HOUSE OF GUCCI Trailer (2021) Lady Gaga, Jared Leto

HOUSE OF GUCCI Trailer (2021) Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, Adam Driver, Ridley Scott, Biopic
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Haley Sywak
Haley Sywak:
I'm so glad Lady Gaga is going into acting. She's so incredibly talented.
Ha Ta
Ha Ta:
If they didn't state his name, I couldn't know Jared Leto was behind all that prosthetic and makeup!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
hell yes this shit better be good or everyone gets hell. I have spoken!
Alan Chikin Chow
Alan Chikin Chow:
Looks soooo good omg
The Rest Of Us
The Rest Of Us:
Me as a Europan: look at all these fake Italians speaking English with a fake Italian accent!

Movie looks amazing though.
Rebecca Rodgers
Rebecca Rodgers:
She’s gonna get an Oscar for this
Griffin Gardner
Griffin Gardner:
Can't believe Ridley Scott is this active at this point in his life. This and the last duel coming out this year? Insane, and he still plans on doing another Gladiator film. One of my favorite filmmakers
Anthony Daramola
Anthony Daramola:
Oh. It’s very rare that I get excited for a movie. This is gonna be good
Sequoyah Hilderbrand
Sequoyah Hilderbrand:
I didn’t think I could love Gaga anymore than I do, yet here I am. 💜😍
this whole trailer is giving me chills, the song, the editing.. this looks promising
Vince F
Vince F:
Lady Gaga... a movie star is born! She’s incredible. I can’t wait to see this movie!!!
Anarky 39
Anarky 39:
As a little monster this trailer is driving me crazy with excitement.
One of the greatest style icons of all time starring in a movie about one of the greatest fashion houses of all time. Got to love it. Little Monsters will go to this movie for sure.
Sarah Ryan
Sarah Ryan:
Fantastic cast line-up. Let's hope the film is as Fantastic. Love Lady Gaga ❤
Whoever edited this trailer deserves an award themselves 😱 IM SO HYPED FOR THIS MOVIE!
Beckett Kenny
Beckett Kenny:
Her versatility, she’s legendary!
Onesmo Kasongo
Onesmo Kasongo:
anything with Adam Driver in it, I'm already sold.
Gilberto Nascimento
Gilberto Nascimento:
0:59 Lady Gaga me lembrou Joan Jett mais nova .Jared Leto sempre surpreendendo nos visuais de personagens
Gaga and Jared, new material for an Award winning. Go girl!
javar0202 jv
javar0202 jv:
i want the full version of this song, the way that guitar hits is crazy,
thank whoever put this song together,
because i would have skipped this trailer so fast if it wasn't for that it was the only thing that held my attention
I guess Jared Leto graduated from Christian Bale Body University.
Jessy Manders
Jessy Manders:
Musician actors unite. Wait was that Adam Driver?! 🤤 Damn this cast, the story, this movie wins the year for sure
Well the trailer is really good. Now I can’t wait to see the movie. It’s funny isn’t it, that when Lady Gaga doesn’t look anything like her normal self a.k.a. platinum hair and all the heavy make up she looks gorgeous. People said that about her look in her first movie too — that they really liked the way she looked.
Cait X
Cait X:
Wow this looks great! Can’t wait it’s been so long since a classic movie has been released, have a feeling this will be it!
Hendra Lim
Hendra Lim:
Father, Son and House of Gucci! Priceless!
Neekityneek Fam
Neekityneek Fam:
Gaga proved her abilities. This cast wow! Gonna be a good one.
Gemma pixie
Gemma pixie:
Adam driver is just divine. You can practically smell his Oscar.
When u have to watch the trailer more than once yes it looks that good cannot wait
Randy Givens
Randy Givens:
I can't wait for this one! It's going to be a good one.
Deen Mohammad
Deen Mohammad:
Who would have thought Lady Gaga will turn into such an amazing actor!
This is the most realistic prosthetic/makeup ive ever seen.
In most other movies you can see that something isnt right, but here it just looks so real!
Jacob Milligan
Jacob Milligan:
From the looks of their trailers, I don’t have any clue which movie will win the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. I just know the list will include The Eyes of Tammy Faye, for sure and this movie, House of Gucci. I mean this should just get nominated for Jared Leto’s makeup alone. It’s the same exact thing for The Eyes of Tammy Faye, I guarantee the Academy will nominate that film for Jessica Chastain’s progressing makeup change. Like the end of that trailer, I was like, “Wow!”
Damn they showed so little of Jeremy Irons... this has the potential to be something big.
But I really hope that Irons and Pacino have some great scenes would be a waste of big talent if they don't have something great together!
Airee P
Airee P:
This may be the one to get me in the theaters again? I'm so excited to see this!
Kin Le
Kin Le:
Imagine not having Lady Gaga sing in a movie she was acting in. Her voice is too good not too
S K:
Damn...epic cast! The whole Gucci scandal was CRAZY so this should be amazing to see!
Courtney E
Courtney E:
This has been the year of Adam Driver and I’m so here for it 😭 also miss Gaga is everything
Jason Smith
Jason Smith:
Damn solid cast and director. Can't wait!
And Finally the good movies start roiling out again!!!
Nuli A
Nuli A:
I'm so glad for that 1 person in the room that acknowledged Gaga in the midst of the other 100...or was it 99? Now, we get to see her in other movies.😌
i really like how much 80s and 90s it looks, (hair and makeup are perfect)
Tugba Karabulut
Tugba Karabulut:
Lady Gaga is more talented than some other Hollywood starts ! I am excited to see it
When you need to do a triple take to know who Jared Leto is playing 🌚
That's how you know it's a potentially good film
This trailer was simply exquisite.
Lil Kawaii Potato
Lil Kawaii Potato:
I cant handle both of my biggest crushes adam and gaga in one movie i might pass out 😫
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller:
It's looks really good. Didn't think this is Ridley Scott's type of movie.
Directed by Ridley Scott and this ensemble cast? This is going to be freaking amazing!
Travis Rutters
Travis Rutters:
This is not usually my type of film but dam this looks good. And I gotta say, Lady Gaga is killin with the acting career so far, I am impressed
Rod Taylor
Rod Taylor:
Oh wow this looks awesome. What a cast!
It look like it’s going to be a hit!!
i’m actually excited for this
Emlou J
Emlou J:
All those Driver smiles warm my heart.
Norman bates
Norman bates:
The cast in this movie is just too good
Mepung Dawe
Mepung Dawe:
Okay, but the trailer seems so good and the cast.....oh my gawd.....🤩🤩
- t2thej -
- t2thej -:
GaGa’s choosing really well - and so should she. Good on her!
Aryan Tandon
Aryan Tandon:
With Ridley Scott at the helm I'm expecting great things.
Isaac Urias
Isaac Urias:
That Heart of Glass by Blondie tho ✨✨✨
Zama Nkabini
Zama Nkabini:
OH MY GOSH LADY GAGA?! I'm wowed right now, This is really dope!
Super excited for this movie!! FOR GAGA <3 <3 <3
“Father, son and House of Gucci”- DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂 Bomb cast. Is there anything Lady Gaga can’t do?!
Tee Irving
Tee Irving:
I love lady Gaga she was meant for this
Natalie Mahash
Natalie Mahash:
This looks so good. I'll be watching .
Joseph Stevenson
Joseph Stevenson:
Gaga continues to impress with her foray into cinema
Tsepiso Lushaba
Tsepiso Lushaba:
Can't wait to watch this.....I can tell Lady Gaga killed it!
Djevalekov Production
Djevalekov Production:
Good vibes, can't wait!😆
Meri Official
Meri Official:
I swear there isn't anything that Lady Gaga can't do...
This film in going to be a masterpiece
Confession: At first sight I truly thought Adam Driver was Alan Partridge here!
Now that would be a movie I would move mountains to see! 😉🇬🇧
this looks amazing!
Elin Tilia
Elin Tilia:
I'm so glad Jared Leto is unrecognizable in this. With all the talent in this film I want to watch it and this makes it easy to pretend he isn't in it.
Cristian and Anastassia
Cristian and Anastassia:
This looks awesome 👌
gaga coming for that oscar ONCE AGAIN
Nnanna Kalu
Nnanna Kalu:
This looks to be a riveting biopic-not to mention that it's clearly Oscar bait...

I'll definitely check it out!
Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright:
Is it just me or is Adam Driver literally in every movie right now lol?
milan jain
milan jain:
Ridley Scott doing a non-fiction, never thought I'd see the day
Jesus Christ, how many good movies is Adam Driver in?
Damn...didn't even realize it was Leto...and even once said, I was like, really?
kim chiunatics
kim chiunatics:
I’m here for Adam Driver ❤️
This looks amazing.
CWow 21
CWow 21:
Darling, this looks incredible!
jade montana.
jade montana.:
adam driver better get his well deserved oscar with this movie.

edit: literally all of you are full of hate and criticism, it's so embarrassing, get well soon lmfao.
Rae Ernest
Rae Ernest:
this should be called HOUSE OF OSCARS ammirite 😭
Can’t wait!
Gaga looks perfect for the role
vure kno
vure kno:
now this will be a MUST watch!!!
hajar nafli
hajar nafli:
This some hell of a line up ! I am obligated to watch the movie at this point !
Adam Driver is going for his Oscar 🔥😍😍😍
neweverymorning Mercy
neweverymorning Mercy:
Oh, I hope this is as good as it looks!
mister tamura
mister tamura:
It’s a shame this isn’t an Italian production, but the cast is great nonetheless.
Taking bets on how many Oscar Nominations this movie will get
Victor Damaso
Victor Damaso:
The cast is pure gold!
Could be one for the books.... Iconic.
Elizabeth Zúñiga
Elizabeth Zúñiga:
Dirk Huylebroeck
Dirk Huylebroeck:
I am SO gonna watch this.
Vinicius Rodrigues
Vinicius Rodrigues:
So they transformed the story of Gucci in a DC movie. I'm here for it honestly.
Rico Regencia
Rico Regencia:
Father, son and house of Gucci most memorable lines i think from thia film 😁😄😅
O F:
Next Oscars go to Ridley!!! Most deserved!!!
Gijs Van De Krol SOLO ALBUM 2022
Gijs Van De Krol SOLO ALBUM 2022:
Love it when it says. ‘Inspired on a true story’ 😅true hollywood 💫greetz from Amsterdam the Netherlands✌️😎
Italian location, great actors, rich people, I'm in!!