How To Beat Chelsea | Manchester United vs Chelsea Preview

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Here is my tactical preview for Manchester United vs Chelsea. Will Edinson Cavani start? Will Axel Tuaznebe start again? Here's what I think...

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100+ komentarze:

Martin Darcy
Martin Darcy:
Were definitely getting a penalty so its all good lads!
Excited to see what ole does with the starting team, hope he gets it right again
Daniel Shepherd
Daniel Shepherd:
16:47 imagine Telles, Bruno, rashford and Greenwood stood over a free kick... it’s actually just porn at that point
Dec warb
Dec warb:
Let's hope cavani starts, think he will thrive in this kind of match
J Brew
J Brew:
I don’t think you start matic and pogba if you plan on letting Chelsea have the ball.
jordan clayton
jordan clayton:
Fred and MCT are much more reliable and energetic for UTD which is a massive shame for pogba and VDB but from the off them two must be chaos to play against! Love their intensity and look like they properly play for the badge!
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski:
If Kepa plays, we’ll win by 3.
If Kepa doesn’t play, we’ll win by 3.
Good to see you and paddock getting sponsors again! Keep up the great content 👊
Jasraj Dhillon
Jasraj Dhillon:
Love this style of preview and brilliant analysis!
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski:
Frank will get the bin soon. He can’t manage so much talent effectively.
Braeden Moore
Braeden Moore:
This was way more in depth than I thought it would be lmao
They Left Me Unsupervised
They Left Me Unsupervised:
Going for a 3-2 on this one.
Neil Crowe
Neil Crowe:
United play better without pogba starting
Pogba perfect player for the bench. Real game changer
Pravir Singh
Pravir Singh:
Loved your analysis of how Chelsea play, gonna be a great one to watch !
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
Marcus Rashford masterclass incoming
jordan clayton
jordan clayton:
Axel would be a great starter this game as Werner is alike Mbappe in terms of pace and the way they play.

However ole probs don’t want to rush him back which is understandable 😭
Sari Mira
Sari Mira:
Last time we played against them, a lost. It's our time for payback!
The Slaine
The Slaine:
I watch ur videos all the time man, people like you that make me proud to be a united fan. Love what ur doing, keep up the good work
24 carrot Plonker
24 carrot Plonker:
Love the content 3-1 united
Godwin ebikwo
Godwin ebikwo:
I feel this is classic united. Get our hopes high then we come back to complain here. We won't win
I wouldn't be so confident, uniteds home form isn't great at the moment
hedge bets
hedge bets:
Psg pressed hard but we got out with a lot more direct ball from the Gk/backline. Ddg was like a keeping version of Pirlo.
Viv Varghese
Viv Varghese:
12:56 They pressed us off the park last time we played them, couldn't even get a pass right. If it's United they'll play a lot better and press much higher.
Rahul kashyap
Rahul kashyap:
I would love to see 4 1 2 1 2 , with vdb , pog and Bruno playing
Great analysis, Stephen ! ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal:
My team:
Spot on Sir !
Beavis And Butthead
Beavis And Butthead:
You should be the manager mate you know it all 😂
dan day
dan day:
Your team selection is shocking 😂 cavani isn't even fit how can he start
mike fischer
mike fischer:
Yep I'm with u that there will be a lot of goals . I'm going with 4-2 United
Braeden Moore
Braeden Moore:
This was really good
j_ gauntlett
j_ gauntlett:
i wanna see axel play again, what a game he had against psg
Every ducking time with the jinx, wanker!
Steven G
Steven G:
Isaiah Gere
Isaiah Gere:
Thiago Silva played for PSG in ligue 1. Even Phil Jones will be a god in the league
Chinedum Nwayo
Chinedum Nwayo:
would have gone for the diamond, with scott, fred, paul and bruno. Mason and Marcus as the two split strikers. The defence same as yours.
jordan clayton
jordan clayton:
2-1 UTD, no doubt
aran bassi
aran bassi:
Vic for maguire
Fred for matic
Mctom for pogba
Shaw in aswel
Mart Good
Mart Good:
Funny how they modelled villa beating leads at 64% just before they lost 3-0! Not worth 20 pounds.
Awesome Ste!
Tshepo Chiloane
Tshepo Chiloane:
dude invest in a pop filter please
Myn Uganda
Myn Uganda:
Man utd 4:2chelsea GGMU
JHJ 23
JHJ 23:
I think we should go same formation as we did against Paris but instead of Scott we go donny and then çavani up top maybe
Qasim Majid
Qasim Majid:
I would play a 3 at the back take cavani out for shaw and take Greenwood out for fred would love us to control possession in the game
Dean Green
Dean Green:
My team against Chelsea.

De Gea
AWB -Tuanzebe -Maguire -Lindelof/Shaw-Telles
Fred. Mctominay/Donny
Cavani Rashford
Rasmus Gatting
Rasmus Gatting:
Very good Preview 😀
This game is ending 5 - 2. I'm sure of it
Rashford st n pogba lm n Greenwood rm. Fred n Scott cm. The defense the same but bench Shaw.
Mr Ryan
Mr Ryan:
I think he'll play a 3421

De Gea
Richard Grace
Richard Grace:
Amd he is blowing up havertz WAY too much.. he has only performed well in one EPL game and that was against a freshly promoted team outside of that he really hasn't done shit in the EPL yet and has gotten bodied like crazy
Vegard Rosenvinge
Vegard Rosenvinge:
Why dont you do player ratings? Feel that is the only thing the Chanel miss😅 Big cheers from Norway
Team needs a link up master like Van De Beek to keep pressure on Chelsea from moving forward all game. People forget that Pogba has not been motivated to play in England at the moment and could be due for another poor showing. Won't be surprised at a 3-3 draw or 3-2 loss. Haven't won at home and boys might be overconfident after Paris.
Ore Ogunsina
Ore Ogunsina:
2-1 united
This is gonna sound absolutely bonkers, but I have a feeling Bruno wont be in the first 11 today
I know it won't happen because Slabheads back but good god were at our best with a back 3
Infernus 25
Infernus 25:
Just wish pogba would actually put a shift in when defending cause atm he's such a liability because the man never tracks back or just jogs back. Would be brilliant to have Bruno and him work in unison in our system
G_ O'D
G_ O'D:
Just not comfortable with Maguire Vs Werner
David Organ
David Organ:
It's not a coincidence our best performances in recent games have come with fred and scot in midfield. Silly to drop them honestly. Think we should play nearly the same lineup as against PSG but Cavani up front and would not be surprised to see a Telles cross to back post converted by Cavani
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling:
3-2 United.
Da Da
Da Da:
Bench overrated Maguire
De Gea. WBissaka. Lindelof. Maguire. Shaw. McTominay. Fred. Mata. BFernandes. James. Rashford.
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
Hope United can correct there slip up, and give AWB cover as Chelsea took average of him in the cup, just a thought
Harry GW
Harry GW:
Watched the true geordie comment on the PSG game. It’s so blatant he didn’t watch the game.
Alex Spicer
Alex Spicer:
Surely that sponsor just tells you what the worst odds are...if it's the mostly likely outcome statistically...js
Conor Ewing
Conor Ewing:
2-0 win cmon
Prezzydent Dubal
Prezzydent Dubal:
I do belive that man united could do well in the Champion league this season I think that we can WIN it too!!!
Bill Baggio
Bill Baggio:
For this game i would stick with the midfield we had in paris - but in the future we need to find a proper DM that can play on his own in the role (like a kante,fernandinho or ndidi). If we can win the midfield battle against chelsea i think united win this game. I will go 2-0 united.
ole wernersen
ole wernersen:
Gk - DDG
LB- Telles
Cb - axl
Cb - maguire
Rb - AWB
Cm - matic
Cm - fred
Rw - mata
CAM - bruno
Lw - pogba
St - Rashford.
Thats my team. Loads of creativity going forward and Matic and fred to help the back 4.
Chelsea rent boysss
Play to our potential and we win. Simple as that.
Pogba and Matic isn’t the same as Pogba and Kante, we’ll get out run in the midfield. Maguire in a back 4 is suicide.
Captain Dusk
Captain Dusk:
If we start Pogba we lose.
Hey Howson, do you know why Droylsden's ground closed? Nothing to do with Paddock FC is it?
Hollow Hollow Hollow
Matthew West
Matthew West:
This line up is suicide, 6 attacking players will be a spurs result all over again. Stick to what’s worked with Fred and mcT in mid to shield that defence
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies:
Team against Chelsea: 4.4.2 Diamond - De Gea, WanBa, Tuanzebe, Lindelof Shaw, VanDeBeek, Fred, Pogba, Bruno(Capt), Rashford, Carvani
Subs: Henderson, Fuso Mensah, Telles, Matic. McTominy, Mata, James, Greenwood, ighalo, & Williams. Give Magure more time to recover for his own good.
Result: 3 - 1win Comments: take the game to them
Kian Donovan
Kian Donovan:
Does anyone actually know what mason did
Paul Haydon
Paul Haydon:
Ste this is a terrible team you've picked. Gone back to the far too attacking formation leaving us wide open all over the park.
Omid Rajabalipour
Omid Rajabalipour:
Fred. Bruno. Pogba
Mason. Rashy
Icardi needs to play ffs
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz:
Chelsea's trio attackers (havert, pulisic, werner) can hurt us hence why we need to be compact in the back. But their midfield and defense are at lower level to ours.
I'd like to see 3-5-2 with:
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed:
I dont think our defences are even comparable, we had more clean sheets than anyone in europe last season and had the third best defence in the league while having the lowest xg against which means we allow the lowest quality chances, by contrast chelsea had the worst defence out of the whole of the top 10, our recent terrible result are more about being abnormally bad due to various reasons, a team should be judged on their mean not by their highs or lows
How to beat Chelsea; Score more Goals then, them...
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul:
If i was ole i would cash eric in the coming January not only he is injury prone he is also very ragged
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ:
Why would we be afraid of Chelsea?? We just need to play our own game, and if we are clinical, we'll definitely win.. 3-1 United with Rashy scoring a brace...
Sachin Krishnapura 1DS14EE074
Sachin Krishnapura 1DS14EE074:
Cavani won't start he's not fit enough he'll be on the bench also both matic and Maguire shouldn't play together against a fast inter changing attack of Chelsea cuz they are not mobile enough also pogba is not good off the ball! Fred deserves to start for the performance he displayed against PSG. For me I would play almost the same team except for Fred in for Matic and Mata in for Cavani and I would put Rashford at front!
J J:
sweet jacket
Jake Driver
Jake Driver:
A win against Chelsea and i think our scary period doesn't look so scary anymore. Arsenal don't worry me and Leipzig are very hit and miss.
Cian Costigan
Cian Costigan:
Why don’t we control the game if like you said they’re going to try and let us have the ball? Play all our creative players.. mata on the right, Pogba & van de Beek in midfield.. Dominate possession and take the game to them
navtej nahal
navtej nahal:
Cavani winner
Roy Thomson
Roy Thomson:
Team for Chelsea

De gea
Telles lindeloff Axel AWB
Fred Bruno
Greenwood Cavani Rashford

60 min subs Pogba
Richard Grace
Richard Grace:
Ehhh juat go down the left wing... mason mount will be on that side out of position because frank has a hard on for the kid and has played hin out of position on the wing all season so far.. amd odds are chelsea won't get any goal chances because while frank is forcing mount out of position onto the left wing he is also forcing one of the top 10 left wingers in the league out of position on the right wing so chelses starts out with 2 out of 4 attackersout of position to start the game
It’s at Old Trafford so that means it’s a loss lol
Joshua Egege
Joshua Egege:
American Football, Basketball........... Didn't want to say soccer.
Wu Fam
Wu Fam:
Chelsea wankaz 🔰
Ekene Udeaja
Ekene Udeaja:
You do realise Chelsea at better than Man U
Jesper Åström
Jesper Åström:
I don't get why you hate on Lindelöf as much as you do. He might look like a leaf or feather falling from a tree when he defends. But he is in the right position 99/100 and the scoreline is always better with him on the field. You seem to have this hard on for Maguire just cause he cost a lot of money... yet you seem to get that the club doesn't have a good recruitment department... hmm...
A. K
A. K:
2 2 draw
Benjamin Persson
Benjamin Persson:
The Maguire bias continues