Highlights | Newcastle 1-4 Manchester United | Rampant Reds come from behind to claim big win

See all the highlights from St James' Park as Manchester United came from behind to beat Newcastle United in the Premier League thanks to goals from skipper Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandes, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Marcus Rashford.

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100+ komentarze:

mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
This is how many people who want van de Beek to start
Sky Records
Sky Records:
Tarik Sis...
Comeback MU
Amazing match
Kuno9 T
Kuno9 T:
Is it just me that watches highlights again and again after a win?
Abdii Officiall
Abdii Officiall:
Mata Is so Underrated in this Squad
That pass from VDB for second goal, how quick he was. Nobody is talking about that
Melmeister -
Melmeister -:
"Marcus Rashford MBE MVP!"

This has got be probably one of the most classiest lines of commentary a player gets.
Simon Persson
Simon Persson:
Goals this season: Firmino 0 goals. Maguire 1 goal! NUMBERS DONT LIE
Ayo kunjungi chanel berikut dan ditonton ya guys, semoga menginspirasi dan memberikan manfaat...

Please visit this channel and watch it guys, hopefully it will give ypu inspiration and benefit...
Barry Amankwah
Barry Amankwah:
Who else is happy for AWb
Subhadeep Dutta
Subhadeep Dutta:
The second goal so much like a Utd goal..fast, crisp passing with a deadly finish
Louie Luy
Louie Luy:
Second Goal is TOP CLASS. I almost cry when i saw it cause reminds me the old perfect combos between CR7, Rooney, Park, Evra and Nani.
Zahra Zaidi
Zahra Zaidi:
1:04-1:15 perfect midfield partners Mata, Bruno and VDB
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help me to reach 200 subscribers with videos:
I pray that whoever reads this becomes successful
Stan Marr
Stan Marr:
I almost cried when Wan-Bisaka scored his first goal for us..
Ananas Ananasovich
Ananas Ananasovich:
Walter Coinprofit. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.
Reality Lab Tv
Reality Lab Tv:
Why is Mata always on the bench when he plays like this 🤦
Basuki Surodjo
Basuki Surodjo:
go go MU
Love the reaction of all our players when AWB scores his first professional goal
Red Devil
Red Devil:
Petition for van de beek to start against psg and/or Chelsea
"Mercus Rashford. MBE. MVP." Best 😂👏👏
Moameren Imchen
Moameren Imchen:
Everything went right In this match
1. Harry proved against his critics
2. De gea too proved against his critics
3. Fernandes showed he doesn't need a penalty to score a goal and that he too can miss one
4. AWB got his first ever senior career goal
5. United scored in Fergie time
6. Team chemistry was way better than the other opening matches
Sure I missed out a few more but yeah,hope this is the mentality in every game,then the club will definitely be a threat to the epl competitors and maybe UCL as well.
vongani catherine
vongani catherine:
I just cant be the only one who loves to see man united win, even though I'm liverpool fan.
Avit Rujweka
Avit Rujweka:
Astonishing performance Team, let's maintain the winning spirit! 🔥🌍🔥
Alan Arnold
Alan Arnold:
That build up for fernandes goal was a thing of beauty
Mensah Mbro
Mensah Mbro:
Van de beek needs to start, he is a game changer and rashford was on fire today
Mata is has always got the eagle eye to make the right pass
huttio srreu
huttio srreu:
The second goal so much like a Utd goal..fast, crisp passing with a deadly finish
miisA miisA
miisA miisA:
AnaRamadan Tv
AnaRamadan Tv:
I hope this will be the beginning of the comeback of Manchester United 🔥 after beating Newcastle United 4-1, and I hope Harry Magiuer will continue to be on fire and laugh at him less
Michael Thygesen
Michael Thygesen:
both the team, ole, maguire and the fans needed this win, important win today
Petition for donny to start ffs
I swear when oles job is on the line he turns in prime saf
Master of coin
Master of coin:
1:54 commentator laughing cause he knows y'all ain't ready for the line his partner's about to drop
Nhân Hà Đăng
Nhân Hà Đăng:
DVDB: what about me
Me: Defenders sus
Maguire & Wan-Bissaka: what about me
Me: ...
Ajirioghene Ambrose
Ajirioghene Ambrose:
I miss Mata... The play looks more flexible and flowing with this selection of team players..
Ananto Pratikno
Ananto Pratikno:
"Trending 2 woyyy"
lashes bino brown
lashes bino brown:
the players were soo happy when Bissaka scored.. Pure Love
Yusuf Rosyid
Yusuf Rosyid:
The second goal is a beautiful process, that is an amazing play, woderfull😍
Sports Fervour
Sports Fervour:
The save reminds me of the old Da Gea! Support our players when their down and help rebuild their confidence/
Jayden Bernard
Jayden Bernard:
Bruno decided to miss so that all the haters laugh and then score
The counter for the second goal was💥💥🔥🔥. What a way for Fernandes to redeem himself
Millatyme Football
Millatyme Football:
Great team play, I could see that the united wanted it more when for the win, it's a positive response I love it.
cismaan goonle
cismaan goonle:
When the commentator said" Marcus Rashford MBE MVP"
I thought he was talking about NBA
Avatar Power
Avatar Power:
1:52 , the way the commentator laughed at Kraft catching Rashford 😂
Daniel Uwagboi
Daniel Uwagboi:
No one is acc talking about that pass from bruno to set rashford up
Kaisar Rahik
Kaisar Rahik:
"Craft aint gonna catch him"
Adriano Gomes
Adriano Gomes:
Great late reaction.
Train hard, keep that passion and pace, Man United.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
"Marcus Rashford MBE MVP!" This has got be probably one of the most classiest lines of commentary a player gets.
Afif Abdillah
Afif Abdillah:
1:52 commentator knew it would be goal, amazing wkwk
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj:
"Marcus Rashford MBE MVP!" This has got be probably one of the most classiest lines of commentary a player gets.
Alvin Otsiwah
Alvin Otsiwah:
Great comeback🔥✊🏾💪
Indra Windiardi
Indra Windiardi:
We need this kind of Juan Mata!
Tes Tis
Tes Tis:
It shock me to know that Bruno Fernandes can score a goal through open play. 😨😨😨
Reyhan Haqkeen
Reyhan Haqkeen:
Mata is sooo underrated u should play him more!!
Really my name is Giggs my father give me name Giggs ❤️
Ethan D
Ethan D:
Well done the reds, well done Olè really pleased for you. Keep going, the overall improvement is obvious.
Yanuar Pratama
Yanuar Pratama:
The second goal remind me of Del Piero's goal against Germany in WC 2006. Fantastic!!
Lushil Emmanuel
Lushil Emmanuel:
It's unbelievable! I was shocked very soon after loosing penalty, so I went to sleep while one-one, this is miracle I can say
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
AWB almost didn’t know how to celebrate 🤣🤣
500subs with a egg waiting to be noticed
500subs with a egg waiting to be noticed:
To the early sqaud reading :vritual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 🤗
jilo kizito
jilo kizito:
I'd like to have seen De Gea's reaction toward Wan Bissaka's goal.
Wan-Bissaka used to play left wing and you dont understand how long ive waited for his first goal
Boko Gigani
Boko Gigani:
Continue in the same spirit!
Helmy Satria
Helmy Satria:
01:00 Insane Counter Attack
Maguire - VDB - Bruno - VDB - Mata - Rashford - Bruno - Goal
Benji Splendid
Benji Splendid:
The 2nd goal, my!!!!
Short of words, typical Man Utd counterattack goal
Siddharth Uthayasankar
Siddharth Uthayasankar:
1:07 MAN U after so long feels like OG. LOVIN IT
Emily An
Emily An:
Second Goal is TOP CLASS. I almost cry when i saw it cause reminds me the old perfect combos between CR7, Rooney, Park, Evra and Nani.
full of BRILLIANT goals. ❤️ devils to the top
If you know you watched this more than twice show yourself here!😃
Phoenix Skywalker
Phoenix Skywalker:
Guys, did you see how when Maguire scored, almost all the players continued their way and didn´t went to congratulate him? I think that´s a sign that he is not the team´s leader, but Bruno is indeed
its a positive match for all of the players, except for Shaw i guess haha. A needed win after 6-1 loss 2 weeks ago.
Hadi Ab Rahman
Hadi Ab Rahman:
Love ❤️ the second goal. Man utd should play fernandes, mata and VDB together more often 😂
Enomat Abbuh
Enomat Abbuh:
Just when i thought i had seen it all Wan Bissaka scores a banger 😂👏
360 GAMER:
“Marcus Rashford MBE, MVP”😂😂❤️❤️
Asyik Sundani
Asyik Sundani:
The way Bruce help his beloved MU
Uno Dino
Uno Dino:
Who came here after the victory against PSG?
na#Giddem Agilebu
na#Giddem Agilebu:
Rashford’s first touch on point🔥
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu:
Second Goal is TOP CLASS. I almost cry when i saw it cause reminds me the old perfect combos between CR7, Rooney, Park, Evra and Nani.
Amreece Somal
Amreece Somal:
everyone’s talking about wan bissakas goal which i know was amazing but what about de geas saved that kept us in the game
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy:
Second Goal is TOP CLASS. I almost cry when i saw it cause reminds me the old perfect combos between CR7, Rooney, Park, Evra and Nani.
Walker Stos Araujo
Walker Stos Araujo:
Eu torço para o Liverpool, mas o Rashford jogou muito ontem.
The second goal was absolutely wonderfull 👏👏👏👏👏
Still have goosebumps watching the highlights!
Mudau Uadivha
Mudau Uadivha:
Rashford assisting like nobody's business 😌😌
U love to see it
muslim preuneur
muslim preuneur:
VDB MATA BRUNO POGBA, best midfield combine, next match playing them together
Gilang Ramadhan Pangestu
Gilang Ramadhan Pangestu:
Finally, Maguire with his header Goal and Bruno without Penalty Goal, bring back spirit of Man United.
Praveen Namasivayam
Praveen Namasivayam:
This win for was needed so badly. What a complete team performance and a come back, Glory Glory Man United ❤
aby modayil
aby modayil:
Mata has still got it.
He deserves a start against psg from this form.

He and van de beek tend to combine really great
Africa Celebrities
Africa Celebrities:
Bissaka should be firing more of these powerful shots, instead of always crossing
Wanrifai Channel
Wanrifai Channel:
Ciyeeeeeeeee :D
Putra Siddiq
Putra Siddiq:
Lord Boss
Lord Boss:
"Mata releases Rashford"
mijuo roui
mijuo roui:
Mujtaba Kasmani
Mujtaba Kasmani:
Mata deserves more play time honestly.
chding zuure
chding zuure:
R J:
Am I missing something? Or does van de Beek ever take a second touch?
Anthony Carter
Anthony Carter:
Well done ole an i loved seeing pogba on bench
R J:
@1:38 The sound of the ball getting in. That's some power.
“Marcus Rashford. MBE. MVP.” best 😂👏👏