glitched Out:
Chamberlain needs to start more next season he has been on fire in this pre season
Lenny Kibet
Lenny Kibet:
Keita was magical. Gordon needs to be pushed up to the first team. His finish during the dying moments of the game was clinical. Could learn a lot from Salah.
Konate is an absolute unit.
A Yousef
A Yousef:
We are liverpool this means more 👌
n a
n a:
Big up to keita he played different level today the only issue with him is injuries and that's concern so he needs to stay fit
Mohamed Plays
Mohamed Plays:
Great performance from konate 👍 will have a lot of potential to grow at liverpool
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart:
Love you Liverpool
Haniem Xo
Haniem Xo:
Can’t wait for the season
If Adrian made a mistake this whole comment section would be full of it, he makes a great save and nobody says a word
n a
n a:
Konate is just like van dijk hes way of playing hopefully he can become his level one day
PepeSpliff *
PepeSpliff *:
Good to see ox getting those crucial minutes he's gunna need to be at his best this season otherwise he's gone next summer
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
At least kostas tryin hard to push Robbo The best Lb in the world :)
Faisal hendri Achmad
Faisal hendri Achmad:
Good job my liverpool
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
Still struggling to score goals n brilliant
Daniel Krokos
Daniel Krokos:
Good game 🤝
from a Mainz fan
Sam Jawneh
Sam Jawneh:
Well done boys very important win .keep the spirit alife.YNWA
Pete P
Pete P:
Keheller legit needs to be number 2 GK! Klopp give the man a chance FFS
Richard Seemungal
Richard Seemungal:
I see people talking bad about taki but he was the one that led to the build up of the own goal in this game and the penalty last game .The only thing he needs to work on is his physique.
Match 3⃣ of pre-season done ✅
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Ox as false 9 just won't work. Need a complete 9
D. K.
D. K.:
Konate looks alike stronger Sakho. Looking good in duels, but ball control and making desicions are little bit sloppy. Its preseoson, his young further development are expected.

Keita best player in first half.
Keep it going! 👏👍🔴
Cleiton Servat
Cleiton Servat:
Liverpool need to improve a lot in submissions, and create goal chances but always despite the strong attack
David Flores Montañés
David Flores Montañés:
Jason Truck Pusha
Jason Truck Pusha:
Liverpool's first win against Mainz 05 after 2 defeat
Konate looks promising but the PL is an entirely different ball game so I won't jump into conclusions just yet!
Jor Reacts
Jor Reacts:
Hopefully minamino gets his chance this season. He was brilliant for Southampton when we loaned him
Locke Hiah
Locke Hiah:
Ox seems to fit perfectly as a false 9
Keita was on fire 🔥🔥
Wow Adrian good a goal keeper
Ollie Wood
Ollie Wood:
Thank u for the nice in depth highlights 👍😑
ApEx KillER
ApEx KillER:
honestly konate guys he was against 2 18 yr old cfs it was light work need a more lethal opposition to test him really but ye looks good
Yup Yup
Yup Yup:
Are we just gonna ignore Mainz great game against this strong squad.
Good game for the reds
Mark alfred Smith
Mark alfred Smith:
Liverpool for life
We definitely need a new striker instead of another midfielder, Firmino had 9 goals total last season, not winning any trophies with that.
Mou Prakoso
Mou Prakoso:
Replay !!
Replay !!
Replay !!

Salam Dari INDONESIA 🇮🇩 💪
Endras Lucky
Endras Lucky:
amazing rumors out there, adama traore is so true...
add one more Andre Zambo Anguissa
Adrian made a save? Wow!
Hope we can challenge for some silverware this season reds
Abdallah Kabeer
Abdallah Kabeer:
Let’s go Reds
The Doc
The Doc:
what a save by adrian tho
budi aryadi
budi aryadi:
Liverpool butuh pemain seperti coutinho,itu solusi untuk liverpool mencetak banyak goal
John THE GK:
Am i the only one that thinks kellegher deserves more game time
i still believe we need a striker
Trent Future 🐐👀
Kelleher and Adrian look sick in that goalkeeper kit
Hyo Choi
Hyo Choi:
Hendo stays forever YNWA.
Aip Aip
Aip Aip:
Konate👍, khawatir sama finishingnya dri musim kemaren masih mbapuk, dari ratusan peluang Cmn tercipta beberapa goal, beda sama 2 musim kebelakang finishing nya Joss.
a a
a a:
Where's minamino?
I'm looking forward to his contribution!
Youssef Morsi
Youssef Morsi:
Kaide Gordon is a baller
Caleb Kituko
Caleb Kituko:
Very expressive
king taki
king taki:
I was tired to score goals so i created a chance instead 🛌
Yoosuf Yalaan
Yoosuf Yalaan:
Keita can get a player of the tournament in something he is hella good
Keita’s the main man 😯😯👏👏
Jocelyn Koh
Jocelyn Koh:
YES!!!! FINALLY WE FANS GET TO SEE THE OX SHINE AGAIN!!!! Who feels the same way? please like.Self confidence is important.
jo johandi
jo johandi:
naby was superb
Jimi Stevens
Jimi Stevens:
Pre season and all that but from this minute 30 they looked better than us
10 K
10 K:
A D:
If we resign Steve Mcmanaman and Robbie Fowler we will be unstoppable
Alexander Kenway
Alexander Kenway:
We need to tie down Kaide Gordon when he comes of age
Abdur Camara
Abdur Camara:
No ones gonna talk about Adrians great save?
Naim Wawa
Naim Wawa:
Is Kelleher injury prone?
Warrior J93
Warrior J93:
Keita and Konate oof what a good performance for 45 minutes

But how was the youngsters whoever watched the 2nd half?
edward bellamy
edward bellamy:
Still think we need to bring in some more quality players there are players there who are not good enough
Fresh prince of London Ss
Fresh prince of London Ss:
Let’s be honest judging by the highlights Liverpool should have lost 4-1 , no major signings an ageing squad, our rivals signing world class players, I honestly think Liverpool won’t get anywhere near the title this season and could even miss out on top 4 , plus mane and salah will miss 6 weeks of the season due to Afcon, in a nutshell Liverpool are fucked
Paypal Inc.
Paypal Inc.:
The forward is still not yet improved
Come the first game of the season we will be without Allison, VVD, Gomez, Fabinho, Henderson and Firmino :(
Keita was immense today. Hope he can stay fit
Yasin Adam
Yasin Adam:
I don't think Liverpool Can finish top4 next season if they don't Make fresh signers specially attack midfielders
No Karius, no goal from the opponent.
This is the kind of game where they should've played the polish wonderkid
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
Haaland would be a good match for Salah, Mané and Firmino on top
library gary
library gary:
Adrian looking sharp