How Marcelo Burlon Went From DJ To Designer Co-Signed By The Weeknd

'County of Milan' Creative Director Marcelo Burlon shares how he used his experience as a world-class DJ, event planner and publicist to Riccardo Tisci to launch his very first clothing line.





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Grande Marcelo 🔥
Yagel Kaidar
Yagel Kaidar:
2:50 - 3:07 incredible
Arsenal EIE8003
Arsenal EIE8003:
Very interesting person, seems really smart.
Statelesslife Lyn's Empowering Bootcamp
Statelesslife Lyn's Empowering Bootcamp:
Super Talented Marcelo!
Super Choco
Super Choco:
super talented men ✨👌
R2R Mari
R2R Mari:
Everyone in my city who where’s these shirts have been killed it’s so weird
Hans Khalifah
Hans Khalifah:
What backsound , please ?
Players de Negócios
Players de Negócios:
人悲しい(Garlic Debra)
人悲しい(Garlic Debra):
He’s stuff is just animals on shirts tho