Homeowner Calls Suspected Break-in by Former Actor Shaun Weiss a 'God Incident'

Police say Shaun Weiss, the former actor best known for his role as Greg Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks" films, was arrested over the weekend in Northern California after breaking into someone`s garage.

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Tillik 100
Tillik 100:
He's only 40 and he looks 80. Horrible what meth does to people.
JonnyBgooD 007
JonnyBgooD 007:
I Love how this responsible gun owner, admitted and assessed that he didn't feel threatened, therefore no usage of gun was needed. I wish our law enforcement and gun caring citizens would learn this skill set. Because of this, he is now clean and living a different future.
I remember seeing crackheads and homeless people on the streets who resembled Wiess' mug shot. Now I think about what they could have looked like after seeing an old video clip of him. Young and vibrant actor who looked so normal. Crazy to think how destructive drugs can be. Literally destroyed his appearance and life. I seriously hope he seeks the help he needs and becomes clean.
Rooting and praying for Shaun Weiss right now.
Eric Lehman
Eric Lehman:
This man is awesome for wanting the best for someone whom wronged him.
The Ticklemeister
The Ticklemeister:
Thank you Sir. You have a good heart.
Dan Bam
Dan Bam:
I guess when the warden finds some crack in his jail cell and asks him and his cellmate who it belongs to, he’s gonna tell him that it belonged to Seymour Butts
Bunny TV
Bunny TV:
This is so sad he needs serious therapy and rehab
Jesus Save Me
Jesus Save Me:
I won't stop praying for you <3
Father God at this moment I come in prayer for Shaun Weiss
Wether it’s drugs depression anxiety or a mental illness Whatever it is that’s not of you in him father I rebuke it right now in the name of your precious son Jesus
Illuminate his body mind & soul right now
Show up show out and show off in his life
For your glory Father
You are the God of impossibilities and I pray that your miraculous works Work in him Father
We thank you We magnify you We exalt you!
In the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ 🙏🏽
Goldberg, yesterday I watching other youtuber hearing the news about him. Damn he just looks horrible
Big Score
Big Score:
That’s the Weiss i know. That’s just normal behavior for Weiss to talk to himself. I’m sure it’s more pronounced on the meth, but Weiss is the kind of person that lets his inner voice talk aloud. I feel really bad for him. He’s a really good guy, just need lots of help. He used to hang out in Sherman Oaks, CA and I always tried buying him food, talking some sense into him, but he is in the late stages of his disease. Please Disney/Michael Lohan get him help. He’s a good person.
Alejandro Banuelos
Alejandro Banuelos:
Wow!!!! Meth is the devil.
S L:
This is sad.
Scott C.
Scott C.:
now Shaun will be perfect for playing a role of a meth addict in Hollywood!
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez:
40 years old and looks like he's 85 I'm 40 and I look 40 years younger than him. Sad
Joshua Vance
Joshua Vance:
Good man right there
Jessy Julie
Jessy Julie:
Update: he is now sober and got free dental surgery and new teeth!
I hope this is providence for Shaun. He picked the right guy to vandalize. He could have been killed as an intruder. Mr. Lou B. Thank you for having such a good heart and putting it to good use for this man. I could not believe the mug shot was Shaun. He's only 4 years older than my son but he looks like he's 60.
Dalton Bolser
Dalton Bolser:
this is why you dont do drugs
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez:
Wow everyone is shitting on Shaun except the guy that got his car broke in by him! Everything is a God incident and divine! Love is ONLY way!
Goooooldbuuuuurg.... “it wasn’t me”
Zachary Waters
Zachary Waters:
He must of been doing that new hard drug called “Gordon Bombay” which feels like a Fulton Reed slapshot to the face.
Alondra Vélez
Alondra Vélez:
So sad
bob smith
bob smith:
Another reason why drugs should always remain illegal they ruin lives.
Hes gone quack
Nikki L
Nikki L:
꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂
꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂:
Don't do drugs!
"Yesterday I went to the Sizzlaaaa"
K Rabiah
K Rabiah:
Chipmunks !! Download now!
Get on the scales son. Get off the scales.
ThisISwhatiLIke ToCallZer0Bullshit
ThisISwhatiLIke ToCallZer0Bullshit:
He must be injecting
Stephanie McKenna
Stephanie McKenna:
I wonder if his voice is still the same.
Rumple foreskin
Rumple foreskin:
Blake X
Blake X:
This doesn't please me
Meghan Boudreau
Meghan Boudreau:
ThisISwhatiLIke ToCallZer0Bullshit
ThisISwhatiLIke ToCallZer0Bullshit:
It looks like he does heroin.
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