FightHype.com was on hand at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida where Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and YouTube sensation Logan Paul came face to face for the first time to host the kick-off press conference for their upcoming June 6 Super Exhibition. You don’t want to miss what went down. Check it out!

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If they actually did 2 in 1 night fight and Floyd KO'ed them both.. that would be epic.. 🧢
Someonelol  .
Someonelol .:
Jake literally makes my brain cells melt by just existing
Jake Paul: “I got your hat”

Mayweather: “I got your right eye.”
Jake is such a little kid..."Ha, got ur hat"

So damn cringe...
Death Dealer
Death Dealer:
I hope Mayweather doesn't hold back.
The Guy who’s never lost a fight vs the guy who’s never won a fight. Can’t wait
JJonathan 1000
JJonathan 1000:
“whoo Got ur hat, got ur hat” as he’s covering his face hiding the tears
4K 2K
4K 2K:
That Floyd punch to Logan’s little brothers dome rattled him so hard his vocabulary turned solely into “goTcHa HAt”
Lawin Ganjo
Lawin Ganjo:
“two fake fighters, im a real fighter” loved. that line
I've never seen someone looking so scared that they're covering their face and hunching down and STILL trying to talk shit
Fuzzy Puppet
Fuzzy Puppet:
This is what we all wanted to see happen - and we actually got it!!!
Sandy Pits
Sandy Pits:
"Gotcha hat"
He said while crying
Marcus Agrippa
Marcus Agrippa:
Floyd went from promotion mode to hood mode in .01 seconds
Uncle Harold
Uncle Harold:
everyone talks about jake but logan is just as exhausting. “you’re shoes are untied”. that is by far the worst insult i have ever heard that it’s not even funny it’s just tiring
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith:
GOTCHA HAT!!! ... As he curls up into the fetal position crying 😂 😂
"The greatest history fighter of all time"
ARK Raizen
ARK Raizen:
8:43 the guard on the right caught jake as soon as he took the cap.. man has ultra instincts (watch at .5x)
Jesse Ortiz
Jesse Ortiz:
“Champ Champ Champ . . . Cops here”
“Ohhh shiiit!”
Tarus briggs
Tarus briggs:
I think we all learned an important lesson. Never play with a grown ass man😬🤣
Henry Hancock
Henry Hancock:
Sad floyd gotta bring race into it tho😂😂
Jonathan GT-r AMG M3 Nismo
Jonathan GT-r AMG M3 Nismo:
Floyd's interviews and comments were so professional and tame its so impressive compared to the paul brother's random rants
um chile-
um chile-:
andrew gangemi
andrew gangemi:
Floyd has tough time getting full sentences out.
“It’s always about race” - Mayweather
“I’m with your race” - Paul

As usual — one gets its and is encouraged to and the other is too afraid to acknowledge it and “not allowed” to.
Jake was hit so hard that “gOtChA hAT” were the only words left in his vocabulary
Floyd made it about race when it wasn’t even about race
Katro Storm
Katro Storm:
Jake was whining a little bit at the end of this video
I think it's going to be awesome exhibition
He stole Floyds hat and Floyd stole his eye
Mind of Mantae
Mind of Mantae:
Floyd: *in my world you small!*

I felt that lol
Nick Sull
Nick Sull:
I feel like Floyd started all of these boxing matches when he fought McGregor
10:01 sounded like he was gonna cry lmao
matt prior
matt prior:
Mayweather lost me right there when he said its always about race and I always stand behind my people !?
Don't know he always talks crap like this or its just one bad timing thing !
Truth HurtzButHealz
Truth HurtzButHealz:
Floyd lookin like Jerome from "Martin," when he had the leather MCM shorts/jacket outfit. "I said Jerome in da howz!!! I said Jerome in da howz!!! Watch ya mouf!!!" Floyd starting to dress like an old man... I feel ya Floyd.
10:06 just perfect
Bogdan Orlovskiy
Bogdan Orlovskiy:
I can't stop watching this bc it's like watching a bully getting his ass kicked which is oddly satisfying and deserved 🤣
J R:
He done it for hype and trending potential and got sent packing in tears.
William Parks
William Parks:
Imagine this fight line up Logan vs Floyd and Conor vs Jake. I bet Floyd and Conor would just laugh at the Paul’s during the press conference.
Jay Dubb
Jay Dubb:
Bruh why Chad look like he bout to say “ honeyyy .... where’s my super suit ? “
Damian Cervantes
Damian Cervantes:
“this is the guy” LMAOOOOO
(18 years later, Jake Paul sits in a Psychological Ward)

"Gotcha Hat!, Gotcha Hat!" 🥴
(nurse walks in)
Nurse: Are you okay?
Jake: I got his hat!🥴
Trevor LaVigne
Trevor LaVigne:
If Floyd runs like always, he loses.

KO or L
tub yaj
tub yaj:
This is basically “lets see who pays the judges more to win”
Tig White
Tig White:
Yesterday : I found out they are going to fight.
Today : I am still working on believing it.
Cooper Cantrell
Cooper Cantrell:
I am still with Floyd though
Mayweather tore right through Jake's tough act and exposed the child he is.

"GoT yUr HaT!" 😭
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth:
9:03 When Logan jumped in there to help out Jake, he wasn't playing.
ox aLI martin
ox aLI martin:
I'll get in the ring with whoever took his hat off his head and give all winnings to people who really needs a blessing
Chas C
Chas C:
We already know who's going to lose the fight
Cooper Cantrell
Cooper Cantrell:
At 6:38 Floyd said with everything going on and for COVID the past few years I don’t think it has been a few years
Jay Bishop
Jay Bishop:
Words never said by a respectable Adult - "Got ya hat!"
After getting the uppercut he says it again (got you hat) lol
Man disserves a promotion.
No Name
No Name:
*Mayweather won!! Let's go!!* 🏆
oatneal swagpaper
oatneal swagpaper:
He pieced his ass up over that hat though 😂😂😂😂😂
Little Big autocorrect
Little Big autocorrect:
This fight gonna be like Rocky balboa vs any high school nerd
T U R K - 1 8 2
T U R K - 1 8 2:
9:35 Jake does a mid scuffle comb over
I cant stop looking at the hat throughout the interview and knowing that jake paul has the hat now. Madddd
"I got your hat, I got your hat"
Jake Paul 2021
pro gamer
pro gamer:
Logan's doing this thing where he trashtalking just like he did with JJ 😂
Jack Mattsen
Jack Mattsen:
You can tell that Logan really didn’t want Jake to do it but he did and the whole purpose of Logan’s intervention was to essentially, “save,” Jake. It still does not undermine the satisfaction of this in the slightest. Jake Paul getting beaten to tears is truly a pleasuring sight.
Craig B
Craig B:
Floyd has to win this “exhibition”.
John Henry
John Henry:
Mayweather really fought a baby Canelo and said “I beat him in his prime” lying ass.
Pedro Tellez
Pedro Tellez:
This became into a scary movie battle rap scene 🤣😂
Aviral Janveja
Aviral Janveja:
When America started trading competence for optics 😂
Jake: “ Gotcha hat “
Security: “Gotcha eye”
Glitchfinder 2000
Glitchfinder 2000:
"I think that was a set up" Bro, you literally started it
Adonai Morales
Adonai Morales:
I hope lighting comes down on the ring and we never have to hear from either of these guys again.
John Gillenwalters
John Gillenwalters:
Glad I didn't need to buy the pay per view In order to see an ACTUAL fight
josh. brannan
josh. brannan:
One thing for defo know matter what stepping in the ring with Floyd you got to give him some respect for that .....
Kristijan Šimić
Kristijan Šimić:
The only thing missing here is Shannon Briggs yelling: " Let's go CHAMP"!
Marsha Bragado
Marsha Bragado:
Thank you all, remain blessed and healthy
Dr Forehead
Dr Forehead:
(Got ya hat ) hats $59.99, I can’t wait to see this whoopin from floyd
Jonathan GT-r AMG M3 Nismo
Jonathan GT-r AMG M3 Nismo:
Jake is crying while taunting floyd lol
Angelo 069
Angelo 069:
I doubt Mayweather would even run from this youtuber.
Stephen Morton
Stephen Morton:
I wish I had Logan's confidence with a fighting record like that.
Zam Zam
Zam Zam:
Floyd :- Give him the hat, you stingy 😂
He is fighting a spoiled youruber lol
Easy money!
We know the outcome
But damn Mayweather looks homeless with hair and beard 😂
Randitha Philip
Randitha Philip:
Loving Mr pinks drip 👍❤️
Alucard Solaire
Alucard Solaire:
The thing is that Floyd has won for the past years without throwing a punch of how tired he gets , I don't understand how he still wins ... lol
I can hear Jake crying in the night staring into his mirror saying I got your hat 🧢
Floyd Mayweather could be in another state and still hit this Clown on the chin 💯
John Sheely
John Sheely:
This is what it looks like when a 14 year old tries to look tough.
the one above all andazola
the one above all andazola:
Yeaaaaah!!! 2 fights one night for the champ fucking awesome 💯🥊
He’s so funny he thought we didn’t hear him the first time but we sadly did loud and clear Logan it ain’t gonna be funnier the second time
When floyd said "for me its all about fun and entertainment" what he really meant to say was "its all about money money money!"
The lvl of ego hell and narcissism is unreal, how could anyone live this way. What a hell
Fake Account
Fake Account:
They soon realised mayweathers bodyguards aren’t to protect him, they’re to protect others from him
Karolis Grabauskas
Karolis Grabauskas:
Imagine paul doing this to Mike Tyson :))))
PnP dynamic
PnP dynamic:
Get em Floyd!
Kai the Panda
Kai the Panda:
Ahhh a fight between a man who stopped fighting and a man who never started... Exciting
Blackberry Jack
Blackberry Jack:
Logan looked gassed after that 🤣
Covid been happening for the past couple of years? Well tell my anything. Now what’s disrespectful is that head. How you out here like that Floyd? 🤣🤣🤣
albert trias
albert trias:
Cant wait for Spence vs Pacquiao 🤗
mario delossantos
mario delossantos:
Floyd already knows he won lol
yuuki konno
yuuki konno:
Mayweather's reaction when jake paul took his hat: "wait, this wasn't in the script"
Floyd 💕
I’m rooting for mayweather this time.
KhAdEr AdKe
KhAdEr AdKe:
Mayweather is always lagend
Captain Melvin Seahorse
Captain Melvin Seahorse:
He said he's the greatest history fighter!
Poor floyd wanted to be as positive as possible and wanted to give a good and a fair fight, until jake decided to hop in the equation
Andrè -Psychoacoustic- Oscar
Andrè -Psychoacoustic- Oscar:
jake: i got your hat
somebody: i got your eye
Noah On A Boat
Noah On A Boat:

Jake: got your hat as he's walking away crying in pain