How to Use Google Translate - Beginner's Guide

How to Use Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to translate from a list of 141 languages.

You can use Google translate online here:

You can translate by typing the text, pasting from another document or website, or simply use the microphone to speak out loud. Once you input your initial language, you can choose any one of 141 languages and Google Translate will translate them almost instantly.

There is a speak icon as well and it will read the translation back to you. You can favorite your translations as well and refer back to them at a later time.

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Jane Reynolds
Jane Reynolds:
Thank you so much for clearly demonstrating this. VERY helpful.
Claudia Franke
Claudia Franke:
You are very helpful thank you 👍
Naser Hajiani
Naser Hajiani:
Very very excellent and thank you❤❤❤❤
s לא לרגל
s לא לרגל:
I don't want to twist my words
In order for the words to reach their depth in their true meaning
Gerald Gwinnett
Gerald Gwinnett:
How do I activate microphone on my Android for Google trans late ?
Somehow I opened google translate in Firefox as the cool floating window all by itself and now I can't find anywhere how to do this and what the shortcut is.😣🙄
Unibril Karki
Unibril Karki:
Thanks.... Works well just the link worked for me!!
Scorpio 1025
Scorpio 1025:
You don’t have to read anything again if you copy and paste text and translate it to the same language.
xasim ß
xasim ß:
πολύ χρησιμο φιλε μου ευχαριστουμε για την βοηθεια
εμαθα πως να το χρησιμοποιω
Farmácia ph Bola na rede
Farmácia ph Bola na rede:
everything worked
Great video. Thank you!
Master Gon
Master Gon:
Is it illegal to use Google translate voice in to my YouTube videos?
Thomas C
Thomas C:
Thank you!
Angela Sells Florida Homes
Angela Sells Florida Homes:
Very helpful. Thank you
Schildersbedrijf Edens
Schildersbedrijf Edens:
Can you do this exact but inplementing in Youtube. to translate the describtion en titles
Elgenia Gonzales
Elgenia Gonzales:
Dunken sehr (thank you)
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma:
I searched how to translate a video and got this output from Google, irrelevant to my search
I need google translation kit to translate subtitles for movies in english
Tracy Hall
Tracy Hall:
How do you translate when a video doesn't have the CC?
xtv_ null
xtv_ null:
My spanish teacher told me this is video is my best friend :v
Jenjen 100000
Jenjen 100000:
Great stuff.
Tracy Hall
Tracy Hall:
I tried it on a Spanish video and it doesn't translate it!! Any ideas?
danilo rainone
danilo rainone:
why cant you copy /paste translations from googley to yt? ltrs are big thick you click paste it will not upload just sits there
Repented Heart
Repented Heart:
How do you do it for YouTube video
Bendy Benji Breaker
Bendy Benji Breaker:
How do you where is the conscription
Mayford Kongop
Mayford Kongop:
Send me the link
Beatriz Americo
Beatriz Americo:
Is it possible to get this video translated to Portuguese from Brazil?
Hey Cortana Speak and Translate
Hey Cortana Speak and Translate:
I have in my laptop
Google translate is not accurate..
Not to mention you can make google translate have a stroke :>
Karen Harris
Karen Harris:
you confuse me.
Razia Ramzi
Razia Ramzi:
لیسانس مدیریت
Little Gray Cat
Little Gray Cat:
its not translating anything i put into it
your mother in law
your mother in law:
hi grandma!
It’s Jireel
It’s Jireel: