How Tom Cruise Pulled Off 8 Amazing Stunts | Movies Insider

Tom Cruise is perhaps most famous for doing almost all of his own stunts, which have intensified throughout his career. In the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, he climbed part of a 2,000-foot cliff in "Mission: Impossible 2" and then climbed 1,700 feet up the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, in "Ghost Protocol." In "Rogue Nation," Cruise did not one, but two dangerous stunts. First, he hung off the side of a plane that took him up 1,000 feet in the air. He then had to hold his breath underwater for about six minutes, a stunt that required military-style preparation. In "Fallout," he jumped 25,000 feet out of a plane and filmed a helicopter stunt that required him to get 2,000 hours of training and learn how to do a 360-degree corkscrew dive. Outside the "Mission" franchise, he filmed a scene on a real zero-gravity plane instead of a soundstage in "The Mummy" and learned how to do action in an 85-pound suit in "Edge of Tomorrow." He is soon set to return to one of his most iconic roles in "Top Gun: Maverick."

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How Tom Cruise Pulled Off 8 Amazing Stunts | Movies Insider

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Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan are the definition of pure dedication!
Gamer Zero
Gamer Zero:
I’ve never taken into consideration the amount of work it takes to make a blockbuster movie. I have a lot of respect for Tom Cruise. His work ethic is insane!
ruben oteiza
ruben oteiza:
Imagine if every professional, every worker, every craftsman in the world had Tom Cruise's work ethic.
Tom Sinsky
Tom Sinsky:
Cruise's most impressive strength is picking out excellent movies to be in. Everyone makes bombs now and then, but fans might admire "Rain Man," "Minority Report," & "Jerry McGuire" 50+ years from now. Some of the Mission Impossible movies & "Collateral" (with Jamie Fox) were really engaging too. He also tries to work with the best directors & actors. Smart guy!
Watching all the movies and knowing he performed the stunts by himself - respect!
now I'm starting to wonder if mission impossible is just based of tom cruise's life experiences
Viscus Dribble
Viscus Dribble:
I would guess that when Cruise is on a mission to do something, it is well thought out to the last detail. He knows the risks and works through them. It is not a gratuitous undertaking or narcissistic. It is for the film. He gets things down on film that can be done no other way. I have a lot of respect for him. He has insider knowledge with an outsider attitude. Bravo.
Deva Darkheart
Deva Darkheart:
He should get an Oscar just for pulling of those awesome stunts time and time again
Gengar Pokemon
Gengar Pokemon:
this is why tom is one of the greats. puts in all this time and effort into his craft to deliver an amazing product. the paris scene though not even close to riding 100mph an hour through the streets. ghost protocol raced through cars on a bmw at about 70-80km/h on a highway and was made to look like he was speeding more than that.
Jon Fowler
Jon Fowler:
Tom Cruise is a total badass. I appreciate all the work he does. He's got to be the most committed action star there has ever been
Jiezhang Jzmobee
Jiezhang Jzmobee:
Tom cruise is not an actor, he's an adventurerer. Movies are just an excuse he uses for doing the crazy things he wants to do.
Haya Qazi
Haya Qazi:
All of the movies Tom Cruise is in are thrilling and exciting, and I'm glad he's passionate enough to preform the stunts. Thank you for making this video!
Gary Robinson
Gary Robinson:
Whether you like Cruise or his movies, or not, what he does is truly amazing!
He's the ultimate hero, not just a person or an actor. There's nothing that he can't do.
No. 5
No. 5:
Guys, we gotta give an applause to the Cameraman’s in some scenes. Especially the sky diving.
Mahbub Memories
Mahbub Memories:
The quote "Thanks to the cameraman who risked his life to get the shot" is perfectly true for Tom Cruise's movie.
When it comes to action actors, there is NO one up to par with Tom Cruise. The MI series may have a repetitive concept, but it is such a thrill to watch the movies knowing that he actually did these things himself. And his work ethic is unparalleled.
Randy DiCotti
Randy DiCotti:
Deepest respect for this man. He deserves all that life offers him.
Patricia benherschel
Patricia benherschel:
He’s an amazing man
I really love him
I love his movies
But I really love him
He is always working so hard to add value to the world of entertainment and the world at large
G Symmonds
G Symmonds:
Respect. Not only brave, but obviously a very smart man.
Tom Cruise: i dont need a stunt double

The Camera man: me too
I am amazed at the range of myriad of skills he easily picked up with dedication and hardwork. It is clear, that not only his IQ is sky high, he has the ability to enable his body to execute his insane stunts which he plans in his mind.
I used to like Tom Cruise only when i would see some movies of him. In the rest of the time he never came upon my mind. But after I saw this video… he s in my top actors of all time!!!
Really stunning his stuns!
James McDermott
James McDermott:
I have a new found respect for Tom Cruise as an actor. He has always been one of my all time great actors like Steve Mc queen and Paul Newman. He is just one of the best of all time greats. Thanks Tom.👍
Matt Simon
Matt Simon:
No doubt, Tom Cruise is an amazing actor and stuntman. I absolutely loved the movie Maverick. BUT, just to be clear, it's been well documented that he was not actually manipulating the flight controls in the flying sequences. The U.S. Military wasn't going to have it any other way. Again, he's an accomplished pilot in his own right (like John Travolta), but let's be accurate about the facts.
The Burj Khalifa stunt was just insane. No other actor would have done that.
Mad Murdock4
Mad Murdock4:
And this is why he's the greatest action movie star, IMO 😊
Danny Ruley
Danny Ruley:
He does his very best to bring his adventures to you! Always outstanding!
James Freeman
James Freeman:
He is a excellent actor. I remember his movies when he was getting known, the one where he slids on the floor in his underwear, the one where he's a H.S. football student dreaming of getting out of his small town, the one where he's a cadet in a military school, and he and other cadets take over the stunts there, just very good acting. I admire him doing his own stunts, cause a lot of them are insanely dangerous, but his acting has always been why I see his movie. Jerry Mcguire was the epitome of his movies, and yeah he should have won an Oscar for his role. He shows heart in his roles, and that is a quality many actors don't have. I saw his Top Gun Maverick movie recently and was surprised how it moved me. He can make his audience weep, and that's heart that talent alone cannot fake. The movie isn't my kinda of movie, bit there were a couple of scenes that really moved me. Tom Cruise is the real deal.
gotta respect him, not really any other actor that has his intensity and well....balls to do that stuff
when tom does movies, he learns things, acquires actually skills, he's the real deal
Jimmy Beans
Jimmy Beans:
He actually embodies the characters he brings to life. A master of his craft.
Love him or hate him there's no denying hes is an amazing man.
Matt Houston
Matt Houston:
Tom Cruise is the true movie star of our age. I can only thank him for entertaining me in a way no other actor has tried, and his team as well.
Tom is literally what happens when the stuntman becomes a great actor/director/producer/writer
He is hands down the best actor, best stunt Man, best producer/director, best Hollywood Super Star and hands down the most handsome man on this entire planet. Hollywood cannot be Hollywood without Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise's physical abilities give me the impression that most other actors aren't really actors anymore. This is probably why star power fades for most of them after just a couple of years, but in Tom's case his longevity says it all. His movies also build a good case against the excessive CGI fests polluting so many modern films.
Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins:
Love pretty much all of Tom's movies, and is by far my favorite actor.
Your statement, that they actually flew the Tomcats is false. There was a pilot flying at all times. There is also an interview with Tom, where he was not happy about NOT being able to have any stick time in them. The only plane he flew was at the end. Where he flew off into the sunset in a P51 Mustang ( gorgeous plane ) which is owned by Tom. He paid over $4 mil for that plane. Cheers
Kitty S
Kitty S:
Total got some mad respect for Tom Cruise. Going to watch these films now
Wow, I am seriously impressed! I didn't know he is so involved in the stunts.
Regardless of what I think of him as a human being (if he is one), I respect his dedication to doing real stunts and action.
Tom Cruise doesn't act, Tom Cruise does. If you told dude his next role was as a NASA astronaut, Tom would fly the rocket himself.
【N O R T H】
【N O R T H】:
Wow this is inspiring. I was not aware he did literally EVERY SINGLE STUNT by himself.
Andi Kashu
Andi Kashu:
When I was young, good action movies always made me wonder, _"How did they do that?"_ . In Cruise's films, you can stop to wonder, because the answer is, _'They just did it. That's how they do that.'_
The HALO jump has to be my favourite. Not only is it a great technical stunt, but the camera work leading up to the jump is incredible, one take for a bunch of acting and then the jump, with no cuts.
I don't even like his movies, but after seeing how he puts his life on the line, I gladly paid for Maverick, he deserved every dollar
Mauricio Arredondo
Mauricio Arredondo:
Respect to the camera man who filmed Tom jumping out of a plane
Trevor Heath
Trevor Heath:
Tom is simply a legend! The guy can do anything! What a role model!!!! 👌👌👌
Eric Griful
Eric Griful:
What he does Tom in Mission Impossible 2 is exaggeratedly incredible and even scary so it's his best stunt for me.
That's the true definition of living life to the fullest
Carlo B
Carlo B:
Tom Cruise living life to the Max! while sharing it with us What a Legend !!
Casey Penk
Casey Penk:
Top Gun: Maverick was easily one of the most exciting and thrilling movies I’ve ever seen. It’s my first Tom Cruise movie and I had no idea what I was missing out on. He is more courageous than any actor in the business.
Alp Bali
Alp Bali:
The man, the myth, the legend.
When I had read before that Cruise does his own stunts, I thought it was probably bare minimum to be able to make that statement. Now I've got a whole new respect for this dude.
Regarding the Edge of Tomorrow stunts using the costume:
It still shows that this is done for real, since the kind of awkward run the do shows that there is weight to the costume. You can cheat gravity by adding the ropes, what you still don't remove is the actual physical weight of the costume that you have to move forwards, move your arms with etc, which makes it odd looking. And that's exactly what shows you that they are not moving any CG or Styrofoam but actual weight, which makes the shots believable.
Rich Warega
Rich Warega:
In the helicopter scene and the cargo plane jump he really is dancing with the grim reaper🥶. Absolutely insane, dude has balls of steel, I'll give him that 😧
Can we talk
Can we talk:
I used to think that Tom Cruise was just another one of those pretty boy actors that got by because of his looks. This guy does stuff that would make Navy SEALs proud. My respect for him has grown a hundredfold He truly is one of my favorite actors and deserves all the money and acclaim that he has earned
This man is genuine in spirit and a true professional at what he does. There are so few like him. He should be positioned as a model for the rest of us more so for school kids.
John Sutherland
John Sutherland:
My respect for Tom Cruise just went up.
Deady Brock
Deady Brock:
God I'm just laughing and slapping my forehead the entire video like omg this guy is insane! He is a national treasure
Ciuvar Ioan
Ciuvar Ioan:
Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan should get Oscars just for the stunts they done!
Absolutely jaw dropping!
Tim W
Tim W:
Say what you want about him as a person, but he is easily the most hard working and dedicated actor in Hollywood.
Also the holding your breath scene, he trained with experts and used pure O2 to train his lungs, its impossible to do it with normal air, even though you can, it just takes around 3 times as long to train your lungs. :)
Ste Sic
Ste Sic:
Jumping with a rope from a skyscraper to another....absolutely insane! :D Hero!
Who would think that Cruise was such a badass? Seeing Risky Business, Cocktail and the like, smooth operator, I could never ever imagine him being such a force in acting, doing real stunts! It's so real it's almost chilling!
LJ Prep
LJ Prep:
My favorite? ALL OF THEM! Cruise, Jolie, Ford, Chan, Statham, Theron, and Keanu Reeves all are legends for doing all their own stunts, and we love them all for it.
Aaron P
Aaron P:
Lets face it Cruise has some of the biggest balls when it comes to action flicks and doing his own stunts. Respect. Cant wait for Top Gun...
N. Ortiz
N. Ortiz:
Respect! I was already his fan since many years ago but this definitely went to another level.
Hudson Bakke
Hudson Bakke:
I think a bog part of the reason why mission impossible still hasn't gotten boring for me even after like 10 movies is because Ethan Hunt's crazy stunts look and feel so real, because, well, they literally are real
Well, I've never been a fan of Tom Cruise. but I can have respect for someone that does his own stunts.
As far as favourite stunts go, the one with the knive inches in front of his eye should be quite high on the list. It might not sound that spectacular until you realize that if he were to panic and do something unexpected he might actually hurt himself or even die.
Hobbit Stomper
Hobbit Stomper:
The real reason Elon Musk created SpaceX is so that Tom Cruise can film Mission Impossible 7 in space and Mission Impossible 8 on Mars.
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson:
Lets face it Cruise has some of the biggest balls when it comes to action flicks and doing his own stunts. Respect. Cant wait for Top Gun...
Tom is the definition of "You only live once"
I not joshua14
I not joshua14:
Tom deserves a lot of respect
Noel Holiday
Noel Holiday:
Tom is the American Jackie Chen! He is always true to the movie's magic.
F warraich
F warraich:
Love him or hate him. He gives his 100%. Last of the 90's action heroes still coming up with good action.
Caddy Bridge
Caddy Bridge:
I still don't believe that he flew the fighter jet or helicopter himself...! C'est incroyable!!!!
The pope of smoking dope
The pope of smoking dope:
No matter what you think of him he’s dedicated & imo one of the best actors ever.
I used to like Tom Cruise only when i would see some movies of him. In the rest of the time he never came upon my mind. But after I saw this video… he s in my top actors of all time!!!
Really stunning his stuns!
Craig Markham
Craig Markham:
Love to listen in on him and Jackie Chan . These two are just amazing really . You wonder what some actors do in their spare time I guess now we know what he does . He even put some good times on the board in an F 1 car . I remember they made a fuss he trained to play pool in that old movie
Seb G
Seb G:
Let's not forget one thing that makes his physical performance even more incredible : he still performs stunts worthy of the best not at the age of 20 or 30 but at 50-60 !!!
One of the few , if not the only modern times Hollywood actor who prefers to give us real life action stunts! Bravo!
Pablo Cebrian
Pablo Cebrian:
What an actor, simply amazing!
Moto Shark
Moto Shark:
That’s what I call living life to the fullest.
Debbie Beebe
Debbie Beebe:
Tom Cruise is so brave and dedicated to his work. He is an amazing man.
Please be safe Tom. You have so many fans !
We love you. You don’t need to keep doing dangerous stunts! God bless you ! Thank you for bringing us so much happiness. You’re the best !
Genius Apple
Genius Apple:
Plot twist: Mission Impossible is not a movie series, but Tom's life.
Bryan 5
Bryan 5:
Tom Cruise is the most complete action movie actor ever. He has charisma, acting talent, vision, intelligence, courage and mental as well as physical strength. Titan ..
Hats off to Tom, He’s amazing for a little guy 👍👍
nicesirq ohok
nicesirq ohok:
Tom Cruise is literally an air force fan, from hanging on a cargo plane, doing a HALO jump, to piloting a fighter jet
Stunt where he is holding onto the plane taking off is mind blowing.
Joe Banter
Joe Banter:
“Wasn’t happy til he did the take 8 times.” Nah stupid, he was happy with the first, he just realized how fun it was to hang on to the side of an airplane.
Amazing actor doing all these very risky stunts, most would opt for stuntmen....he's a true master of his craft.
Brian Milburn
Brian Milburn:
Tom Cruise is the man! Respect my dude!
Pritha Majumder.
Pritha Majumder.:
A great inspirational man❣️🔥here learning lesson is that,,, every work you done,. ,you should be done with full of happiness 😊 and full productivity ❣️
Luke Sanzone
Luke Sanzone:
The man is amazing. My favourite is definitely MI2 when he was on the cliff... even rewatching it today... its pretty cool!
You can say what you like about Tom Cruise but he's one actor who earns his salary.
Brendan Mc donnell
Brendan Mc donnell:
Some people say he's mad, he is mad and that's why he's so great, every movie he made is brilliant.
One who knows revenge
One who knows revenge:
Not 1 of my fave actors,but i totally respect him for doing his own stunts.
Declan Joyce
Declan Joyce:
Tom Cruise...what a machine!
FasNuf Garage
FasNuf Garage:
Tom Cruise flew in the plane in Top Gun, He didn't fly the plane in Top Gun. That was performed by Navy pilots flying with Cruise in the second seat behind the pilot.
He is quite the accomplished stunt actor regardless.