How GOOD was Gina Carano Actually?

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How GOOD was Gina Carano Actually?

Gina Carano was the face of Women's MMA at a time when women weren't even part of the UFC. Her career is the reason fans started taking interest in female fights and that was due to her style of fighting which lead to exciting battles. As well as her good looks and personality which translated perfectly to her career in acting afterwards. A career that tends to overshadow her accomplishments in MMA now a days. So how good was Gina Carano actually?

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100+ komentarze:

She was a star back then and she didn't lose her mind and stayed quite humble. She still is a star :)
She punched out colossus and beat the mandalorian
easily the best out there.
Tavita Tata
Tavita Tata:
You forgot to mention that Chris Cyborg was found to have been taking steroids during her fight with Carano making her victory questionable.
That lip bite at the start though......
When everyone was was going on and on about Rhonda Rhousy being the somehow champion of MMA for women I always said "....what about Gina Carano?"
adam chapman
adam chapman:
Man she is Hot. I like her way more than Ronda.
Jdawg the Thin God
Jdawg the Thin God:
Gina Carano was fighting like The Iceman back then. Pressing forward with those explosive fists. Gotta love her!
Jonathan Di
Jonathan Di:
She lost once in her career against Cyborg who was on roids
Nak Muay
Nak Muay:
I used to train at the same gym in Thailand as Gina. I always had this silly fantasy that we would meet, train together, then fall in love. Lol. I was an idiot.
Victor Bartlett
Victor Bartlett:
They should retitle this video .... “How Hot Was Gina Carano!”
GT Thomas
GT Thomas:
DUDE, I was SO waiting for this video on the REAL PIONEER of women's MMA.
wade wilson
wade wilson:
Hollywood screwed her and Dana was soooo rude to her. She deserves way better treatment. She's a warrior legend and a really nice genuine person.
Michael Cerniglia
Michael Cerniglia:
She is so god dam beautiful and for sure a badass.
Shantanu Sengupta
Shantanu Sengupta:
Gina Carano is the most positive vibe person in the world
Amthebest T.v Emanuel Martinez
Amthebest T.v Emanuel Martinez:
How good was Rampage Jackson
Gavin Vales
Gavin Vales:
her charisma is off the charts, she's gonna do well in movies for a while
Darius TL
Darius TL:
Last time I was this early Tito Ortiz was smart

Yeah I've never been this early
HT international
HT international:
She is by far the most attractive fighter 😍
D.j Boogie
D.j Boogie:
How good was Benson Henderson actually?
"How GOOD Was Yves Edwards?" book it Kiyon
Ben Martin
Ben Martin:
How good was don Frye actually
Thadd Corbett
Thadd Corbett:
Holy cow there's a name I haven't heard literally forever.
Tons of fun to watch.
Super cute.
I was watching her fight before I even knew I was interested in watching women's MMA.
Grapefruit Simmons
Grapefruit Simmons:
How good was Butterbean?
Raphael The Ninja Turtle
Raphael The Ninja Turtle:
How GOOD was *Kiiyon Kimura* Actually?
Shan Slathia
Shan Slathia:
Damnnnn..... She is so beautiful
I'd be cool if she did a movie with Scott Adkins. Feel like she would be able to keep up with him
I'm a simple man. I see a video update from Kiiyon, I watch it.
Saul Salas
Saul Salas:
Gina was my Rhonda 😓💙 she taught me that fight isn’t just a mans thing it’s a Human thing
Pixy 1UP
Pixy 1UP:
How good was Jason ( Mayhem ) Miller ?
Axios MMA
Axios MMA:
How good was chael Sonnen, done right this time. You kept saying "loss" in that video. Wtf? Chael's only loss was to Anderson and only because he let him win to help his legacy
Ahaha dd Ahahahaha
Ahaha dd Ahahahaha:
“ How good was Bruce lee actually “
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith:
Hottest girl in Wmma all time!
Dan Riley
Dan Riley:
I was real salty when Cyborg beat Gina, especially after borg failed that drug test.
Matthew McCabe
Matthew McCabe:
How good was Tim Kennedy actually?
Michael Pidgeon
Michael Pidgeon:
How Good Was Roy “Big Country” Nelson
Tovi Ayemi
Tovi Ayemi:
Such a pretty smile she has 😊
Can’t believe you haven’t done how good was Frank Shamrock?
She's definitely awesome! Kiyon out here giving viewers the Carano virus😅yeh, I'm the only 1 laughing at that pun. Great vids as always thank you be safe!🙏✊
Dusty Grogan
Dusty Grogan:
Can we get a how good was vitor belfort actually
Xavier 76th Man
Xavier 76th Man:
@0:03 when Gina bites her bottom lip😍
Ant Slayer
Ant Slayer:
How good was Matt Serra Actually!
I always feel like Gina was on her way to potentially beating Cyborg before for some reason stood up when she had dominant position on Cyborg.
Daniel Kinn
Daniel Kinn:
Gina...the FIRST lady of MMA. Beautiful and dangerous! I'm so stoked you did this video!

How good was Kazushi Sakuraba? The Gracie Killer!

How good was Diego Sanchez?
Jeep Amir
Jeep Amir:
How good was Matt Hughes?
C'mon. We need to see that
Ant Slayer
Ant Slayer:
How good was Ken Shamrock Actually!
Maybe for the next one: "How good was Dan Severn actually?"
Rashad Almomani
Rashad Almomani:
You didn’t even mention her stint on the show Fight Girls, I think that show only ran one season but so many popular female fighters competed on it.
Interesting choice, sad that some comments say they don't even know who she is....
Ron Philip
Ron Philip:
I think you got it just right. Gina was great to watch for the style and grace and guts she brought to her fights.
Jesus From America
Jesus From America:
Subtitles in the preview say : his striking. Is it your lisp or do Victoria really have a secret?
Push Play
Push Play:
Walmart Return: “listen. I... really would hate to have my girlfriend come in here with the receipt...”
Shaving Cream guy
Shaving Cream guy:
How good was karo parisyan
David Herron
David Herron:
The fact she could stand up to cyborg on testosterone was remarkable
xXLord_Painx X
xXLord_Painx X:
I suggest doing a how good was Martin Kampmann
That smile, that god damn smile.
attack x
attack x:
How good was Takanori Goni?
William Olvera
William Olvera:
Do Conor the notorious next since he is retired at the moment lol
Ant Slayer
Ant Slayer:
How good was Vitor Belfort Actually!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez:
"I prefer not to hit a woman"
How GOOD was TRT Vitor Belfort Actually?
Me: reads title
My brain: Unfortunately...
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan:
Yo I hadn't realized that it's the girl from deadpool 1
Jacob Husketh
Jacob Husketh:
how good was Rory Macdonald was if you haven’t made a video bout him already
Official Jtrivett
Official Jtrivett:
How good was Bob Sapp actually?
Jonathan Bradley
Jonathan Bradley:
How good was Mauricio "Shogun" Rua actually?

I think this would be a really good one, as big fans of him like myself will always recall his prime pride years, but his detractors will point out his less than stellar record against elite competition in the UFC.
Jtrillz Kenobi
Jtrillz Kenobi:
I remember when Ronda was in her prime and everyone would say she’s the hottest female UFC fighter and I’m like nahhh Gina Carano all day 👀🥵
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez:
How good was dan hardy actually
Krav Magoo
Krav Magoo:
6:40 Okay, someone tell me how to get the job as the fabric tube guy!!
How good was Dan the outlaw Hardy!
Matt MSW
Matt MSW:
I seen her in a movie years ago, she kicked some guy through a door and I thought yeah she does MMA!
Tyson Marshall
Tyson Marshall:
Man she’s so fine! And can fight, even hotter!
M P:
I loved seeing her in Mandalorian.
A Terzo
A Terzo:
How good was Pat Miletich actually?
Bryan Deleon
Bryan Deleon:
How many times we gotta keep saying How GOOD Was Ken Shamrock Actually?
Darin Nettles
Darin Nettles:
That lip bite she does at the beginning tho. Also How good was Matt Hughes really please! Keep up all the good content @kiiyonKimura
Arka Azizul
Arka Azizul:
0:03 Kills me Everytime!! 😍
How good was Demetrius Johnson actually? Please.
and unlike Frank Dux, Gina actually went to Thailand and won. I'll never be able to understand or fathom her quitting after the Cyborg fight but got to give her props and respect.
Jim Wallace
Jim Wallace:
When you look that good, I don't care how good you were at MMA.
Dylan Bennett
Dylan Bennett:
How about a how good was Jason “Mayhem” Miller actually video ?
Robin Robin
Robin Robin:
how GOOD was DON 'the predator' FRYE?
Chummy Wiggler
Chummy Wiggler:
Finally! Thank you for this! She was the love of my life! I've followed her since she has started fighting. She was so beautiful. I am glad that she has made it to the big time! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Mike Wood
Mike Wood:
Gina was one of the best ever.... fierce and intense.... great personality ❤️ Gina
John George
John George:
How good was mark coleman actually
Nathan Cowan
Nathan Cowan:
It sounds like you’re saying “when Corona was around”
Kalli Gratsos
Kalli Gratsos:
Week 8 of asking Kiiyon Kimura to make "How good was Dan Severn actually?"
Moses Martinez
Moses Martinez:
Wonderwoman producer: Get me that girl from Fast and Furious 6, she's perfect!!
Agent: You got it boss...
20 minutes later...
Agent: *Walks in with Gal Gadot*
Wonderwoman producer: WTF is that?
Juan Coronado
Juan Coronado:
How good how bad who cares
She's beautiful i love her
jason hetcher
jason hetcher:
Great video on my future wife.. That woman is gorgeous and she was awesome in the ring. I'm just glad we get to s that beautiful face on TV, not getting hit too much lol..
Mauro .d
Mauro .d:
How GOOD was Melvin Guilard actually?
Nunya Biznass
Nunya Biznass:

You'll be back to watch it again.
Roy Davidson
Roy Davidson:
She is so hot, I loved her in the mandalorian
I like u bro, no extra shit just a normal guy who enjoys and appreciates mma keep up the great content IT IS APPRECIATED 👍🏾
Adrian Rice
Adrian Rice:
she is one of my favorite women's fighter of all time , always exciting to watch
I don’t understand how someone who got punched in the face for a living..can look so good
No matter what she smiles<3
Shekhar Jyoti Kakati
Shekhar Jyoti Kakati:
She's the first women MMA fighter I knew, loved her from day one.
Gina would've definitely beat Ronda if she stayed in the ring.
Yroc Remlap
Yroc Remlap:
Damn bro you lookin SWOL. For real though, I’m happy to see your channel grow. You definitely deserve it man