How Hansi Flick Turned Bayern München Into The Best Team in Europe

Hansi Flick formed the best team in Europe. We show you how!
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Hansi Flick's achievements are worthy of all accolades.
Bundesliga champion, DFB Cup winner and Champions League winner.
Within a short time he led Bayern to the biggest title in European club football.

Originally he was only planned as an interim solution, now it's impossible to imagine the Bayern bench without him on it. He's the man who does things better in Munich.
But what tactical tricks make him and Bayern so successful?
We examine the winning coach more closely and delve into his tactics, in our analysis.
What do you think - which titles will Flick and his Bayern team win this season? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ komentarze:

shisir thapa
shisir thapa:
Only people with good knowledge will understand that Thomas muller and kimmich are key player for bayern in better gameplay
If anyone ever asks me how Bayern Munich became a beast, I’d just say;

It got flicked
Flick deserved the best coach award tho
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Oslo Norway
Oslo Norway:
How did Klopp win FIFA Men's Coach of the Year? Just how? Hansi took home 5 trophies in this his first year in charge .... FIVE, including the continent's crown jewel.
rob yam dam
rob yam dam:
One of the most underrated managers ever I m happy people are finally seeing how good he is
Rahul Choudhury
Rahul Choudhury:
For me Hansi Flick best coach in the world , because he is the best coach. only one years at Fc Bayern and he wins 5 major trophy’s .
What a man he absolutely deserved FIFA the best man’s coach award 😔
This manager deserved the coach award. He's literally robbed
Kwamina Essilfie
Kwamina Essilfie:
Flick should have won the best coach award. He deserves to win every trophy. he will down in history as one of the best coach in the world
Rana Shary
Rana Shary:
I'm a juventus fan
But flick deserves the best coach award he win every possible trophy with bayern
Kloop only win the pl title
I think flick deserve it more
Ashher pervez
Ashher pervez:
He deserves the best manager award
Rex Shrestha
Rex Shrestha:
Another great content from a more then great admin ...... Bundesliga is the best presented league in the world
Mark Akoury ꪜ
Mark Akoury ꪜ:
Still can't get over the fact that he didn't win the best manager award
I don't understand how could any coach leave a player like Thomas Müller on the bench. Absolutely crazy. Müller's leadership, tenacity and workrate are irreplaceable. He always puts in 100% effort for the team. I'm so happy that Flick thinks the same way.
Dhruv Ram
Dhruv Ram:
He literally transformed this team without any new players ...
Pressing ( high workrate from wingers)
Defensive stability (2 DMs to cover the full backs )
Positioning ( Thomas Muller)
Kelvin 03
Kelvin 03:
High pressing, a large amount of sprinting and injuries cause bayern player encounter fatigue in very packed fixture. So, they play awful(in terms of bayern) last few match. Hopefully, with kimmich and Davies return, flick can drive us to uefa champion again
the legend
the legend:
Well he is the Best coach but got robbed of the award
how did he miss the best coach award he literally won every tournament Bayern played
Super cup
DFB Pokal
Idk who got robbed more; Lewy and his Ballen d’or or Flick and best coach award?🥺
Nicholas Tianqi Koh
Nicholas Tianqi Koh:
2:13 goretska tried to body haaland, didnt workout im just going to say
Neymar's memes
Neymar's memes:
Daylight robbery of how he didnt win the Fifa's best coach award
P V Krishnanand Nambiar
P V Krishnanand Nambiar:
2:14 anyone noticed Haaland pulling Goretzka down lol?
Daniel Sabbah
Daniel Sabbah:
Kimmich is one of the best in his position
Chetan Anand
Chetan Anand:
Haaland in 2:12 always cracks me up 😂😂😂
Ничего Себе
Ничего Себе:
You're too late, Bundesliga and German media should learn how to promote their league/clubs/players/managers..
This guy is so underrated asf. I love he transformed robben-ribery less Bayern to European champion. People don't understand how impressive it is to find such success in a short time.
Sivaram LORD
Sivaram LORD:
Not giving him the best coach award will only motivate him to improve Bayern to another level. Bayern still has many weaknesses. Pretty sure he is thinking how to take Bayern to the next level
Abdinasir Gobe
Abdinasir Gobe:
We will retain champions league, if we still hanger like last season.
Adesegun Adeyemi
Adesegun Adeyemi:
Can't believe he didn't get coach of the year
V. de Monaco
V. de Monaco:
Dirty play from Haaland at 2:14. No mercy
shihab kv
shihab kv:
One of the best manager in the Europe hansi flick love from India ❤️
Mo Danny
Mo Danny:
Easily the best manager in the world rn. Criminally underrated because he's not in the prem despite winning the champions league
Gerti Gerti
Gerti Gerti:
Who is here after the 6th Trophy !! MIASANMIA , only Hansi Flick and Pep have only achieved this in history
Sarthak Kapoor
Sarthak Kapoor:
Even in pes , Hansi flick change my carrer.....i hardly got beaten in matches in online and offline both...
Hammmod Jabeer
Hammmod Jabeer:
The best coach in the world.
Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions:
Robbed of the best manager award. Best team in the world.
Michel Tanaka
Michel Tanaka:
This is actually very reminiscent of Guardiola: a very high line of defense all the way into the opponent's field, complete with the weakness of "woops, there's no one in OUR half now".
Jordan Ko
Jordan Ko:
I love these types of tactical analysis! Please can we have more analysis of Bayern Muchen Players
He knows how to win competition easily, like he did for german national team in 2014.
sid Muse
sid Muse:
Hansi flick gotta say this season you were impressive coming from a psg fan
Saurabh karmarkar
Saurabh karmarkar:
I request you to make the analytical video fully dedicated to Bayern's high line
Hannah Kennedy
Hannah Kennedy:
Apart from lfc, imagine how good they'd look in a farmer's league
Alessandro Arnold
Alessandro Arnold:
it is so fun to watch bayern play, great team and really well coached!
beary the bear
beary the bear:
2:11 håland was running so hard 😂😂😂
Oussama Sebbani
Oussama Sebbani:
He didn't lose the best coach award the award lost him
Eugene Noah
Eugene Noah:
I never heard so much of Hans in the past years til he won UCL.he deserved some credit tbh.
Mujahid mujahid
Mujahid mujahid:
He brought back Müller after Kovac. But kimmich will be missed.
Obed Kwadwo Adjonteh
Obed Kwadwo Adjonteh:
Let's say the truth even klopp knows the award was for flick he was even surprised
KIM fr
KIM fr:
Bayern for the champions league again
2:09 Haaland throws that guy on the ground like its nothing what a beast!
best football played in this century so far = tiki taka and pressing machine
would've loved to see a duel in between them
too bad there's no team playing tiki taka anymore
Diego Membreno
Diego Membreno:
How he didnt get the coach of the year still blows my freaking mind 😐🙄
Sheldon York
Sheldon York:
Kovac sitting at home watching this video:
Why I didn't think of that
Ferdinand Basumatary
Ferdinand Basumatary:
I love this yt channel for this kind of awesome content..
Jonathan Krech
Jonathan Krech:
Great video!
Dane Pillay
Dane Pillay:
The answer in one sentence..... 'he avoided playing Liverpool'
aqil zuhairi
aqil zuhairi:
everyone knows how good he is as a coach so that he can put Choupo-Moting in the game without any problem
Olga L
Olga L:
thank you so much for this video
I absolutely love these analyzing videos
He is so good oh my
Suyash Jain
Suyash Jain:
Kind of similar tactics to Klopp.
David Keatley
David Keatley:
Muller is the best example of brains over brawn/speed. After all, football is a TEAM sport.
Just makes me think about how many managers will never get an opportunity to show how good they are. Hansi Flick was lucky to be given the chance.
Hansi flick is love 💕
Thanks to Flick, we no longer miss Heynckes. I wish him another treble this season.
damn this guy literally plays real football like everyone plays fifa 21
Anurag Chakraborty
Anurag Chakraborty:
Still Klopp won the Award for best manager of 2020 ! -_-
Shweta R
Shweta R:
Title change :
How did Hansi Flick turned Bayern Munchen in the best team in the world?
i mean tbh bayern was always an amazing team winning all german trophies, this time flick made them win the champions league
Yousef Al Ahmad
Yousef Al Ahmad:
best coach ever
A B:
I feel Liverpool have a better team imo
karwan obaid
karwan obaid:
Flick the best ❤️
Riffat Alam
Riffat Alam:
Oh this lovely team! lets dominate Europe again, shows them how things are done, the Munich way!
3pens mc
3pens mc:
Well now bayer leverkusen are gonna watch this
MrGamerJeff & More
MrGamerJeff & More:
I want to see Liverpool vs Bayern it would probably end 5-5 with both teams brilliant at attacking
Songsar Kro
Songsar Kro:
Name a footballer who enjoys the most playing?
My Answer : Thomas Muller ❤️
Edlira Bello
Edlira Bello:
Flick and Bayern, the BEST!
Planet X
Planet X:
When you realize Löw has a FIFA coach of the year award but Flick doesn't....
Flick always acts like he is a Assassin 😂
Said Mosavi
Said Mosavi:
More videos like this plzzzz 👍🏽
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid:
I think Flick deserved the best coach award but I can say Klopp didn’t deserve it
Nld On
Nld On:
Excellent video as always from Bundesliga! I was eager to watch a little about the vital importance of Lewandowski and Coman in this world class team as they did with Müller and Kimmich. Let’s go Bayern for another treble MIA SAN MIA
he's been using Constant Pressure / Fast Build Up Tactics all along
Just simple
Flicki Flacka in Motion
And know how to use a player effectively and efficiently.
beating heart
beating heart:
Yes we Wil be champions again
Mourinho mastered this technique back when he was in charge of Real Madrid. Sadly, he failed to win the champions league despite the tactics!
"Warto być przyzwoitym"-Lewy!!!
Imanuel Dukovny
Imanuel Dukovny:
I hope Bayern gets to play Man City, i want to see Hansi destroys Pep
Elvis Saravia
Elvis Saravia:
Es un gran entrenador 🔥🔥sabe cómo eligir los 11 titulares y hasta los cambios entran a fuego
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy:
No one is talking about Klopp? He is doing perfect with a team with most of its players injured
Sm T
Sm T:
That kimmich goal tho
Kristoffer Cazacu
Kristoffer Cazacu:
Luis Román
Luis Román:
Epic end
Angthik Ronghang
Angthik Ronghang:
This is epic
The Fifa coach of the year was rigged😒
As a liverpool fan,I really think that award should have gone to Flick
Sadiq Suleman
Sadiq Suleman:
He got the best out of every single squad player in Bayern Munich. Absolute genius.
Uzzi Fennelli
Uzzi Fennelli:
Only R. Madrid can stop them . 🙆🏽‍♂️
A magician will never tell their secrets. This is just a analysis, not what his real strategies are.
Ansari Faraz
Ansari Faraz:
Barcelona be like : "WRITE IT DOWN"
Tbh flick got robbed from the best