How Marcelo Bielsa Transformed Leeds United!


This is Everything You Need To Know, the series where we give you the story behind some of football’s defining moments. Today we are looking at the return of Leeds United to the Premier League, following a chequered history that saw them almost collapse in 2007.

We break down what actually happened 16 years ago, and how financial difficulties saw them fall into the Championship and League One, from where they struggled to return.

The arrival of new Italian ownership in 2013 bought with it the promise of success, but we look at how it wasn’t until Marcelo Bielsa arrived in 2018 that hope once again gripped the famous old West Yorkshire club.

We look at the Argentines unique tactics, and how he has got the best out of the squad he was given, including the brilliant Jack Harrison and Kalvin Philips.

Leeds United are a Premier League club again, and here is how that happened!



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Lima FX
Lima FX:
The damn united ;)
I want a movie of Bielsa, he sounds such an interesting character, going anywhere in the world and not picking top clubs
You’ve had this ready for a while haven’t you
Henry Bownes
Henry Bownes:
This was uploaded literally 5 seconds after they were promoted
Arthur Quayle
Arthur Quayle:
Norwich’s Buendia would be a great signing for Leeds this season
I am a Man United fan and I'm happy Leeds are back as the rivalry can continue again!
MAN UNITED VS LEEDS!!! LET"S GO!!! btw ... Pep & Klopp vs Bielsa could be very interesting.
Johan Sson
Johan Sson:
Leeds United are back in PL where they belong finally Leeds are back hoooommmeee!!!!💪🏾💪🏽💪🏻
Cruz Caffaro
Cruz Caffaro:
Bielsa is unarguably, one of the greatest managers of all time. He might've not won many trophies, but he has inspired countless other managers, and his tactics are among the best in the game
Ras Stitch F
Ras Stitch F:
This is a message to every single Leeds United fan in the world, THE MADNESS IS OVER!!!!
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
Will be fascinating to see bielsa compete in the premier league against some other great managers next season!!
Sebastián Aguilera
Sebastián Aguilera:
Bielsa querido , saludos desde Chile , todos somos Leed, el único DT con hinchada propia.
Fantasy Gaming
Fantasy Gaming:
I'm only happy because we get Elland Road on Fifa 21 😂😂
Congratulations from Argentina.
Nick Ronaldo
Nick Ronaldo:
Bielsa is the Marco Pierre White of football
One of the best managers to live, if we are being honest
The Goat
The Goat:
Hope nothingham forest can make it back to the big time aswell well done Leeds United
Dats Funny
Dats Funny:
This vid makes me wanna start a new Leeds career mode on fifa
Andres uruguayo
Andres uruguayo:
3:25 he resigned being lazio manager because he asked the president to sign players for his project they said yes and then they said NO. So bielsa quit because he is a real leader he wanted a project well made lazio did not wantto listen to his requests so he went to a club that would let him be the leader and display his football leeds player are humble and follow his lead that's why got promoted
Faiq Norizan
Faiq Norizan:
If other clubs wanna buy Bielsa's greatest players, just do it, because he will make a new one
Gustavo Agüero
Gustavo Agüero:
Congratulations leeds !!!!, the promotion was achieved !!! I started to follow your club because of the admiration for Bielsa, it was very nice to follow the campaign for the championship, I found very nice and talented people who express their love for the club great way, greetings from Argentina
Danny Winters
Danny Winters:
There is a new king of the north
RedxWorld Home Of Videos
RedxWorld Home Of Videos:
Leeds Will Go To The UEFA Europa League After 2 Seasons Mark My Words
Minh Cuong Nguyen
Minh Cuong Nguyen:
Great! Manchester United has to deal with all their main rivals next season.

Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and Leeds United.
Will Miall
Will Miall:
Great to see Leeds are gonna be back in the prem again. Looking forward to seeing Bielsa in the transfer market as well as lauding at his tactical approach on the top level touchline. Uphill battle for them, but as a neutral, I can't wait to see what happens
Javier Cordova
Javier Cordova:
I'm an American teen who started watching the Premier League since the 2015-2016 season and it was Leicester's second season after being promoted from the championship. I was new to the teams but seeing a team like Leicester survive and dominate in a league of top teams after the hardest season for a team that has been promoted a season previously, they became underdogs and went on to win the league and has been my team to watch and cheer for. Everything about Leeds United from their stats in the championship show they could be like Leicester was. They could potentially make it on the top half of the table like Sheffield next season or if many of there players do leave, they will become Norwich who clinched first place in the championship and entered the premier league to be relegated back again. Whatever happens, congrats Leeds, can't wait to see y'all in the top flight.
Lucas Castro
Lucas Castro:
Felicitaciones por el ascenso! Saludos desde Argentina, Bielsa querido 🔴⚫ Newells te extraña
Congratulations from one of yr fans in Malaysia who hv followed the great team since my teens in the 70s n never waived since then...welcome back to the top flight Leeds...the downs, troubles n heartaches of the 80s n mid 2000s are now forgotten. Thank you to M Bielsa for believing in this team n coaching the players into believing in themselves again to push n going for the best n what a tribute to the recently departed Leeds legend Big Jack C....well done LUFC a great team once respected by rivalries Liverpool n feared by Man U n to the people of Leeds...i dream of visiting Elland road in the future
Allan Gow
Allan Gow:
As a man utd fan I must say I enjoy the games with leeds, it's been a long time.
Jetin Dhinjal
Jetin Dhinjal:
my childhood club are back, thanks Bielsa, supporting leeds all the way!
KTN Glucas
KTN Glucas:
Marcelo the best manager in the league. IM TALKING BOUT THE PREMIER LEAGUE
Filipe Felagund
Filipe Felagund:
"El Loco Bielsa".
Jyon C
Jyon C:
Chelsea fan here and I can never forget how exciting it was to see Leeds United in the UCL semis. Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Robbie Keane ... oh man
Jhonny Swallow
Jhonny Swallow:
Muchos argentinos, los que queremos a Bielsa al menos, pendientes de que el Leeds vuelva a donde pertenece, para volver a ganar lo que malas gestiones le quitaron! Ojala El Loco siga en su cargo para hacer que el Leeds recupere su mistica.... Leeds fans, top tier of support in the world.
Kain VS Predator
Kain VS Predator:
I hope they stay in the Premier league for a long time.
Oj Nick
Oj Nick:
As a chelsea I'm excited, I like leeds and old rival is back.
Deep Bhattacharya
Deep Bhattacharya:
If biesla is there within 5 years they can be in champions league and I m serious
Javier Javier
Javier Javier:
It's Kai
It's Kai:
they need a striker desperately
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez:
Felicitaciones, un Grande Bielsa!!!
Javier Dagos
Javier Dagos:
Proper club leeds happy to see them back
Erik Litsenius
Erik Litsenius:
For how long have you been saving this one?
adam johnson
adam johnson:
really happy to see leeds back in the pl. first time in my life ive seen leeds in the prem so i hope they do well the fans deserve it good luck
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?:
Qué gran alegría siento. Felicitaciones para todos los del Leeds; merecido ascenso.
Un gran Técnico es Bielsa y una persona muy inteligente. ¡Todos somos Leeds!.
Jackywacky Doodah
Jackywacky Doodah:
How football daily transformed HITC Sport:

By letting Joe start a beef with the Irish guy.
Dennis Lewis
Dennis Lewis:
What a great story! I'm happy for both Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa. As a kid growing up in London during the 1970s, I couldn't stand Leeds United. But I respected them as a great team. I remember the great Leeds team of Don Revie and their battles with Arsenal and Chelsea. The Premiership will be even more interesting to watch having Leeds back. I hope Bielsa leads them to some important trophies - until I start hating them again!
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma:
Welcome back Leeds🤍
Love and appreciation from a Chelsea fan🔵
Looking forward to relive those fierce matches again🔥
Juan Acople
Juan Acople:
Felicitaciones Leeds ! The crazy one ! The genius one !
Y-unes Pynchonesky
Y-unes Pynchonesky:
Congratulations Leeds fans 👏👏💪💪🔥🔥
John Doe
John Doe:
🎶 Leeds, Leeds are Premier League again 🎶
julio oscar pelliza
julio oscar pelliza:
Congratulations Leeds fans¡¡¡ Vaamooos Bielsa Carajo¡¡¡¡
James Rooney
James Rooney:
The best signing you can make is always the manager. And in Bielsa Leeds have one of the best
John Izekor
John Izekor:
A lot of time, effort and information goes into these type of videos and we love it, keep up the good videos. Very interesting video
Suhayl Mirza
Suhayl Mirza:
I feel like sunderland could do a similar thing in the next 10-15 years
RAM54Y 123
RAM54Y 123:
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez:
It's about time. I thought they would have bottled it again, but it's well deserved. I guarantee Leeds wont go down to the championship after 1 season, not under Bielsa
Massaer Mar
Massaer Mar:
I knew by the time i became manager someone will still my tactic 😭😭😭. At least it's a crazy guy like me. Congrats to him. He is awesome
Big Prince88
Big Prince88:
This might be the shittiest year for man united 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vic Rattlehead
Vic Rattlehead:
Also 16 years ago, he led Argentina to win football Olympics gold medal for the very first time, scoring 17 goals conceided 0.
Lucas R
Lucas R:
Welcome back to the top flight Leeds! Wonder how they'd cope with the Manchester clubs, Liverpool, and the London teams.
sokin jon
sokin jon:
championship, I found very nice and talented people who express their love for the club great way, greetings from Argentina
Hairulsyahmi Hamdan
Hairulsyahmi Hamdan:
Liverpool back to their perch,
Leeds back to the league,
Man City strong for the league,
"That" team is in trouble.
Rory Koehler
Rory Koehler:
That's an interesting intro video but you never explained how he transformed Leeds.
Francisco Mira
Francisco Mira:
Leeds Utd deserves to be in Premier league.
mark whitaker
mark whitaker:
I was also a teenage Yank living in England during the early 70s but was and still am a hardcore Arsenal supporter. However, Leeds was the club I always feared, especially given the great Don Revie team of the era with Lorimer , Clarke, Bremner, Giles, Charlton, etc. Perhaps a bit weak at goalkeeper but what a squad. Welcome back to the top flight where you belong. I also don't care about any of our home grown sports over here! Cheers
c122 h122
c122 h122:
Welcome Home 🏠 Leeds
The loan with harrison has an 8mil buyout clause in it, if Leeds want him it doesn't matter if other clubs bid for him.
JUAN manue
JUAN manue:
Congrats LEEDS 👌🏻🙏🏻👍🏻back where you belong!wishing you the best for the future!!from BOCA JUNIORS fan best team in South America 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻and we both share the same colours 😁👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💙💛💙best decision ever to bring EL LOCO 😜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻El Mas Grande!!
When I was a little kid I saw Leeds as a super strong team. I really liked them but kind of forgot about them after disappearing from premier league. Super excited to see them back!!
Jordan Warner
Jordan Warner:
Also, his time at Lille wasn't a disaster at all - they ended up making a lot of money off the players he brought in/through.
mixio hili
mixio hili:
championship, I found very nice and talented people who express their love for the club great way, greetings from Argentina
Perfect timing 😂
Jeevan Rosario
Jeevan Rosario:
get back viduka, ian harte, dacourt, alan smith, danny mills, lee bowyer and harry kewell they'll be ready
Ian Williams
Ian Williams:
as a liverpool fan excited to see leeds back to their rightful place, ynwa and looking forward to you beating up on man utd
I am so happy for you Leeds fans ! congrats from Argentina. Vamos Leeds Carajo !!!!!
Ariel Ariel88
Ariel Ariel88:
Come back home leeds,coming to rival more power..
james palsis
james palsis:
Well i guess james Milner is going home
Welcome back Leeds United, great to see you back where you belong. Thanks, Loco Bielsa for the tremendous effort and teamwork.
SMJ Legacy
SMJ Legacy:
Cant wait to see them open up against Liverpool, City, and united against big attackers.
2:08 most Italian guy ever.
Hey, If they stay in the PL long enough they might have a chance of Haaland playing there
Fernando Zamora
Fernando Zamora:
Congrats leeds, great team, great coach
Mahmet Ziad
Mahmet Ziad:
I just hope leeds United to become mid table team and stay in the premier league, they're fantastic team
Mfs pre recording videos 💀😂
1 9
1 9:
It's going to be great seeing our old rivals again ...
Aiman Falihin
Aiman Falihin:
Mark Viduka, Alan Smith always in my memories while Leeds in top flight PL early 2000's
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso:
It’s amazing what a top level manager can do....take note Manchester United
Yaaay! I feel for Leeds United! 👏👏👏
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
Marching on together to the Premier league💙💛
Reyansh Shahid
Reyansh Shahid:
Hooo MAn they were just close to defeating Liverpool in their first game. The new team looks beast 😍
Please stop butchering the name, Cagliari is pronounced Ca-Li-ari!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apart from that, thanks for another great post.
Junior Balogun
Junior Balogun:
Love this team from randomly using them on FIFA career mode. Can't wait to see them in the prem...they seem very similar to wolves in how their managers approaches the game tactically
Abubakar Nura
Abubakar Nura:
Welcome Back LEEDS UNITED.
I Became a Bielsa fan before he came to leeds utd fan, i knew what he was capable of. Weldone ⚪🟠⚪🟠
Mark Ramlucken
Mark Ramlucken:
I'm so happy that The Fabolous Leeds are back. Leeds was one of my team's I loved . In the 70s welcome back to the premier League .
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas:
4:05 Are they learning from Derby's loss 😂😂
Ben Maccaaa
Ben Maccaaa:
Hamill - I told you this would happen at the beginning of the season, please put it in Winners and Losers and give me a shoutout x
Jack Furey 3_3_11
Jack Furey 3_3_11:
Marching on together! We love you Leeds!!!
Steph D
Steph D:
The best thing that has happened in football for years, LEEDS ARE BACK, where they belong.
As a Newcastle fan...Sad but True....Means more to me than our joke of a run club, over the last 12 years.