How Russia's Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Plays a Role in the Ukraine Crisis | WSJ

As Western countries weigh potential sanctions against Moscow amid tensions with Ukraine, the future of the Nord Stream 2 natural-gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is in question. The uncertainty is having ripple effects on gas prices. Photo composite: Eve Hartley

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1:15 "US efforts to plug the supply gap" phrase sums it up pretty well
Santorini Blue
Santorini Blue:
It was Angela Merkel who proposed it. NS2 is a consortium between Gazprom an an EU pool of partners who would be also affected. Putin reminded Scholtz that the long term price it gets is a fraction of the spot market. The convenience of a direct pipeline also cuts out the fuzz and cost of LNG that have a complex logistics. Like oil or coal, not all gas has the same quality and thus energy yield.
Mr. Smug
Mr. Smug:
Always confusing Nordstream with NordVPN. 🥴
B. Baggins
B. Baggins:
Germany decided for green wind and solar energy, thy closed coal and nuclear power plants and are fully depending on Russian natural Gas until they hope to develop new technologies like Hydrogen.
Nord-Stream 2 compensates for the increased consumption. Right now 95% of their storage facilities have been used up and the conflict with Russia is rising
Gazprom announced that it would begin using the onshore facilities of Nord Stream 2 (which the Germans refused to launch) to develop gas supply to the North-West of Russia.

A lot of money was invested in the Nord Stream 2 project, with Germany also investing a large amount of money in part of the project. Now the Germans are losing their investments due to the downtime of the underwater part of Nord Stream 2, while Russia will use the land part in the meantime, thus its investments will fully pay off.

However, Nord Stream 2 has already paid off for Russia. The protracted history of its construction and non-launch has become an important factor in the rise in gas prices in Europe, which has sharply raised Gazprom's profits in 2021-2022.

The current decision on Nord Stream 2 contains another very unpleasant moment for Germany: Gazprom announced that due to the reorientation of onshore infrastructure to the domestic consumer, at least until 2028, the second marine string SP-2 will not be launched.

So if the Germans agree to launch Nord Stream 2 somewhere in a year under the pressure of the energy crisis, then they will be able to count on only half of the gas pipeline's capacity. And gas prices will remain very high.

Gazprom's decision to use the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for domestic gas supply can be interpreted on the principle of "every blessing," said Mark Goykhman, chief analyst at TeleTrade.

"Gasification of Russian territories is an acute problem that has been poorly solved for decades. This is largely due to the high cost of infrastructure construction and the low solvency of the population. For Gazprom, such projects are usually unprofitable or unprofitable. And it was hardly possible to count on the development of gas supply to the North- West in the case of using Nord Stream 2 for export deliveries," Mark Goykhman explained.

But in the current conditions, when the highway has already been built, colossal funds have been invested in it, and the future is very vague, there is a direct reason to use the ground part passing through Russia to gasify these territories, the expert notes. This will make it possible not only to improve their condition, adaptability to life, development, but also to receive certain incomes for gas workers and the budget, and create jobs.
Europe should do what's in THEIR best interest.
HK Foo
HK Foo:
To say with Nord Stream 2 will increase EU dependence on Russia is very weak actually.
The pipeline can supply as long as EU wants to buy . No one is forcing EU to buy right?
So why cut off your flexibility to access to another source of energy ?

If EU fear dependence, then quick order from US and just dont sign up for the Nord Stream 2 gas . In emergency you can increase supply for your needs.

Simply blaming Nord Stream 2 that will make EU too dependent means EU is not disciplined enough .
The pipeline is actually an insurance for EU ... for energy security . Not dependence.
Truly informative content, thanks very much for providing it for free.
One day when resources allow, I will definitely subscribe
Bandi Nemes
Bandi Nemes:
The U.S. trouble is with Russian gas sales mainly. It is a goal to continue Russia at all costs. It will not go, but the EU is shooting itself in the foot.
Such a bunch of baloney! First, Russian supply of gas has actually increased.
Second, let's look at the price increase. Mostly because some other suppliers diverted their production to more lucrative markets like China and South America, partly because some European companies rerouted their gas to Ukraine and Poland and, thus, reducing their own reserves, making nice profit of it. Russia and Europe have a long term contract , so quantities and prices are agreed upon beforehand.
So, Russia is not weaponizing gas.
I simply don't know who gave US rights to threat with stoping NS2. It's a commercial agreement between Russia and Europe, more precisely, between a Russian and several European companies. Let me remind you, Soviet Union supplied gas to Europe even in the hight of Cold War without any problems.
Doesn’t the pipeline hurt Europe/ Germany more then it does Russia?? Am I dumb or not understanding their move on stoping the pipeline
I hope russia divert its supply to south east asia. We will happily receive any deals for natural gas to power most of the economies that are developing here
The United States was energy independent not so long ago. Thanks, Brandon!
Jeff Morton
Jeff Morton:
Funny to hear Germany will halt certification of pipeline. Germany certifying anything will probably take decades. No need to halt. Think Tesla Plant.
The Imperfect Perfectionist
The Imperfect Perfectionist:
The problem, as always, is who gets to define the best interest. I, as an individual, know my best interest. That of my family, wife and kids? Yes, when it comes to making a decision, I can talk to them and usually can define the best interest of the family. Best interest of my suburb? Of my city? State? Country? As you go up the scale, you realise the definition of the collective best interest gets more and more muddled. So who gets to speak for Europe's (a continent) best interest? Who gets to say he knows and decides the best outcome for 500 million people of such varying culture, economic status, religion? In other words, WHAT IS Europe's best interest?
Vivian Kanin
Vivian Kanin:
All the countries in NATO have to vote a new country into NATO unanimously. Vote No on admitting Ukraine and let them remain NEUTRAL - it is as simple as that Mr. Putin & Mr. Biden De-escalate the troops and let them go home and hug their parents and families
Really no excuse for leading w clip of American President saying he can stop pipeline in the other hemisphere, between two foreign countries, without comment or challenge.

Every time a news service pops up a politician up w no challenge or comment. It is the news service normalizing his intent.
Calan MacLeod
Calan MacLeod:
Trust America, thy have your best interests at heart. Look how they rescued the Iraqi people from the weapons of mass destruction. Work out well for them!
john vodopia
john vodopia:
every nation needs a scapegoat
Meh… it is about money. Germany wants cheap gas. USA wants to sell gas. Russia wants max money. Ukraine wants transport fees. Russia needs money just as much as Europe needs gas. It is called capitalism.
Aleksandar Jevremovic
Aleksandar Jevremovic:
Can WSJ make video about volume of US LNG sold to China and that soled to EU? For winter 2021/2022. And at what price they sold it. Pls.
I mean if US want to cut EU from the Russian Gas they really need to place themselvs as reliable suplier. Since Russian never even in the darkest moments of cold war, never stop they Gas deliveries to Europe...
Maybe this energy crisses is more gready fueld not geopoliticly as someone try to present.
Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery:
Wonderful for USA $$$$ gas production. More money for USA. Start paying more in Europe for LNG from USA.
David Jhonsan
David Jhonsan:
Media TRP down on this issue....stop these nonsense..... please show new content...... A joke doesn't smile if it repeated again and again.... thanks ......jai hind. ....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
ephraim davies
ephraim davies:
Is the southern gas corridor a failure? I thought it was created to bypass Russian gas
can i get 20 sub with out a video
can i get 20 sub with out a video:
Russia was never going invade whole Ukraine
Because a whole slcale invesion won't make sense for Russia also
Aldnoah Zero
Aldnoah Zero:
america try to sell their LNG by telling the customer that their competitor is evil, change my mind
2/22/22 4 days after this video, Germany did just that they're willing to stop the flow of gas, and sanctions are being implemented as I type this out
Let the German do their own U.S acting like a spoil Daddy
I see America finally got their way by antagonising Russia through NATO.
xx 8868oo
xx 8868oo:
Sorry for Germany , only Biden can make decision for Nord Stream 2 . NOT Olaf Scholz .😅
Brittany Taz
Brittany Taz:
The pipeline is a legitimate and equally measured target after Russia's destruction of Ukrainian power generating facilities.
Sandy Rickard
Sandy Rickard:
Well where's the gas going to come from if Russia doesn't supply it? I'm confused 🤔 No gas?
ERIC Tang:
Basically US will benefit from halt of nord stream 2 pipeline. I guess Europeans you all need buy expensive US made liquified natural gas and I need buy some stocks that associate to liquified natural gas producers.
Yes mam, very complicated geopolitics.
Shane Daniel
Shane Daniel:
I don’t understand how you can say that Biden disapproves of the pipeline, when he’s the one who gave permission for them to build it…
Johnny Tiger
Johnny Tiger:
Why should Europe hurt them self badly just to punish Russia?? Just to please US geopolitical interests ?? People here are struggling with their electricity bills already. Same with gas, gasoline. Inflation is rising fast also. Consumers are already angry.
This whole war is about gas and oil isn’t it 😩
Fill the pipeline with seawater youll find out real fast whos buying the gas all the way back to the gas fields. Only I wouldnt want be be any place close to it.
You cant compress a liquid, but a gas will become highly compressed making it very dangerous.
0:29 i think it's 47% it was 40% few years ago
Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm
Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm:
Europe needs to not ban fracking or nuclear
Herb H
Herb H:
while Europe should stop the pipeline, the oil exports to the US keep flowing. I wonder if economy plays a role in this...
Tone Balone
Tone Balone:
Awe so thats why Ukraine were shelling donbass to instigate an invasion lol makes sense now. So the germans would cease pipeline (end of video)
they should have kept the nuclear plants
Kimbal Ip
Kimbal Ip:
Ns2 is gonna catalytically worsen the inflation problem if Russia decide to reduce export ….
dr bamboo
dr bamboo:
oh thats right this is going to cut into the saudi backed pipeline which is why the syrian conflict, syria blocked the route
Protect Animals
Protect Animals:
Clean Renewable Energy Eliminates All These Problems
Albert Pacaj
Albert Pacaj:
When you touch the money you do not but the second one infected you
100 Rumo
100 Rumo:
Europe is ready to pay double for gas and oil since they have a deep pocket. China will be buying oil and gas from Russia since sections are something from the past. The gray market keeps expanding
Well, that dependence ended.
Brian Redmond
Brian Redmond:
How does Biden get control of a European pipeline ?.
Pablo Smith
Pablo Smith:
I came here to learn how to invest after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $960,000 in 4 months from $160k, somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm still confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.
Isaak Chuk
Isaak Chuk:
Love the green push
Ahmed Al-Saedi
Ahmed Al-Saedi:
they forgot to mention that the usa want to sell gas to Europe to, hahah bad journalism
I fail to understand why the U.S. needs to get involved.
Leonard Mayer
Leonard Mayer:
If Germany continues the Nord Stream pipeline, maybe they should be prepared to learn Russian and be subservient to Russia.
Jeff Fernandez
Jeff Fernandez:
Biden canceled also the keystone pipline
Tone Balone
Tone Balone:
Surprised this is from Wall Street journal lol 😆
Europe is a sacrifice America is willing to make
This just announced that it is insolvent.
samuel raya
samuel raya:
40% isn’t much
So if Russia does not invade what happens to the pipeline?
William Johnson
William Johnson:
If Russia goes into Ukraine, the U.S. should go into Venezuela.
Protect Animals
Protect Animals:
Oil is not the answer, it’s the problem
Follower of Julian
Follower of Julian:
Overtaken by events.
Justin Franks
Justin Franks:
2:33 What are the soldiers doing, trying out for the next generation of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video?!
We are the Virus
We are the Virus:
When you poke a bear... What would you expect? Its the US propaganda and Nato is playing in its hand.....
Ninja Turtle
Ninja Turtle:
no comment on why the gas shortage happend. its not that Putin decided to underdeliver to Europe. Its rather that China bought extra capacities and paid the highest price for it.
Nord stream is not operational at this time.,???
Further invade ? Let’s go Brandon
God's child
God's child:
wsj picks and chooses there own truth.
Île-de- France
Île-de- France:
*I’m a former Moscow correspondent. Don’t let Vladimir Putin fool you: Russia’s war in Ukraine is only about one thing.*

If you walk the streets of Moscow, you will eventually smell the faint odor of gasoline.

Any crimp on Russia’s ability to access the European market is a threat to its economic security.

To get it there, Russia relies mostly on two aging pipeline networks, one of which runs through Belarus and the other through Ukraine. For this, Russia pays Ukraine around $2 billion a year in transit fees.

Russia is a petrostate and relies on oil and natural-gas sales for about 60% of its export revenue and 40% of its total budget expenditures. Any crimp on Russia’s ability to access the European market is a threat to its economic security.

*As Ukrainians looked to rising living standards in places like Poland and Latvia that had joined NATO and the European Union, many wondered why they couldn’t have the same for themselves.*

This is where *Putin’s nationalistic impulses kick in. He views the fall of the Soviet Union as the “greatest geopolitical tragedy” of the past century and the rush of  former Eastern bloc countries into the embrace of the European Union, and even NATO, as a great humiliation.*

He has drawn a line in the sand with countries that border Russia, *invading Georgia in 2008 when it hinted at joining NATO, and moving to destabilize Ukraine when it moved to establish closer economic ties with Europe.*

Domestically, *Putin has sold the incursions into Ukraine on purely nationalistic grounds — even going so far this weekend as to dismiss Ukraine’s history as an independent country as a falsehood.*

Lest we forget 👇

GOP campaigns took $7.35 million from oligarch linked to Russia. Donald J. Trump and the political action committees for Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Lindsey Graham accepted $7.35 million in contributions from oligarch who is the business partner of two of Russian president Vladimir Putin's favorite oligarchs and a Russian government bank.
Thing is I really wonder who gave em the idea (sarcasm obviously usa)
John Smith
John Smith:
Oh. Now I see why everyone is pushing for esg.
Justin Kase
Justin Kase:
The EU should listen to the US and rely on them instead of Russia.
Yeah Karen
Yeah Karen:
@1:31 I’m positive the heads of the German, French, Italian, Hungarian etc. governments are quite smart and keen people. Yet, they do not seem to mind building an economic and energy relationship with Russia. In this context it seems that it is America might be overstepping European sovereign interests.
Ahmed Ahmedin
Ahmed Ahmedin:
gas for two thousand dollars 2022.Good.
Michael McNamara
Michael McNamara:
Now this Dobby Vladimir Rasputin just looks like Stalin
‘Joe Biden’ ending of story
Oh shut up.. Russia has no real opposition to invading and will curb stomp Ukraine. The European economies will collapse without Russian energy.. shuttering economic activity worldwide. The facts are grim for what amounts to our reluctance to Finlandize Ukraine.
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh:
wsj,where is advanced technology to make gas from human wastage?
Don Woodward
Don Woodward:
its also about water in Crimea
Albert Sjjs
Albert Sjjs:
Да мне ваще pohuy, пусть на кулаках выйдут 1 на 1, зачем убивать ребят из-за того что что то не поделили?
Они остаются в бомбоубежищах будут пить кофе с булочкой пока молодые парнишки будут кишки на гусеницы наматывать, а их мамы будут ждать их дома с пирожками.
Should someone tell Europe about Nuclear power?
the WSJ lady Rochelle vaguely reminds me of Rachel Weisz! like they could be cousins
He wants any kind of control , he’s a little baby
So are U.S gas prices going to get even higher???
Roman Roman
Roman Roman:
Price to pay today vs price to pay tomorrow. Europe should stop saying they are on Ukraine’s side while continuing directly financing Russian aggression.
Clara Madison
Clara Madison:
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Marcin Kobos
Marcin Kobos:
So basically russians got nord stream 2 deal for not attacking ukraine? That's just unglaublich and sad. Russians should get a lesson to not behave like that in the future. No pipeline for Putin.
Johnson Hunglo
Johnson Hunglo:
Why haven't those Russian pipelines been destroyed yet?
Why is Pompeo sticking his nose into the affair?
S K:
Most hated man in the world:
Second most hated man in the world:
Barry Shaw
Barry Shaw:
Petro dollar obviously
Old Major
Old Major:
Ukraine had to attack Russian separatist regions in the east to provoke a Russian response like we are seeing. If Nord stream two came online, Russia would not need to send natural gas through Ukraine and Ukraine would not then receive billions of dollars from Russia for transporting gas through their country. This would bring the economy in Ukraine to its knees and would remove funding for the military spending.
Marc Siste
Marc Siste:
Ever heard of thinking ahead ?
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya:
Winter is coming Europe, will you be ready?
David Schiller
David Schiller:
I thought Germany was a mature country.
B Troy
B Troy:
Buy US LNG stock , US will be benefiting any kind of the war as long as not in America
John Uebersax
John Uebersax:
This basically says nothing.
bngr bngr
bngr bngr:
Germany needs to do what is best for Germany.
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte:
you see that pipe laying ship.. boom its gone.. nord stream 1, boom its gone.. those other 8 pipelines across europe from russia,, boom boom theyll be GONE.. day 1.. then GOD rested