HIGHLIGHTS | West Ham 0-5 Man City | Sterling Hatrick, Gabriel Jesus, Sergio Aguero

A Raheem Sterling Hatrick and one each for Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero gave Pep Guardiola's Premier League Champions, Man City a brilliant victory over West Ham United.

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kun paresca
kun paresca:
Mahrez ➡️Walker ➡️Jesus ⚽
Mahrez ➡️ Debruyne ➡️ Sterling ⚽
Mahrez ➡️Sterling ⚽
Mahrez ➡️Penalty ➡️Aguero ⚽
Mahrez ➡️ Sterling ⚽
gl next
Lorenzo oranje
Lorenzo oranje:
Sterling and mahrez where amazing this match
Leonardo Louise
Leonardo Louise:
Mahrez was the hero❤
Mahrez war der Held❤
Mouhamed ZET
Mouhamed ZET:
Mahrez was outstanding today
Mo true
Mo true:
mahrez insane player wow he so underrated we need him this season
Boboiboy vs Ejen Ali
Boboiboy vs Ejen Ali:
That "dinky-dinky" by Mahrez tho ,, They learn so fast 😂
Amega Amega
Amega Amega:
Creative Marez .lol . Best player.
Nina Mouad
Nina Mouad:
Mahrez number one in the match 👏👏
Toni Kros
Toni Kros:
عام السنا يكسلهم محرز قااااع...هاذي يفهموها غير الدزيريين
Сastor Troy
Сastor Troy:
Zinchenko we 😍
Marez the best!!!!
Anouar Ben
Anouar Ben:
Mahrez ❤
good job man city,,mahrez he's good assist for game,,pep give mahrez position player 10,no play wing
ameur djaballah
ameur djaballah:
Awesome starr Maheez and sterling were great
moh ithri
moh ithri:
mahrez is the best💪💪
I hope the coach will give Mahrez a chance in the lineup this season, Mahrez proved today that he is the key of winning any match
1:47 when you move your gk in fifa
Very nice that u show the highlights please do that after every game😊👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💯🔥
Zarota Zaro
Zarota Zaro:
Mahrez is the best 😍❤️💥💯💫💪🔥❄️🌪️🌊
Nuradin Ader
Nuradin Ader:
Mahrez what aplayer❤🙏
Ta7fizkom Group
Ta7fizkom Group:
pep said to the Algerian coach ...we gave you Mahrez you brought him to us Messi😂
Amine Gha
Amine Gha:
Mahrez ensured everything in the game , I think he's a man of the match
Saber Sabri
Saber Sabri:
Riyad mahrez end Rahim starling top
0:10 Pep already getting turned on by this match
Gamer NL
Gamer NL:
Sterling a'mazing
Bellara Yeoman
Bellara Yeoman:
damn, poor Bernardo Silva getting benched on his birthday
Khalile Misse
Khalile Misse:
Riyad mhrez best player in the match ,🤩
Toni Kros
Toni Kros:
ماتش اليوم حسيت محرز يلعب على ڨوسطوه يحب يطلع النيفو مرة يحب يهبطو .. شئ كبير ياعمري
Nassredin Fateh
Nassredin Fateh:
محرز قدم مباراة رائعة ماشاء الله
muhammad khairi Rahman
muhammad khairi Rahman:
1:48 sterling ignore aguero handshake. 😭
tasnim jana
tasnim jana:
Mahrez 💪💪💪💪💕💕💕💕
Sem Ba
Sem Ba:
❤Raheem Sterling❤
Sterling keep killing them!!!!
Toni Kros
Toni Kros:
سيد اللاعبين رياض محرز رانا خلينالكم فخر العرب اشبعو بيها راها ليكم
Adel Bkr
Adel Bkr:
Marhez il a fais un match de fou 🤯🤯❤️
Okito XI
Okito XI:
Raheem Sterling the best player 🔥⚡️💪🏾💙
Sayken Lost in The hell
Sayken Lost in The hell:
That's great we can watch matches Highlights Now in the official channel
Please upload full highlights here in this channel.
adle kokojo
adle kokojo:
Riad Mehrez is the son of my match man. Dodges and team play as well as all goals were shared. An Algerian passed through here
Ouail Nafai
Ouail Nafai:
123 viva l'Algérie 🇩🇿 تحيا الجزائر وربي يحفضك من العين تبقى للتاريخ
Abhinav Sahoo
Abhinav Sahoo:
Back in the days when Sterling was amazing
Lubondo Chilekwa
Lubondo Chilekwa:
Follow suit like the other clubs and upload 10 minute highlights!
Beautiful start to the season! C'MON City!
Mohamed Algérienne et fière
Mohamed Algérienne et fière:
The best Riad Mehrez 🔥👍
Dio Andi Febryan
Dio Andi Febryan:
Sterling - sane good
Sterling - mahrez super
Jurie Mussa
Jurie Mussa:
Welcome come back city 💖💖
Sanket R
Sanket R:
0:21 he literally meant the first of many goals for man city
NASRI Sport:
Mahrez man the match
Crazykidstube 22
Crazykidstube 22:
Great start!
Hello Day
Hello Day:
Who came here after watching Stadium Astro highlights ???
Saves from Ederson 😍
Aditya Pratama
Aditya Pratama:
No Mahrez no party 🎉🎉
reading the title ... oh Mahrez didn't score :(
Watching the full video ... Mahrez Gave 3 assists
Mahrez = Legend
MOTM: Riyadh Mahrez
Ramesh Dindyal
Ramesh Dindyal:
Rögnvaldr _
Rögnvaldr _:
That goalie kit look awesome.. Puma has done something great
Anti_mahrez the algerian potato sell him
Anti_mahrez the algerian potato sell him:
mahrez is my brother not my freind hope u keep up the hard work
Yolo Top
Yolo Top:
Sterling mahrez 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Muhammad Tandan Arzak
Muhammad Tandan Arzak:
Mahrez effect!
Carolina De Luca
Carolina De Luca:
Ronaldo Cristiano
Ronaldo Cristiano:
Im love sterling
Yoli Lapaimali
Yoli Lapaimali:
0.16 what the run, wow amazing
Aarif 138
Aarif 138:
Sterling 🎩🔱
Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵
Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵:
mahrez was the mom for me amazing performance for all city players
Chriswhitt 66
Chriswhitt 66:
Outstanding opening game. And so it begins.💙🌛
This is a good result, at the start of the English Premier League season. Congratulations for Manchester City, you are the best team
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12:
Sterling n Mahrez on 🔥.. Brilliant 👍🏼
Kris Zhao
Kris Zhao:
Son heung min is suspended city has a high change to win against spurs
Burak Sevinç
Burak Sevinç:
Mahrez 👏❤
Jaudzems Agnes
Jaudzems Agnes:
1:13 Dinky!
Wesley Gomes Barboza
Wesley Gomes Barboza:
Sterling Goat
Wangi Padi
Wangi Padi:
Hahahaha Sterling run
Reda Feddane
Reda Feddane:
Message for mahrze we need you playing in Madrid 💎💎💎💎👑
Dede Midouri
Dede Midouri:
Mahrez 🔥🔥💪💪
football- F-W
football- F-W:
Sanjay Ram
Sanjay Ram:
Wat about the save from ederson
Abi Gans
Abi Gans:
Kafkasya Türkü
Kafkasya Türkü:
Sterling is in the top 7 of best player in the world 🔥
Rooster Master
Rooster Master:
Mahrez 🤩 Fantastic
Simon Tea
Simon Tea:
Mahrez MVP this match
Man city
Man city:
city is blue
mahrez is the beast
ucl is for us
loserpool wait us
Beni nur Arifan
Beni nur Arifan:
Med Braik
Med Braik:
Gone Incognito
Gone Incognito:
Sterling and mahrez link up very good together
Yosua Dendi
Yosua Dendi:
Manchester city,💙💙💙💙
Michele 97
Michele 97:
Congrats super team !!!
Rahid afridi
Rahid afridi:
Fethi Rogi
Fethi Rogi:
Mahrez wow 👏👏
Freddy Sebie
Freddy Sebie:
city showed their class above Liverpool.
mahrez 👏💪❤
Van Wegen
Van Wegen:
thats the reason why Haller goes to West Ham 😂 well done Debut 😅
غلاديتور الصحراء
غلاديتور الصحراء:
Mahrez the best 👍👍👍
Kunal Patil
Kunal Patil:
A game that made me think
Man city's triple header on pl title
Rudi Timika
Rudi Timika:
M city ..mntapp
nina lila
nina lila:
Ali Algeria
Ali Algeria:
Man city played a wonderful match.
Mahrez was the best assist , Sterling was the striker , All players and the Coach Guardiola Deserve the first place.
Yosua Dendi
Yosua Dendi:
Mo7med Ali saad
Mo7med Ali saad:
Mahrez ooooh Mahrez ❤💙💓🇩🇿
fantastic game, gerian 🇩🇿💓🇪🇬
Mohammed Anas Mirza
Mohammed Anas Mirza:
1:37 aguero makes satanic symbols after scoring penalty
Vassy VG
Vassy VG:
1:45 he moved the goalkeeper