HIGHLIGHTS! Man City 2-1 Club America | De Bruyne Scores Screamer in Houston!

Julian Alvarez, Stefan Ortega Moreno and Kalvin Phillips played their first game as Manchester City players as we returned to action with victory over Club America in the opening match of our pre-season tour of the United States.

Erling Haaland was an unused substitute as Kevin De Bruyne’s brace gave Pep Guardiola’s side a 2-1 win over the Mexican outfit at Houston’s NRG Stadium.

The Belgian opened the scoring with a trademark finish on the half hour mark, riding two challenges on a burst forward and curling a wonderful 18-yard effort into the far corner.

Club America levelled against the run of play 13 minutes later as striker Henry Martin latched onto a lofted ball over the top and checked inside Nathan Ake before squeezing the ball between Ortega Moreno’s legs.

De Bruyne sealed the win on the stroke of half-time, ghosting in behind the opposition defence to collect Riyad Mahrez’s perfectly weighted through ball and firing underneath Oscar Jimenez.

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YuNGFriz Edits
YuNGFriz Edits:
Satisfied with Alvarez's performance 🤩 More to come ✊ Come on City!!! 💙
fans react
fans react:
Alvarez is soo good wow! Didn't score but he's first touch, dribbling and passing was brilliant. Soo excited!💙
To see de bruyne through the years to evolve to a powerhouse is incredible
Kevin De Bruyne man, he is just so good. Best midfielder in the world. Julian Alvarez looks promising!
anis atcheba officiel
anis atcheba officiel:
Are we gonna talk about that beautiful assist from mahrez ? What a masterpiece 👏🔥
Anandito Tugarisman
Anandito Tugarisman:
No matter ho many striker do city sign, de bruyne will always score😂
Kevin is a good captain and has a different persona in field. He now has taste of scoring goals and assisting is in his blood. Dangerous combo
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta:
I watched the whole match last night and it was an excellent game. What a warm up for our boys. Lots of intensity and last ditch tackles.
Around the world
Around the world:
The assist from Riyad Mahrez was magic 🪄✨
jOe LeOn
jOe LeOn:
Was there in Houston watching the game. Great game by both teams but much respect to city except for Grealish was crying like a little girl the whole game 🤣
SHANE buiscuit
SHANE buiscuit:
Kevin is a good captain and has a different persona in field. He now has taste of scoring goals and assisting is in his blood. Dangerous combo
Subankar's Shorts & Vids
Subankar's Shorts & Vids:
I was waitin for Haaland.
Love the matchup! Club America all day! 🦅
Louise Clarke
Louise Clarke:
Love this! Alvarez was immense! KDB is just KDB!
Clive Mancity
Clive Mancity:
I love Alvarez man people should give him chance, obvious he was nervous but the dude gut a huge potential, remind me of messi with his first touch
Alvares settles in the system quickly, the way he presses was impressive.
Certified Cityzen
Certified Cityzen:
Even though I was falling asleep throughout the match, it was nice to see the boys back again and youngsters playing. We still need some improvement on some things but we’ll get there! 💙💙💙
Kevin De Bruyne never ceases to impress! 🤩 And Alvares's contributions were excellent this match! Great match and great highlights!
Bro I can’t wait to see Alvarez’s first goal, and his passes and dribbles are brilliant
0:38 look at that defending from Alvarez.
4:06 Duuude i can’t, look at Mahrez’s pass it’s just magic, he is by far one of the best wingers rn
Mourad BDZ
Mourad BDZ:
The assist from Mahrez was a piece of art
I D:
KDB showing everyone how it’s done💪 What a player 👏
JULIAN IS SO SCRAPPY I LOVE IT. he dispossessed at least two defenders that almost resulted in goals if grealish could’ve done better 😬 i am so looking forward to the way alvarez plays this season. so excited
Football Edits
Football Edits:
What a Game!
Kevin was Outstanding and the team was collaborative!
Hope to see this all Season, Come on City 💙!
Rashid Abtahy
Rashid Abtahy:
Alvarez looked impressive other players needed to pass the ball to him more
Ireneo Funes
Ireneo Funes:
Julián Álvarez 🕷️ aparte de tener buena resolución,es inteligente para jugar y algo muy importante... Nunca,pero nunca se rinde,corre,corre y corre. Tiene mucho sacrificio. ¡Vamos City!
Ahora tienen un seguidor más en Argentina.
Frank Figueroa
Frank Figueroa:
Great game last night. Really enjoyed being there last night watching our team get the win. City, City, City!!!
Finlay Evenson
Finlay Evenson:
You can’t not love KDB. A true city legend!
The assist from mahrez is beautiful than the goal it's self ..wht piece of art
Jackson Stenborg
Jackson Stenborg:
His perfect step across on the second goal opens that keepers legs for him to slip the ball through. It’s all intentional and he’s just a brilliant player. So simple, and so good.
Kdb first goal is a missile....and Mahrez' highly technical pass in the second goal eliminated all defenders with minimal effort...a good start...but more work and harmony in the squad because the Premier League is a high level...
Phoenix L.
Phoenix L.:
KDB is my favourite player. I love his style of play. He's more than a mid felder
I love how everyone talking about keven's goal while forgetting the formidable assist that came from mahrez 😂
Rowland Ortiz
Rowland Ortiz:
That pass from Riyadh is sublime.
Peacefulness & relaxation
Peacefulness & relaxation:
The pass from Mahrez 😱
Aldorado Algeriano
Aldorado Algeriano:
The pass from Mahrez that’s what I called a Genius
De bruyne e sensacional👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ele q merecia a midia de neymar
To see de bruyne through the years to evolve to a powerhouse is incredible
Who needs Haaland up front when you have goal machine Kevin de Bruyne! The way he presses and scores in this match was impressive to watch.
Chibel Debezt
Chibel Debezt:
Kelvin De Bruyne is perfect in all Positions
I think he's Another Aguero 🥰 and also CF AMERICA was also amazing 👏👏👏👏
Kaleb Mzinyane
Kaleb Mzinyane:
What a display of leadership, confidence handling by Ortega.🔥
Irene Couzyn Haas
Irene Couzyn Haas:
Super! Thanks team especially Mahrez for that beautiful winning pass to KDB! So looking forward to this season!💙💙💙
Kevin De Bruyne class as usual, Alvarez created a few chances which is great I'm loving what I'm seeing from him, Ake cannot be ignored this season, Phillips cool and calm... brilliant
Dave TV
Dave TV:
What a good way to start the season. KDB is a true legend!
Gatlat Char Kuoth
Gatlat Char Kuoth:
Kevin 👑 de bruyne class as usual, Alvarez create a few chances which is a great am loving what I'm seeing from him. Even what Nathan Ake have done can admired me, while Phillips and Mahrez what I like
Ken Martin
Ken Martin:
The ball from Mahrez to KDB for his second goal was sublime 😧😵🤯 perfect timing
Mosfiqul Siam
Mosfiqul Siam:
Day by day de bruyne becoming a great goal scorer as well as excellent assist maker,,the best midfielder for a reason...
Somali afro tube &
Somali afro tube &:
No matter how many strikers city gets, KDB is always the man
Moha Med
Moha Med:
The new signings are really impressive
No one is talking about Ortega's sharp passes
Also respect to the American clubs , I watched some freindlies and saw that they play modern football and every team has its own style
Danny Francis
Danny Francis:
KDB will be a player I remember forever and I'm not even a city fan. Just think he is incredible
Edward Mendez
Edward Mendez:
Great game guys. It’s an honor to play the greatest team in the world right now. Cheers from a Club America fan in Atlanta, Georgia. 🤝
Chileleko Musonda
Chileleko Musonda:
Kdb is the best midfielder alive right now 💙✨... And people tried to compare him to Bruno 🤦
Fernando Lara
Fernando Lara:
Great match. De Bruyne is just in another level. Greetings form Mexico city.
Philip Williams
Philip Williams:
One match and yoi can already say that Alvarez is going to be a problem for Premier League teams... He's like an upgrade for Jesus. That run to the one-time cross was sublime.
Grealish's reaction to that penalty- forgot it's pre-season for a moment lol!! Love it<3
New players played well 👏 excellent performance from KDB, hopefully haaland will play against bayern and score some goals💙
R J:
Beautiful 1st goal from De Bruyne
Julio Rafael
Julio Rafael:
Mahrez assist to De Bruyne in the second goal is outstanding !
solid performance from Alvarez.. can't wait to see him play in the Premiere League
Nick Rider
Nick Rider:
Such an intelligent, gifted player - KDB 👍
Anonymous User
Anonymous User:
Everyone expected smth from the new signings while De bruyne is just showing he's still there and still the best midfielder itw.
Emmanuel Striker
Emmanuel Striker:
Welcome back Kevin De Bruyne u have been missed in last 59 days.
Guythree Keekae
Guythree Keekae:
First game Alvarez already adapted to our System.. What a joy to watch his skills and pressure... I won't begrudge to see Haaland warming bench for him... Our depth is quality
JayshawnD Gaming
JayshawnD Gaming:
De bruyne the real goal machine 💯
What a pass Mahrez🔝
What a finish KDB🙊
I just love City✌️
Manchester is blue even in USA😅
Ilyas The pro
Ilyas The pro:
Wow what a match,hope our new signings will make a difference.💙💙💙⚽
Ifektive™ Nigerian
Ifektive™ Nigerian:
Welcome KDB!!
He has been missed the last *69* days. He tiptoes forward, he gets to the *edge of the D* and *he thumps it* 🌝🌝
Ghost Recordz
Ghost Recordz:
Zahir Shaikh
Zahir Shaikh:
When I saw the first time I was like Daaaaaamnnnn what a strike 🔥😎😅. King KDB is Back with a Bang 🔥❤️
Shivam Baunthiyal
Shivam Baunthiyal:
Alvarez was so adapt the city's atmosphere ...Great progress boy
Ering Money
Ering Money:
Best midfielder in England, marvelous player
That assist from Riyadh Mahrez is just in another level 😮
Ida Agadaga
Ida Agadaga:
Although Jack grealish missed a 1v1 with the keeper, his runs towards goal and his goalscoring positioning looked really good. He just needs to get used to it and hopefully we'll see the jack we paid for.
We are the city,
This is our city,
We will go no where without Kevin de bruyne,
Stev Bryant
Stev Bryant:
KDB is the tactical pillar in the team now, no doubt🔥🔥🔥
Ruka sarashina
Ruka sarashina:
I'm surprised by Alvarez passing ability, beyond expectations
Olly Williams
Olly Williams:
never seen so much passion in a pre season friendly
gioyu comi
gioyu comi:
Satisfied with Alvarez's performance More to come Come on City!!!
Abdou Lite
Abdou Lite:
What a pass from Mahrez 🥶
tomasz kus
tomasz kus:
Dj Tru Trev
Dj Tru Trev:
That pass from Alvarez at 3:29 is sensational🔥🔥
Swole Monkey
Swole Monkey:
Who needs a striker when you have a wizard like KDB 😮‍💨 two lovely goals.
Arjun vp
Arjun vp:
Alvares agility and pressing 🔥🤩
KDB is one of the best finishers in the World ryt now....I think he had 19 goals last season
Satisfied with Alvarez's performance 🤩 More to come ✊ Come on City!!!
Phoenix Axis
Phoenix Axis:
De Bruyne is a Menace😂🔥🔥
Can't stop this guy
Alvarez Is a Brilliant Player! Amazing and sharp moves! Come On City!
Liam Lund
Liam Lund:
That KDB is a monster. What a impact he has. Promising play from young Julian 💙
4:07 What a pass from Mahrez
Orly Anguiano
Orly Anguiano:
Que buen partido fue , Arriba El America 🦅💛💙
Faysal Ahmed Sheikh
Faysal Ahmed Sheikh:
Legends Back to work.👍
Alok Rajesh
Alok Rajesh:
Debruyne at his prime 🤌💀
Mimneh Mimneh
Mimneh Mimneh:
No matters how big players sign for city , kdb always king
KDB really is just incredible. Honestly. He's always a joy to watch on the pitch.
Nath Breagan
Nath Breagan:
For the second KDB goal Grealish should have pushed abit more forward and been an option to slide the ball into. I know City did not need it in the end but still.
Wow what a great start of the season De Bruyne!
yahia benabdellah
yahia benabdellah :
Mahrez is amazing ..
What a pass
Imagine you are a goalie and there is De Bruyne, who can knock your teeth out with a shot from 30 meters and now Haaland, who will shoot like a maniac from inside the box. I think I would quit the game 😅
That pass from Mahrez is insane 😱