How The Withdrawal From Afghanistan Could Define President Biden’s Legacy

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd joins Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist to discuss the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the impact it will have around the world and on the legacy of Joe Biden’s presidency. “At the end of the day, Willie, this is a decision that’s going to haunt him,” he says.

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100+ komentarze:

Andrew Glass
Andrew Glass:
The year is 2087… “it’s trumps fault”
Christopher Lucas
Christopher Lucas:
Like the Midas touch, but everything Biden touches, turns into a disaster.
Matteo C
Matteo C:
“They’re not after me , they’re after you, I’m just in the way”
Joe Biden's next book: How to lose a 20 year war in 90 days.
Sturdy Thorpe
Sturdy Thorpe:
After watching what Biden has done for the last six months I would like to thank him for not doing anything for the last 47 years.
The deaths of many innocent people in Afghanistan is just one of his legacys.
Hosoi Archives
Hosoi Archives:
It’s like NBC forgot that Biden/Obama were in power for 8 years
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Every month I’m spending more on food and medicine. Thanks Biden
Richard Fellows
Richard Fellows:
US totally humiliated.
Blaming Trump for any of this is a joke
Captain Emeritus
Captain Emeritus:
“Buy a man eat fish he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime!”
Boe Jiden
Mine Finder
Mine Finder:
America won't survive four years of this walking disaster.
Miodrag Dimic
Miodrag Dimic:
Shame on that miserable, lousy old man. He left all those people on their own waiting to get demolished by talibans.
No Discussion
Only Conclusion
" All Trump's Fault "
Mr. West
Mr. West:
*"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f... things up."* -President Barack Obama
Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey:
Biden is a great president - if you're a chicom.
The Oracle
The Oracle:
Compromised stumbling bumbling confused old Joe whined “It’s all Trump’s fault because it’s the only thing I did not do the opposite of what he was doing!”
Ravenous Maximus
Ravenous Maximus:
All of a sudden, Donald Trump doesn't sound all that bad now, does he?
Pedro Tavarez
Pedro Tavarez:
I didn't know "Weekends at Bernie's" was a documentary of Biden.
Rye Guy
Rye Guy:
Look on the bright side, at least we don't have mean tweets anymore 😉
Joseph 1963
Joseph 1963:
He said Biden could serve 8 years ? God help us…..
over easy
over easy:
I just hope that someone took down that embassy rainbow flag for protection. And smuggled it out, so Demented Joe can have a ceremony with it someday.
Maybe some of that trillions that will be saved from the end of the war in Afghanistan should go to the many veterans who came back from overseas wars that are homeless and drug addicts due to PTSD and can't get the proper support from the VA. Go figure.
Richard Fellows
Richard Fellows:
Obama didn't like references to Saigon. And now Kabul is Saigon 2.0 - where will 3.0 be?
P D:
Defined exactly the same way the Border Crisis he caused has.....utter incompetence
John Yost
John Yost:
Shout out to George Floyd on fifteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕
S R:
Living proof of the phrase:
"You want loyalty? buy a dog."
Congratulations to whoever voted Biden!
Darth Alba
Darth Alba:
What an utter failure.
Eat more ice cream, Sleepy Joe
Biden tomorrow at breakfast. " Honey, I had such a weird dream last night! "
Monsieur X
Monsieur X:
I watch other international news outlets who are less concerned about 'Biden's legacy' and more about the people of Afghanistan.
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez:
1:34 lmfao in other words he's not to blame for something he did 🤡🤡🤣
The legacy of a cheater, a career politician who has been dead wrong on virtually every major foreign policy matter over the past several decades.
If Trump was on vacation when this happened they would impeach him
Dancin Doge
Dancin Doge:
Biden lost his brain when he fell off the stairs ☹️
Kevin Noroski
Kevin Noroski:
Just another piece for his approval numbers go down even more. The public is finally getting wise to this fool. Too late I'm afraid.
Juan CMF
Juan CMF:
"There were a lot of bad choises sitting in front of them" I guess they just picked up the worst option
Darren McEwan
Darren McEwan:
Weird how the taliban have suddenly woke up again after this pandemic. COVID must not be working as a scaremonger tactic anymore
Michelle McClure
Michelle McClure:
“Don’t necessarily love this decision”
Innocent people are dying
Biden serving 8 years as POTUS.... Now that sure would be something to see...🤣
ernest roybal
ernest roybal:
This is "Build Back Better".
The good thing for Uncle Joe, he won’t remember his legacy!
GPM Picture Productions
GPM Picture Productions:
On my view, Mr. Biden may have good support locally but he need rest and Mr. Trump action is necessary here.
If Mr. Trump is in power then with in a day situation will change.
NevildoN Gaming Xtreme
NevildoN Gaming Xtreme:
I always wondered if the Taliban wears some sort of underwear underneath their "clothes". anyways i forgot what i was gonna say.....dang. lol
Prairie Hawker
Prairie Hawker:
"Look Fat....You think the Taliban can do as many pushups as me, Jack? The Taliban are nothing. Now that Corn Pop...he was a bad dude. Where's my Tapioca Pudding?"
Ashley Carrier
Ashley Carrier:
No. It will add to its current definition of inflation, high gas prices, help wanted signs, and a daily super spreader event on our border. Or it would...if our press ever decides to talk about any of that.
Akash kumar
Akash kumar:
Afghan military has already melted away,USA put up a 1st world army in a 3rd world country, now taliban has all those equipments
Viva el Pepe
Viva el Pepe:
Julius Caesar: I came I saw I conquered!
The West: We came, we destroyed, we ran away!
Kabul is Saigon 2.0
Carlos Rojas
Carlos Rojas:
Thanks Biden!! you will be remembered for this
Ak Kingdom
Ak Kingdom:
US spent 20 years and spent 88 billons to train afgan soliders
But all gone to 1 month
Joe Bagodonuts
Joe Bagodonuts:
But the Afghan troops have Equity and Inclusion. Diversity is their strength.
T R:
Oh Mr Magoo you've done it again.
Joe was busy on vacation sipping margaritas when this all went down
Scott Satou
Scott Satou:
Imagine voting a 80 yr o to be ur leader lmao pathetic
Lynn Snow
Lynn Snow:
Jerome Riviere, the French politician, took to Twitter and posted: "Freedom and democracy are not doing well when #Twitter continues to ban #Trump’s account but relays the #Taliban spokesperson’s without any second thoughts."
Ken Martin
Ken Martin:
As much as I would like to see a withdrawal, we As the USA are the world peacekeepers. We as a country are located in 100+ locations beyond our soil.
Afghanistan at this point was fairly easy to hold together. Our president BLEW it
Tommy Whisper
Tommy Whisper:
It was hubris to elect a dementia patient and to expect no consequences in governance.
We've been over there long enough. After 20 years it's time for them to fend for themselves. Fight for your freedom.
Tee Vee
Tee Vee:
F. Chuck Todd and Meet The Depressed don't have a Clue.
As a ordinary American citizen
Me : very sorry Mr. Trump
Suresh Sharma
Suresh Sharma:
1st Taliban victory ended USSR as superpower
The 2nd Taliban victory will end USA as superpower
Oty CLoaiza
Oty CLoaiza:
It's like you got rid of Joffrey and now you are stuck with Tommen. Good luck
Yankiel Gonzalez
Yankiel Gonzalez:
So he reversed everything trump did but trump tide his hands in this deal 😂😂😂
Funny how the master of china joe did legitimate this madness.

Seems like he did his work for his dady xi ;)
James Scarpa
James Scarpa:
Happy to be out-20 years and two trillion wasted dollars
charles fortner
charles fortner:
We never should have been there. Biden never should have been there either.
"mOsT pOpUlAr pReSiDeNt eVeR!!!!!!"


Look at these video ratios. One right after another.
S L:
Happened on Bidens watch
Its about execution.
Dmitrii Novikov
Dmitrii Novikov:
Even now it's Trump's fault. Hilarious!
Simple Man
Simple Man:
“Some Americans will never appreciate America, until after they have helped destroy it, and have then begun to suffer the consequences.” - Thomas Sowell
simon daughtry
simon daughtry:
Would you expect anything less from a human being in total cognitive decline ?
grant sholty
grant sholty:
"Never underestimate Joe's ability to fick things up" - Barack Obama
How’s “build back better” working for ya?
Andrew Maxwell
Andrew Maxwell:
I blame the media who pushed, lied for and supported Biden. You did this...
W. C.
W. C.:
"I just got out of the lock-up... wait... What?"
Maybe Americans would trust Journalists a Lil' more, if they didn't look like the Homeless Persons we see at Bus Stops...
two birds
two birds:
Is Biden relaxing eating ice cream at Camp David now?
Kris La
Kris La:
He’s fooked up
Noah Ali
Noah Ali:
You guys realize this is all suppose to happen right?
2020 was big oof
2020 was big oof:
I think it's apparent at this point that Trump was actually pretty dope
These dreams
These dreams:
Biden's botched it alright. We had plenty of reason to pull out everyone that mattered weeks ago. Many weeks and even months ago SIV's should have been issues and those people quietly pulled out.
Jao Bidan
Jao Bidan:
I think "My butts been wiped" is what truly defines the legacy that is Joe Biden.
Scott Deaton
Scott Deaton:
C'mon Joe, turn that frown upside down.
"Could define" it was already in tatters long before this lol
How smoothly now this man is shifting the blame to the past govt, while as a matter of fact its him who failed at humanity and basic politics!
Pritesh Priyam
Pritesh Priyam:
Now they will make a movie about how they save the world from mighty alien.
America left Vietnam and the world was ending that day apparently for all those talking about Saigon. Yet today Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, they have their full national sovereignty and they are actually now considered an ally of the United States, if even out of convenience because of China.
jeremy hodge
jeremy hodge:
Seems like a lot of Taliban in the Afghan military 🤔
Scott Luke
Scott Luke:
Enjoy your vacation, Joe.
20 years of training and war just to be destroyed in a week.
King of Things
King of Things:
His legacy will be one of weakness, failure, and racist division.
David Doch
David Doch:
A President in Demetia, good choice America...
Luke Davis
Luke Davis:
Great job biden, just add this to your greatest hits: The border, gas prices up, food prices up, car prices up, house prices up, the economy, HYPERINFLATION, etc.etc.. DUNCE 🤡🤡🤡
Shreya Navik
Shreya Navik:
We did it Joe 😀
Define his legacy in good way or bad way?
بدر بدر
بدر بدر:
You know that I am frank and Morocco is an independent country in the union of its trends. You have to be by our side alone and not with anyone else, for the sake of the future.
brian g.
brian g.:
Its another Vietnam for those who remember it like me members of the military aren't happy.
Heinz Ruedi
Heinz Ruedi:
America used to be a great Nation....then came Joe Biden!