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Here are the items and sizes featured...

Pearl collar shirt (wearing size M): https://bit.ly/36ZWBJW
Sage green trousers (wearing size S): https://bit.ly/2J6Lya4

Sage green top (wearing size S): https://bit.ly/3l54aEv
Camel soft hoody (wearing size M): https://bit.ly/3fyL7B7
Champagne crinkle shirt (wearing size M): https://bit.ly/2JaRIGf
Champagne crinkle trousers (wearing size 8): https://bit.ly/3fJSVjP
Grey pearl cardi (wearing size M): https://bit.ly/3lLlKhP
Cream ribbed thick jumper (size M): https://bit.ly/3mKcElD
Black jumper (wearing size M): https://bit.ly/363JfNG
Lilac jumper (wearing size M) : https://bit.ly/2UWXA8p
Lilac skirt (wearing size S): https://bit.ly/3l6sMfM
Lilac dress (wearing size S): https://bit.ly/2J69av8
Beige scarf: https://bit.ly/3fJUoql
Black loafers: https://bit.ly/2UWRLb0

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Some of the links I use are affiliate links. This does not affect or change the way you buy the item, it just means that I receive a very small percentage of the sale where I helped drive the sale and market the item. Thank you!

5 komentarze:

Jess Pereira
Jess Pereira:
Absolutely in LOVE w/ that lilac combo outfit! What coat would you wear with it? Thank you for the haul ❤
Uzma Hussain
Uzma Hussain:
Love these looks 😍
Penny Gr
Penny Gr:
Really useful the description for the sizes in the information box😊also I will buy the Christmas outfit
Jenne Saunders
Jenne Saunders:
after watching your video I ended up buying the lilac jumper and skirt I was pondering over it for a while but when you turned the jumper round that did it for me lol
Inge nijs
Inge nijs:
Where are your Earrings from?