HIGHLIGHTS | West Ham United 2-1 Aston Villa

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Terence Baker
Terence Baker:
Ridiculous that Watkins' "goal" was disallowed, absolutely ridiculous, but being a Hammer happy the three points came to us.
Iwin Lee
Iwin Lee:
petition for Grealish as main penalty taker...
The VAR decision against Watkins was almost as ridiculous as the Bamford decision against Crystal Palace was it clear and obvious?
Again we're just very unlucky. I'm still confident we'll get the win against Newcastle, would love it even more if we put more than three past the dinosaur Steve Bruce.
var can’t be there just authorising the refs, then what would be the point of having referees
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here:
Guys have to work on your editing skills. This is the official youtube account after all
Ezio Sagar
Ezio Sagar:
West Ham defeated a strong village.
Var is just ruining the game
not unlucky at all miss penalties and key chances from 2 yards out and fall asleep defensivly you're the makers of your own downfall. Past 4 games we've been so poor in front of goal and its really killing us
Not a Villa fan, but I just hope Jack Grealish stay at AV longer... Hope this guy can lead the club to become champions league contender so that the league as a whole become more competitive🙌
Bravo West ham 👍
unlucky tonight, UTV
Nice of Ogbonna to at least try and stop Watkins from going offside, even if he ultimately failed.
NiviN M
NiviN M:
Great game but unlucky. Come back stronger AVFC 😍
Fat Jayz
Fat Jayz:
why didn't you show the Fornals yellow one of the most devastating tackles I've ever seen
Grealish and his diving antics were doing my head in today.
Jack Evans
Jack Evans:
What a dive by Ollie Watkins
kaushal Dhurmoo
kaushal Dhurmoo:
Wow!! how tf was that an offside???
VAR completely being misused.
rothy ming
rothy ming:
redman 35
redman 35:
Why Var dont pay attention on no.5's hand?
Somil Jagnani
Somil Jagnani:
grealish start taking penalties
Watkins mistake make Astonvilla loose penalty
Kevin Watson
Kevin Watson:
Avfc playing great football.
Come on you irons ⚒
This is the grealish highlights, rights?
Muhammad Numan Fahmi
Muhammad Numan Fahmi:
The betle between x arsenal keeper
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan:
Sort the audio out villa tv
as west ham fan can confirm you woz robbed
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez:
Primero saludos desde peru
Juned Hussain
Juned Hussain:
Tough one to lose against West Ham. I still dont understand offside rule from VAR. Another thing that I'm concerned about is our defense as we keep conceding sloppy goals and losing against teams that we should be beating.

Let's hope that we could get back to winning ways against Newcastle (if the game goes ahead because some of their players have been tested positive for Covid). UTV!!!
Sort the play acting and diving out guys
Chris Theyer
Chris Theyer:
The offside line for var should always be drawn from the foot, eliminates any doubts this way
João Silva
João Silva:
Sou do Brasil e estou torcendo para o Aston Villa
Karim Osama
Karim Osama:
Where is Trezeguet injury?
Malone m
Malone m:
We can't let VAR
Lobo Solitario
Lobo Solitario:
Para que existe el var?
Kai Syarif
Kai Syarif:
RIP thumbnail😂
Patrick Muza
Patrick Muza:
That's the Villa we all know 😊😊😊
ᴍᴀʀsʜʏ ʀᴇᴘʟᴀʏs
ᴍᴀʀsʜʏ ʀᴇᴘʟᴀʏs:
Not y'all that give liverpool 7 now check y'all now can't even win smh😤
Cyberdon Blue
Cyberdon Blue:
Yes, VAR spoilt the night and robbed us again with its robotic interpretation of offside. I don't understand how you can say that the referee made a clear and obvious error when you have to get a micrometer out to judge distances. A total farce. However, all that should not disguise the fact that our finishing was woeful and our overall penetration of West Ham's defence to form any degree of real danger was not great. Hourihane and Watkins were poor and Trez was a passenger for the entire time he was on the pitch. As much as I love Trez for his work rate and heart, he is simply not good enough for this standard of football and shows more and more every week - and I haven't got much faith in Traore as a decent replacement for him either. Too lightweight. Reality is now beginning to set back in after a fairytale start. UTV VTID
Joe Santana
Joe Santana:
That offside call should make the rules change in my book how are you fighting off defender arm pass so offside soccer is played with feet so how is that a disadvantage
Gathan Alif
Gathan Alif:
Liverpool = first time?
Beny Joe
Beny Joe:
the empty of bensin 😂 kentek'an bensin ya villa villa villa
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya:
Bit diffrent if jack G take panalty ... come on vila # martinez
Aston Grealish have a very high opinion of themselves, strange considering they have nothing at all to be arrogant about.
dom seferta
dom seferta:
VAR ruining football
Wade Garret
Wade Garret:
Grealish is an embarrassment to football, his dive is being shown here in Australia on the news and they're laughing at him. He can be a good player but he's an out and out cheat that needs booking every time he cheats.
Nortius Maximus
Nortius Maximus:
What a shame you didn't show a few second before the Daley's goal yet another foul the ref refused to give to the other side. LOL the commentator after Watkins was correctly ruled offside.
Yudi 2013223816
Yudi 2013223816:
Pertandingan kang bantai hahah
ntho OKonDant
ntho OKonDant:
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
SKS 1982
SKS 1982:
Grealish is very talented, but why he dives so much?
Garikai Mangai
Garikai Mangai:
Aston villa is one of the best teams this season,it's playing better soccer than big teams.I have confidence they will end this season in a good position on the table.
darth paul
darth paul:
Here we go again
Joe Game
Joe Game:
Grealish should be the one who takes the penalty 🔥 nobody else
tinny fou
tinny fou:

Player of the season so far
WNB Chanel Wariz_Notebook Bandung
WNB Chanel Wariz_Notebook Bandung:
yang subscrabe chanel aston villa setelah bantai liverpool 7-2 orang indonesia mana nih
WNB Chanel Wariz_Notebook Bandung
WNB Chanel Wariz_Notebook Bandung:
bener2 oy liga inggris siapapun bisa di kalahin sama klub manapun se liga tapi ya
Where’s Jackie pathetic & embarrassing dive..!?
Mohamed Nabil_76
Mohamed Nabil_76:
Watkins is totally unlucky. THE VAR technology has proven its failure and must be canceled, and players are not just machines
Gonza Romero
Gonza Romero:
Very unlucky but Up The Villa
AVB 81
AVB 81:
If that is not a penalty, then I might be a genius
Ritwik Das
Ritwik Das:
Grealish is one of the best players in the prem, but that goal was scored because of the wicked deflection. It was heading straight into the arms of Fabianski otherwise.
Hockley Rebel
Hockley Rebel:
Decent teams put teams away on chances .. MID table this year.. should won 4-2 #UTV
Mark Wakelam
Mark Wakelam:
All the Villa fans bemoaning VAR.
I didn't see many comments when Sheff Utd had the ball 10 yards over the line which would of seen you RELEGATED!! You loved VAR then.
Grealish a superb talent. Amazing player but his diving is now going beyond a joke. If i were a fan his diving would embarrass me. Trezeguet has been receiving his lessons in training and comes a close runner up.
bad luck, keep motivation guys
Wolf Common
Wolf Common:
No arm done ay 😄
Anna Nosal
Anna Nosal:
VAR decision. Camera not perpendicular to the action.Absolute joke
Andrias Aan channel
Andrias Aan channel:
The Final Whistle
The Final Whistle:
blatant villa handball at start of penalty move. american tv amazed it wasn't given
martin jenkins
martin jenkins:
Why not show the Grealish magic and his ridiculous, embarrassing dive ?
Its a wonder that Grealish wasnt sent off for all that diving. What a cheat!
Another time VAR...
Poras Srivastava
Poras Srivastava:
Surprised Barkley didn't fight for the penalty guess he only does it at Chelsea
Nqoe the Dr_Hair Nyathi
Nqoe the Dr_Hair Nyathi:
Returning to where they belong
Ellie Phoenix
Ellie Phoenix:
Title should be Aston Villa get robbed by VAR once again & Trezeguet still CANNOT SCORE! 😤
wiz shine
wiz shine:
Wacha mpigwe tuuuu
Hakim Elhak
Hakim Elhak:
cursed var which destroys the games, Villa was robbed of this match against a team which has multiplied the faults and suffered the games of the villains.
Nicole Maddix
Nicole Maddix:
This game hurts😎🏁
hope grealish and trezeguet get well due to their injuries, definitely not dives
Cory Fulton
Cory Fulton:
As a Liverpool fan my team Liverpool will beat you aston villa in the Emirates fa cup in January
Michal Krysa
Michal Krysa:
Fabiański najlepszy na świecie
drawing with Matthew
drawing with Matthew:
Great goal grealish
Food for my life
Food for my life:
Aston Villa still unlucky.
I am sick to death of not being able to celebrate a Villa 'goal.' Gone are the days when one can scream one's head off, dance and hug in celebration. Now one sits sits still, silently knowing that a ridiculous VAR decision will cancel the goal. GET RID OF VAR!!!!
I think we played quite well to be fair. Just unlucky for Villa. We should got some goals in this game but we was just unlucky. I do think the goal shouldn't been offside for a silly reason. However, we played well that what matters. West Ham was just lucky to win really but they didnt play particularly well.
Dante Ledesma
Dante Ledesma:
Var robbed
david smith
david smith:
Var villa are robbed again deserved 2 win game never mind a draw created so many chances trez should have scored with his chances utv
Var is beyond parody now. Funny thing is? When ollie scored and it was ruled out? I switched off with no emotion. What is the point in getting angry anymore? Fine margins decided by microsoft paint circa 1996. what a shame. The fat old suits In the FA have no clue what a computer is and they think this is acceptable?
erwan juliansyah
erwan juliansyah:
another no expect .... LOL GRELISH
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson:
Hahaha banter fc🤡🤣🤣
Everyone banging on about playing well. Playing well and losing is worse. We’ve played well and still don’t get anything.
Bad luck. Onto the next one lads. UTV
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White:
very unlucky. Need to defend better.
Indo Wizard
Indo Wizard:
My condolences to Villa. That was a disgraceful VAR decision. Robbed.
Marley Boy
Marley Boy:
Tbh all aston needs is a decent striker not even a world class striker.
Love Guru
Love Guru:
Aston Villa are back to where they belong back to relegation zone
Rain Banahene
Rain Banahene:
VAR is ruining the game. If Ollie was offside is because he was fouled by Ogbona.
Risvy mahi
Risvy mahi:
No offense to olly watkins...but why doesn't grealish take the penalties???? Really surprising....