HOGWARTS LEGACY | Official Reveal Trailer | PS5 | Reaction | Jaby Koay & Achara Kirk!

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Prathap Kutty
Prathap Kutty:
As a massive Harry Potter fan, it's about time we got a game like this.
Coldest of nights 56
Coldest of nights 56:
Apparently it's an RPG, yes.

P. S. no you're not forced into a specific house.
Nischal Singh
Nischal Singh:
Jaby remove the background tune next time during the trailer😅
Adabala Trishal
Adabala Trishal:
Portkey: *After all this time?*
Gamers: *Always.*
Daniel Prakash
Daniel Prakash:
Super excited for this one!!! As a Harry Potter fanatic this will be my first HP game ever lol i know shocking haha PS Pre Orders for the PS5 went live half an hour ago here in Australia so i got my order in 😊
Ankit Khandelwal
Ankit Khandelwal:
A grand version of Harry Potter : Hogwarts Mystery mobile game.
Nusrat Zahan
Nusrat Zahan:
I have been a harry potter fan since my childhood. Just seeing the trailer I've fallen in love with the game. An open world hogwarts and magical world! Wow! And the graphics and fighting mechanisms looked magnificent. Can't wait for it to release. This game is going to be awesome😍.
TeAndré West
TeAndré West:
I have so many high expectations, hope this game doesn’t disappoint
I remember when gameplay was leaked about 2 years ago for this game and we thought it would be Magic Awakened!
I was just reading the books again and they dropped this
Papa Boss Gaming
Papa Boss Gaming:
Well I'm Sold... 😍😍
Srenivasan A
Srenivasan A:
I think there is no Harry Potter in this only his legacy
Siam Daralai
Siam Daralai:
This game timeline in 1800s ,so no have characters we know in this game
Swamp thing Helya
Swamp thing Helya:
I would be a gryffindor if I could choose 😁
Priyansh Prajapati
Priyansh Prajapati:
Didn't anyone mention that you look like cho chang, achara.
Eldhose Mathai
Eldhose Mathai:
Ding dong....
Jaby: Thank you
Best conversation ever
p0am3 t3l3f0n1
p0am3 t3l3f0n1:
What if the start of the game, you get to make your own character and after making your own avatar your strolling a trolley but your paper says “ 9 n Three quarters “😱😱😨
kingjoker 2020
kingjoker 2020:
Can't wait to be the bad guy in harry potter
Sentinal Gaming
Sentinal Gaming:
The music with the trailer was VERY weird...... cut it out
Ferdy A2Souman
Ferdy A2Souman:
Finally. No more playing as harry. I has waiting for this one. (Threw the mobile version away) 🤣🤣🤣
U should react to Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach
Gurleen Sahney
Gurleen Sahney:
Trouble in wizarding world:death eaters killing people and trouble in real world: pubg gets banned 🤣🤣😂🤣
Tony Randall
Tony Randall:
This is why the rumors of Warner Bros selling their gaming made no sense when you properties like this. Set in 1800s so no Harry haha. Looks good!
Rishabh Rawat
Rishabh Rawat:
jaby , all ur questions, could easily be answered if u have seen or played hp: order of phoenix gamee
Rammanohar billa
Rammanohar billa:
It's 1800 ,before fantastic beasts hogwarts,and also it's open world game,
spondon kashyap
spondon kashyap:
Man as a kid i always dreamed of a game like this and now I'm finally gonna get it
Griffin Paschall
Griffin Paschall:
I've heard you start as a 5th-year transfer student(?) at least that was the plot in the test play a few years ago
When this is a openworld rpg game then it would so awesome
Flame Rises
Flame Rises:
I'm so excited for this

Also Potterheads, Drop your house and patronus In the replies. Myself a Ravenclaw with patronus Black Mamba
Sagnick Dey
Sagnick Dey:
Imagine you can play quidditch in this game. That would be super cool. You can create an entire game of quidditch and I would be in for that.
Rishabh Rawat
Rishabh Rawat:
all of those who are really exicted about this, u should try hp order of phoenix and half blood . u wont be dissapointed i cant belive not many potter head has played it. clearly jaby and achhara hasnt heard of it.. whaaat
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous:
Andrew Tobin
Andrew Tobin:
Woo woo Hufflepuff! Me too :)
HG ART Official
HG ART Official:
hey react to 'Time enna boss'.... its an upcoming tamil sitcom series in amazon prime jabbyyyy
True Rue
True Rue:
Honestly I pray that this comes to PC as I'm broke AF and can't afford the new ps5
Son of Martha
Son of Martha:
As a Massive Harry Potter fan this is a dream come true. The Harry Potter will always give me chills
Proloy B
Proloy B:
Players are gonna start as freshman students. I guess
Rohan K
Rohan K:
React to Salil Jamdar
Jeyachandran A
Jeyachandran A:
Give reaction to immortals fenix rising
The theme make me goosebumps
Nishanth Nair
Nishanth Nair:
Finally 😍
Brandyn Beverly
Brandyn Beverly:
I was thinking something like Dragons Dogma dark arisen where you create your character and choose the abilities that suit your class maybe.
Ketan Chachad
Ketan Chachad:
9:23 Expelliramus khapao!! had me laughing hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Neo Graham
Neo Graham:
I hope it will be a MMO, and online and also have that sense of freedom so to speak like Elder Scrolls online, if like that oh that would be cool.
Oniichan Destroyer
Oniichan Destroyer:
More like watch dog legion-kinda-game thing different characters or your can choose characters with open world map game?? Idk
Mofo Sapien
Mofo Sapien:
Imagine that ding dong guys watches this afterwards and realises things weren't that good as he thought
Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer:
YASSSS!!!! Hufflepuff pride! We got Kirk! We got Kirk!!!!!!
Nurdaulet A.N.
Nurdaulet A.N.:
Dumbldore staying in the ending
Vaibhav Singh
Vaibhav Singh:
Sort lets you choose your house according to your choice.
Susanta Beriha
Susanta Beriha:
Hii Jaby.
I have one request please do a video reaction of song "Saat Samundar Paar (Actress- Divya Bharti)" of movie- Vishwatma
It's a evergreen classic masterpiece of all the time. Please jaby & Achara react to this song🙏🙏🙏

Trust me you and Achara will thank me after for introducing to this beautiful dance video.
Well i am watching at 5 o clock. Big fan bro. Excited soo much for ps5 and its awesome games
I really want onemore part of harry Potter 😭😭😭😭
Alex Pollock
Alex Pollock:
its an RPG and you can create your own charecter. I'm pretty sure its single player
I'm sold on god of war. Ps5 releases on my 18th birthday
Navtej Singh
Navtej Singh:
Achara good to see you back jaby looks restless without you ;-)
Pratik Raut
Pratik Raut:
I'm going to Slytherin for sure
I hope WB gives HP fans what they want !! They deserve a good fleshed out game , i love HP too but i want those big fans to enjoy it more
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer:
Lol the heck.. I was frikin so surprised cos it's literally 5 am for me.. and am from India.. 👀😱😂
Liam Hobson
Liam Hobson:
Im thinking maybe a time skip or something throughout the game
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez:
If my guess is right you can create a character , choose a path either good or evil ( during the story), and also pick any house you want to be.....🐍🐍🐍
Brent Showers
Brent Showers:
It’s a hogwarts rpg for sure
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson:
00:28 ts 5am here ahahaha
vaishnavi Nandedkar
vaishnavi Nandedkar:
I think this trailer is narrated by the same person who narrated harry potter audio books.
On pottermore site, I am sorted in revenclaw btw.😎
Anime nightcore
Anime nightcore:
I am also early waiting for ps5 and it's game
Arwa Lyngdoh
Arwa Lyngdoh:
I think it's like a battle royal game or an adventure or quests something like that.
Ravenclaw or Slytherin for me... not sure if bad or good tho. :D
I have a funny feeling that Jaby has caught Achara raiding his fridge and eating mochi or twinkies with two hands in the middle of the night..and Jaby is like 'wow'
Sharad Kumar
Sharad Kumar:
Plzz react to false alarm music video by theweeknd, it's really cool
Abhishek Thakur
Abhishek Thakur:
Your thoughts on Harry Potter Magic Awakened game?

God of War 5 reveal!
Mr Random
Mr Random:
It's Bully Hogwarts Edition 😆😆😆
Dude Grinch
Dude Grinch:
wizrding world meets gta? world style like, the website says rpg and w customizable character
Harsh V
Harsh V:
Good thing this works with the PS4😂😂
schools will be similar to bully or the previous HP games if you've played em.
Shuvo Saha
Shuvo Saha:
can we play this on pc?
Kyazumi zerk
Kyazumi zerk:
I hope it's single player with maybe a co-op mission here and there. The dorms for each house will be some kind of lobby. But i don't want multiplayer. Because the biggest problem nowadays with multiplayer games is that every developer will ask for some kind of battle pass or buy this chest for €/$20 to get the wand that will win you all duels and sh*t.
So please let it be single player.
It said in the trailer it's set in the late 1800's so dumbledore may possible be starting his career as headmaster. so snape won't be there possible some of the older professors
Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma:
Jaby do you watch god of war 2 teaser...⚡⚡
Rajorshi Mukherjee
Rajorshi Mukherjee:
5:38 its okay jaby😀 nothing to be embarrassed.. we know u both are human being and u need home supplies delivered, especially in this pandemic situation...rather it would have been odd if that calling bell dint ring,not even in a single video u post....!!
Iron Kite
Iron Kite:
I am also Big fan of Harry Potter . I also have all 8 parts of this Movie . In DVD !
prateek khare
prateek khare:
I never had a PS.. now after all these releases... I do wanna get one!!
Ekdoteen Charpanch
Ekdoteen Charpanch:
Is there Hermione?
Michael Hooper
Michael Hooper:
Reality crept in,. It was awesome.
Justin Mone
Justin Mone:
1st view Jaby .....
Hassan Ansari
Hassan Ansari:
That's very cooolllllll
Shivarjun Godara
Shivarjun Godara:
Do the new God of war:ragnarok game reaction
It's gotta be an RPG, right?
Carlos Collado
Carlos Collado:
She looks like Demi lovato
Sanjay PS
Sanjay PS:
the background tuning during the trailer was bad
GH Gaming
GH Gaming:
Can you guys react on Garena Free Fire pls
Amine AG
Amine AG:
its in the 1800s way before Harry Potter
Romel Bonner
Romel Bonner:
Persona 5 type game 😏
Arren Shepperd
Arren Shepperd:
This game takes place 200 years befor Harry Potter was born.
So we wont see any of the characters we now
Nour Imam
Nour Imam:
I played the Harry Potter movie games
Ronnie Nimer
Ronnie Nimer:
I hope its singleplayer and that it will come on pc.
abhishek singh
abhishek singh:
Y don't they buy seperate building for junior wing and senior wing of school। Principal demands
Achara Kirk is..... Enchanting
I hope they just make this a campaign and not an online game. Would be a better game without toxicity.
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