Highlights Valencia CF vs Atletico Madrid (0-1)

Atletico Madrid beats Valencia CF in Mestalla and remains undefeated in the championship thanks to an own goal in the second half by Toni Lato #ValenciaAtleti J11 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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26 komentarze:

GM Production
GM Production:
Atletico Madrid might actually win La Liga.
New York Ari Football
New York Ari Football:
ehhh Atletico should win la liga.. END
Tom Repton
Tom Repton:
Vamos Atleti campeón!
Mohammad Jaber
Mohammad Jaber:
What game is luis suarez gonna play in when is he gonna play?
Benjie Agyeman
Benjie Agyeman:
Nobody talking about how good the Valencia keeper was ??
Danny Taylor
Danny Taylor:
Oh to be a fly on the wall in Thomas Partey House
Daniel Surian
Daniel Surian:
Enjoy this from Buenos Aires! Lemar was on FIRE today . . This La Liga is for ATM!!
Typical Atletico winning by one goal, and this time it was an OG from Valencia. Not nice...
ATB Jumpoff
ATB Jumpoff:
I hope atleti won the league from a spurs fan❤️💪
ahmed berrich
ahmed berrich:
Aupa Atleti 🤍❤️
life in football long live football
life in football long live football:
I don't think we should say anything about laliga winner
Night Blues
Night Blues:
Again this team will win title
I studies football well but sometimes gets wrong but some teams gets lucky
The more I study I do have dreams and I just gets lucky odd times wrong can't always be Right as they say
*ATM 2 X 4 BAY*
ismail loyaltyfighter
ismail loyaltyfighter:
How about Cadiz?
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
79' Toni Lato (O.G. 0-1)
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes:
Nice Atlético
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
rahul kurup
rahul kurup:
as a barca fan i hope atleti win it this year so our board will finally realise selling our best striker to a direct rivals is the dumbest thing you can do
Kosh Shok
Kosh Shok:
La liga for atletico madrid
John Sinley Edouard
John Sinley Edouard:
Le plus grand problème avec ATM c'est qu'il a trop de bon éléments offensifs pour avoir tout le temps cette difficulté pour marquer des buts.
Diego Simeone doit se repenser,il doit faire mieux,il a du potentialité pour devenir l'un des meilleurs de tous les temps mais faut avoir beaucoup plus de résultats concrets avec cette ATM.
Gerti Spiller
Gerti Spiller:
4 progressive NOAH
4 progressive NOAH:
Worst Valencia coach did a worst performance 🎭. As always
ismail loyaltyfighter
ismail loyaltyfighter:
It's not how you start La Liga, it's how you finish. Madrid might have injuries now which makes their players miss the international games. Barca's won't be comfortable this season after selling their best players which effected the monument. Madrid still relies on defense and that won't be helpful against small teams that are crushing big teams this season
they miss Suarez?
As an Atletico supporter (not since this year, or two years, but much earlier), I would rather say that the coronavirus will win La Liga - this season won't be probably finished. But even if it will, I guess Real Sociedad is actually more regular, consistent, and even more solid in the midfield or defense. They don't allow rivals any smallest chances and look like they are stronger and stronger every following game. So I would rather gradate some super-hiper-optimists because it is still very beginning part of the season.