How Good Was David Villa Actually?

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Raymar Football
Raymar Football:
David Villa just signed with Vissel Kobe FC in Japan a few hours before I uploaded this, that means he'll be playing with Andres Iniesta once again! 👀🔥 A lot of goals will be scored lol

Edit: Villa is announcing his retirement at the end of this J-League season. So glad I made a video of one of my all time footballing idols. Gracias El Guaje 💜
Kieyan Borg
Kieyan Borg:
David Villa is one of the best spanish strikers ever.
Rohith Reddy
Rohith Reddy:
A small correction. Not the most underrated striker of his generation but is the most underrated striker of all time.
El Rey
El Rey:
At age 37, he scored 15 goals in 26 matches in the MLS

I think that is impressive
z a
z a:
When talking about Villa's 15-goal season with Atletico I think the fact that Atletico won the league title that season should be mentioned. They broke the Barca-Madrid duopoly in La Liga and reached the CL final back when Barca/Bayern/Madrid were stacked as hell and completely dominating Spain and Europe. That league title was one of the greatest football achievements in the past couple decades and Villa still played an important role.

Especially in the greater narrative of his career: Villa won the Copa del Rey against a great Madrid team with Zaragoza, won the Copa again with Valencia, won everything including the Champions League with Barcelona, won the Euro and the World Cup with Spain, and won an unlikely La Liga against two historically great sides with Atletico. He's a winner
Galaxy HZ
Galaxy HZ:
I discovered him playing for Valencia and I always told people he was a badass striker but nobody listened. Underrated for sure.
Swishgod 662
Swishgod 662:
His finesse shot on fifa 12 alone makes him legendary
Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill:
The Three Musketeers at Valencia:
Juan Mata, David Silva and David Villa. They made that team tick. The classic 5-0 drubbing that Barcelona handed Real Madrid, Villa was the star in that game.
Alves. puyol pique. abidal
Xavi. busquets iniesta
Pedro. messi. villa.
The most dominant team I've ever seen in my life.
ifran udeen
ifran udeen:
How good?
A 11/10 striker on a good day
10/10 other days
Toruk Makto
Toruk Makto:
David Villa was the reason Spain won the World Cup in South Africa. Spain was dominant in all the games but couldn't find a goal, it was David Villa's individual brilliance that bailed Spain out all the time.
Most underrated Spanish player of all time. He basically carried Spain in the 2010 world cup.
Rollerhead 99
Rollerhead 99:
Coming from an Spanish guy, David Villa is arguably the best forward Spain has ever had, he's SO good on and off the pitch, great character and world class footballer
Cristian Lopez
Cristian Lopez:
I went to see him and pirlo at an MLS game against the earthquakes which r local to me! We waited near a fence by the buses where the players would walk by and villa actually came to the fence and signed autographs! I got to shake his hand and he didnt leave until security told him he needed to get on the bus! True humble legend!! Mad respect for this man!!
This dude single-handedly kept Valencia relevant in the early 2000s
What a legend this guy is.
I remember all my friends running around with Ronaldo shirts or whatever but I was always rooting for Villa.
The King.
David Villa and Diego Forlan were in my opinion amongst the best strikers of their era.
Akhil Pisharody PIDY
Akhil Pisharody PIDY:
I used to have David Villa's pics as my Profile Pic in Facebook after World Cup 2010. I liked him a lot until he disappeared. Never knew what happened until i watched this video. Thanks
He is underrated, I remember watching him in the 2010 World Cup he was really dominant & always decisive.. Great player I’ll always remember the great things you did for Spain & Barcelona... Peace 🇪🇸
How good? INSANELY good. An absolute goal machine. Somehow how well he did for Spain at major tournaments is forgotten
Sayun Tamrakar
Sayun Tamrakar:
Today he announced his retirement. Thank you legend ❤️
Joshua A Smithers
Joshua A Smithers:
I'm from Zaragoza, lived pretty close to him. Seen him play many times at our stadium... the guy was pure dynamite and although he was so young with us you could tell he loved challenging all the superstars he came across on the pitch. The last time we won trophies in 2004 it was with him as our stricker, the Copa del Rey against Madrid and the Supercopa de España against Valencia.
Villa really was under the radar for a long long time!
Champions league, World cup and Euro etc.Villa won all the most prestigious trophees. Of course he is a legend!
Messi the GOAT
Messi the GOAT:
I think the most underrated players of all Time are David Villa and Romario
Luis Email
Luis Email:
Very true just said
And the duo messi and villa was better than the one with suarez.
David was in the top 5 for years
David Jr
David Jr:
I swear he was the highest rated striker in fifa 10 him and Torres he was like 92 rated
Saba Sozashvili
Saba Sozashvili:
I am Barca fan and I really respect D.Villa. Love him. I played Pes2011 and loved useing him. Legend!!! Such underrated.
Best Spanish striker ever, in my opinion
Reptile Escape
Reptile Escape:
I have always thought he’s a beast.. No recognition at all.
M Smithy
M Smithy:
David Villa is one of the best players I've ever seen. I can say that with confidence.
David villa and Klaas Jan Huntelaar. Insane strikers that the world has forgotten.
Der Strxtege
Der Strxtege:
And now hes retireing after all those years. I will miss him.
Gracias Guaje
He announced yesterday he’s retiring at the end of j-league (next month)
Goodbye legend , one of my favorite players 😭
paco ramon
paco ramon:
He won every trophy a player can win.
Ousman Ceesay
Ousman Ceesay:
David villa is a living legend and my favorite footballer💪🏾⚽️🔥 Respect✊🏾💯#7💯
Sam Pechlaner
Sam Pechlaner:
I just cried, he was my hero as i was a child. thanks for the vid ❤
Nestor Chavarin
Nestor Chavarin:
Total savage with the "He's playing against scrubs in the MLS" 🤣🤣🤣 It's completely true! The only reason the league is full of scrubs is because the scouting system is trash.

I'm definently subscribing 💯😆
Lorenzo Nivellini
Lorenzo Nivellini:
One of my favorite players. In his prime I recognized him as a global superstar.
steew mathison
steew mathison:
you should do one on Clearance Seedorf on Edgar Davids, that would be interesting!
Walter Parada
Walter Parada:
One of my favorite players ever!
TFC 2104
TFC 2104:
My fav player is Pedro, i just love his style of play, and i would really like him to return to Barça
Derron Whittle
Derron Whittle:
Xabi Alonso man! One of the most under rated midfielder.
Ben St.clair
Ben St.clair:
Ive always admired David Villa, he is one of my favorite players of all time
Angel AR
Angel AR:
Lol You know he's underrated when even Raymar forgets to mention that in Villa's only season with Atletico he helps them win La Liga. Ending a reign of Barcelona and Real dominance in La Liga titles. Another awesome video! :)

Please give me a heart!!!
kameel amareen
kameel amareen:
Man loved this and loved you for doing this <3
Luis Cantón Tébar
Luis Cantón Tébar:
I'm from Spain and I think that he is one of the best striker I've seen, I remember all the goals he scored in 2010 WC, that was amazing
a video of Del Piero next, please!
Luke Coupland
Luke Coupland:
Far far from a disappointing career which u sort of made it out to be I mean god he won World Cup, euros, champions league la Liga Copa del Rey and the all time highest goal scorer for Spain
David Villa did not score the game winner vs Real Madrid in the final, it was Galleti. Villa scored a penalty, the second for the team.
Dougal Graham
Dougal Graham:
8:57 after living in Barcelona and Valencia I really don’t think u can say New York is a step up mate
YDS StrikeZ
YDS StrikeZ:
6:57 raymar did me and my team dirty by just making me remember what a tragic goal he scored against my country, which is now a not so good team especially since the players retired, any other sad hondurian fans?
Kiril Ivanov
Kiril Ivanov:
So thats exactly what i am gonna do 😈❤️
His goals in MLS are that much more impressive because he played WITH scrubs.
You should make one about Diego Milito i feel like he also was very underrated
محمد العامري
محمد العامري:
When I see him playing I hear a Spanish music playing around
77 dead
77 dead:
David Villa is one of my favorite players of all time. Happy to see him get some hype
I remember chanting “Villa, Villa, Villa, Villa Maravilla” back in 2010. Good old times...

By the way, “Maravilla” in Spanish means marvelous.
I can't wait to dedicate my life to getting his icon card when he gets one in fifa. Hopefully next year!
Nino Mediera
Nino Mediera:
When he played for Zaragoza in 2004, i knew he would be the best striker.
Javier Rueda
Javier Rueda:
Since I suffered him playing with Zaragoza against Sevilla when he striked 4 goals I became a fan of him. Too underrated even by spaniards
Taqo Karajani
Taqo Karajani:
One of my favorite strikers that i got to see along with henry
Finaly someone giving a credit for my fav player of all time. He wasnt just good footballer, there is something classy in his behaviour of and on the pitch, he is very different from many today's players. One and only, the Matador David Villa! <3
BHPTV [WCF/100%]
BHPTV [WCF/100%]:
10:34 Just found your chanel, been binge watching these docs, theyr dope af. Would love to c a vid about Zlatan ⭐💯
M 7
M 7:
David villa and fabregas and Pedro 💙
Ramdibaaz Londa
Ramdibaaz Londa:
We need st villa in fut prime icon👍👍👍👌👌👌
Manoj Kale
Manoj Kale:
He was phenomenal back then, my favorite
RexySexy BigCanOfPepsi
RexySexy BigCanOfPepsi:
Villa was unstoppable in 2009 and 2010... imagine how good he would have been if he never broke his leg... I mean he still averaged .55 goals a game after the injury thats actually insane. Most players dont even score 5 goals after that kind of injury.
Pedro Lendínez
Pedro Lendínez:
I live in Gijón and as you must imagine here in my region Villa is anything but underrated, he is a complete icon and legend for everybody. I support Sporting too and i must tell you that Segunda División is not an easy league as you said, Im not completely sure but i dont think we have had any other player in Sporting after Villa to score 20 goals in a season (maybe Scepovic but idk), and It is not an easy task i can tell. Anyway very nice video, we dont really need it here but the world should recognize what he has given to football history.
Vamos guaje! Puxa Sporting!
Aba & Preach
Aba & Preach:
You should cover hernan crespo
Who’s here after he announced his retirement?
love him, the goat
Javier espinal
Javier espinal:
glad you made this video, ive always seen him as a legend in my eyes. great vid ❤️🙏🏽
My favorite player of all time, maravilla🔥
Sri Praharsha
Sri Praharsha:
Thanks boss! Much needed ❤️
Joshua Leon Guerrero
Joshua Leon Guerrero:
David Villa, My favorite player!
kameel amareen
kameel amareen:
He is the player who actually got me to love football <3
Amazing ❤️ Villa
Taha Souri
Taha Souri:
One of my all time favorites.
Donny Mckittrick
Donny Mckittrick:
I hav always thought David villa was amazing and one of the most talented soccer players I hav ever seen
Ali Hakimi
Ali Hakimi:
he deserves an icon card a year or 2 after he retires
Thank you for this video!
Aitor Navarro
Aitor Navarro:
Damn right! He's always been underrated
Brijraj Chauhan
Brijraj Chauhan:
David villa and torres
Both legendary for spain
Thanks for doing this!!
Kabir Mehta
Kabir Mehta:
Man who ever tackled him to break his leg should get punched in the face
I remember when i was younger everytime i heard or saw he would always be scoring goals
Victor Bartolomeu
Victor Bartolomeu:
I have always appreciated Villa a real great player and amazing skills . Loved him
Denilson Amaya
Denilson Amaya:
When I think of best strikers.. he always comes to mind.. when I was little I would look up Messi videos and I ended up paying as much attention to David Villa as I did to Messi and that’s saying something.
Ruben Soares
Ruben Soares:
Yeah is totally underrated. I was so good. He don't "just" score goals, he makes his teamats plays as well. He was really good. One the best... I Wil say top 10 of the 2000.
Mick Solo
Mick Solo:
I remember that Villa was my favourite player when I was younger. Then I burned my David Villa Barca shirt when he moved clubs
steve menjivar
steve menjivar:
Favorite player of all time 🔥🔥🔥
Wilnick Donice
Wilnick Donice:
Please make a video about the Spain National Team. They're my favorite team too!
Free Ross
Free Ross:
Amazing commentary and editing, Subscribed!
Braddles Harris
Braddles Harris:
He's not underrated he's just so good and consistent that he doesn't get talked about a lot. Similar to David Silva
GotinPichaga123 XD
GotinPichaga123 XD:
David Villa is one of the best and I really love him
Benjinava 5
Benjinava 5:
Me encanta David villa : Buen vídeo, Good Video ma boy, David villa is my favourite player
Im Spanish
Hayder Waleed
Hayder Waleed:
My favorite striker of all time.
Love the video man, please dont bring FIFA into it tho.
Christopher De Freitas
Christopher De Freitas:
In Spain he was always regarded and still is regarded as one of the greatest Spanish footballers of all time, the only reason outside of Europe this wasn’t always the case was because of how long it took him to play for one of the Spanish giants(RMA/Barcelona). I think anyone in the sport knows Villa fit every definition of “world class” not only did every top club in Europe want to sign him from 2006 onwards, but there wasn’t a club he couldn’t walk into and start without any debate. When people think of Spain’s golden generation, he’s one of the first names you think of along with Xavi, Iniesta and Iker Casillas.