How Graham Potter Would Setup Chelsea

Following the news that Chelsea have sacked Thomas Tuchel, lots of big name managers have been linked with the vacant position including Zinedine Zidane, Mauricio Pochettino and even Brendan Rodgers. But one man should be the outright favourite: Graham Potter. So join me on Statman Dave Clips as I explain how the current Brighton boss could setup Chelsea by taking a look at his managerial style, how he’s evolved at the Seagulls and what it could mean for Chelsea.

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Statman Dave Clips
Statman Dave Clips:
Would Graham Potter be the best appointment as Chelsea's new manager?

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Ammar Arshad
Ammar Arshad:
Why is Timo Werner analysing Potter’s tactics..?
iwantgoals 15
iwantgoals 15:
Potter to Chelsea scares me as a United fan cause he has a very good first team and Cobham at his disposal too. If the players can buy into his tactics (which I think they will) and the way he runs the team, Chelsea might be scary in about 8 months time.
Siya Aang
Siya Aang:
We finally get the Graham Potter analysis we have been asking for from last season 😂 Even though indirect, Thanks Dave! 😅
John Morgans
John Morgans:
As a Brighton fans I’m gutted 😢 but I hope he is given the time to implement his game plan it took 2 seasons with us
Chelsea will have much improvement in graham potter
Tactical adaptability
Keeping possession
Moving ball quickly
Intelligent position
Skillz Dinho
Skillz Dinho:
Makes sense, Chelsea bought 80 mil of youth talent this summer. Remember Chukwuemeka and company. Clearly the Americans want to deploy a system based on youth.
Cassio JUNIOR:
for his tactics I think Ruben Loftus Cheeck would be interesting on the left flank as he has already played brilliantly on the right in the same role. could cut insight and create loads of danger from the wing
He's a top class coach. Hopefully they give him time
James R
James R:
As long he is given the opportunity to do things his way, without the owners interference then he could be excellent for them. Just as long as he fails against United.
Tyrese .A
Tyrese .A:
Playing mount as your deepest midfielder is a no go. we need a DM to anchor this team
hey dave great video, I am a amateur coach and was wondering what software your using to show your tactics? cheers
Koby Koby
Koby Koby:
He obviously won't exactly replicate the Brighton team but im very excited in all if the possibilities.

Chukwuemeka as an attacking 8
Broja as a #9 stretching play
Cucurella + Chilwell together
Kovacic in McAllisters role?
Every attacking player has proved lacking in final 3rd quality.
Serious problem for potter, i think zidane would be a better fit in terms of getting the best out of the attack imo
Zack Silva
Zack Silva:
Going to be really interesting to see what Potter will do
Joe Mills
Joe Mills:
I wouldn't take the job if I were Potter. With no pre-season, it's such a risky job to go into and get it right first time. The board have demonstrated a complete lack of patience.
Kante can't play a full season and Kouli is faaaar better on the left. He struggles to play on the right. Rarely played there in his career.
Clement Amlalo
Clement Amlalo:
Mason Mount as a DLP? That would be a bad option imo. I think he'd be much better as a Left sided 8
The Arsenal MisFit
The Arsenal MisFit:
Good solid coach headed to a team that is in turmoil right now because of ownership. He will also have to handle some huge egos that threw TT under the bus because they weren't playing
Tilok Gogoi
Tilok Gogoi:
thomas tuchel tactics against Big clubs like man city,real madrid was unbelieveable
Niall Heneghan
Niall Heneghan:
Great video but you're a bit silly to think Fofana won't be one of the first names on the team sheet
Potter need to fully utilize kai and sterling. Both of them seem lost recently
Josef Richter
Josef Richter:
I also feel both Mount and Havertz should play deeper than they do now. I am worried about betting on Broja and Auba - too young and too old perhaps.
Freya murtem
Freya murtem:
Chelsea sacking tuchel is the best move if they do end up getting potter. Never really liked tuchel, he won that champions league and then it was all so boring from their.
Your pick definitely going to be heaven for counter attacking defense at all.
Healing Med
Healing Med:
This is what happened
Graham potter told todd to sign all this players before coming on and todd did exacly that and potter have to keep his word and come to chelsea
Clement Amlalo
Clement Amlalo:
Well it looks like this who have been agitating for a 4ATB under Tuchel would not be getting that soon.
With Chelsea it’s not about how the team sets up. Its about managing a team of class players and ego’s. Potter will walk in and the Chelsea lads will think. Who are you? Chelsea demand instant success. Not a 5 year plan which potter is best suited for
Statman perfection is borrowed time for a Chelsea manager .
Graham Potter is the most exiting coach today
Francisco Javier Sanchez Campos
Francisco Javier Sanchez Campos:
A terrible mistake in his career. His play style needs time and specific type of players. I only saw him as the National Team DT.
Aziz Fella
Aziz Fella:
Ziyech is going to be the first choice
Anže Kolar
Anže Kolar:
5:00 Thats the system. Only Cheek for Mount and Chilwell for Cucurella.
Marcel Akhame
Marcel Akhame:
Please do a video on how Juergen Klopp can fix liverpool
Manish K
Manish K:
I hope for Potter's sake he doesn't take this thankless job. The management and fans are too short sighted without any plans or patience. He'll need time to implement his style which he won't get at Chelsea, just like they've done with all their other managers. He won't last long unfortunately.

Already feel bad for him. He deserves much better.
Matome Bayana
Matome Bayana:
Davy can we get analysis on United’s possible lineup tonight
Oscar Estrada
Oscar Estrada:
Yeah there’s no way we continue to play with Jorginho potter likes being physical the only midfield we have that fits that is zakaria
Nick Ayala
Nick Ayala:
players were already upset from being set up out of position under TT…sounds like the same problem
A B:
Young ,top Class Coach!
Gcinumuzi Mhlongo
Gcinumuzi Mhlongo:
Mount playing deep 🤣
Yeet Feet 2
Yeet Feet 2:
In other words he would lose a few games get sacked and end up jobless or get brighton to european football
Bah! Eh?
Bah! Eh?:
That doesn't look much different to a tuchel line up but I guess with more effort from the players that'd help.
Senn de Geus
Senn de Geus:
Werner giving his inside thoughts
Silas and Cecilia
Silas and Cecilia:
I didn't know, Timo left Chelsea to start his own YT channel.
Yeet Feet 2
Yeet Feet 2:
Why dont they go for poch or someone whos not already managing a team in the same league😂 as a brighton fan i really hope he doesnt go but its funny to see chelsea are begging for a manager from a team who came 9th last season bu he is class tbf
Musonda Mulimba
Musonda Mulimba:
He's set up to be fired at Chelsea
Ganiyu Sodiq
Ganiyu Sodiq:
Potter's gonna succeed.
Potter will be sacked by chelsea cos I don’t think he will handle the pressure, and the owners and fans won’t give him time to build.

They keep on sacking mangers after bad run, if potter is smart enough he will reject the chelsea job.
Chinmay Rane
Chinmay Rane:
No Ziyech/Pulisic?
Superior Health Hub
Superior Health Hub:
I thought I was listening to Timo :P Great analysis though
Brian Morecombe
Brian Morecombe:
Sacking Tuchel this early is a mistake by Chelsea
I think although Zakaria isn’t the best dribbler he will be a valuable piece at as a CDM in a 4-3-3 cm in a 4-4-2 and he can also play CB in some of those back 3s . I would bench Chilwell start Fofana in the back 3 . You need speed and aggressiveness , maybe even some youth in the back 3
Intelligence Analyst
Intelligence Analyst:
If Timo Werner was here under Graham Potter.
Graham porter will succeed at Chelsea.
chuck bori
chuck bori:
much better coach than Tuchel. great spirit
الموسوعة Encyclopedia
الموسوعة Encyclopedia:
I did not see ziyech in your plans . Did not deserve to be benched
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore:
What’s havertz doing in this lineup
Ryan Phang
Ryan Phang:
Good analysis! You look like Timo Werner anyway!
Man--- like-- shauney
Man--- like-- shauney:
no forfana in the back 3?????
J. Dickson
J. Dickson:
What app is he using?
Mount is not near the technical required level for a premier league "midfielder"
no way jose
no way jose:
I love SALSEDO, the ecuadorian has been great for Brighton
tswelopele seleka
tswelopele seleka:
I love how you already assuming it will be Potter
Am Ka
Am Ka:
Mount in midfield is not the answer . Don't you see any game he play in midfield especially last Tuchel game . No presence in midfield and no idea to conduct the midfield
Not sure how Potter will do but the last thing Chelsea need is another manager playing players out of position, so hopefully he leaves that behind
random guy watching random vids
random guy watching random vids:
didnt know werner analysing tactics now
David David
David David:
Mount in a pivot in a fluid possession based team!?
Akhmad Gutama
Akhmad Gutama:
Better thomas frank or brendan rodgers
Bob Choo
Bob Choo:
Poor defensive tactics from potter
RTZ Reveillere
RTZ Reveillere:
Wreyvone Chitanda
Wreyvone Chitanda:
So Timo Werner dyed his hair ☻️🤣
Chelsea needs harry potter not graham
i think chilwell is a much better player than cucurella. not sure why they spent 60m on him when hes not got the same ability
waiting for this video
Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake:
Havertz as a CAM and I can relax
Another 5 at the back manager? No thank you. They are always a disaster and so limited tactically. Players hate it as well. Hard Pass. Time for proper football with 4 at the back.
Adedayo Oyegunju
Adedayo Oyegunju:
That may be only guy u would want to succeed tuchel but he has to be given at least a year
Ainsworth Samuel (Dgeneral10)
Ainsworth Samuel (Dgeneral10):
Sorry bro but once you mentioned Jorginho holding by himself I stopped watching the video!!! Makes no sense!! Sorry
alex akuffo
alex akuffo:
People just get it...Graham Potter will not take chelsea anywhere. The British Agenda that Todd has falling for is an illusion he will come to regret....two things that are not and will not be good enough for years to come..British referees and British managers....its okay to let Brighton look good...Chelsea is whole different ball game...He will fail and it will be no surprise
Ryan Bane
Ryan Bane:
Nkosiphile Ndlovu
Nkosiphile Ndlovu:
Dave Ryan
Dave Ryan:
Potter is great choice for Chelsea, but Chelsea is a lousy choice for Potter.
He’s a long term project manager. Chelsea just bought a great manger a team, late in the window, so he had no time to gel and bed the players in before the season started and sacked him after 6 games?!
Potter requires patience, something Chelsea have never heard of..
Felix Pitti Otero
Felix Pitti Otero:
Mount CM 🤮
Ippin Ekebe
Ippin Ekebe:
lol saboteurs hating on Potter
We don’t wan another back three
Takweem Sukaa
Takweem Sukaa:
What’s the point of getting a manager who will play the same system. We need to move away from a back 3 and evolve our game to a 433 something what Zidane did with Real Madrid. We can be hard to beat even with a back 4 just have to coach the basics that’s all. Jose did it in his two spells at Chelsea. We hardly leaked goals
The new Alex Ferguson congtats Chelsea
Jesufemi Adeyeye
Jesufemi Adeyeye:
Mount can never be a dlp, cant retain the ball.
Havertz is not an attacking mid LOL. He can’t turn and always loses the ball in those areas. And he’s never been a false 9 for Chelsea, he doesn’t drop deep to link up like one does. He’s been played as a 9 or IF
Estif :
Potter is better than tuhel
Daniel Wynn
Daniel Wynn:
Not a fan of fofana
Estif :
Chelsea are finished
black peter griffin
black peter griffin:
WOW This was fast!
Michael olabisi Raheem
Michael olabisi Raheem:
Where in Europe or part of the world has he ever coach? What has ever won or achieved in football? You people just wanted promotion for your darling Graham I hope he would not sink Chelsea fc that have transist far beyond England, Europe and to the world at large!
jimbo beast
jimbo beast:
I will miss Tuchel so much he was a top guy. But those who want Potter to fail are weird as hell. so emotional, we’ve been stinking up the pitch maybe change was needed
Ronaldo Messi
Ronaldo Messi:
Chelsea is officially Banter club now 🔥🔥🔥
Jesufemi Adeyeye
Jesufemi Adeyeye:
This tactic is disgusting
Angel Cara
Angel Cara:
Nick Mogielnicki
Nick Mogielnicki:
No Fofano ? No Kova ? Are you some kind of prat?
Rocky Bilboa
Rocky Bilboa:
Potter is a Brighton level coach sorry and Chelsea will go backwards under him