Highlights | Strikes from Fernandes & Lingard seal Reds win | Leicester City 0-2 Manchester United

Enjoy the best of the action as goals from Bruno Fernandes and Jesse Lingard sealed a 2-0 win over Leicester City to confirm third place in the Premier League.

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100+ komentarze:

Alvaro Cleavant
Alvaro Cleavant:
"Lingard sends United to the Champions League"

A phrase I thought I would never hear.
Afshan Ashiq
Afshan Ashiq:
Puskas award winner 2020: Lingardinho, the myth the legend
Nash R.
Nash R.:
“I used to skipped English classes to watch Lingard play” - Harry Kane
Kiran Subramanian
Kiran Subramanian:
Lingard: *presses*
Kasper Schmeichel: why do I hear boss music?
“I’m Glad I never Had To Play Against Lingard Before I retired” - Pelé
Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell:
Lingard always seems to score in the important games
Tandav Koushik
Tandav Koushik:
"Lingard sends United into the Champions League" is the new "Corner taken quickly ORIGIIIIII"
Lingard scored with his first touch and sent United to the UCL....just GOAT things🔥🔥
"Lingard sends Man United into the Champions League!"

Well, there's a sentence I never thought I'd hear. 😂😂💀
Nelson Knowz
Nelson Knowz:
I was watching the game with my friends and we celebrated that Lingard's goal like crazy. 😂
Tenzin Topgyal
Tenzin Topgyal:
" I didnt see him..then all of a sudden he was there like a ghost and before i realize it, it was already too late..i have never seen anyone who dribbles like messi and scores like ronaldo..it was an honor to be on the same field with an individual with such an extraordinary talents......" Kasper Schmeichel
Info Kisah Nyata
Info Kisah Nyata:
Bravo MU
Believe it or not
When Lingard scores, everyone celebrates.
Jesse Lingard's goal
All angles!
It's funny how Lingard's first goal this season is the last goal for the entire EPL
Arinze Chukwuka
Arinze Chukwuka:
Schmeichel's been watching too many of “Lingardinho” videos.. thinking he could get away with that 🤣
Nasif Siddiquey
Nasif Siddiquey:
Jonny Evans- Once a United player, always a United player😂
reuben tettey
reuben tettey:
Children U see in this world everyone is important. Even Lingard is important.
Pele: "I used to skip school to watch Jesse Lingard play" 🐐
Bimun Diengdoh
Bimun Diengdoh:
The moment lingard scored the commentator laugh like we all did I think
I only came here to see the comments on our leader Lingard. What a legend
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart:
2:01 Even the analyst laugh joyously when Lingard scores. What a player. Only Lingardinho can produce such joy
Pritesh VM
Pritesh VM:
Who’s here just to watch lingardinho’s goal 😂
Evans : Sorry , i miss manchester united to play in the UCL.

Schmeichel : yes, I want to make my dad happy so he can see manchester united in the UCL.
jack Bongaerts
jack Bongaerts:
Even the commentator laughed when lingard scored 😂
Even the commentators laughed when he scored. Lingard=robbed off ballondor.
Micky Pro
Micky Pro:
The only game lingard was played enough time this season, he scores!
Ankur Verma
Ankur Verma:
Lingard scores GOAL OF THE SEASON.
modou barr
modou barr:
"United back to where they belong" that made my day
RIP to the guy who bet loads of money on Lingard not scoring or assisting all season in the league
Sayhan Awan
Sayhan Awan:
Bismillah Quran
Bismillah Quran:
1:42 that’s an excellent save by de gea 😂 that just made me laugh so much
Artur Miksa
Artur Miksa:
"Only player im afraid of is Lingard"- Zlatan
Faris Ahmad
Faris Ahmad:
Did you hear the commentator laugh when Lingard scored 😂😂😂
Fadhlan Salleh
Fadhlan Salleh:
Premier League 19/20 Goals

Ronaldo: 0
Messi: 0
Lingardinho: 1

Legends never die 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lucas N
Lucas N:
"Lingard sends United to the Champions League" he said. What a time to be alive.
"I left Manchester United because I didn't want Lingardinho to outdo me" - Cristiano Ronaldo
M. Ridha
M. Ridha:
"Jesse Lingard sends United into the Champions League!"
Simply legend, scored the last goal for the last match of the season. The true goat 🐐🔥. I'm so happy for him honestly 😆😄
Saswatt Satapathy
Saswatt Satapathy:
I never imagined in my life listening to this line:"And Lingard sends United through to the Champions League" 😂😂
Draxler Gotham
Draxler Gotham:
When lingard scored the second commentator started laughing...it had me tearing in laughter as well 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣.
Kim Tran
Kim Tran:
Lingardinho definitely needs more playing time next season. What a cracking goal. Brilliant individual skill.
Ammar Zakwan
Ammar Zakwan:
Ballond'or cancel because the y know lingard would score
Ash Blitz HD
Ash Blitz HD:
WHAT A GOAL from Lingardinho!!!
In all seriousness, I’m happy that he got his goal, he’s been trolled for too long now.
Income Journey
Income Journey:
Imagine. Who would've thought. Lingard sends United into the Champions League 🤣
Avinash Khadgi
Avinash Khadgi:
fact: leicester didn't lose because of fernandez goal . they lost after SEEING LINGARD warming up.
Without Lingard man u wouldn't even qualify for next season champions league, absolute legend.
Kavabunga Man
Kavabunga Man:
Lingard: comes on*
Kasper: My time has come
Muhammed Nihad CH
Muhammed Nihad CH:
" Lingard sends United to the Champions League "
Never thought of in my entire life😂
Ardii R
Ardii R:
Lingard only scores when united need ticket champions league.. what a legend!
How ironic is it that lingard scored the final goal of the season..
Dingmuana Fanchun
Dingmuana Fanchun:
When lord lingard score goal

Finally Lord Lingardinho proved everybody wrong what a legend 🤙🤙
Reporter: How it feels to be the GOAT ??
Messi : I dont know ask Lord Lingardinho !!! 🤙🤙
Lingard comes in as a miracle and sends United into the champions league.
Rajat Chand
Rajat Chand:
My man Lingard🔥
So happy to see him score.
Indra Rachman
Indra Rachman:
Johnny evans Agen mission complete😂😂
Jesse Lingard has been battling so much at home that's affecting him personally. He never lost his ability, he just has been fighting through having to take care of his family in a way he never anticipated. He's done a lot in a United shirt. Whether he gets loaned out or finds a new club, I'm happy to see him score once again, even if for Manchester United, it may be his last.
louis CHEN
louis CHEN:
Lingard is not bad he is just getting the perfect moment to score
Johny evans is a double agent. This crucial match, he is a hero with his penalty foul and a red card. Leicester should fire him
TC Football
TC Football:
Everyone writes us off in january, look at us now. Bruno made huge difference since he signed ❤
Cheat Code
Cheat Code:
• 4 players scored 10 or more goals
• Martial and Rashford enjoyed their personal best season
• Mason Greenwood's development
• Martial did well as number 9 (scored his first hattrick)
• Signed Bruno Fernandes, Harry Maguire, Wan-Bissaka, Ighalo, James
• 2nd fewest games lost in the league
• 4th most wins in the league
• 26 Cleansheets — most in Europe
• 36 league goals conceded — third fewest in the division
• 0.84 goals conceded per game — second fewest in Europe
• 2nd best record against top 6
• 113 goals this season — the most since Sir Alex Ferguson.
• Fred's revival and McTominay's development
• Luke Shaw's revival

I don't get the unnecessary hate he gets. My manager 🙌🏻
Azhar k
Azhar k:
This comment section is full of praises of our legend Lingard
Agent Evans completed his mission. 😅
Lingard finally broke his goal drought
Rohan Arya
Rohan Arya:
Respect Lingard, he didn't scored whole season, he scored when the team needed to qualify for UCL
That’s an extra 10 million on his fee, thank you very much
Lingardinho after 1 year :

Mr. Alhabsyi
Mr. Alhabsyi:
All that effort to just get knocked out in the group stages
osas Aimuan
osas Aimuan:
League is finished but lingard just got started.
Everyone talking about lingard but I’m wondering why Bruno Fernandes turned into a peacock to take that penalty
I'm so proud of United, who got a valuable result together as a team. Now we want Jadon and Grealish!!!
Friendly Disiar
Friendly Disiar:
Everyone laughing at lingard whole season....but hes the one who send man u to the champions league..
Anushk Tiwari
Anushk Tiwari:
I loved how everyone was happy for lingard's goal as if they had scored the goal 😂❣
Sthembiso Ndhlovu
Sthembiso Ndhlovu:
"Lingard sends United to the Champions League" 😂 never thought I'd hear those words. Proud of my boys! 👌👏
1 min of life
1 min of life:
The 2nd goal was like... nothing to say
Awesome Lingard...❤️
Narayan Neelesh
Narayan Neelesh:
"Best player I have ever seen" - Stevie Wonder
Wow this might actually be his breakout season
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv:
congrats Jesse Lingard on you're first goal in... 🤣🤣🤣
Imam Kontol Besar FPI
Imam Kontol Besar FPI:
I like the way commentator laughing out loud when lingaard scores....
Abdelilah Tamesna
Abdelilah Tamesna:
Who's here after Leipzig dumped United out of the CL with Lingardinho yet to record any appearance
Lior Israelov
Lior Israelov:
The GOAT scored
Muhammad irfan
Muhammad irfan:
Finally the legend of Linggardinho
Peter says to Kasper - " Let My team score or sleep outside tonight"
Chiranjan Sahu
Chiranjan Sahu:
Who else is happy that our beloved Lingard finally scored
Prateek Paneru
Prateek Paneru:
"I am glad i never had to play with lingard " - o. Kahn
33 points different with Liverpool, and 15 points with the City, still far behind.
weirdox_ twinzx
weirdox_ twinzx:
not gonna lie i screamed so loud when Lingard scored and i cried , im so happy for him !
eng hock koh
eng hock koh:
lingardinho: give me a chance.
schmeichel: i will.
Geo Joshi
Geo Joshi:
The man. The myth. The legend. Jlingz.
Haziq Rohaizam
Haziq Rohaizam:
“Lingard sends United to Champion League” 🤣
Oshojeme Adelemoni
Oshojeme Adelemoni:
Leicester: "You were supposed to destroy the dodgy keeper, not join him!"
Kasper Schmeichel: Lingard can't even score a goal
Lingard: Say no more.
ruddy ruddy
ruddy ruddy:
Lingard’s goal is so satisfying, he’s been through alot
"I used to skip Spanish classes to watch lingard play"
Gareth Bale
Tatenda Karikoga
Tatenda Karikoga:
I miss lingard ya'll 😭 😭 and he's gonna leave manchester united
Bobby Hartanto
Bobby Hartanto:
Came here just to watch our lord Lingardinho’s elusive goal
MN Syaif
MN Syaif:
Suddenly I started laughing when the commentator laughing at lingard goal🤣
cheese cake
cheese cake:
I feel bad for the guy who predicted that lingard would have had 0 goals and 0 assists in the prem this season 😂😂
Hopeless Ramen
Hopeless Ramen:
I really feel bad for the guy who predicted that lingard would have had 0 goals and 0 assists in the prem this season🤣😭
Adwin Winata
Adwin Winata:
I love how the community loves Lingard (or perhaps his memes), so wholesome.
All the hard work done last season to get through the champions League and we go and give that embarrassing performance.!!!
Why can't we succed man!