Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5 Reveal Event

The next chapter in Aloy's adventure is coming to the Playstation 5 in Horizon 2: Forbidden West

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leevan pool
leevan pool:
Please let her fly on a machine in this one🙏🏻🙏🏻
Having just finished Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, I am super stoked and excited to get a PS5 just for this game alone. Makes it all worth it.
Bovic Leuterio
Bovic Leuterio:
Damn, PlayStation trying to put my bank into the negative
Abdullahi Abdulle
Abdullahi Abdulle:
we really needed this after the shitty past 6 months
When you see “Sony Interactive Entertainment presents” at the beginning of the trailer, you know it’s a big game
silent bruh
silent bruh:
my heart stopped as soon as i heard aloy's voice
Hammad Wasti
Hammad Wasti:
Can't even imagine how beautiful this is going to be
This game is epicness i buy ps5 for this game alone 😃
This looks so amazing can’t wait to play
LOTR: Return Of The King vibes in the end
Sora Ware
Sora Ware:
Pretty sure the title is just “Horizon II: Forbidden West.” The “Zero Dawn” was the subtitle for the first game, not this one.
All this time and you still don't know that the franchise is "Horizon", not "Horizon Zero Dawn". 🤦‍♂️
Samuel M
Samuel M:
When I heard the pan flutes at 0:15, you had my interest.
When I heard "the old ones" at 0:26, you had my attention.
Jay Fran
Jay Fran:
Who else is so hyped for this. I had goose bumps the whole time. The first game was mind blowing. Can't wait. And please tell me one of the old ones will be alive cuz spoiler alert. The ending of horizon zero dawn showed sylens attempting to bring back one of the old ones. The whole time during the first game I wanted to see one of the old ones alive and get to fight it.
Tennis Tragic
Tennis Tragic:
OMG I totally just had a Nerdgasm 😮😳 Horizon was in the top 3 fav games of the ps4 generation I literally cant wait to see this masterpiece on the ps5 its going to look amazing guaranteed it will push the ps5 to its limits! 😮 Did you guys see those underwater scenes? Was waiting to see Dory and Nemo swimming by!
I will be buying high-end 4k tv with the PS5 when this comes out.
Patrick J
Patrick J:
This is going to be an awesome map. Think of the red wood trees, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, San Fran, and ..... the ocean!?? Mech Megalodon
Ryan Petru
Ryan Petru:
2:48 Pretty sure that's San Francisco, Which would make sense for the title "Forbidden West" as they're on the west coast.
Lord Levett
Lord Levett:
"Look, Mr. Frodo"
Kyle Key
Kyle Key:
"Zero Dawn" isn't in the title.
Arien Van Stralen
Arien Van Stralen:
"That still counts as one!"
If the game looks exactly as to whats shown on here, Idk if my eyes can believe it
Roon Kolos
Roon Kolos:
Up to here I was on the fence of buying a system

Dammit sony just take my money on this alone
The graphics are amazing
I think this was the most impressive trailer from the reveal event. Gorgeous.
This will be game of the year when it is released
- Schattenpflanze -
- Schattenpflanze -:
Dammit Sylens and Hades what are they doing now?!
Maurice Moss
Maurice Moss:
Sony knocking the damn ball out of the universe with these fire releases. Can't wait for this one though...
Masterpiece, can not wait to play it :D I love Aloy, love Horizon Zero Dawn and i will love this absolutle stunning game :D
martian godfather
martian godfather:
Imagining how big the map is going to be gives me goosebumps
Luzuko Mihael
Luzuko Mihael:
in the great words of Phillip J Fry. '''shut up and take my money''
Lukman Lukman
Lukman Lukman:
Everyone talking about graphic, but i'm amazed with the music
Just started playing the first one the other day. Looks like I'll have to get a PS5 after all
Juice Fi
Juice Fi:
Ooooh i wonder what beautiful music there will be in the background when youre just exploring.
Cant wait i‘m super hyped
Hello There
Hello There:
You can see the thousand year old golden gate bridge so we all know that the real world locations in this game will be in california and maybe washington or even northwest mexico
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96:
When Talent meets Power. That’s PlayStation 🔥🔥🔥
Franci Fiorons
Franci Fiorons:
List of game to buy:
Horizon Zero Dawn 2 check
RE 8 check
Demon's Souls check
Ratchet check
Ghost wire check...

"Still only counts as one!"
JJ Williams
JJ Williams:
I must say of this is what next-gen has in store then SIGN ME THE HECK UP
Absolute tears of joy when I first saw this earlier 😭 This game is going to flow so beautifully on the PS5 🤩
Xd Drblz
Xd Drblz:
Welp guess ill be buying the ps5

Edit:thanks for the likes
WhatEverLoser !
WhatEverLoser !:
You have no idea how long I've waited for this😢
Fearful Tuna
Fearful Tuna:
This looks amazing, I don’t feel like I could dream better environments!

And a turtle!!!
Jo IGN, pretty sure it's not called "Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West". It's "Horizon 2: Forbidden West" such as the first title was "Horizon: Zero Dawn"
Kevin Visher
Kevin Visher:
I just got finished with the PS5 Gaming show and when i saw this game my heart raced. It looks incredible and the new animals/robobeasts look great. Snapping turtle, Rhino, Wart Hog and Mammoths... All... ALLLLLLLLLL incredible. I can't wait to see it.
No Scrotum No Krav Maga
No Scrotum No Krav Maga:
Yep and i was like "im going to wait a year, it's okey for me"

F-ing Horizon
Jon De Iconuc
Jon De Iconuc:
Oh yes the rumors were true on this one..
Tashi Chopel
Tashi Chopel:
Seeing these trailers and PS5 reveal is like self torture, knowing that I can't afford it right now.
Paul Bowler
Paul Bowler:
Oh my days, this looks AMAZING!!!
Said Sanchez
Said Sanchez:
man, I can’t wait for this game to be released. wow, I’ve never felt this exciting
they better not messed this up and hoping the media will not attack this game
Marvelous Meh
Marvelous Meh:
Best girl is back. Can't wait to play this! <3
Deanna Thompson
Deanna Thompson:
THIS would have to be my favourite ps4 game ever
Calsiren XX
Calsiren XX:
I just need you guys to know I simp this game so hard I've spent years in love with it expecting it to be a one off thing and seeing this has me just 🥺🥺🥺💚💚💚
Chris Khani
Chris Khani:
I cried and pee a little watching this. I’m so ready 😊
Her voice 😍😍 as soon as she started talking I knew it was my game. This is EASILY my favorite game ever. Favorite protagonist ever.
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe:
I’m so excited for this! I had goose bumps the whole time. I can’t wait to find out more about where the signal came from. Is dickhead from the first game still alive some how, can’t remember the guys name, he was the guy who started the apocalypse by accident. So many questions that I’m dying to know. Plus it’s gonna be gorgeous.
Jack Giffney
Jack Giffney:
Horizon Zero Dawn was so perfect and beautiful, I can't wait to see what is next for Aloy's story.
Zachary Rodriguez
Zachary Rodriguez:
1:55 better be a hint that the final boss is going to a massive robotic DRAGON!!
This looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking! I can't wait for the PS5!
Game of the year 202... ?
JoLynn Lim
JoLynn Lim:
Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn...then THIS BIG NEWS DROPS!!!!
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...ALOY IS BACK!
Daniel Clocktower
Daniel Clocktower:
Info /Opinion
Info /Opinion:
1:42 wow just pause & look at that ! 🔥😍 I CAN IMAGINE WHAT NAUGHTY DOG IS GONNA DO WITH THIS BEEEAAST !
Just a Pretzel with internet access.
Just a Pretzel with internet access.:
At 3:03 you can see the new lord of the rings game!
Be gone Waifu
Be gone Waifu:
I'm waiting for the PC version.
*Change my mind*
Noble de Rafael
Noble de Rafael:
1:18 Pokemon Torterra in Mecha-Evolution form
Cleofe Jean
Cleofe Jean:
Omg! I cant wait for this! Money, be prepared to leave my credit card
Cho Koon
Cho Koon:
Can please make her default outfit upgradeable so i don’t have to endure the other ones
Felipe Gaming
Felipe Gaming:
1:37 that part, that bso !
This is going to be amazing! I am so excited! 😄
LV Zapiter
LV Zapiter:
oooohhh!! I wish this comes available on PS4 too!! 😫😫
Jairus Eli Jasmin
Jairus Eli Jasmin:
"No Playstation exclusive game I wouldn't buy"
alex logan
alex logan:
Yes please, I need this in my life
Taylor Weber
Taylor Weber:
This is beautiful and I cant wait!
"Playstation Exclusive" lol
The hype is real... :D
Zero dawn is the first game.

It's just Horizon 2: Forbidden west
Jacob Gromovsky
Jacob Gromovsky:
I've been looking forward to this for a long time but that mammoth made me cream my pants
Hell yeah! Looks sweet!
Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan:
The only revealed game I am really excited for
AMAZING! I can't wait to slowmo-jump-arrow some robo-elephants to death.
Boys are crying too!
Love seeing "Zero Dawn 2" in the title even though the second Horizon doesn't even have Zero Dawn in its name. They think we're dumb babies who wouldn't understand what game series it is unless they said something like "Skyrim 2"
John Cho
John Cho:
You know it's a day one buy when you get goosebumps.
Sony always delivers!
Baciar 83
Baciar 83:
Wooooooow hope end 2020 we can start the new Adventure
im dead
im dead:
i'm SO happy we get to play as aloy!
Zikri m12
Zikri m12:
Wait, the series called Horizon? Not horizon zero dawn?
I have no idea what is real and not anymore in 2020
Ricardo Figueroa
Ricardo Figueroa:
Now Aloy will be fighting Haradrim on Mûmakils...

Fishy Tales
Fishy Tales:
Can't wait the first game was amazing.
"games aren't art"
*Horizon 2 trailer exists*
BAM Mözzi
BAM Mözzi:
The Red Weed - War of the Worlds... LOL

Can't wait for this - day 1 purchase!!
man manly manson
man manly manson:
What I would like to see in this game:
#1 the ability to ride most of the robots especialy the ones that fly
2# to climb every ledge and not just the ome you want us to climb
3# more wepon variety and not just bows and arrows
If you were to make the first 2 alone you will end up making one of the best games of all times
Best graphics I’ve ever seen ❤️
Just watched this on my 4K OLED. I’m shocked at how stunning this is.
Keri Harguess
Keri Harguess:
Wow wow wow!!! 😍
Super Sonico
Super Sonico:
Just take my money! 😂
Max Chung
Max Chung:
Reload your forgefire and icerails.. lets do this!
berg geit
berg geit:
The first game was amazing. This will be too.
The best game on the PS5 so far.