HIGHLIGHTS | Manchester City 3-0 Arsenal | Premier League | June 17, 2020

We made an unhappy return to Premier League football on Wednesday night, as Manchester City claimed a 3-0 victory at Etihad Stadium.

After a 102-day interval, and returning to very different Premier League conditions, you might have expected a cagy start – but there was none of that here.

Within five minutes Eddie Nketiah thought he had beaten the City backline to the ball only to be flagged offside, before Kevin De Bruyne forced Bernd Leno into a sharp save – and then Granit Xhaka was stretchered off with an ankle problem.

We were playing brightly with Nketiah at the fore, but another injury, this time to Pablo Luiz, proved a setback for Mikel Arteta as he sought to get one over his former club.

Leno was soon at the heart of the action as City took control, making three excellent saves in quick succession to deny Raheem Sterling, David Silva and Riyad Mahrez.

But the German could do nothing when, on the stroke of half time, David Luiz misjudged De Bruyne’s ball and Sterling ran in and smashed the ball into the top corner.

Things went from bad to worse after the restart when Mahrez got the wrong side of David Luiz, and when he went down in the area under the Brazilian’s challenge, the red card was shown and a penalty awarded.

De Bruyne made no mistake from the spot, and suddenly we were right up against it.

With an extra man advantage, City inevitably remained in control and Leno was called into action to deny De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus and Ilkay Gundogan.

City added a third in injury time when Phil Foden slammed it into the roof of the net after Leno had turned Aguero’s shot on to the post, and it capped off a disappointing evening in Manchester.

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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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joe Arsyi
joe Arsyi:
"David luiz is the best defender i've ever seen" -stevie wonder
ReZki Capalot
ReZki Capalot:
“David Luiz is the toughest opponent I have ever faced “ -Bernd Leno
Aston animation
Aston animation:
David luiz is so underrated he assisted and create the penalty. He should have gotten the man of the match
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz:
David Luiz & Mustafi

All Arsenal need is to sign Phil Jones to complete The Holy Trinity of Centre Back.
Amwaj Ameen
Amwaj Ameen:
Leno: you can't defeat me
Man city: I know, but he can( look's at david luiz)
RG Bro
RG Bro:
"I'm the luckiest player ever because I didn't play against David Luiz."
Alex Karver
Alex Karver:
David Luiz since his return to Chelsea
16/17 season - 0 penalties conceded
17/18 season - 0 penalties conceded
18/19 season - 0 penalties conceded

19/20 season, joins arsenal - 4 penalties conceded
Leonardo Ignacio
Leonardo Ignacio:
David Luiz: "Prepare for trouble"
Mustafi: "Make it double"
If 2020 was a defender

It would be David luiz
Viswa mohan
Viswa mohan:
who is the best game changer of the match
kids- foden
men - debryne
legends - luiz
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus:
We don’t deserve Auba but we deserve Leno even less 😭
David Luiz is a living meme. But Arsenal became a meme club so it's okay.
Sandi Sasono
Sandi Sasono:
i would rather put ozil in defense if david luis keep playing like this
George Sullivan
George Sullivan:
Only positive from today’s game was Leno, and the fact that Luiz won’t play for another 3 games
4 penalties,2 red cards,fouls,makes a mistake every game.Can't believe some people actually think he's been good this season
Raahim Zuberi
Raahim Zuberi:
I’d rather put lingardinho over David Luiz
Mark _i.c. whale_
Mark _i.c. whale_:
Man City vs Arsenal?
more like Man City vs Leno
Ahsan Sadiq
Ahsan Sadiq:
Can't imagine how the score would be if the keeper wasn't Leno.
Arjan Chonker
Arjan Chonker:
The irony is arsenal are uploading their own loss
We need Ozil..
Maybe he can change this game early
Naruto uchiha
Naruto uchiha:
FairPlay to David luiz man marking with a 2m distance as recommended by the UK government
Ofri Jato
Ofri Jato:
WOW! Kevin Debruyne is at it again. An assist and a goal. The best part is, its a penalty.
"David Luis is a legend of the legend, He teach me a Raiju shoot." -Tsubasa Ozora
Muhammad Ronald Reagen
Muhammad Ronald Reagen:
mission impossible from luiz(chelsea) and Arteta (City)😂
The Danish Giant
The Danish Giant:
How Can we expect to be in top 4 when one of our primary centerbacks makes 1 pen every 6th game. Worst signing ever!!!
There was only 2 players who really tried to make a difference for arsenal leno/luiz
M. O.B
M. O.B:
Plot twist: David Luiz is a Man City player
— Edric —
— Edric —:
Was there a goalkeeper at the other end? Didn't see him the whole time
I like the way they simulate the crowd....makes it so that it doesnt feel empty
Tim Sherman
Tim Sherman:
Hilarious that they added Crowd Noise from fifa 😂
Sylvain MICOUD
Sylvain MICOUD:
shame about aubameyang, it's his birthday on June 18...
Giridharan A
Giridharan A:
Its Manchester City vs Leno
I'd rather play Ozil on defense
Viswa mohan
Viswa mohan:
wonderful match between manchester city and leno
Nandagiri Rajashekhar
Nandagiri Rajashekhar:
I don't know what kind of lineup arteta was playing..we were taught a footballing lesson...looked like a relegation team...no creativity whatsoever... only thing it was City but please field your best lineup against big teams even if we lose it won't matter
UnnecessaryContent boi1
UnnecessaryContent boi1:
Bernd leno returns as underated as ever
Zizie Kifli
Zizie Kifli:
Man Of The Match for Arsenal in this game is Bernd Leno
Mirano Ottawa
Mirano Ottawa:
When the best highlights of a game are your goalkeeper's saves...

I truly feel bad for Leno.
Naveen krishna.p
Naveen krishna.p:
Ditch Luiz
Sell Guendouzi also he reminds me of Luiz😢
Parvez Khan
Parvez Khan:
Breaking news: Arteta to hold contract extension talks with Luis amid his outstanding 23 mins performance at City....
Honest Opinions
Honest Opinions:
David luiz: If you can't beat them join them😁😁😁😁😁😁
Galaxy Birth
Galaxy Birth:
Who is the best defender: david luiz,phil jones or mustafi?
Angel Guragain
Angel Guragain:
If You need Assist Then Don't call Kdb
Call Luiz he will Assist you
Naruto uchiha
Naruto uchiha:
When I think about luiz I scream I try go sleep then I see mustafi
Midoriya Izuku
Midoriya Izuku:
Arsenal need to give luiz life time contract
i actually said Man City 4 - 0 Jokingly before the game.. I was close Lol
Stephen Ugbah
Stephen Ugbah:
Did even create one real chance? 😭😭 this is appalling
Chewy Suarez
Chewy Suarez:
Lol man city scored 3 again whats new move on nothing to see here
_Filip222 3
_Filip222 3:
Leno is our legend!
Partey and Upamecano watching this match and wondering how bad they are to be linked with Banter fc.
Partey is defo signing the new contract at atletico Madrid
Danny Williams
Danny Williams:
😂😂😂 I’m dying
Isaac Bello
Isaac Bello:
Man of the match was Leno. We don't deserve such a good keeper tbh

We don't even have him anymore.
This looks like the normal Etihad attendance
Raja Christodogabe Siallagan
Raja Christodogabe Siallagan:
you know the truth of david luiz?
me :yes i know he is chelsea's spy
he made an increase for arsenal😁
Lookmans Kc
Lookmans Kc:
Emirates stadium ended 3-0
Etihad stadium also ended 3-0
Vir FN
Vir FN:
Imagine David Luiz getting old and teaching defence-Okay children, today we will learn how to assist the other team a penalty a.k.a be confused
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:

A R:
Don't renew David Liuz's contract he's screwed us over in nearly every game this season
Matías Martínez
Matías Martínez:
It's been years since I can't understand how David Luiz still has a job.
Ali Abdirashid Adawe
Ali Abdirashid Adawe:
Who’s here after arsenal beat Manchester City in the fa cup 😂😂
I’m worried about what the players are thinking? Plz don’t leave
Without Leno it would have been 7-0
Rifki Nurhakim
Rifki Nurhakim:
Man of The Match : David Luiz
Dan G
Dan G:
Why have they dubbed crowd sounds over the commentary 😂😂😂😂😂😂
stan tv
stan tv:
Even though we did what we had to do
ksi had his hopes up bois :(
Secret Yeeter 23
Secret Yeeter 23:
Arsenal vs man city

:David luiz Has entered the chat
Sub2Makselency 69
Sub2Makselency 69:
“One man can’t win a match by himself”. David Luiz”hold my beer m8”
AlifLukman Fandi
AlifLukman Fandi:
Thanks Agent Luiz 004, you've done great job

Love to see how delusion "London is red" claim but it always blue all along
Mohamed Amiin
Mohamed Amiin:
I love how they explain the main events of the match in details in the description am a City fan ❤❤
Anrich Phillips
Anrich Phillips:
Leno looks like one of the world best at the moment 👏🏽
Eu brasileiro quando vejo davi Luís ja logo vem na cabeça 7x1
...aki no brasil não passa de um jogador mediano
David Luiz is on his way to becoming 'The Brazilian Phil Jones'
Sahara milan
Sahara milan:
Assist:david luiz

I dont understand why arsenal bought a useless player named david luiz
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos:
Não compreendi esse jogo foi só ataque contra defesa?
Ameen Abubacker
Ameen Abubacker:
This match shows how crucial player is xhaka in midfield
No goalkeeper ever:
I wish David Luiz was in front of me
Terminator explorer
Terminator explorer:
Frank Lampard : "HAHAHAHA, I Knew it, that is why he use for"
FootballArena base
FootballArena base:
Super duper David Luiz😸
Outstanding performance by the world class defender
Chelsea Express
Chelsea Express:
Thanks for davis Luis. Agent Chelsea 2019
Abhiram R
Abhiram R:
Man united have Phil Jones and Arsenal have David Luiz
Two Legends
Ryan Farhat
Ryan Farhat:
The fact that we lost 3-0 & Leno was the Arsenal MOTM says it all...
xd Sagii
xd Sagii:
"David Luiz absolutely foul"
Nashirhadi018 Nashirhadi018
Nashirhadi018 Nashirhadi018:
Im so sad seeing this type of arsenal😭😭😭😭
if someone ever asks how or why brazil conceded 7 in a world cup match just show him this
If these idiots give Luis a contract am done watching these matches 😒
Santos Lewynn
Santos Lewynn:
Can we quarantine David Luiz for the rest of the season
Andrew Utd
Andrew Utd:
Eagerly waiting for DT thoughts on this game🤭
Ali Al Achhab
Ali Al Achhab:
I like how they uploaded their loss to their channel 😂
Esquírio Skills
Esquírio Skills:
Isso que dá comentar “Fica Manu”
el magnifico
el magnifico:
Having to write that description for video... I can't imagine the pain that the Admin have gone through.
Henry Carter
Henry Carter:
I knew this was coming, but it still hurts.
Brian Bruk
Brian Bruk:
David Luis was man city’s best player
Eberton Henrique
Eberton Henrique:
Na Europa onde o povo é civilizado poderia tenta colocar 1 torcedor a cada 2 poltrona e seria emocionante como deve ser
Mais no Brasil povo sem noção kkkkk
Ahmed Tijani
Ahmed Tijani:
My stupid club still posted their usual annihilation from Man city smh😏
Watch the video I made about this 😂😂
Arsenal always loseeee againts man city bruuuhhhhh, one like for david luiz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
shady slim
shady slim:
Arnold Schwarzenegger : i,ll be back
David luiz:
i'll never come back
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik:
& they signed Luiz to a new contract lol