Hip-Hop History Orchestrated by JIMEK

JIMEK's orchestrated definition of hip-hop was the last encore after two symphonic concerts with NOSPR and Miuosh. Recorded at the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, on March 6th & 7th 2015 in Katowice, Poland | Orchestrated and conducted by JIMEK (Radzimir Dębski) | Performed by NOSPR - Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Edited mostly from videos recorded by fans.

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Drums: Manolo & Wojciech Sobura

1. Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools
2. M.I.A. - Bad Girls
3. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow
4. 2Pac - Dear Mama
5. Cam’Ron - Hey Ma
5. Barry White - Basketball Jones /feat. Chris Rock
6. Jay-Z - Girls Girls Girls (Tom Brock)
7. Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
8. Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M
9. Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods
10. Kanye West - Flashing Lights
11. 50 Cent - In Da Club
12. 50 Cent - Outta Control /feat. Mobb Deep
13. Jay-Z - Lost One
14. Jay-Z - Roc Boys
15. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot
16. Nas - Nas is Like
17. Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E.
18. Xzibit - Alcoholic
19. Missy Elliott - Get Your Freak On
20. Dr. Dre - What’s the Difference feat. Eminem
21. M.O.P. - Cold As Ice
22. M.O.P. - Ante Up
23. Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says
24. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love
25. Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hot feat. Pharell
26. Sisqo - Thong Song
27. Nicky Minaj - Anaconda
28. Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit
29. Baauer - Harlem Shake
30. JIMEK x Pezet - Nie Muszę Wracać


Video production:

Sound Engineering:
Arkadiusz Zyber
Wojciech Burski
Krzysztof Ścieszka

Sound editing
Wojciech Marzec

Light Supervisor
Piotr Sadlik

Technical Supervisor
Edward Misielak

Production Assistants:
Mirosław Rusecki (Prom Arte)
Jolanta Lewandowska
Dorota Urbańczyk-Krot
Justyna Trukawka
Anna Maciążek
Jacek Jeleniewski
Mateusz Łaszczyk

Special thanks to:
Krzysztof Śledziński
Dominika Malik
Grzegorz Burzyński
Dawid Tuziak i Karolina Magiełda
Ewa i Roland Zagórscy
Marta Urbańczyk
Katarzyna Jeziorowska
Robert Czerner
Agnieszka Zagórska
Ewa Biskupska
Gaweł Jakimiak
Karolina Kaźmierczak
Michalina Żyła
Ilona Polańska
Państwo Bykowscy
Wojtany & Ochmanki

JIMEK (Radzimir Dębski), composer and producer. JIMEK gained first international recognition when he was picked as the winner by Beyoncé and judges such as Giorgio Moroder, Isabella 'the Machine' Summers, Afrojack in Beyoncé 'End of Time' remix competition beating 3000 international contestants. The winning track was released on Beyoncé's next official release "4: the Remix".
He graduated with a degree in composition from the Chopin Music University in Warsaw and studied orchestration and film scoring at the University of California in Los Angeles. He started to work writing music for film and tv as a teenager, constantly building up his musical workshop and versatility, which led him to his love for stylistic liberty he calls 'smuggling'. Today his work ranges from writing and conducting contemporary symphonic pieces for philharmonics to producing completely electronic beats for collaborations and film.

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never thought something I did for the love of the music that brought me up would get to this big. Thank you everyone that helped spread the word!! I know I didn't do ALL of the history of Hip-Hop, or everybody's complete lists, I did miss many greats - but these I wrote down by heart, no research, just beats that changed the game for me. (And YES - of course I did Harlem Shake just because it was f***king impossible to orchestrate!!) Let me know what tracks would you add?? would love to do that someday. JIMEK
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia:
This guy needs an award for being able to make the Harlem Shake work
Wan Ori
Wan Ori:
Missed the old days hip hop, each song had its own rythm and instrumental identity
Anthony Castaneda
Anthony Castaneda:
In 20 years when I'm telling my kids "your mother and I are going to the Opera" lol
This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen I have such a deep appreciation for music and instruments. I love it.
props to the 2 drummers who were ON POINT all the way through!
Robert Nav
Robert Nav:
Wow, this has got to be one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. On that note, WHERE'S OUTKAST?!?!?1
Para Myśli
Para Myśli:
Dumni bardzo. Życzymy absolutnych sukcesów na międzynarodowych scenach :D
They could easily use Kanye's "Flashing Lights" as a Bond song :D
Macdonald Monyane
Macdonald Monyane:
This performance brought tears to my eyes. Have to see this live.
John Ming
John Ming:
I got chills at Dear Mama. What a beautiful composition.
Uncle Buckle
Uncle Buckle:
The orchestration is something special, but let's just take a second to appreciate how DEEP in the crates some of these cuts are. Not just an achievement in music, but one made possible by a man who truly loves the form and its history.
HIP hop save my life ...and you just confirmed she is POWERFUL THANK YOU Jimek
Charriot Warrior
Charriot Warrior:
there needs to be a full piece done on "flashing lights" at the 2:35 mark
Klaudia Gleń
Klaudia Gleń:
Fantastyczny niesamowicie utalentowany artysta! Nowatorskie i swieze ujecie muzyki dalekiej od 'powaznej'. Jestem dumna JIMEK ze  mamy w Polsce takich jak Ty.
Gurmeet singh
Gurmeet singh:
Two worlds became one....Hip Hop and Classical. That was truly inspiring. Thank you for some amazing music.
play this at my funeral. this is why I believe music is the best thing in this world
Don Dada
Don Dada:
I knew that still dre would get an applause. Masterpiece. They don't make music like that anymore.
Sharell J
Sharell J:
Oh pleaseee do this again and give me the opportunity to buy tickets this was amazing! 🥲😀
Rachel Hankins
Rachel Hankins:
This was freaking amazing!!!! I have no words except PERFECTION. Thanks for paying tribute to black culture JOB WELL DONE!!!!!
Armand Herera
Armand Herera:
Jimek's orchestra truly gives it's viewers a life changing experience. Jimek has unraveled some of the greatest musical anomalies and exposed their masterpiece. Jimek is one of the greatest modern age orchestral arrangers.
I would love to watch an actual concert with a Jay Z or a Kanye performing and your Orchestra backing the whole thing.  This is class. Well done.
Jen Huang
Jen Huang:
Can we please have the full version of "Swimming Pools" by Kendrick Lamar?
Aviva Martin
Aviva Martin :
JIMEK! You are so ridiculously talented! I can't stop listening to your sexify sound track and this is also beyond cool! keep rocking this is great
Paweł Popławski
Paweł Popławski:
It's really crazy that you can play any hip-hop song and nothing happens but when you play still dre ,it brings a lot of emotions.
No copyright sounds 2
No copyright sounds 2:
Sounds so good man ... better than the original versions ..props to jimek🔥🔥🔥
Michael Hayden
Michael Hayden:
@Jimek, I teach high school orchestra in United States (Wisconsin). Is there a way to get the music for this to perform with my students? Is it available for purchase or rental?
Brandon Golway
Brandon Golway:
I'm not a huge fan of hip-hop but I absolutely loved this.
Jezabell Diaz
Jezabell Diaz:
This is the most amazing thing ever created. Really can give a new appreciation for both types of music. Brilliant <3
when c.r.e.a.m started playing,shivers ran through my body faster than usain bolt.
A part 2 with a whole new list of songs would be AMAZING
Dope! I hoped that there was more song of the early 90s and 80s but this is great!
Absolutely beautiful I can’t stop listening to this ❤️
Archie Engineer
Archie Engineer:
The hood meets classy.
andrea guyton
andrea guyton:
This has got to be the tenth time I've listened to this! Totally had me searching for blends of music! If only you could blend people together like this music!!
This is so beautiful!!!
Please update when the full recording is out.

Have you thought of touring this show around the world? I would really love to see it given the opportunity.
Cimmerian Shiro
Cimmerian Shiro:
I remember first seeing this video a few years ago, I was proud to say I knew most of the songs, but there was one song that stood out to me which I had never heard. Electric Relaxation by ATCQ, from that moment on, my musical horizons exploded into a path of discovery, thank you.
Lanvall Bear
Lanvall Bear:
Omg this is lit. Wish there was an album of complete songs.
This is literally the most amazing thing I've seen. I was smiling through the entire thing. Maybe even some light chuckles. Hope you do more work like this!
Marta Mielczarek
Marta Mielczarek:
Jest Pan geniuszem ;) Polska jest dumna!
I love this sooooo much. This is dope
Katarzyna Rapacz
Katarzyna Rapacz:
Nie przeżyje dnia jak nie posłucham chociaż raz! :)
Patrice Phang
Patrice Phang:
I LOVE THIS!!!! I wish I could see it live...I am head bobbing and dancing in my chair, LOL!!! So many great songs...
Reid Carter
Reid Carter:
That was the dopest tribute to hip-hop I have ever heard!! 💯💯💯
Luke K.
Luke K.:
We need "Metal History Orchestrated by JIMEK" !!!
Stacy Besong
Stacy Besong:
Matthias Kulakowski
Matthias Kulakowski:
Kayne West's Flashing Lights was so on point!!! Good job Bro, pozdro!
Rafał F.
Rafał F.:
Hip hop jest zajebisty, natomiast oni tutaj ukazali go pięknym.
Felicia Snyder
Felicia Snyder:
You could probably save the music program in the US with this.
Out and about
Out and about:
I listen to this every night it's beautiful and as I used to be a DJ beat mixing is fun but watching you as a conductor beat mix with your Orchestra is very hard congratulations on your success did a good job and it sounds tremendously good as I said I love listening to it every night add reminder of good music.
Manuelle Duvall
Manuelle Duvall:
This will be my first concert to attend when COVID is over!
ramenick patti
ramenick patti:
JIMEK all I could say when the "Flashing Lights" was played, was played to sound of amazement. I would pay large amounts to hear that full song orchestrated!
Dami S
Dami S:
Just discovered this and I'm in awe of the talent displayed. I grew up listening to all of these songs and I'm so happy that you did this.
Claudia Samuels
Claudia Samuels:
As a mother and grandmother, this music I love,my daughters love, now my grandsons, thanks for performing these songs not only great,but I can play this around people in a way they understand why a 55 yr. old still loves them. So classy, love this, wish I was there that night💜
It's fantastic! I can't even imagine how hard those people had to work to do something like that! Amazing job!!!
MoparFam 300C
MoparFam 300C:
3:06 This sound so much gangsta than the original low key! 😂😂😂😂😂
Dimitar Dimitrov
Dimitar Dimitrov:
Hey Jimek first of all thank you for your great work and the amazing experience we all have listening to this masterpiece! You know we all loved this video,but.... COME ON we're waiting for PART 2!
Yellow Flowers
Yellow Flowers:
I love this so much. I love the sounds of an orchestra, nothing can beat it for me.
This is definitely one of the reasons i've gotten into rap culture. The fact that the beauty of rap can be captured even in an orchestra.
Güey Güey
Güey Güey:
I had goosebumps through the whole thing!!! Dope!!!!!!!
Love the spontaneous applause from the crowd for Dre tracks. That man is an icon.
I would like to see this performance with real hip hop head audience!! that would be dope! nas is like is fire!
Евана Лара
Евана Лара:
OMG You got all the classics!!! wow, this is just so amazing I don't have the words to say how great this is! I wish I could find more orchestrated Hip Hop
Bwana Lawi
Bwana Lawi:
On a lighter note, anyone else noticed how most of the audience recognized exactly 4 songs:
Still Dre, Get Your Freak On, What’s the Difference and Crazy in Love.
5 if you include Harlem Shake. 

So many goosebumps while listening to this arrangement. Big up Jimek and team!!
Scarfinger Hoodrich
Scarfinger Hoodrich:
Beautiful. Shows how universal hip hop is.
The proof that rap is classic !!!
Kelly Alexander
Kelly Alexander:
This is incredible! I wish I could have seen it live.
I would die for a full version of flashing lights. The orchestra version is a cure for the soul.
Dream World
Dream World:
This is music at its finest! N as a 80s baby n lifelong hiphop fan i gotta say the song selection is legit! Amazing guys fkn amazing!
Darron Thomas
Darron Thomas:
5 Years later and I am still inspired and moved by this.
Wiktoria Sz
Wiktoria Sz:
We need a whole album with these 😍😍😍
Ahmed Ehab
Ahmed Ehab:
Dre is iconic! You can recognise his music however it was played
Ahmed Ehab
Ahmed Ehab:
Dre is iconic! You can recognise his music however it was played
the lioness and the city
the lioness and the city:
Future Date: So what genre of music do you listen to?

Me: Well, it's complicated. 😉

As a lover of orchestra performances (which I can only have access to thanks to YouTube), this surely made me lift my bum off the chair and bust a move in the confines of my room! When they played In Da Club, Get Your Freak On, and Thong Song, I totally lost it! Black and Yellow, Crazy In Love, and Still Dr. Dre, were awesome too.

Now I can sleep. 😘
M E:
Congratulations JIMEK for this mix. And to merge hip hop with this huge amazing orchestra. Keep going and never lose your touch, that´s what identifies you as a musician. The most exciting thing about playing music is to transmit something you have deep inside to the people. Greetings from a musician from Madrid ,Spain
Kelz Belz
Kelz Belz:
That was shamazing Jimek way to go you most talented man.. A bit of Notorious would be great as well as hip hop colab Nasty Girl... Keep swinging that stick 💛
Juan Chavarria
Juan Chavarria:
I shed tears of joy when Dear Mama came on 😭 this is beautiful
Keisha Mills
Keisha Mills:
This is amazing!! Thank you for creating this masterpiece. I wish it was longer 😁
Getet Chochola
Getet Chochola:
so powerfull! brings tears to my eyes.... dear mama and electric relaxation....
Little Wolf Taima
Little Wolf Taima:
This highlights just how many orchestral samples and interpolations are used n hip hop; it would be great to use this as an educational tool for kids.
Yann Tinge
Yann Tinge:
merci monsieur et tout le monde derrière ;) big big big up
je suis complétement fan!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing! Nas is like is my favourite part. I wish the whole song was done with Nas rapping over it.
I love this!!! It's wonderful.
Татьяна Сергеева
Татьяна Сергеева:
Omg, its just amazing ! 👏 Bravo!
Well damn, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard
Sai Namuduri
Sai Namuduri:
Imagine trying to orchestrate a J Dilla production LMAO.
Paweł Wilk
Paweł Wilk:
Wg mnie najlepsze ukazanie, jak bardzo hip-hop jest zmienny i jak można w oryginalny sposób ukazać go dla szerokiego spectrum ludzi.
Choć dla mnie Still D.R.E. w wersji orkiestralnej to mistrzostwo świata !!!!!!
JIMEK, szacun za to !!!!!!!!!!
Pamm Malveaux
Pamm Malveaux:
This is one of my favorite concerts of all time!
Shavy chic
Shavy chic:
Elena Ilieva
Elena Ilieva:
This is epic on so many levels!
2020 Vision. Love it. Blessings to all who made it possible.
Rick Black Jnr
Rick Black Jnr:
this Is sick i bet this should be performed at the heart of US New York!
Dario Zuban
Dario Zuban:
WOW that was amazing!
I would've hoped you made an orchestral version of Gangsters Paradise by Coolio
that would've been soooo awesome :D
This is what I tried to get my highschool music teacher to do back in 1995... this was awesome great job.
CodeName Cobra
CodeName Cobra:
Can we have a full Orchestra Version of Flashing Lights please, Mobb Deep and M.I.A Bad Girls?
Thabang Letsoalo
Thabang Letsoalo:
I love this genre, hip hop the best
I love this! Makes me wanna play the Viola again!
dominika 3144
dominika 3144:
"Nie muszę wracać" było takie idealne. ❤
Daniel Levy
Daniel Levy:
Where do I get an album full of this amazing classical hip hop orchestra stuff?
To jest po prostu genialne :)