Huawei Mate 40 Pro | Unboxing, Tour & Camera Test

Unboxing the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, plus a full tour of the EMUI 11 software, testing out the quad lens camera tech, and checking out the Kirin 9000 performance with some gaming action.

This hands-on review shows off Huawei's 5x telephoto zoom and new HDR video smarts, making the P40 Pro optics even more powerful. The Mate 40 Pro has to be one of the best camera phones of 2020, a serious rival vs the Samsung S20 and iPhone 12 Pro.

While it's not full fat Android, merely open source, you do at least get the latest Emotion UI 11. This boasts fresh features like an 'eyes on display', and you can see some of the other highlights in my EMUI 11 tips.

Power isn't a problem, with that new Kirin 9000 chipset offering strong returns. The Mate 40 Pro also packs 8GB RAM and 256GB storage (UFS 3.1), expandable via nano-memory card. Overall, very strong specs.

Battery life should also be good thanks to the 4400mAh cell, with 66W SuperCharge tech to get you filled up again in well under an hour.

So are you tempted by this Huawei phone? Let me know your first thoughts down below!

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Mr Dunkin
Mr Dunkin:
If Huawei is not banned by the US, the iphone camera will lose.

Lens Made by Leica
Sensor by Sony
Good cooperation
Sam Sam
Sam Sam:
This phone have a charger
This is the one I've been waiting for. Love Huawei camera tech.
Nizamuddin Girach
Nizamuddin Girach:
There's actually a speaker on the top also!
Animal Lover
Animal Lover:
Im sad that you can’t access to google apps on huawei but i still love huawei more than any other smartphone brand.
Andrés Garcés
Andrés Garcés:
Google services won't hold me back from getting this masterpiece
Tech Spurt
Tech Spurt:
Just heard the UK price for the Mate 40 Pro is £1099 (a little more than hoped!) and it goes on sale from November 13th - so not long to wait at least...
rogers owen
rogers owen:
google services can still be sideloaded in this huawei phone manually, but who cares, google is not everything.
Petal search engine is already on App gallery 😜
The Joey Jason
The Joey Jason:
Love the term "condom case"
Hi sir I really love the way you just explain everything 🙃 ty 💕 I always watch your review before buying any phone
Michael Elmer
Michael Elmer:
The lack of Google services doesn't bother me one bit not like some of those Google fans.and no I'm not iOS fan either.
Njoi Fontes
Njoi Fontes:
Great first impressions. You just forgot the wide angle camera on the front, which is great as well
Alter Ego
Alter Ego:
I like that you have this tour whenever you unbox a tech. Unlike those big so called tech YouTuber just unbox and talk for 8 minutes and that's it.
"Gaping ring" I saw what you did there!
Al W-B
Al W-B:
0:43 Man said 'condom case' and 'big ole gaping ring', you know! Laaaard, dutty bungle! 😂
Watching this via my Mate 20 Pro which is still an amazing phone to this day. Leaps and bounds better than my company phone, the iPhoneXR!
Eric's Covers
Eric's Covers:
I Hope could receive a phone from you sir as my birthday gift...♥️♥️♥️ Your a nice person and easy to understand you phone reviews..God bless to you sir♥️
Nguyen Nam
Nguyen Nam:
0:42 condom case lol
Anime Mania
Anime Mania:
I like how you always keep anime wallpapers in your reviews 😊❤️
For Real
For Real:
While I am still shopping for a good deal on the P30 Pro, this is probably the one I would get, especially the one with the leather back.
Antonache Mircea Adrian
Antonache Mircea Adrian:
Roman Pankov
Roman Pankov:
The best phone no one gonna buy probably...
Love mine Mate 20 X 4G so much, still one of the best Huawei phones.
Derek Reece
Derek Reece:
I have listened to a number of reviews on tech and yours sounds the most hosted.
Don boss
Don boss:
So far so good, its the best presentation of a mobile phone review👍👍
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3:
It's a beautiful video ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez:
I love your reviews, very honest and you actually take us to the tour of the phone, it's sad that that phone it's amazing but limited with the apps.
Riyaz Khan
Riyaz Khan:
The other camera on the front is an ultra wide :)
Dominic Quayson
Dominic Quayson:
Wow when will I get this phone..
Fauzan Adli
Fauzan Adli:
they still included a casing, charger and earphone inside a box. 💕
Gameplay Guy
Gameplay Guy:
Great sir !! I always watch Ur videos !! I don't buy but 🤣 u know I like it
Fahmed Newaz
Fahmed Newaz:
After my s9+ I wanted to switch to the maddest Huawei phone. They are so far ahead. The unfortunate situation with Android is making me shy away..
Kanishka T Peiris
Kanishka T Peiris:
Most of Time my eyes got on the phone behind with AOD and tried to recognise " what hell is that!!!!" 😂😀
Cristian Spiridon
Cristian Spiridon:
Best phone ever :D Well done Huawei. Is sad to see a big tech company like this being bullied by usa just because they dare to copy and better apple. Or because they cant spy on us with :)))
Tech pleasee compare the ultra wide cameras from p40 pro with this one.. i wonder why they lower the mpx on it :(
nathaniel olmo
nathaniel olmo:
Why do always people talk about first in pro not the pro+?
shivam shukla
shivam shukla:
You should get more subscription
Laczko Boby Emanuel
Laczko Boby Emanuel:
I waiting for p 50 series 🤣.
Military Rankings
Military Rankings:
Huawei makes the best phones, especially in cameras, they had most of the innovation in mobile photography
Aisha Al-Rumaihi
Aisha Al-Rumaihi:
I'm really interested to see how it's going to workout and I like petal search app I think it's very useful
Anon yme
Anon yme:
Bro please make comparaison between mate 40 pro plus vs iphone 12 pro max camera comparaison ❤❤🌹❤🌹
Karol Sendrei
Karol Sendrei:
Waw, beautiful phone 📱
Geek In Review
Geek In Review:
You had me at “ring jokes “
Love that 'gaping hole' too
Yus Ri
Yus Ri:
Thank you Huawei it come with 60w chargee
That's a nice phone. Wonder if I can get that one on cricket. Love the five lines for 125 a month on cricket. Unlimited plan.
The Kirin 9000. I'm going to be the first to say it "It's over 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Where do you get these impressive anime wallpapers?
Mathu Bhai
Mathu Bhai:
OnePlus - 65watt charger
Huawei - we are 1 watt faster
usman abdulkadir
usman abdulkadir:
Amazing unboxing and hands on review as always Sir
Mihajlo Maksimović
Mihajlo Maksimović:
You can’t beat Tech Spurt, that guy is truly sexy 😂🏆
Min Thiha Naing
Min Thiha Naing:
Can someone tell me name of game in 8:30. By the way, I like your review. 👍
Best phone out now, getting this for sure. Also it has true stereo speakers, there is a full speaker at the top it's not just an earpiece.
The back look like an iPod 📱, no ?
Best movies clips
Best movies clips:
incredible display... i love that
The First Phone that has 3D Face Unlock in a Punch Hole. This is Awesome! Shame on you Apple!
MrAnik TheBoss
MrAnik TheBoss:
phyo sone
phyo sone:
Amazing Huawei tech best innovation
Good job Good luck
Nası İndiriyok Abi
Nası İndiriyok Abi:
10:41 wow, 10x zoom takes a normal photo of my phone this way
5nm processor dangggggg
Guna Signature
Guna Signature:
Mate 40 pro now, Rank 1 by Dx0mark 👍 where's iphone..?
Uowin Gibron
Uowin Gibron:
Full camera review with comparison among latest iphone 12 pro max.
Can't wait to see this thing in a video battle with Xperia 5 ii/ 1 ii
Edward Kwon
Edward Kwon:
Oh, this has a charger? Hahaha
Jack Orange
Jack Orange:
From the behind looks like a premium remote controller
R. Antoine Lucarelli Notodihardjo
R. Antoine Lucarelli Notodihardjo:
the ring bump looks like the ipod classic wheel 😂
Karan Deep
Karan Deep:
Can we use 5x optical camera for portraits?
Please can you review the new oppo reno linup
perfekt smartphone
Yotam Barak
Yotam Barak:
Where do you get your wallpapers from?
Aleksandar Cabarkapa
Aleksandar Cabarkapa:
31 on video..
Joseph M
Joseph M:
8:25 Alto's Odyssey!!! Love that game! Best visuals I've ever seen, easy to play and amazing music! Also, it's such a shame about no Google services, cause this phone would have been deadly competition for other flagships.
Craig Davies
Craig Davies:
Love what Huawei are doing but in no rush change my P30 PRO. Love photography but my P30 gets what I need. Hmmm 🤔
7:53 marques said there is a speaker on the top of the phone.
anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary
anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary:
Huawai mate40 pero plus vedeo test IPhone 12 pero
nice phone with tanya the evil as wallpaper :D
The silver color is amazing.
Seems you have youtube app on the phone
Watching this on mate20X 4G. Maybe best phone ever made.
Zhi Cheng
Zhi Cheng:
damn DT banned it sadly no Google or else it's nearly flawless
Amir Mahdi H
Amir Mahdi H:
💪 Huawei ✌️
attracted to the metal like magneto
attracted to the metal like magneto:
0:23 Jizz🤣
Pahak Rai
Pahak Rai:
hey banks makes your apps available for Huawei damn you HSBC
Filip Letica
Filip Letica:
Mate 40 is a beast and has so many good specification and features that will make every day use easy and fun to do. With this phone
Wow its amazing specification i just loved it currently im using mate 30 pro hop fully waiting for this device to buy.....

Thanks for Huawei making new technology this gona rock in the world.... 👍🏻
RizTauRo LatiNo
RizTauRo LatiNo:
Gaming Test Man ?
Yes man finally
Yasir Arfaat
Yasir Arfaat:
One of the best ever phone and also one of the best ever video sir
Jose Lado
Jose Lado:
Sacha De Alvarado
Sacha De Alvarado:
Mate 40 pro plus dude when you can!
z z
z z:
Under the 5G network, speed, power consumption and stability are Huawei best.
Did I just see a cute nazi loli as your background...? ahh a man of culture.
Name md RIzwAn Oneplus To Shaikh
Name md RIzwAn Oneplus To Shaikh:
Shakti Jyada Achcha hai Awesome Huawei mate 40 pro 2020 5G Is
your voice is soooo clear. what did you use?
buster colin
buster colin:
Where'd you buy it from?
Uplift Lover
Uplift Lover:
Cheers Bro.
Syed Mohib Mustafa
Syed Mohib Mustafa:
I should buy this phone 📱
Wayne Sowden
Wayne Sowden:
I would have just used the Huawei browser to find the anime wallpaper it's as good as chrome if not better...
fikri setbot
fikri setbot:
how about the macro mode?
Ahmed Coc
Ahmed Coc:
Harmony OS End to end encryptions
anang brandon
anang brandon:
Great phone keep up