Hong Kong police trap hundreds of protesters inside major university

Violence in Hong Kong escalated over the weekend as activists armed with makeshift weapons threw Molotov cocktails and fired arrows at police. In the meantime, a court ruled that the government ban on wearing masks at protests is unconstitutional. NBC's Matt Bradley reports.

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Liu Frank
Liu Frank:
Didnt they block the uni road by themselves?
Gloriano Taccon
Gloriano Taccon:
Who pays for the damages?
Reimu Hakurei
Reimu Hakurei:
Told ya, never build the wall to block yourself, built secret exit when you still can.
Gringo Sinting
Gringo Sinting:
trap them? they invaded the university and made it a fortress to rebel against authority, many of them aren't even the students. They also violently attacked residents near the university who tried to clean the mess they made.
teenage killers are still killers
BP Leow
BP Leow:
Bias reporting! TRAPPED? They build "fortress" and they TRAPPED themselves! Idiots!
Richard Kung
Richard Kung:
Anti mask law is unconstitutional? Lol it's an old British law during Hong Kong colonialism and a current law in the UK, but I guess they don't have a constitution anyway.
Matthew Ng
Matthew Ng:
This reporting is ridiculous, these kids brought it on themeselves and turned the school into a fortress while prepared to use any and all means to repel police including offense weapons to kill like bows and arrows
Stephen Thio
Stephen Thio:
Misleading title, shame on you CNBC
Bruce Willi Bruce
Bruce Willi Bruce:
If I were that reporter, I would resign immediately because the content of this news company is a little abnormal.
Xander Xu
Xander Xu:
Title of the video"HK Police trap hundred of protesters". Last time I checked, these Terriost forcefully barricaded themselves in there. Come on guy, stop spewing out misleading information.
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
Lethal weapons such as Arrows Bows Fire Bombs Knives Acid Hammers Saws Nails are used by these illegal protestors and violent rioters to intentionally terrorise HK society and attack HK police and break all basic laws.

These terrorising CRIMES are legally punishable by LAW.
"Activists armed with weapons" 🤔🤔🤔
Gerardus Ferry
Gerardus Ferry:
Surrender peacefully and responsible for the destruction
Che Li
Che Li:
What if the same situation happens in US?
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
These illegal protestors and violent rioters attacked an ambulance (emergency) truck and injured HK police officer intentionally using bricks and acid whiac are life threatening.

Again, these crimes must be punishable by LAW.

No one must be above the LAW.
Casey Burns Investing
Casey Burns Investing:
Fired arrows?!?
red zz
red zz:
fake news indeed burying all the facts.
Times up for these kids.. Gotta give them lesson
Chou King
Chou King:
The protesters weren't trap inside the by the police, they barricaded themselves inside as they choose not to disperse and walk way before 10pm.
Zou lida Zachary
Zou lida Zachary:
completely biased
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
These illegal protestors and violent rioters have incited terrorising VIOLENCE which must be punishable by LAW.

No one is above the LAW.
They should be charged with terrorism
Safe Space Cafe News Music Comedy
Safe Space Cafe News Music Comedy:
funny there was a tourism China commercial before this video...
Marcus Low
Marcus Low:
Didn't know cnbc could go so low as to use a totally misleading headline
davi cool
davi cool:
Boycott Walmart!
oanh ngoc
oanh ngoc:
We will never hear Hk in the Future
Free Hong Kong
광복홍콩 시대혁명 혁명무죄 조반유리
Western media are double standard as the focus on the action of police while play down or remove clip of the various criminal acts of the protester before police move in.
Wester media did not focus on how quick the western kill protester in similar situation.
Finally we have good news
grimm reaper
grimm reaper:
the cockroaches unwittingly trap themselves by using their campus as 'stronghold' against the police. all the police has to do is to secure all entry and exit points and wait them out.
Aberdin Daniel
Aberdin Daniel:
why cnn ALWAYS has to LIE?
KT Chong
KT Chong:
No amnesty!
John W
John W:
Elbert Lee
Elbert Lee:
What unconstitutional?.
sunnydays DDT
sunnydays DDT:
Well, we will see how many people from US and UK are trapped in there soon. Bravo
long xuân
long xuân:
Tôi phải làm gì để giúp hong kong 😭😭😭
CC Chu
CC Chu:
Hong Kong Polytechnic has thrived for over 8 decades under the Hong Kong Police. How are these barbaric and violent rioters "defending" the University from police "attacks"?
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
These illegal protestors and violent rioters have political agenda to bring down HK government by terrorising HK society and attacking HK police and breaking all basic laws.

This protests is
Wolfgang Wang
Wolfgang Wang:
which eye of you still manipulate you call such as "protesters"??
The extradition bill has been withdrawn as a result of the protests...news coverage of the protests have become extensive across the world... you can disagree with the protesters methods, but it’s hard to argue that the protests have not been effective.
Merry Nine Eleven to you too America
Steve C
Steve C:
Hmmm.. try to blame the police for rioters getting hypothermia.
astro ayumi
astro ayumi:
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
Never NEGOTIATE with rioters & terrorists
abdelhakim taha
abdelhakim taha:
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
This HK University campus have been immorally & unlawfully used by these illegal protestors and violent rioters to develop lethal weapons like bombs bows arrows acid and also to conduct terrorising trainings
Eric P
Eric P:
They tried to block a major tunnel and got caught while doing it. Now that’s a proper title for this news. Get it? CBS “news”?
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
These illegal protests and violent riots have many elements of terrorism and extremism and seperatism
Aaron Wei
Aaron Wei:
I only want to ask, what education system teaches 17 year olds to make and throw Molotov cocktails on city streets?
Westco Food
Westco Food:
Look at the title, Bias news to mislead people, shame on you CNBC!
Deer Bambi SIPA
Deer Bambi SIPA:
Support and respect to tiny but mighty Hong Kong from South Korea. We are with Hong Kong
Mansoor Iqbal
Mansoor Iqbal:
Awwwi wonder why you are not covering Kashmir? oh wait....US wants the indian market so the media will be silent. Duplicity?......
Hyeonjun Ju
Hyeonjun Ju:
Fight against tyrant is human right.
As America independence, France revolution.

I stand with citizen of Hong kong
Violet Wang
Violet Wang:
How misleading such title is! You biased superior races...
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
This University campus have been unlawfully used by these illegal protestors and violent rioters as refuge and breeding area to develop dangerous lethal weapons and to conduct terrorising trainings.
up to 10 years? oh, that's not enough for them.
The freedom fighters trapped themselves in the University. Idiotic kids. Only 10 years in jail.
Inner Peace
Inner Peace:
Its over for US sponsored rioters... Hong Kong, take your city back !!
Jin Soon Chin
Jin Soon Chin:
CNBC, If the rioters did the same demages and hurting the ordinary people in US what would US Gov do? Just let them go without bringing them to justice? Double standard?
Justin Y.
Justin Y.:
Why are there so many 50 cents bots
S W:
Up tp 10 yrs in jail is not that serious and those rioters think is fine.
Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang:
I feel what Trump is saying right, fake news.
Ohoh,you can’t play GTA anymore,because you are wasted.
LOLO Stanley
LOLO Stanley:
Do what the Bible does
This title is like saying school shooter trapped in school by police.....
simyah wong
simyah wong:
all public elections are controlled by corruptive governmet/group in HK !
民主黨 - 口講支持民主選舉, 實質 貪官/籐瓜族 一鍋粥 同流合污 , 齊齊搵食 ,保貪權, 騙港人 !
寄件者:  新增地址
日期:  2017年2月2日, 星期四, 下午03:02:56 GMT+08:00
收件者:  2017-02-01致 : 民主黨 ... 本人 黃文康  將參加 2017 年 香港行政長官選舉,並已告知各大報章和各界人士.本人 在 2017-01 已向貴黨介紹本人的參選理念今天在電視上看見貴黨希望相約多些參選者了解多些政策
理念.現致函貴界, 敬請安排一訪. 謝謝 !
請支持 21 世紀 新一代 新經濟 - 創新產業 , 2017 年 香港行政長官參選人 : 黃文康 ,
              wong man hong (simon wong) , 創新產業 - 發明家 .2019-11-03-又一科大生重傷 (現已傷亡), 教育界議員葉建源 - 矇騙新一代無機心做其馬前卒, 頭爆 .. 眼爆 -- 無恥人格 --- < 殺千刀 > . 荼害眾多學生被打被傷, 現仍在立法會開開心心耀武揚威 !
立法會議員 - 做戲後全通過超高建造費, 自家工程公司, 貪官/籐瓜族 <億億聲>落袋 . 大玩香港後 - 貪官/ 籐瓜族又可開開心心, 無法無天 , 大貪特貪 ! << 瓜分香港公帑 >> .
Teck Hoh Ng
Teck Hoh Ng:
The guy who shot an arrow and hit the leg of a Police should be sent to the Olympics to earn a gold medal and bring glory to HK.
Elixir de Vie Singapore
Elixir de Vie Singapore:
The reason these riots have been dragging on for 6 months is because HK government and police are way too weak and soft! More violent anti-Chinese riots with vandalism, arson, rape and looting in Indonesia in 1998 were ended within less than a week when some geniuses trapped those rioters while they were looting abandoned Chinese-owned shops in shopping malls and burnt them alive. Several hundred rioters looting in a few shopping malls were trapped and burnt to death. The riots immediately ended when the news broke out. No more rioters dared to come out. The current situation in HK is actually an extremely good chance to burn them alive. They should learn from Indonesia's experience. These are the videos: https://youtu.be/YA6JicFZKt4 and https://youtu.be/H7FSbwHPL5U
If this occurred in the usa, all of them are classified as national terrorists.
Kris Kris
Kris Kris:
HK city is part of
CHINA nation

Double Happiness
Double Happiness:
They are not protesters, they took over a university and have a production line making petrol bombs
Monica Chow
Monica Chow:
Save the students at Hong Kong universities. Pass the Human Rights and Democracy Act to punish all people who violate human rights.
lei enzo
lei enzo:
Gone too far: A protest (also called a remonstrance, remonstration or demonstration) is an expression of bearing witness on behalf of an express cause by words or actions with regard to particular events, policies or situations. Protests can take many different forms, from individual statements to mass demonstrations. Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy, or they may undertake direct action in an attempt to directly enact desired changes themselves. Where protests are part of a systematic and peaceful nonviolent campaign to achieve a particular objective, and involve the use of pressure as well as persuasion, they go beyond mere protest and may be better described as cases of civil resistance or nonviolent resistance.
Gerry Boric
Gerry Boric:
They need American democracy like Waco
S S:
Where's the Dean of Polytechnic University? Is he blind at his students' devastation and danger? He should be sacked and arrested for not doing his duty!
Bonnie Oles
Bonnie Oles:
People don't usually make a big protest unless it's against something that's very wrong.
Andy Chen
Andy Chen:
All those rioters need to do is give them selves up.No body is trapped!
Qing Tong
Qing Tong:
It must have taken a while for editor to come up with a title twisted in favor of "protesters".
Unfortunately, many of these brainwashed thugs will get off scott free completely unappreciative of the fact that they've been treated with kid gloves from day one. And they'll continue to gripe about delusionally how the CCP and Xi Jinping are oppressing them.
For JMail
For JMail:
I'm against violence, and I'm against bias like CNBC on this report.
Mia Hooton
Mia Hooton:
They better go home cops are going to use real guns
Thorus Adamus Crusius
Thorus Adamus Crusius:
@CNBC Television, stop LYING. The TERRORISTS were not trapped in the PolyU, they *occupied* it.
These terrorists need to be brought to justice.
Edit: And the terrorists *stole* chemicals from the PolyU and that's why they had chemical injuries.
soo beng chng
soo beng chng:
Why China until now still no actions.
FAKE NEWS, the kids don't want to come out, they sieged the university; and no I'm not from China and not paid by the Chinese.
Finally closing in on these trouble makers
J ds
J ds:
At the very beginning of these protests I sympathised with the protestors but it's turned into something different from what it set out to be seems the violence is getting worse and some are taking advantage of the situation to simply wreak havoc and hide behind the message that they are fighting for freedom.
Didn't they "trap" themselves in there by invading the universities to begin with? Saying they're "trapped" even now would still be a stretch since the police are just there to arrest them. Just earlier today, there's some 70 rioters that turned themselves in and they were taken first to the hospital without any fuss. How is this being trapped? All this is is a bunch of self hating kids trying to play martyr for a bit longer.
X Wu
X Wu:
Trap in a school dam worst nightmare possible well at least there is a library
Usa is 500000000x worse.
Z Zhou
Z Zhou:
They should be sentenced to 10000000 hours community service. Be responsible and clean up your own mess kids
Ur reporter should in a justice position!!! Have U seen anyone will burnt their own "home"? Except they are insane!! Crazy!!
Our HK citizens hijacked by those rioters!!! They destroyed the facilities here, they killed citizens...force citizens to join the strike
...hit the volunteer whose cleaning the road blocked, THEY R NOT STUDENTS!!! THEY ARE RIOTERS!!! ZOMBIE !!
Bruce Willi Bruce
Bruce Willi Bruce:
Remember this is the CNBC media that has been blacklisted by trump.
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen:
Poly U is not Hong Kong. They are Polyer... . Free Poly U forget HK now lol
Vette Hogan
Vette Hogan:
Protesters? They’re rioters. They are not activists anymore. They’re terrorists.
Max M
Max M:
all is agenda. fake news cnbc
Lucia Westwood
Lucia Westwood:
What a misleading title. The police didn’t trap them. There’s a designated exit for them to leave but they didn’t want to leave as they broke the law and will be charged once they leave through that exit.
Yeow Aun Lim
Yeow Aun Lim:
These rioters will be charged and convicted for rioting. Try throwing Molotov cocktails into your news studios. Hope you can be as passionate about these rioters. 10 years in jail might not be time enough to cool their murderous behaviour.