How Tom Cruise Pulled Off 8 Amazing Stunts | Movies Insider

Tom Cruise is perhaps most famous for doing almost all of his own stunts, which have intensified throughout his career. In the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, he climbed part of a 2,000-foot cliff in "Mission: Impossible 2" and then climbed 1,700 feet up the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, in "Ghost Protocol." In "Rogue Nation," Cruise did not one, but two dangerous stunts. First, he hung off the side of a plane that took him up 1,000 feet in the air. He then had to hold his breath underwater for about six minutes, a stunt that required military-style preparation. In "Fallout," he jumped 25,000 feet out of a plane and filmed a helicopter stunt that required him to get 2,000 hours of training and learn how to do a 360-degree corkscrew dive. Outside the "Mission" franchise, he filmed a scene on a real zero-gravity plane instead of a soundstage in "The Mummy" and learned how to do action in an 85-pound suit in "Edge of Tomorrow." He is soon set to return to one of his most iconic roles in "Top Gun: Maverick."

“The Mummy” Is Now Available On Demand.

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How Tom Cruise Pulled Off 8 Amazing Stunts | Movies Insider

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100+ komentarze:

Tom Cruise doesn't act, Tom Cruise does. If you told dude his next role was as a NASA astronaut, Tom would fly the rocket himself.
Jiezhang Jzmobee
Jiezhang Jzmobee:
Tom cruise is not an actor, he's an adventurerer. Movies are just an excuse he uses for doing the crazy things he wants to do.
Shraey aka Lil Maharaja
Shraey aka Lil Maharaja:
What a Legend !!
Gamble :
tom cruise is the biggest legend
Jackie Chan: "Finally a worthy opponent!"
FireArm Nightcore
FireArm Nightcore:
Tom Cruise: it's either I die or I did it
"So how did you guys pull off your amazing stunts?"
Tom Cruise: "Meticulous planning, training, & rehearsal."
Jackie Chan: "Rolling -> action -> stunts -> cut -> hospital."
Mick Foley: "I don't remember."
Christopher N
Christopher N:
A Tom cruise movie directed by Christopher Nolan would be awesome
Spud J. Russell
Spud J. Russell:
I cannot imagine the cost of insurance for these movies. 🤯
Paramount: Tom was the first actor to do a halo
What paramount forgot to say: A random camera guy was the first camera guy to do a halo
Terrarian Gamer
Terrarian Gamer:
now I'm starting to wonder if mission impossible is just based of tom cruise's life experiences
mansion i guess
mansion i guess:
Everyone: Wow Tom Cruise is so cool, he jumps out of planes and holds onto them!
The Cameraman: aight
Ross Wild
Ross Wild:
“Cruise is always finding new ways to top himself” ……f*cking hillarious is you’re from the UK 😂
Dude is literally just turning himself into a weapon by training and everyone thinks he's doing it for the cinematic experience.
Duong Nguyen
Duong Nguyen:
That moment when you realize most of Tom’s action movies are just his documentaries….
Neo-Anarchist——Ecocentric Radical
Neo-Anarchist——Ecocentric Radical:
Directors must hate him. The amount of extra money he must cost the production.

Director: Hey Tom we need a scene where you jump out of a plane. Let’s prep by the green screen.
Tom: I’ve got a better idea.
Director: For fucks sake.
Darren Prior
Darren Prior:
New found respect for that man. I never knew he actually did all his own stuff. Incredible
Jackie Chan: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!
Rolando Lopez
Rolando Lopez:
That's why I love and respect Tom so much, so much dedication for our entertainment. Not to mention that practically he gets studios to pay for his crazy-adrenaline rushes.
Rio Sitompul
Rio Sitompul:
Say what you wanna say about the guy. He's a great actor and we're lucky to have him
Hobbit Stomper
Hobbit Stomper:
The real reason Elon Musk created SpaceX is so that Tom Cruise can film Mission Impossible 7 in space and Mission Impossible 8 on Mars.
Steve O_O
Steve O_O:
I'm going on a Tom Cruise movie binge, huge respects to that man!!
Elijahs Bro26
Elijahs Bro26:
damn, talking about a guy who likes perfection on all his movies.
What I know about Tom Cruise that he doesn't know about himself: He's officially a Navy Seal.
I'm surprised he was able to survive from all the height with his absolute metal balls.
Mahbub Memories
Mahbub Memories:
The quote "Thanks to the cameraman who risked his life to get the shot" is perfectly true for Tom Cruise's movie.
Tom Cruise is by far the biggest real life hero Hollywood and beyond have ever seen!!! the man deserves an Oscar for genuine bravery , what a true hero , Tom Cruis is in real life , deep respect for this Gigant of a Man!!!
Tiago Barbosa
Tiago Barbosa:
He deserves every cent he makes. RESPECT!
so. what i am getting from this is that if the world was actually threatened by a Super Villain. Tom Cruise would absolutely be able to save the day.
nathaniel jones
nathaniel jones:
Me: scared of getting in a plane

Tom cruise after clinging to side of plane: we’ll, I had contacts
Guffa Gaming
Guffa Gaming:
Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan are the definition of pure dedication!
Barry Leslie
Barry Leslie:
Jesus Christ, that is incredible. I know he's a bit nuts but that is really impressive!
Christopher Mendez
Christopher Mendez:
New respect for TOM. I was clueless
Mailyn Montes
Mailyn Montes:
Tom Cruise is fkn Amazing!! What a badass to do that himself NO stunt doubles!, loved them all! Can’t wait to see what else he has coming!!!
Oscar Patxot
Oscar Patxot:
I still can’t watch the building scene all in one go. Insane
The Burj Khalifa stunt was just insane. No other actor would have done that.
The all amazing Tom Cruise. May he always be safe. 🙏🏻❤️
Jacob L
Jacob L:
My favorite? That one where he sends amazing coconut cakes to everyone he interacts with with signed hand written notes, for the rest of their life. I've heard a lot of negative things about him, but I kinda love him at least in the context of hollywood, his dedication, and actions towards the crew.

He's like Archer in real life. Can we please please get him in a john wick movie? Maybe playing a character similar to that guy he portrayed in tropic thunder?? Love this dude lmao
Kayo K
Kayo K:
At times, I sense, Tom Cruise isn't making movies at all, he's just building and living experiences for himself and in tandem entertaining others while within those experiences. "I love this stuff and watch me do it like this" Boom 💥
I've never seen a man that brave, confident and handsome
I love him😍😍
Mo Samuels
Mo Samuels:
I once tripped Tom with a cable on the set of the mummy - sorry tom xx
At the diving part:
"Training his body to use less oxygen"
Training his body to use oxygen more efficiently. Not less.
A very important distinction.
my anxiety went up after seeing him climbing up on that building and "falling"
while it is cool that he risks so much - and i consider this brave - it is also a selfish burn of money.
This man is insane... and insanely entertaining
Praneel Ramanan
Praneel Ramanan:
He is just living his best
Victor Clashing
Victor Clashing:
Extremely talented 🔥
Vlog With Malayali
Vlog With Malayali:
Pure Dedication... ❤️
Amitabha Kassap
Amitabha Kassap:
What an incredible effort he had to put in!
Bruce Poindexter
Bruce Poindexter:
This is why he is my favorite actor! Hands down....the best!
Tom Cruise: i dont need a stunt double

The Camera man: me too
"Tom Cruise is always finding new ways to top himself".

I think that phrase "to top [him/her]self" means something else here in the UK. 🤣
He's a strange chap, but damn, he's earnt a ton of respect after watching this, what an absolute lad-lad 🤙🏻
Speechless. Just amazing!
Robert DeKiero
Robert DeKiero:
Some props for the cameramen. The guy skydiving AND filming Tom Cruise mid flight....madness!
Elon Musk Zone
Elon Musk Zone:
My favourite TC scenes are from Tropic Thunder - the big, hairy hands and his dancing are legendary!
Pascal Ondo
Pascal Ondo:
TOM Cruise est un très grand acteur et perfectionniste.. ce reportage prouve bien qu'il est de la race des plus Grands.. il fait lui même ses cascades chapeau!!
Leo unknown
Leo unknown:
Tom cruise is a legend ! There need to be a documentary about his stunts
I think the best stunt was when Tom saved Stewie and Brian from being bug fumagated. Oh Tiny Tom!
Director: we could use CGI or the real deal
Tom: I wanna do the real one
Cameraman: FML
Ashutosh Thite
Ashutosh Thite:
One of my favourite actors for a reason.
Joe Benz
Joe Benz:
Imagine a movie with Tom Cruise taking place in space...
A Bishop
A Bishop:
And to be honest it makes the movies far more exciting knowing he does his own stunts..The movies are brilliant and I now prefer them to JB007
Joe Banter
Joe Banter:
“Wasn’t happy til he did the take 8 times.” Nah stupid, he was happy with the first, he just realized how fun it was to hang on to the side of an airplane.
M Khodadost
M Khodadost:
He's really brave😍I love him ❤ 😘
Conrad Hickok
Conrad Hickok:
Catching that droplet of sweat will always be his most impressive moment for me.
Brandon S
Brandon S:
I wish Tom Cruise would just act again. He's tremendously underrated. Just watch him in "Magnolia." The guy can act. Too bad.
James Reedy
James Reedy:
I really liked that totally insane thing he did on Oprah's couch!
Testing In Game
Testing In Game:
The mummy was the best movie

Tom filmed in
Udayjeet Singh
Udayjeet Singh:
He love movies and enjoy when he is performing stunts. That why we feel this man is not human 😍
Metalgear SolidSnake
Metalgear SolidSnake:
I respect Tom Cruise more after watching this!
This Dude
This Dude:
Props to the camera guy who skydived with him
Genius Apple
Genius Apple:
Plot twist: Mission Impossible is not a movie series, but Tom's life.
I want to see all these fantastic machines running on Hydrogen. Anything else seem so antiquated!
Vijay Mathew Joseph
Vijay Mathew Joseph:
What I want : A heist film with Tom directed by Chris Nolan.
The fact that you have Tom in the cast diminishes any need for green screen.
Noe Zelaya
Noe Zelaya:
"Cruise is always finding new ways to top himself"
Danang Orchidée
Danang Orchidée:
One of the best actor of the moment...he is amazing..
Niklas Bucher
Niklas Bucher:
What I learned in this video: Tom Cruise is basically Ethan Hunt in real life.
lang 1007
lang 1007:
i'm about to have a heart attack just watching these dangerous stunts; i'm quite impressed
Jordan Dubois
Jordan Dubois:
2:18 très bon film une super performances des acteurs je le recommande
Powering Player.
Powering Player.:
My favorite is that tom cruise flew a fighter jet, so amazing
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson:
Wow, my respect for him went way up.
Mauricio Arredondo
Mauricio Arredondo:
Respect to the camera man who filmed Tom jumping out of a plane
Amy Yeo
Amy Yeo:
I like all the Tim cruise's stunts! He is the most down to earth daring actor in the movie world. Fantastic!
Elliot B
Elliot B:
0:33 "Cruise is always finding new ways to top himself" - Awesome pun. To top someone can mean to kill them
Little Lebowski Urban Achiever
Little Lebowski Urban Achiever:
His Most Impressive Stunt: Surviving Scientology
RM Memes
RM Memes:
The average person would’ve died in Rouge Nation
dazy Jones
dazy Jones:
Fascinating ✅😱 Never just go for it...excel to the max. Love it
I wonder which film he liked shooting the most. They all seem amazing for an adrenaline seeker.
The Afgan who attempted the airplane escape probably watched Tom Cruise and thought it was possible. Rest in Peace.
connor murphy
connor murphy:
Look at Tom really flying the jet🤣
Mathew Grover
Mathew Grover:
Can you imagine his insurance company sitting on the edge of there seats praying.🙏
Danny Ward
Danny Ward:
Tom Cruise the ultimate “Action Man” for real😳
how can he fly a jet. it takes over a decade education and a PERFECKT helf to become a jet pilot. Tom cruse is on another level
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran:
Unreal. I had no idea Tom Cruise was this epic. Wow. Yep I can't wait for Top Gun 2!
timm smiithgm
timm smiithgm:
...and I bet he had an awesome time doing it all. I just hope he agrees to make a 2nd Mummy!!!
KeRon Morey Jr
KeRon Morey Jr:
Everybody gangsta till Tom stars in a movie about the earth being destroyed and he does it for real.
Every single one of the crew: *this man is delusional but let’s let him die*
Benjamin Adiwidjaja
Benjamin Adiwidjaja:
Good GOD, He did it for real? That's absolutely crazy. Awesome