HIGHLIGHTS | Rangers F.C. 2-1 Real Madrid

Watch the goals and highlights of Real Madrid’s first pre-season friendly (Rangers 2-1 Real Madrid). Real Madrid opened the scoring at Ibrox thanks to Rodrygo’s superb early goal, but Rangers turned things around with goals in the second half from Fashion Sakala and Cedric Itten securing the win for the hosts. Real Madrid will face AC Milan in their next friendly on August 8 as Carlo Ancelotti’s side continue their preparations ahead of the new LaLiga season.

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Daniel B
Daniel B:
From a Real Madrid fan to Rangers fans: you have a great team, and you play beautiful football! Hope you win the league and you make it to the UCL. Best of luck!
Bobby Mack
Bobby Mack:
It was an absolute pleasure to have the great Real Madrid play us here in Glasgow for this friendly match. All the very best for the La Liga season ahead.
From what they were before Stevie G, I'd say he has done something incredible at this historic club in the short span of 2-3 years. Happy to see Jovic and Rodrygo start. Hala Madrid y Nada Mas ⚪❤
Aidan McCrae
Aidan McCrae:
Thank you Real Madrid for coming to Ibrox for this friendly! Was amazing to see our club play against a club of such size, prestige and stature, it shows how far we’ve come having clubs as huge as Real agreeing to come over for a pre season friendly, hopefully we can come over to Madrid next time for another one!🇬🇧🇪🇸
What a play Rangers , Great play by rangers . Absolutely dominant
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson:
Wonderful to watch such a club as Real Madrid at Ibrox. Some wonderful young players on display and a credit to both clubs. Thank you for the game RMFC.
Milind Bebarta
Milind Bebarta:
A Madrid fan but I'm hugely impressed by the Rangers team's performance. They play such good high intensity stuff. I hope they win a lot of trophies. Pretty good stuff
Euskadi Lasso
Euskadi Lasso:
Vamos equipo. Bien hecho, seguir mejorando y adelante. "Se aprende más de una derrota que de una victoria". HALA MADRID🤍💪🏻. Buen partido de los Rangers, gran equipo camaradas
Hala Madrid! Beautiful play from Rangers! Hope u win the League u deserve. Lunin and Rodrygo 🎩
Jordan Mills
Jordan Mills:
From a Rangers fan I want to say a big thank you to Real Madrid for a great day and a great game of football. All the best for the season ahead and God bless your fans.
Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim:
Even though it was just a pre-season friendly, proud of how Rangers played, we looked real good out there.
Reza Bachtiar
Reza Bachtiar:
What a nice play Rangers !!!!

Mark Dillon
Mark Dillon:
A pleasure to have Real Madrid in Glasgow this weekend - great team and club. Good luck for the new season from Rangers fans!
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
La neta nunca he escuchado del Rangers hasta recientemente pero son buen equipo. Kudos para ellos en su temporada
𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕩 𝔹𝕠𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣
𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕩 𝔹𝕠𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣:
Rangers are and always will be an excellent team! They are more than a club. Remember the 78 European game Vs Juve when rangers won 2-0 and shocked the footballing world!.
En las buenas y en las malas mi Real ♥
Bueno, esto solo es un pequeño tropiezo, pero esto nos dice que debemos mejorar. Hala Madrid
Maribo A.K T.V
Maribo A.K T.V:
Am A Barca Fan, Rodrigo Is One Of My Favorite Young Players He's A Very Dangerous Player Hope Shines This Season!
Donegal Overlanding
Donegal Overlanding:
That is some of the most biased editing Ive seen. Rangers dominated.
jaime fernandez
jaime fernandez:
Buen partido para rangers 😎😎😎😎
Cristian Ordonez
Cristian Ordonez:
The only players who actually felt like playing were Rodrygo and Lunin
A class from the Champion. Congrats Steven Gerrard!!
Ayan Basu
Ayan Basu:
Good play...it was our practice match...Hala Madrid 👊
Euskadi Lasso
Euskadi Lasso:
Vamos equipo. Bien hecho, seguir mejorando y adelante. "Se aprende más de una derrota que de una victoria". HALA MADRID🤍💪🏻. Buen partido de los Rangers, gran equipo camaradas
Esta bien es el primer partido desde hace 2 meses ya se ira mejorando!
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez:
Great things to be expected from our madrid team this year👏
Arman Durrani
Arman Durrani:
Keep Going Hala Madrid ❤
Flavio Junior
Flavio Junior:
Foram completamente dominados
Congratulations on your 35th Spanish title, from a Rangers fan!
zihad hossain
zihad hossain:
Well played rangers as like dangerous 🔥
Rodrigo the brazilian superstar scores again🥰
Vani 333
Vani 333:
The chemistry between Marcelo and Rodrygo was pretty good
ML Moses
ML Moses:
Good game Rangers, well played and yeah Fashion Sakala is a real deal🤝✅😉
Meu Real Madrid sem sergio ramos e varane. 😟
Ahmad Al Bakri 92:48
Ahmad Al Bakri 92:48:
I just came back home from my match 2 hours ago where we lost 3-2 conceding last 10 minutes and then I come back knowing real madrid already started there match it was 1-1 70th minute and then we concede late as well to lose the game 😭😭
fair play to rangers though they played better then us and definitely deserved it, I hope they beat celtic this season
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma:
What gerrard made out of this Team is incredible. One day reds manager
Miguel Alonso
Miguel Alonso:
No me importa que halla perdido
Sé que podrá recuperarse y lograr mejores cosas
Saatvik Sawarn
Saatvik Sawarn:
Feeling good to see isco playing again, i hope he plays well this season
good luck isco..!
I don't feel like Real Madrid will do much this season but if they win a trophy, I'll be very impressed. Hoping for the best performance 🔥 Hala Madrid
Clutch Kenny Rocky Reagen
Clutch Kenny Rocky Reagen:
Tbh...as a rma fan(2nd fav club). I'll say that you guys really perform well. At the same time, i watching scottish league since small. My fav scottish club
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
Rodrygo Goes and Lunin 🔥💪🏻
Great result for rangers underrated team top class football
steven Lawson
steven Lawson:
Great having Real Madrid in Glasgow
Hope you have a good season!
Would love to get you in champions league if we can make it to the group stage!
I know competitive football would have a much different result but I just like watching Madrid
Always have!so this for me was a special game to go to
Friendly or not
mr super ger
mr super ger:
Vamos Rangers ! Hala Madrid ! Good luck to Real Madrid from Rangers !
Sin querer queriendo este fue el último partido de Varane en el real Madrid:(
Love the fact that they minimised the screen when ranger's scored the winner shows they levels 🤣🤣
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan:
Rangers was having an ABSOLUTE BEST team in this match against Madrid.
Lucas Pereira
Lucas Pereira:
Rodrygo 🔥🔥🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Juarun 77
Juarun 77:
Y las atajadas de lunin fueron una maravilla en una hizo una doble atajada buuff tremendo arquero
𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗿 𝗕𝗿𝗼
𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗿 𝗕𝗿𝗼:
I miss my old Real Madrid 😢
James Lindsay
James Lindsay:
Your keeper had a great game today. Enjoyed watching this one. Best of luck this coming season. BTW that Madrid top is minted 👌
Rydo Lamb ⁰f God
Rydo Lamb ⁰f God:
it was a honor welcoming the biggest club in the world to Ibrox, a real pleasure 🇪🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍🏻
Athul R
Athul R:
The way marcelo supports the youths ♥️♥️♥️
The only player i likes in realmadrid
Se está con el equipo en las buenas y en las malas hala madridddd
Vampire octopus
Vampire octopus:
Hala madrid🤍🇻🇪 viva rodrygo🇧🇷
Alessandro Enmanuel Flores Barreto
Alessandro Enmanuel Flores Barreto:
The best thing about the calving is seeing Steven Gerard as a coach. 🥺
Bruno Izaias de Figueiredo
Bruno Izaias de Figueiredo:
Sou do Brasil e sou fan rangers
Fahim Tazwar
Fahim Tazwar:
Hats off to Rangers
Robert Thomson
Robert Thomson:
Great performance by rangers with 5 first team starters missing ,,,, should have won by 6
Juan David
Juan David:
No sé que quiere demostrar Marcelo... Solo pasa vergüenzas cuando juega, es increíble!!!!
Ancil Prabhoo
Ancil Prabhoo:
I felt let down and I only appreciated Rodrygo and Odegarrd. Marcelo really is terrible and vasquez needs to find his for back but Marcelo is horrible also miguel was awsome
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed:
*Steven Gerrard Rangers are so UNDERRATED*
qqq proasoo
qqq proasoo:
If I'm telling the truth, for me, Madrid played very, very badly (my opinion) they also played with players with little time but surely this will change against Milan, it will be a great team but we will not let ourselves go
Fernando García Aragón
Fernando García Aragón:
Tranquilos apenas es un amistoso todavía no empieza la liga Hala Madrid 💯💯💯
Dipesh Gautam
Dipesh Gautam:
1:52 Marcelo definitely missed Ronaldo .
ultimate honda
ultimate honda:
We really need a finisher besides Benz.... Hopefully it's going to be Gareth bale if he stays fit
rony rock
rony rock:
In preseason try most of the squad... irrespective of results... Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid
Hope we will win many titles😍
Yoppi Permana wijaya
Yoppi Permana wijaya:
No Ramos no party 🔥🔥
Here’s old Madrid :
Marcus wasn’t old
Ronaldo was here
Bale was here
Navas was here
I miss all who left Madrid
Rangers is so old club ( i mean good mean )
But They're so talented
Real Madrid x siempre
Real Madrid x siempre:
Eso de dar la capitanía solo por antiguedad me parece una norma muy retrogada, y absurda, la capitania se la debe dar a quien tenga más actitud, y competitividad en el equipo, tipo Karim o Casemiro, incluso Courtois o Fede Valverde, tíos peleadores y competidores, no puede ser que marcelo de ser anticompetitivo y ex futbolista, suplente de mendy y miguel gutierrez pase de la noche a la mañana a ser capitán, y titularisimo, solo por la veteranía, es totalmente ilogico.
Denle la capitanía a otro que sea lider en el campo y cambien esa norma sin sentido.
Nat Rfc1
Nat Rfc1:
2 of the worlds biggest clubs at ibrox what a sight
Dima Sîrbu
Dima Sîrbu:
Hagi what a player🔥 from a rm fan
W M:
We need Zidane back 😠
Neutral Warlord 2
Neutral Warlord 2:
¡Vaya manera de empezar, pero seguid fuertes Madrid!
Rangers On Tour
Rangers On Tour:
I love to see Rangers play top quality opposition.

Great game

It was funny how Ancelotti didn’t want to play the additional 4 minutes 😂
Stefan Đurić
Stefan Đurić:
Thank you for this all years Raphael ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Stewart Fullerton
Stewart Fullerton:
Thats my Rangers!
Anthony Shockness
Anthony Shockness:
Come on guys we need to do better. Hala Madrid !
cheeky from real to show rangers' second goal on a quarter screen
The catalyst
The catalyst:
What a play rangers
osita blanca
osita blanca:
Es pre- temporada y ojala no se siga arriesgando asi
Muhammad Afif Harist
Muhammad Afif Harist:
Line Up


A. McGregor 1 (GK)
J. Tavernier 2
C. Goldson 6
F. Helander 5
B. Barisic 31
J. Lundstram 4
S. Davis 10
I. Hagi 7
S. Wright 23
F. Sakala 30
R. Kent 14


A. Lunin 13 (GK)
Odriozola 19
Victor 32
Nacho 6
Marcelo 12
M. Odegaard 21
Antonio Blanco 27
Isco 22
Lucas Vazquez 17
L. Jovic 18
Rodrygo 25
Panther Gigs
Panther Gigs:
Bring Back Ronaldo.
Emotion from Indian fan.
كليان مبابي
كليان مبابي:
وعلي مو فريق ضيم💜✌
Reuben Phiri
Reuben Phiri:
The fashion guy reminds me of lukaku .he is strong and hungry for goals...I like that
Cahya Navis Pratama
Cahya Navis Pratama:
It's no wonder that the class of ancelotti could be embarrassed by a small team because he only played for the win and could perform only on the big teams.

It's a wonder Madrid always has trouble choosing trainers who can play impressive like ten hag (ajax), German trainers like klopp, nagelsman, flick.

The ancelotti is powerless on the team like the everton whose notes are always great shopping.
CM Punk
CM Punk:
El resumen mola pq parece que el Rangers a parte de los goles no ha hecho nada mas
Jose i Tere Moreno Nadal
Jose i Tere Moreno Nadal:
Rangers!! 👏👏👏💪💪
Leandro Xavante
Leandro Xavante:
Great game
Gabriel Figueiredo
Gabriel Figueiredo:
Rodrygo Goes omg monster
Damra Ahmad
Damra Ahmad:
Vamos Real madrid 🔥🏆⚽💪🏻
This will be a rough season
Shocking highlights!
Jabini Maikin
Jabini Maikin:
I had high hope for CL Cup but now I'm confident that it will not even bring a League Cup
Lo de Rodrigo es de loco 😮
Namae Trash
Namae Trash:
LMAO what is this Rangers was dominating this match 🤣😂
Minichicken Games 2
Minichicken Games 2:
Good game boys 🇬🇧🤝🇪🇸
caroly ga
caroly ga:
Es una pena que él Madrid ha perdido ante el rangers F. C.... pero es un buen gol de Rodrigo gomes.....😀😍😘⚽️