How The Withdrawal From Afghanistan Could Define President Biden’s Legacy

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd joins Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist to discuss the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the impact it will have around the world and on the legacy of Joe Biden’s presidency. “At the end of the day, Willie, this is a decision that’s going to haunt him,” he says.

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100+ komentarze:

Joe Biden's next book: How to lose a 20 year war in 90 days.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Every month I’m spending more on food and medicine. Thanks Biden
Matteo C
Matteo C:
“They’re not after me , they’re after you, I’m just in the way”
Sturdy Thorpe
Sturdy Thorpe:
After watching what Biden has done for the last six months I would like to thank him for not doing anything for the last 47 years.
Blaming Trump for any of this is a joke
Andrew Glass
Andrew Glass:
The year is 2087… “it’s trumps fault”
Christopher Lucas
Christopher Lucas:
Like the Midas touch, but everything Biden touches, turns into a disaster.
No Discussion
Only Conclusion
" All Trump's Fault "
Miodrag Dimic
Miodrag Dimic:
Shame on that miserable, lousy old man. He left all those people on their own waiting to get demolished by talibans.
Hosoi Archives
Hosoi Archives:
It’s like NBC forgot that Biden/Obama were in power for 8 years
Congratulations to whoever voted Biden!
The deaths of many innocent people in Afghanistan is just one of his legacys.
Captain Emeritus
Captain Emeritus:
“Buy a man eat fish he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime!”
Boe Jiden
Richard Fellows
Richard Fellows:
US totally humiliated.
Juan CMF
Juan CMF:
"There were a lot of bad choises sitting in front of them" I guess they just picked up the worst option
Joseph 1963
Joseph 1963:
He said Biden could serve 8 years ? God help us…..
Maybe some of that trillions that will be saved from the end of the war in Afghanistan should go to the many veterans who came back from overseas wars that are homeless and drug addicts due to PTSD and can't get the proper support from the VA. Go figure.
Biden tomorrow at breakfast. " Honey, I had such a weird dream last night! "
Ashley Carrier
Ashley Carrier:
No. It will add to its current definition of inflation, high gas prices, help wanted signs, and a daily super spreader event on our border. Or it would...if our press ever decides to talk about any of that.
Pedro Tavarez
Pedro Tavarez:
I didn't know "Weekends at Bernie's" was a documentary of Biden.
Monsieur X
Monsieur X:
I watch other international news outlets who are less concerned about 'Biden's legacy' and more about the people of Afghanistan.
Mr. West
Mr. West:
*"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f... things up."* -President Barack Obama
The legacy of a cheater, a career politician who has been dead wrong on virtually every major foreign policy matter over the past several decades.
Michelle McClure
Michelle McClure:
“Don’t necessarily love this decision”
Innocent people are dying
grant sholty
grant sholty:
"Never underestimate Joe's ability to fick things up" - Barack Obama
Biden serving 8 years as POTUS.... Now that sure would be something to see...🤣
Yankiel Gonzalez
Yankiel Gonzalez:
So he reversed everything trump did but trump tide his hands in this deal 😂😂😂
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez:
1:34 lmfao in other words he's not to blame for something he did 🤡🤡🤣
Ken Martin
Ken Martin:
As much as I would like to see a withdrawal, we As the USA are the world peacekeepers. We as a country are located in 100+ locations beyond our soil.
Afghanistan at this point was fairly easy to hold together. Our president BLEW it
Bubba Hottep
Bubba Hottep:
Look up the "Blood on My Hands" song, about the withdrawal. Powerful stuff.

That's his legacy.
Ravenous Maximus
Ravenous Maximus:
All of a sudden, Donald Trump doesn't sound all that bad now, does he?
P D:
Defined exactly the same way the Border Crisis he caused has.....utter incompetence
ㅤ           ( empty )
ㅤ ( empty ):
As a ordinary American citizen
Me : very sorry Mr. Trump
Joe Bagodonuts
Joe Bagodonuts:
But the Afghan troops have Equity and Inclusion. Diversity is their strength.
simon daughtry
simon daughtry:
Would you expect anything less from a human being in total cognitive decline ?
Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey:
Biden is a great president - if you're a chicom.
Carlos Rojas
Carlos Rojas:
Thanks Biden!! you will be remembered for this
Simple Man
Simple Man:
“Some Americans will never appreciate America, until after they have helped destroy it, and have then begun to suffer the consequences.” - Thomas Sowell
Tommy Whisper
Tommy Whisper:
It was hubris to elect a dementia patient and to expect no consequences in governance.
Rye Guy
Rye Guy:
Look on the bright side, at least we don't have mean tweets anymore 😉
Kevin Noroski
Kevin Noroski:
Just another piece for his approval numbers go down even more. The public is finally getting wise to this fool. Too late I'm afraid.
Darth Alba
Darth Alba:
What an utter failure.
Eat more ice cream, Sleepy Joe
We've been over there long enough. After 20 years it's time for them to fend for themselves. Fight for your freedom.
Dancin Doge
Dancin Doge:
Biden lost his brain when he fell off the stairs ☹️
Mine Finder
Mine Finder:
America won't survive four years of this walking disaster.
KGF Picture Productions
KGF Picture Productions:
On my view, Mr. Biden may have good support locally but he need rest and Mr. Trump action is necessary here.
If Mr. Trump is in power then with in a day situation will change.
Darren McEwan
Darren McEwan:
Weird how the taliban have suddenly woke up again after this pandemic. COVID must not be working as a scaremonger tactic anymore
W. C.
W. C.:
"I just got out of the lock-up... wait... What?"
Maybe Americans would trust Journalists a Lil' more, if they didn't look like the Homeless Persons we see at Bus Stops...
Robert Velasquez
Robert Velasquez:
The good thing for Uncle Joe, he won’t remember his legacy!
Its about execution.
If Trump was on vacation when this happened they would impeach him
Jao Bidan
Jao Bidan:
I think "My butts been wiped" is what truly defines the legacy that is Joe Biden.
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez:
His legacy should be defined on what goes on here in the U.S. Fixing the crumbling infrastructure, global warming and improving the U.S in general. The pandemic is not done yet.
America left Vietnam and the world was ending that day apparently for all those talking about Saigon. Yet today Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, they have their full national sovereignty and they are actually now considered an ally of the United States, if even out of convenience because of China.
Craig Ling
Craig Ling:
This latest policy blunder by Biden just left the Taliban with one of the largest equipped military in the region. Tanks, helicopters,, artillery, fighter and transport aircraft, huge stockpiles of ammunition and fuel depots, and of course hundreds of thousands of M-4 automatic assault rifles, machine guns, grenades and launchers, mortars, night vision equipment, scopes, and huge stop piles of ammunition to go with it. All of it of the latest technology available. Just like Vietnam. There is one difference. When the war ended in Vietnam, the Vietnamese people had no interest in following us back to America and attacking us. The Taliban, Iran, and every other terrorist group in the Middle East will. All we had to do was leave 2500 soldiers there to insure that wouldn't happen. But Biden is Biden. Just like everything else he has touched since entering office, he screwed it up. Why would any foreign nation trust us after this? Why would anyone encourage their children to join our current military. As said many times before, who wants to be the last soldier killed in a war that they know will be lost because of moronic decisions made by politicians. Once again, history repeats itself.
J Altenburg
J Altenburg:
I believe you are missing the most dangerous component of This extremely inept withdrawal from Afghanistan. This has the potential of creating the largest hostage situation in modern history. Our troops are stuck at the airbase. There are thousands of lives at risk of those desperate to leave spread out all over this city with a population of over 4 million; not to mention throughout the country. This is the problem.
Viva el Pepe
Viva el Pepe:
Julius Caesar: I came I saw I conquered!
The West: We came, we destroyed, we ran away!
tate vanlandingham
tate vanlandingham:
Way to switch from the border crisis to Afghan crisis 😂
Lynn Snow
Lynn Snow:
Jerome Riviere, the French politician, took to Twitter and posted: "Freedom and democracy are not doing well when #Twitter continues to ban #Trump’s account but relays the #Taliban spokesperson’s without any second thoughts."
ernest roybal
ernest roybal:
This is "Build Back Better".
Noah Ali
Noah Ali:
You guys realize this is all suppose to happen right?
Ak Kingdom
Ak Kingdom:
US spent 20 years and spent 88 billons to train afgan soliders
But all gone to 1 month
How smoothly now this man is shifting the blame to the past govt, while as a matter of fact its him who failed at humanity and basic politics!
Max Norton
Max Norton:
The Afghanistan withdrawal should of been like Korea. Keep some forces in the country regardless in times of peace or not. Continue to use the country as a strategic base and training facility to guarantee Afghanistan’s independence. 5,000-10,000 NATO troops would of been sufficient enough to keep the Taliban at bay. Such a waste. My heart goes out to all the Veterans who served there.
Somebody please save Afghanistan 🙏
Akash kumar
Akash kumar:
Afghan military has already melted away,USA put up a 1st world army in a 3rd world country, now taliban has all those equipments
Brandon Steele
Brandon Steele:
This is exactly why I voted for!!
Luke Davis
Luke Davis:
Great job biden, just add this to your greatest hits: The border, gas prices up, food prices up, car prices up, house prices up, the economy, HYPERINFLATION, etc.etc.. DUNCE 🤡🤡🤡
Richard Fellows
Richard Fellows:
Obama didn't like references to Saigon. And now Kabul is Saigon 2.0 - where will 3.0 be?
InTheMoment 84
InTheMoment 84:
“Legacy?” This dude already has a legacy of failure and incompetence since 1988
Kevin's U tube
Kevin's U tube:
Biden's botched it alright. We had plenty of reason to pull out everyone that mattered weeks ago. Many weeks and even months ago SIV's should have been issues and those people quietly pulled out.
Joe R
Joe R:
As someone else said, they had to bring up Trump at least once as a left leaning mainstream outlet. At least they only talked about former president for a second, then refocused on the current one.
S L:
Happened on Bidens watch
Dmitrii Novikov
Dmitrii Novikov:
Even now it's Trump's fault. Hilarious!
Never underestimate Biden's ability to deliver the worst possible outcome in any given situation.
nairy danielyans
nairy danielyans:
It’s a combination of both Afghan and United States mistakes. The Afghan government thought US would keep its troops for an indefinite time and they used this opportunity to pocket wealth. Most of Afghan officials who were in government didn’t live most of their lives in Afghanistan when this country was destroyed by many wars and turmoil, instead, they were living in US or Europe; moreover, US chose these officials to make assure of their own political gain not Afghanistan nation. Also, US didn’t do a good job in destroying Taliban for the past at least 20 years and now things got complicated. This will be the worst legacy of Biden’s presidency.
charles fortner
charles fortner:
We never should have been there. Biden never should have been there either.
Side Chain Blane
Side Chain Blane:
Well done sleepy Joe! 😠
King of Things
King of Things:
His legacy will be one of weakness, failure, and racist division.
It did define it. Disastrous. Everything from start to finish.
Marc Apesos
Marc Apesos:
It's not the decision, it's the execution
Suresh Sharma
Suresh Sharma:
1st Taliban victory ended USSR as superpower
The 2nd Taliban victory will end USA as superpower
To say that this Saigon embassy roof moment will define his presidency is an understatement.
Prairie Hawker
Prairie Hawker:
"Look Fat....You think the Taliban can do as many pushups as me, Jack? The Taliban are nothing. Now that Corn Pop...he was a bad dude. Where's my Tapioca Pudding?"
N E:
Its time to reform and audit all our interactions in afghanistan going back to the begining of the invasion.. It is time to look at reforming all our doctrine. If a republic can fall to tribal groups... We need republic 2.0. Something stronger and more reformed. If this doesnt result into a complete audit into every project in afghanistan something is wrong.
Conservative Watchdog
Conservative Watchdog:
What else can this crook “F” up in our country?
"Could define" it was already in tatters long before this lol
The Jack 0
The Jack 0:
We, the United States, spent billions and countless lives. All for what? Afghanistan deserves exactly what's comming to it.
Zeek M
Zeek M:
His legacy is already 40 years of war crimes.
This just another one on his list.
"mOsT pOpUlAr pReSiDeNt eVeR!!!!!!"


Look at these video ratios. One right after another.
Shuo BAI
Shuo BAI:
He is only in office for 7 months and we already talk about his legacies? Lol! Trump 2024!
Christian Childress
Christian Childress:
Y’all chose the man 👨
tate vanlandingham
tate vanlandingham:
Comgrats, this is what Democrats voted for 😂
Define his legacy in good way or bad way?
Ryu Dragonpunch
Ryu Dragonpunch:
WTF we should’ve finished the job there instead we left and now everything that was gained and every life we lost was all in vain.
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans:
You probably should be asking will the War in Taiwan define The Nation, with USA's 150K troops staged for the war against the CCP.
Iceburg Andy
Iceburg Andy:
Wow, what an insult! All these years in vain??? Those poor people left behind, abandoned!
The moon is beautiful, isn't it?
The moon is beautiful, isn't it? :
We did it Joe 😀
NevildoN Gaming Xtreme
NevildoN Gaming Xtreme:
I always wondered if the Taliban wears some sort of underwear underneath their "clothes". anyways i forgot what i was gonna say.....dang. lol
c j
c j:
Biden's legacy 😂😂😂