Highlights: Manchester United 5-1 Leeds United | Ayling scores screamer in defeat | Premier League

Premier League highlights from our 5-1 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford.

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Even in defeat, the commentary is marvelous. Appreciate the highlights!
RaazGamin' Skuyy
RaazGamin' Skuyy:
when ayling score a screamer, the commentator is screaming like dream🤣🤣
Rhys Bennett
Rhys Bennett:
“The first time that Leeds fans have had a premier league game to travel to to watch, in 6,300 days”…
17 years…Leeds were under one hell of a lockdown 😂
ashton cap
ashton cap:
Im a united fan...but i gotta say...out of the rest club's commentary...i gotta love Leed's commentary...the guy is full on all out passion for the leeds..and screamed for every leeds goal..lol gotta love the guy..
We were looking so good until a killer pass allowed Greenwood to score. Let's hope we can do better against Everton next week. I'll be there supporting the lads!🔵⚪🔵⚪🙏
Tunjung Utomo
Tunjung Utomo:
So, even though got thumped twice each time they visit Old Trafford, Leeds always love to score screamers
Patricio Harms
Patricio Harms:
How can I feel so gutted this Saturday, for a club I barely knew 4 years ago... I am so into LUFC now ... 💙💛🤍. I know we can do it much better. Greetings from 🇦🇷
Just one of those games. As a utd fan I do admire bielsa though, he plays a certain way but refuses to change after a defeat like this, he sticks to his guns.
Pogba thinking he's playing for France with varane there(if you don't understand he's very very good when he's playing for France)
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
On the bright side...really nice to see Luke Ayling finally score in the Prem with Leeds.
Mare Obleet
Mare Obleet:
No anger here. But super disappointed. Last season when we changed the formula that's when we suffered the most. This was Goliath giving David the squash treatment, defeat like this isn't easy to stomach, but don't want to point any fingers. We know the lads can play craftier than that and have much better performances in them - we will see that.
Hope Bielsa gets em back on track next week. He's been so great with those Leeds players in his time as Manager so far.
That Guy Hekz
That Guy Hekz:
GG I’m a United fan and the game was really good
Andrew Dube
Andrew Dube:
The commentator brought me to this team and my goodness is he right to scream. It plays so well!!
Jordan 23
Jordan 23:
I loved the commentary when Leeds scored 😂
We always miss a magnificent game from leeds. From United fan.
We can easily beat Everton and Burnley in the next two games, then onto Liverpool at home where the atmosphere will be crazy. MOT
santiago stokle
santiago stokle:
I live in Argentina, I got up on a Saturday at 7 am, to bathe and then watch the game.
I shouted Bill's goal as if it were the Champions League final (my neighbor complained) ten minutes later I had a lump in my throat = /
There are a lot of things to be sad about. The fact that KP is the only man that can play at anchor. The fact that we haven't got a proper number 10. The fact that Rodrigo looked lost. The fact that the squad is so thin that Dallas had to play left back. The fact that our players to come on and save us are Costa and Roberts. The fact that Raphinha was awful. The fact that Llorente wasn't fit. The fact that nothing came off for us. The main fact includes all these points. We had a bad day at the office and they had a good day. Sure our squad is too thin and we have to shuffle the pack every week. But we have Marcelo Bielsa. We also have a bunch of lads who would run through a brick wall for the cause. That is enough to more than balance all of the above. So, lets hear it for the lads. We go again Leeds. MOT / ALAW....Bring on Everton....COME ON!!!
pleas Morton
pleas Morton:
Pogba: in my house, everyone can eat...
Oh my God... in defence... only Ayiling... it's only one.
Oh my God!
Hoàng Trung Officical
Hoàng Trung Officical:
You guys did a great job, and you have a beautiful product, thank you, thank you for this inspiring first game <3
I'm a fan from MU
Props to LUO for posting this video in spite of the big defeat! Sportsmanlike from you
£n£rJ£rkY LambaLord
£n£rJ£rkY LambaLord:
Wonderful performance from United player❤️❤️💯💯💯
Linux Jodi
Linux Jodi:
We played beautiful football, hope Philips can be fit for next match against Everton.. 🔥🔥
it's great to see every leeds united match in premier league.
azizi muhibu
azizi muhibu:
Good performance from Manchester United,Bruno with hat trick,and four astist from pogba 🔥
Arafat Yusuph
Arafat Yusuph:
I love the way leeds play
Bapak Rohmad
Bapak Rohmad:
Oh my God ,l love the way Leeds play
Duong Chanphirun
Duong Chanphirun:
You was defeated but you kept your intentions, attacked until the last minute. I'm united fan but you were incredible.
Respect leeds👍
Didn’t expect a win but just wanted a better performance than the 6-2. Always stings to lose to them especially in that fashion. On to the next one I guess. MOT
Mark Isbister
Mark Isbister:
We dust ourselves off and we go again keeeeeemon Leeds United mot 🤍💙💛
Jay Okocha
Jay Okocha:
united is the hardest compared to City, Chelsea, Liverpool. they just so good when it comes to open flowing game. they knew what they're doing. unlike some other who mostly spend their times passing sideways
The Iron Smith
The Iron Smith:
But Pogba's first assist though...

That pass was outta this world.
Their 2nd, 4th and 5th goal were easily avoidable just by tracking your player properly. Klich and Koch were so lazy.
Haru Krentz
Haru Krentz:
Now this is proper commentary!
Ayling’s goal was just…. 😮‍💨😮‍💨
moch. zaenal abidin
moch. zaenal abidin:
I hope leeds can win to next match
The Goat
The Goat:
I’ve never heard such exaggerated enthusiasm when it comes to commentary. It’s funny when Man U score because of how they change so much.
Meir Wise
Meir Wise:
The best thing to come out of Leeds is the road to Manchester!
Amos Phiri
Amos Phiri:
what a performance !! keep it up lads
Don't give up, guys. It just a step from a long stair and we will be there up at the end of the journey.
Was not such a bad game of Leeds, but a great game of Man U.
Leeds, carajo!
Ved Kulkarni
Ved Kulkarni:
respect to Leeds for posting this
Leeds🔥🔥on Top still
Arkadiusz Serwatko
Arkadiusz Serwatko:
unfortunately without new signings it will ne hard to compete with top teams. you should improve your team year by year and Leeds has basically same squad like last year.
OG V Beats
OG V Beats:
As a United fan, Leeds is my favorite team to see them play against. They play exciting attacking football, and they do it with confidence. Looking forward to the next one!
Respect 👊🏽❤️
Dogacan TURAN
Dogacan TURAN:
Amazing commentary.
Lucas Castro
Lucas Castro:
Que golazo de Ayling
Paul Cook
Paul Cook:
Great to see the supporters again.
The Beast
The Beast:
Hahah smashed off the pitch (Got on ya toes running off) leaving your men behind to get done in while you lot got off and left them!! Absolutely smashed all round Manchester!
Matt MM
Matt MM:
watched this 10 times now- who else has
Willcox X
Willcox X:
Keep going Leeds Utd (Man Utd Fans)
Will Eknoyan
Will Eknoyan:
I love these announcers
Rouzeee Rouzeee
Rouzeee Rouzeee:
That Ayling's stunner??? I was screaminng in Český Krumlov's restaurant :D
Iqbal Makbul
Iqbal Makbul:
Bruno is incredible 🤩
Ach fahrikuzairi
Ach fahrikuzairi:
Respect 🙌
Albert Nallbani
Albert Nallbani:
Luke Aylings goal was the best goal
Leo Armitage
Leo Armitage:
Bradford city fan here, off first game Leeds don’t worry you’ll be smashing it soon YORKSHIRE!
Rewatched the ayling goal like 50 times now
Joel Highlight
Joel Highlight:
Good to see the fans back
Joshua Khoo
Joshua Khoo:
Excellent commentary even for a neutral.
Mohamed Hany
Mohamed Hany:
Ayling 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
วุธ สุภาพบุรุษ
วุธ สุภาพบุรุษ:
Bruno 3 Goals MOTH
Great Job
Respect for posting this
Dimas De Eldendy
Dimas De Eldendy:
Manchester Red : "Puncak dingin oii"
Manchester Blue : "Kapal oleng, kapten. Terbalik tenggelam ke divisi 2."
😆😂🤣🤣 chuaaakkksss
mark shingleton
mark shingleton:
Man U fan here, but Ayling's goal was the best of the match IMO. I have been watching Leeds the past few seasons in the Championship, my second team. Go smash Everton... they deserve it.
m e
m e:
man aylings goal was too nice
J T:
When CR7 retires, Portugal should be building their play around Fernandes.
Graham Senior
Graham Senior:
And that's why leeds need a quality attacking midfielder
Douglas Widodo
Douglas Widodo:
Ok leeds u need to buy left n right winger... N one holding midfield..
Keith Allen
Keith Allen:
What a goal for Leeds!!!!
Still proud of that SCREAMER despite suffering a shameful defeat.. what an embarrassment 😂
Pradeepta das
Pradeepta das:
B Fernandez 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Henry Omonkhegbe
Henry Omonkhegbe:
Leeds need to get another goalkeeper
Timothy Muanda
Timothy Muanda:
You can hear the pain from the comentators😂
Generation Boomer
Generation Boomer:
Hard to take and say, but they were too good for us on the day. FFS!
Tutorial Google
Tutorial Google:
Very good positif attacking football of both side.. so entertaining
5 El pro gamer
5 El pro gamer:
Doryn Aka Dee💜
Doryn Aka Dee💜:
This was a good start
Well done the boys😍
Ryan Phway
Ryan Phway:
Alan Smith,Eric Cantona United legends!..
The spirit of Christ is Evalasting
The spirit of Christ is Evalasting:
Jesus Christ loves you so much ,please open your heart and accept him as your Lord you will be saved...Amen
Philip Crewe
Philip Crewe:
We were not in the game tbh, poor performance, 3 rd best today, let’s not kid ourselves… MOT
Amar Revolver
Amar Revolver:
The only United that matters.. Manchester United
Pablo Pijasso
Pablo Pijasso:
Siempre con Leeds ⚪🟡🔵
Blue ninjas
Blue ninjas:
Uncle Albert
Uncle Albert:
😂😂😂😂😂 Poor scúm humiliated again LOL
Igor Basten
Igor Basten:
Wondering why Bielsa choose this strategy vs MU (give so much space and man-to-man marking on wide areas) knowing that we have lack of overall speed (physical and mental) in midfield and defence for most players except few and lose in qualities here and there also? Is it the way he tries to push his players through the limits? Why he choose and push his players to play faster then their technical and mental abilities allows? Yes, it looks beautiful and attractive when they are succeed, but probabilities not always in our favor and often causes mistakes that lead to conceded goals. This is not a claim because I'd play that way myself (with some modifications) rather then Mourinho's London bus style. Just I would like to hear Marcelo's thoughts about all that. Do playing in style which is over the player's abilities (higher speed or temp of playing and higher tactical and thinking intensity) help them to improve more? Why donesn't he find more appropriate playing speed (passing, movements and so on) for better matching his player's qualities? I see he already made some modifications in build-up even in past season (less that risky one touch progression through the middle of the pitch and more long balls). Could you ask this questions, please, if possible or make little interview?
P.S. "There's nothing you can do against the yellow, white and blue".
Neil Bath
Neil Bath:
C'mon everyone...we've only lost one game all season..M.O.T
soham c
soham c:
We don't hear you singing anymore
We don't hear you singing anymore
Karan Lochun
Karan Lochun:
The commentary:Oh my word Oh my word
My ears:rip
McTominay my man of the match
Cobi J J Wheat
Cobi J J Wheat:
Little bit of a disgrace to cut out the two best assists from Pogba. The Agenda is real.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer:
😂😂😂 Pas MU Menambah Golnya Lagi. Komentatornya Langsung Kagak Semangat Ngomongnya. 😂😂😂
Vishnu venugopal
Vishnu venugopal:
United man united ❤️❤️❤️
Yacine Ben
Yacine Ben:
When I saw Rodrigo and Klich start the match, I turned off the TV. Not enough intensity in the middle. Like last year.
Boda gamer 18 Boda
Boda gamer 18 Boda:
Glory glory Man United ❤️
Joshua Gideon
Joshua Gideon:
I loved you to felt suffer more and more.
Fire Drake
Fire Drake:
We’ve twatted you again. Sit down. And be quiet. All the best.