Hsieh/Mertens vs Kudermetova/Vesnina | Ladies' Doubles Final Highlights | Wimbledon 2021

Highlights of a thrilling Ladies' Doubles Final at The Championships 2021, where Su-Wei Hsieh and Elise Mertens faced Veronika Kudermetova and Elena Vesnina for the title...

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Ming Wu
Ming Wu:
This match deserves a longer highlight!
I love Hsieh and Mertens!!! What an incredible comeback!
Ren Zheng
Ren Zheng:
Fun fact: Su-wei has won three Wimbledon Doubles titles with all different partners and has made her partners to top Doubles after winning all these three times. What a Queen-maker.
The best double final in decades.
Fabien H
Fabien H:
As a Belgian I appreciate Mertens does that well, but Hsieh is my absolute favourite ❤ Love that woman. Steaming hot and so gracious and witty. Very very well done!
Right Lin
Right Lin:
Su Wei Hsieh comes from Taiwan 🇹🇼 , and she has beaten so many top 10 single players. And now this is her third Wimbledon, and fourth grand slams( first player with different partner in a decade) But she can’t play Olympic this year….. she was robbed….
P L:
This is better than single final Barty and Pliskova. So happy for Hsieh and Mertens. Their first tittle as double together
Painful world
Painful world:
HSEIH 💖she deserves it the grt humble player with tricky style it's Just awesome match congrats both ... Mertens 👍
Hsieh be like: "No Strycova? No problem."
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka:
Merten's powerful style and Hsieh's not-so-powerful style but a genius-level 3-D intelligence certainly make a great duo. Congrats to both of them! :D
Hsieh is a very special person and player....a joy to watch every match 👍❤️💯🇨🇦
p yy
p yy:
Jesús Valentín Hernández Hernández
Jesús Valentín Hernández Hernández:
We need extended highlights from this epic match.
Hsieh now has 4 doubles slam while Mertens has 3. Mertens has now won AO, Wimby and USO. RG is the only one missing now to have a career double slam and she's still only 25. Great accomplishment for her. She got time to win it all
Ali Ridwan
Ali Ridwan:
1:08 What an amazing match! The way Hsieh just calmly return that net shot while having a match point down is absolutely brilliant!!! Congrats Hsieh & Mertens!!!
0:59 I think this is the most pivotal point in this match

Mertens did an awesome job in tough time, and make this match extend, she worth the title of no.1
I also proud of Su-Wei Hsieh of my country, she proves herself again and again.

Awesome players with an awesome match
Congrats on champion.🎉🇹🇼🇧🇪🏆
Congratulate Hsieh to grab her 3rd double champions in Wimbledon w/ three differnt partners. What an achievement!!! Hsieh achieves this accomplishment all by herself. Though all the fans love and support her, but TW gorvement and related orginization don't and even put her in difficult situaiton. What a shame. Hsieh deverses much better treatmnet as a real champion.
The way they fought back from having a championship point against them to winning the match was impressive. Congrats!!
Lo Jonathan
Lo Jonathan:
Skinny as Hsieh is, she owns 4 grand slam doubles titles. The key is that skill is more important than power! Congrats on her achievements!
Ali Ridwan
Ali Ridwan:
Fun fact: Hsieh won three Wimbledon ladies doubles title with three different partner.
Dude i think this was the second best women’s double final after 2015 ‘s hingis/mirza vs vesnina/makarova
Anuj Pramanik
Anuj Pramanik:
What an awesome doubles match!! So happy for Hsieh and Mertens!!! ☺️👏👏👏
saving the second championship point 👌👌👌💯
Pingu Penguin
Pingu Penguin:
That's an incredible comeback!!!
Believe me, when I switched on the TV, it was Vesnina serving for The Championship in the second set...
Mertens and Hsieh saved 2 match points and the final set was a crazy one... No wonder Mertens is the No 1 player in doubles at the moment...
But credit goes to all the 4 players for an amazing game of tennis 🔥
tony wu
tony wu:
MarkJoy Dela Cruz
MarkJoy Dela Cruz:
I really loved hsieh and mertens comeback double combination play, amazing they deserve the title. Congratulations to both of u guys 👏🏆🎾.
I was watching this match at home when it was live. It was such an amazing and exciting match because both teams are really good. I missed my doctor’s appointment due to this but it was worth it.
Ray Gelb
Ray Gelb:
A rollercoaster-like match. Definitely the best ladies doubles I have ever seen. Huge congratulations to Hsieh and Mertens.
Fuz Capp
Fuz Capp:
So glad to see Hsieh win this. I love watching her play - she's so different!
D Lau
D Lau:
An unforgettabble match in wimbledon history,Doubles shouldn`t be taken lightly,especially since most recreational players are doubles enthusiasts.
This match was so incredible! So proud of Hsieh and Mertens :))) Love from Taiwan 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼
Glip Abazza
Glip Abazza:
Singles final was very lame, but this... Highly entertaining and thrilling. Awesome tennis !
Anthony A
Anthony A:
What an amazing match 😍😍 I think most people are talking about Hsieh's awesome doubles skills but Mertens played so well too 👏👏😍
Brighton Pacific
Brighton Pacific:
Hsieh’s got crazy flexible racquet skills
Amazing Hsieh!!! Congrats Hsieh and Elise🏆
SHaDow øP
SHaDow øP:
Congrats to hsieh and mertens
Incredible duo
Bobo Birthday
Bobo Birthday:
this match was fking amazing holy sht!!!!! hope to see more of these two teams in the future!
1:01 - The match point Hsieh saved was amazing.
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Congratulations Hsieh and Mertens are a new double Wimbledon champion 👏 👏👏 🇹🇼 🇹🇼🇧🇪🇧🇪🏆
Khmer Kulturzentrum
Khmer Kulturzentrum:
Unbelievable performance from both sides. 💪💪💪
booyah2u 2
booyah2u 2:
At 1.10 with matchpoint against them, hsieh comes up with that stunning volley. What a player, what a team.
Tom Liu
Tom Liu:
brilliant match with incredible comeback 1:00
congratulations to Suwei and Elise
Sabrina Lincoln
Sabrina Lincoln:
Congrats to Su Wei and Elise!❤️❤️❤️
Now this was entertaining way better than the woman's singles final!
Cameron Bedeau
Cameron Bedeau:
Hsieh on match point: incredible composure. Love the reaction of both winners
No one:
Vesnina: “Ai-Yaaa”
Benjamin Bajželj
Benjamin Bajželj:
What a shame I missed the match. Both match points really show the amazing skill of Hsieh Su Wei. Her game is also very entertaining.
The Russians are really well organized and tough today, glad H&M survived and reversed the game. It's classic, Congratulations.
Duncan Liao
Duncan Liao:
謝淑薇真的有實力阿!! 厲害
Wai Man Cheung
Wai Man Cheung:
How Hsieh/Mertens turned the clock around from almost losing in 2nd set to winning in the end is so inspiring!
tony wu
tony wu:
OMG!!Hsieh made 3No.1Double Teamate,so wonderful!
Felipe Godoy
Felipe Godoy:
Well deserved victory. They play very smart and well. I think they win, when safe the match point. What a great point. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏾💪🏾
مر مر
مر مر:
so happy for Hsieh I am a big fan of her tennis styel I am playing double hand from both sides as well
J nid
J nid:
su wei saving match point at the net in the 2nd set though. that was key. love her
collins femmville
collins femmville:
This looks mote like a final ..the intensity, nerves, moment and the effort..proud of both teams..For Vesnina and kudermetova, what a run after many years being out
Tim H
Tim H:
Incredible turnaround. So captivating to appreciate the Double Tennis Championship Tournament. Congrats to HSIEH and Merton.
Ethan HUNG
Ethan HUNG:
Su-wei is amazing 🇹🇼
What an excellent Taiwanese player like Tai Tzu Ying
WeiLin Chang
WeiLin Chang:
So exciting!! Congrats Hsieh and Mertens.
I love Hsieh! A true artist of the game. Haven't see such hands in the game since McEnroe.
richard kong
richard kong:
第二局梅滕斯的截擊球打得十分出色, 終局最後小薇轉身正手直線獲勝, 加上球場外的台灣便當, 更是為各人加油🏆🎾
1:07 Everyone think it'll be champion point but Hsieh didn't think so and change this game from that moment!
The best tennis player in Taiwan!!
Budy Chris Taruna
Budy Chris Taruna:
Congrats Ladies, wow 9-7 in the third set,amazing 😀👍👍❤️
John ST
John ST:
Screaming on a volley… 🙄. Happy that my fav Hsieh won! A delight to watch
ww lm
ww lm:
What a great game !Congrats Hsieh & Mertens
Dr Rakesh Rj
Dr Rakesh Rj:
Poor vesnina. Second time losing wimbledon final after coming so close to wrap it up!! Reminds the 2015 wimbledon final against mirza /hingis
Ed Wang
Ed Wang:
Crazy match!!! Congratulations Hsieh Su Wei & Elise!!
dzulkafley samad
dzulkafley samad:
Wow, the balls are zipping all over the court n the players as well. Exciting final.
geron Su
geron Su:
sui wei 謝,真的是很厲害餒!
恭喜,淑薇 與 小梅的組合!
Shawn Lo
Shawn Lo:
I kinda feel like the Russian team threw it. They were smiling and kinda loose in the first set. But in the end Hsieh and Mertens prevailed 🇹🇼🇧🇪
Ricc Lee
Ricc Lee:
Hsieh defended her title with another partner, that's a proof she is a legit world class doubles player! Well deserved #1 in doubles.
saleh joyosetiko
saleh joyosetiko:
Luv this game, Full match please !
Eric Yu
Eric Yu:
Reverse two match points, and final passing shot , outstanding 👍🏼
I am proud of Hiseh, well done🎉
Dee Rod
Dee Rod:
That was absolutely brilliant excellent performance by all four ladies
Unbelievable Match👍
Fantastic comeback! Well done, ladies!
Anyone who yells "Hai-yah" when they hit deserves to lose.
bg anonimouse
bg anonimouse:
What a treat for the spectators to have the ladies final and then the ladies doubles today!
What a epic game it is!
D Y:
Su Wei Style☝️yeah! Excellent partnership with Mertens. Great game, well done to the Finalists💪💪👍👍
Su wei got another champ with different partner!!! What a great win!!!!
incredible comeback game for both Hsieh and Mertens.
congratulations to win the Ladies Doubles championship.
TJ Ko:
Close race for both sides, great game. Concrat to the champion 🏆.
there were far better points than shown in these highlights
Iwan Hernawan
Iwan Hernawan:
Congrats Hsieh-Mertens!!!. I didn't watch woman singles final. I just want to see Hsieh-Mertens.
The same vibe with 2015 ladies double final with Vesnina also involved. That aiyah screams also doesn't change.
YiHsiu Hsieh
YiHsiu Hsieh:
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
Congratulations ladies!!!!!!
Hsieh is an outstanding player... Great job
Phúc Nguyễn Văn
Phúc Nguyễn Văn:
What a comeback! What a match!
Johnny Jiang
Johnny Jiang:
Epic match!
Kama Martowijoyo
Kama Martowijoyo:
is there any full version of this? I missed the match
Ashventures Iii
Ashventures Iii:
Wooooooowwww! Congrats Hsieh and Mertens!
Derek Dangerfield
Derek Dangerfield:
Just out of curiosity, How does Hsieh find partners to play doubles?
It's worth making me stay up late to watch the game at 2 a.m. in Tawan.
Tom Tsai
Tom Tsai: