How Good Was Mark Eaton Actually?

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Former NBA All-Star and Utah Jazz legend passed away at age 64. The 7'4 center is considered one of the best shot-blockers all-time and an excellent defensive player. Eaton's legacy will always be remembered!



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George Idan
George Idan:
RIP to one of greatest shot blocker of all time prayers to his family
I can only imagine if the Jazz had Eaton instead of Ostertag in those Finals appearances
Senor Cougar
Senor Cougar:
I would see Mark at a local Walmart getting off one of three bus loads of young children going to chose a Christmas gift, funded by one of his charitable foundations. Besides being a gifted defensive NBA player, our community will forever be indebted to you for sharing your time and genuine kindness with all of us. Rest In Peace Mark...
He should be a Hall of Famer no matter what!

RIP Mark Eaton
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez:
Could you imagine if the Jazz had a young and healthy Mark Eaton when they faced Jordan's Bulls? Stockton and Malone in their prime, Hornacek spotting up, and BIG Mark down of the greatest what-ifs of 90's basketball.

RIP to Mark Eaton and condolences to his family. Basketball fans and humanity lost one of the greats.
Morbz Anubis
Morbz Anubis:
RIP Mark. I remember seeing that block where he didn't jump and held the ball against the backboard
J Powell
J Powell:
This was a really well done tribute. You're the only one of quite of few NBA youtubers I follow that has paid tribute.
Cyrus Tojong
Cyrus Tojong:
Rip legend. You will always be remembered by those who seen you played.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith:
Thank you for putting that together. Well done.
Andre Faelnar
Andre Faelnar:
RIP to the greatest Jazz center of all time 🙏 prayers and condolences to his family 🙏
Bjay Apole
Bjay Apole:
14 blocks? Against the Spurs? Wow 😮!
Alan G
Alan G:
RIP Mark Eaton he anchored my myteam defense
Condolences to his wife Teri, he left this earth way too soon. Thank you for being such a pillar in our community Mark.
nihilistic adventure
nihilistic adventure:
I'm old enough to remember those days.
John and Karl are usually remembered by the national media, but fans who lived during those days revere a few other names as well, such as Jerry Sloan, Hot Rod Hundley, Darryl Griffith,and of course the legend himself Mark Eaton. R I P
Glad to see Big Mark getting some love. He seems like a forgotten player in many ways. He was a great guy off the court as well, a real gentle giant, despite being such an intimidating defensive presence in the paint. Rest in peace.
Mathew Fullerton
Mathew Fullerton:
RIP Mark Eaton. Saw him play, met him in person in the off-season. Nice man. Condolences to his family and friends.
Jamie thomas
Jamie thomas:
I still love that commercial he did back in the 80's about stopping child abuse. That was classic
Smarcus Mart
Smarcus Mart:
Wilson that banner on your home page is awesome lol
Fly High Mark 🙏🏻
Coach Darren
Coach Darren:
Rest in peace Mark it was a joy watching you play.
abogado roland zuhlsdorf
abogado roland zuhlsdorf:
the best shot blocker in the history R.I.P. MARK EATON
History Buff
History Buff:
He can still be a HOFer. He and Ben Wallace has similar careers
I remembered him during his playing days. Knew him as a good blocker, overall good player. Now hearing a lot of good things about him as a person, respect, and RIP.
32 miracle_real_estate_agency
32 miracle_real_estate_agency:
I once had seen him at the Delta Center and thought he's too big😅

RIP Mark Eaton. Jazz family will never forget you.
R.I.P. to the greatest shot blocker of all-time🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
PH 5555
PH 5555:
3.4blocks as a rookie year,this guy is a beast!,RIP.
Scot Stacey
Scot Stacey:
He was my hero when I was growing up. So sad. He was a great man, got a chance to meet him.
Phillip Lyn
Phillip Lyn:
Loving this one thanks for sharing very information blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Thanks for doing this video!
The Great Rosterini
The Great Rosterini:
Thank you for this respectful look at a true gentle giant and inspiration!
Jesse D76
Jesse D76:
R.I.P. Mark Eaton. Thank you for the memories! 🙏
Warren Dearden
Warren Dearden:
I remember seeing him play 👍👍
Rage Poipoi
Rage Poipoi:
RIP fams ❤️
Tristan Hargrove
Tristan Hargrove:
My favorite center man.
David Pottinger
David Pottinger:
Rest in peace Mark Eaton❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤍🤍🤍🤎💗💓💓💜💜🖤♥️♥️😌😌😌😌👍💪💪💪
Gene Graham
Gene Graham:
Thank you. Great tribute to an amazing man
Steven Lau
Steven Lau:
Good player, amazing dude
Great Job on this video. Thank you. Brings up the question, HOF? Regardless of his passing, Eaton should definitely be considered
RIP Mark Eaton
El Tigre Skywalker
El Tigre Skywalker:
Thank you.
Much needed right now.
Guitar Beast 6886
Guitar Beast 6886:
Great memoriam. Thanks.
Mister J
Mister J:
Back when real men played in the NBA.
Senator Joseph McCarthy Was A Communist
Senator Joseph McCarthy Was A Communist:
Wonderful tribute video! He was supremely underrated.
Seemed like a lot of people enjoyed being around Mark Eaton; cool photos as well.
Glenn J Thompson
Glenn J Thompson:
He was very tall and dominant around the court, but he will be definitely be missed 😟 but never be forgotten 😔 always a true NBA gentle giant 🤨 forever, r.i.p🌹🇺🇸
Excellent video in every respect.
Oscar SGSF
Oscar SGSF:
Innalillahi, so long the Greatest Center I’ve ever respected more than Shaq
Chris racer
Chris racer:
great video! thanks.
John Belitnikof
John Belitnikof:
I met Mark Eaton in 83. He was awesome
Rex Foster
Rex Foster:
Well made tribute video! Thank You! Rip Big Mark. You are missed. Your Season Shot Blocking Record will be around for a long, long time.
Eddie Thomasville
Eddie Thomasville:
This was one BIG DUDE. Watched him play over the years. EVERYBODY knew THE MAN. First seeing him on television I was like GOOD GOD😲. Yes he does belong into THE HALL OF FAME.
Blu Rice Inc
Blu Rice Inc:
Very Nice 😊
Adam Zullo
Adam Zullo:
I enjoyed this very much, I had no idea he had been drafted by the suns, glad he didn’t go. Lol RIP big guy.
Malvin Ooi
Malvin Ooi:
James Scober
James Scober:
RIP Big Marc!!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
RIP Mark🙏
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor:
Great video, man. Subbed
Thanks for sharing. Very well done.
Brandon Sanchez
Brandon Sanchez:
Great video. RIP Big Man...
Samuel Robertson
Samuel Robertson:
Aw man damn! RIP Marc Eaton.
I Am
I Am:
Awesome tribute.
Odis Brown
Odis Brown:
He has one of the NBA great stories...R.I.P.
Scot Stacey
Scot Stacey:
Great tribute, Wilson!!!!
Robert Mutch
Robert Mutch:
great video. thanks.
Omarr Sullivan
Omarr Sullivan:
Legendary Inglewood product RIP Gentle Giant #53
Danny Ocean
Danny Ocean:
Great video to show people what Mark Eaton was. Thank you
Jake the bone Crusher
Jake the bone Crusher:
Rip mark Eaton what a legend
Freaky Frank Booth
Freaky Frank Booth:
Great video.
Jason Bell
Jason Bell:
These stories keep coming up, the old veterans teaching the younger generation.

Here with Wilt advising Eaton, I just watched another with Moses helping Barkley to find his best playing weight to match his strength to his speed.

Great video, and a titan lost too soon.
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen:
So sad I watched him growing up I seen him in many games he always seemed so gentle and classy thoughts and prayers to all of your familiy and friends gone too soon never forgotten rip😔🙏❤💒
Tracy T
Tracy T:
Thanks for that overview, Mark will be missed here in Utah. I grew up watching him play and met him a few times at Jazz games post retirement. A great defensive player but more importantly a hugely decent human. RIP Mark, you will be seriously missed!
Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista:
Absolute legend.
Eaton was one the NBA more durable stars! Mark barely missed a game!
Tbone Hendez
Tbone Hendez:
He should definitely be a hall of famer. He's fourth behind Hakeem, Dikembe, and Kareem respectively. That's the shot blocking Mount Rushmore right there. He's so far ahead of all active players he's not gonna lose that spot ever. Especially with the way the 3 point shot has taken the game further from the rim. Let's get him in there asap. I'm just sad he doesn't get to see it himself. Basketball owes him that honor and he's been overlooked too long. Class act, solid guy, and a true underdog story. What more could you want?
John Sowa
John Sowa:
Rip a class act more athlete's need to Carry themselves like he did
R.I.P. high fly Mark.
I never knew he was that good on defense
Javon Kelly
Javon Kelly:
... Thank you... This video put his whole career and what he meant to Utah in perspective... Rest in Peace Mark Eaton 🙏🏿
Thrill Steel
Thrill Steel:
And just think, he went up against many of superstars of the NBA. RIP future HOFer Mark Eaton!
Coach Darren
Coach Darren:
You did a great job putting this video together. I hope Mark's family see this video. Rest in peace big Mark.
Zach the Sports Guy
Zach the Sports Guy:
Did you just say college WAS expensive? Pretty sure it's more expensive now
Mike92jordan Games
Mike92jordan Games:
T Beck
T Beck:
Nice Tribute Man!
Shawn Cass
Shawn Cass:
RIP Mark Eaton. Well done Wilson.
Dave Thorn
Dave Thorn:
I just found out about Mark's passing. Those were the best days of the NBA & I loved watching the competition.
RIP humble man.
Bobby Anastacio
Bobby Anastacio:
Alfonso Green
Alfonso Green:
R.I.P Mr Mark Eaton. A great man n a great shot blocker
This is Patrick
This is Patrick:
RIP to Mark Eaton and hoping his family are alright as well 🙏🙏
His only weakness... a bike. Most underwhelming ending.
C. Satia
C. Satia:
Barkley on Eaton-"The Original Gentle Giant" ...

I honestly always considered him a Hall of Famer... so respected
Fascinating that he wanted to be an auto mechanic.
Rest in peace Mark
Great video
L. Ron Gardner
L. Ron Gardner:
Better than your average 7'4" and taller player.
Matt N
Matt N:
RIP big Mark
Autumn Gorman
Autumn Gorman:
The different foxglove etiologically laugh because mirror marginally calculate atop a lavish pink. unaccountable, dizzy cent
Johanness Willery
Johanness Willery:
Pretty cool Wilt.
Ender Lain
Ender Lain:
I think it helped him be durable that he didn't play as much during his younger years
RT OneZer0
RT OneZer0:
Respect to Wilt Chamberlain.
Diago Bobo
Diago Bobo: