Highlights | West Brom 1-1 Manchester United | Premier League

See all the highlights from the Hawthorns as the Reds are held to a 1-1 draw by West Bromwich Albion.

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100+ komentarze:

Rafie Mohammad
Rafie Mohammad:
sometimes i think maguire did better on attacking rather than defending...
Kluna Tik VT
Kluna Tik VT:
haizzz. DRAW !!! one more time
John Lee
John Lee:
Lets have Maguire and Martial switch positions at this point
Aayushman Katiyar
Aayushman Katiyar:
Bruno is getting pressured, the other players will have to help him, otherwise he will be crushed from pressure by carrying the whole team alone
Jameel Far
Jameel Far:
i didnt come for this pathetic match i just came for that beautifull bruno fernamdes goal where would we be without this guy what a player
Francis Amakye-Ansah
Francis Amakye-Ansah:
BRUNO gives 200% performance in all our matches.

He is already a LEGEND.
De gea is the only defence for Manchester United this year
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
Bruno Fernandes's Left Foot Volley made me see hope. We drew to West Brom and the title really is slipping. Come on United 🔴
I’m genuinely concerned for u if u think de gea could have come out for their goal
Mixtube Miz
Mixtube Miz:
Salute for the fans who can still positively commented at this point
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Imagine if Bruno didn’t sign one year ago
Damien Prince
Damien Prince:
I won’t be mad if Bruno leaves us one day...
Man United is either 2nd or 4th but the title is just not in our reach any more, sad days
Abidoye Tobiloba
Abidoye Tobiloba:
This is the kind of match the likes of Mata and VDB is needed to break their low block down but Ole's too blind to see.
Elizabeth Galligan
Elizabeth Galligan:
Great goal from Bruno but we need to cut out the defensive mistakes 👍
Bongo Scout
Bongo Scout:
It's all of a sudden boring to watch man United play
sddssd sddsssddd
sddssd sddsssddd:
We cross and score then try to dribble through 5 players 50x and fail.
Janggan Er Cahyo
Janggan Er Cahyo:
Bruno Fernandes is really amazing, what a player he is! Deserve a lot of respect! Without him this Man United team is only Arsenal from Manchester. Coming from chelsea fans...
Wolverine Scratch
Wolverine Scratch:
Afternoon PE teacher secured his 3 month extension and now just chills in his office
F T B L:
I thought he want to celebrate
Louis Baltimore
Louis Baltimore:
1:37 What a Double Save De Gea mdrr. 👌🏾🔥
We need to sign someone like Bruno but for CB, CDM, RW and ST.
Furkan TETİK
Furkan TETİK:
Diagne 🔥🔥
This is where we belong..now
from snatching win from top teams to playing draw or losing to bottom half teams😭😭😭
Reece Abraham
Reece Abraham:
Ay maguire is our weak link, he's falling for everyone one
Ferguson Ekhator
Ferguson Ekhator:
My club is giving heart ache.I was unhappy throughout yesterday after the match.
Jason shields
Jason shields:
Need to cross from the byline more often. Diagne had our CBs on toast today
Man.United back to dropping points way. That's the spirit
the emotion with which the narrator narrates the game is impressive
Hi Hi
Hi Hi:
This ref is so unfair because when you watch the full match u will be pistoff with the ref
Oscar Nageri
Oscar Nageri:
Eric is really needs to get selected more often. He's the best defender United have at asserting himself and making it hard for attackers. I don't think he w'd get robbed of the ball as easy.
Zak Kazi
Zak Kazi:
UTD put themselves under big pressure by allowing the teams to score early. They then take too long to hit back, its not the first time. King Bruno to the rescue again.
Breaks my heart... 7 points different with City and they have 1 game in hand, can see the title hope is slipping.
This Diagne guy is just amazing Wba should keep him. Best guy from Wba on the pitch!
Alvita Pereira
Alvita Pereira:
Bruno's goal is class....he'll soon become a legend
The save on Maguire's header was out of this world
Eno Enooo
Eno Enooo:
Blue ninjas
Blue ninjas:
He’s gonna end up leaving us
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley:
Great Goal From Bruno Fernandes!
La Chix
La Chix:
That Bruno goal gives you hope. But then all is lost when you realized Martial and Lindelof were still playing
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
I was on the floor when Harry Maguire hit the post. Really disappointed we couldn't win BUT WE MOVE, WE CAN STILL WIN THE TITLE. WE CAN DO IT. 👹👹♥️♥️🔴🔴
Mt Sange
Mt Sange:
Cheers to david de gea🍺 Thanks for saving the day
Angga Dedy Pratama
Angga Dedy Pratama:
Anthony Martial the best clown in football history..
So no ones gonna talk about how De Ref saved us from winning?
Lukman Darwin
Lukman Darwin:
WB & MU have been friends for ages. No wonder they love sharing what they have.
9M Hiro
9M Hiro:
1:36 how his big body still fall easily?
Ian Mathenge
Ian Mathenge:
ole you should teach our boys on the ground representing us on how to break tight defence from the opponent goal area by scoring outside the 18th area.we lost lots of ball in that area yesterday. no idea on how to break that defence wall.
Radical Mazaxist
Radical Mazaxist:
Ya bu Diagne super oynamış
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan:
west brom started to park the bus in the 2nd minute
와 브페는 항상 미쳤네
Dhidi Arashii
Dhidi Arashii:
Cruise control man. city activated
weber reinaldo Sitorus
weber reinaldo Sitorus:
With this we knew De gea still the best for us, hope next game will be better for United in front of goal
Palaniappa Kalairajan
Palaniappa Kalairajan:
De gea's reflexes superb.
Ricky Oktariyadi
Ricky Oktariyadi:
Since that 6-1 loss i said this again and again. I expected nothing from this team this season.
Amirul Majduddin
Amirul Majduddin:
wkwk land
wkwk land:
haha lord maguire ❤️
Sameer Kashyap
Sameer Kashyap:
West Brom defended like their lives depended on it.
Credit to them
Gio N.S
Gio N.S:
1:07 Literally the same thing happened with salah against man city and they got a pen
Maybe maguire should have dived more dramatically?!
Seti Adi
Seti Adi:
How hard to become de gea
He has two big defender but has no strength
If de gea leave us,i wont hate him
He deserve the best
Ansh Malhotra
Ansh Malhotra:
How many times will De Gea bail out their mistakes? Shocking from Maguire!
anita mahesh
anita mahesh:
Man I have seen the 20min highlights video in the official app. And I loved the starting bgm can anyone tell me which song is it. I really want to listen that song. It is so energising
kang gatot channel
kang gatot channel:
An exciting and interesting match👍👍
pramey tripathi
pramey tripathi:
Well done team. On to the next one
Türkiye 34
Türkiye 34:
Mbaye Diagne is great 👍👍
Kris Tian
Kris Tian:
Thank you for drop another points
Paul Martin
Paul Martin:
I can't say if i like the result. It's disappointing not to win this but its deserved.
xadal gurun
xadal gurun:
upgrade CB......short and sweet...lol
Superman Khalil
Superman Khalil:
Sometimes it feels like Maguire is being Maguire on purpose.
Michael Zhang
Michael Zhang:
We should do something about our defender's if we wanna remain at the top..😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
aswathy k
aswathy k:
Talented players on bench give chances
paijo londo
paijo londo:
sama" kuat
Hey Manu Fans, i want to now how is better lindelöf or bailly ?
Greetings from Cologne 🙏🏼
Kevin Roddy
Kevin Roddy:
Keep going!
vishnu ram
vishnu ram:
I'm happy if we finish 2nd position this season and win fa n europa cups.
A.M Ramdhani Kun
A.M Ramdhani Kun:
an increase could hold the West Bromwich Albion draw but there was a decrease in the quality of the jokes from man united 😂😂😂
Artwork by Aram Papazyan
Artwork by Aram Papazyan:
That shambolic defense doesn't deserve a player like Bruno in the same squad with them.
Herry Nurcahyo
Herry Nurcahyo:
Come On United😈❤
Vincent Ebuka
Vincent Ebuka:
Sad to say but there's no title race again. Let's just hope to maintain 2nd position. GGMU♥️....sigh
Danin Killion
Danin Killion:
Maguire is a SIMPLE. It's incredible he is our captain
Vanille Winch
Vanille Winch:
Never give up boys 💪💪💪💪
jr bowo
jr bowo:
😂 calon juara Inggris (MU) saya yakin Ferguson ketawa terpingkal-pingkal liat MU sekarang 😂
Ahmad Subarkah
Ahmad Subarkah:
Maguire lawak terus😭
cacing cau
cacing cau:
congrats for johnstone 😩
Watching Maguire play gives me instant stress
John Peter
John Peter:
De Gea`s save 💯
Reza Ashifa
Reza Ashifa:
Kanesha Wijaya
Kanesha Wijaya:
Petugas tim SAR Masih mencari yg beli pop mie Sampai ke dalam Goa🤣
Rahmat Nur
Rahmat Nur:
Justok hari ini : Manchester united ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂
Avenger Milla
Avenger Milla:
We had a counter attack building up and the ref blew the whistle for half
Djiby Niang
Djiby Niang:
Mbaye Diagne 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳❤️❤️
The Logical Thinker
The Logical Thinker:
United is the only team which can win 9-0 against Southampton one day and draw 1-1 with West Brom the other.
Tatang Permana
Tatang Permana:
Bek tengah nya doyok😂
Arkaditya Lanang Saputro
Arkaditya Lanang Saputro:
West Brom 🙃
Newton Heath
Newton Heath:
0:39 ~ 0:55
hasbi ferdiansyah
hasbi ferdiansyah:
2:46 Amazing
Zina Zina
Zina Zina:
Goldbridge:we made them look like prime barcelona
Muhammad Reza Ramadhan
Muhammad Reza Ramadhan:
Anyone realize since Klopp counting our penalties referee seems afraid to give us penalty?
Ilham Nur
Ilham Nur:
Love Manchester united ,, from indonesia ,,
kaskus jogja
kaskus jogja:
Seri terus aja... Wkwkkk