Hubert Hurkacz Fourth Round Post-Match Interview | Wimbledon 2021

An ecstatic Hubert Hurkacz was interviewed after he reached the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the very first time - defeating World No.2 Daniil Medvedev in a five-set thriller...

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100+ komentarze:

Hubi is an example how normal guy can do great thing. No arrogance, no prance, just humble guy who proves that sport need normal players not clowns
Marc Zimmer
Marc Zimmer:
He is seems to be so kind and shy. Great for him this success. Well deserved!
such a nice guy!! really really authentically humble and shy
he looks so happy omg
PT me
PT me:
His humbleness and bashfulness is so endearing. Great win!
Sam lal
Sam lal:
Finally a guy who’s part of the ‘new gen’ that is not cocky or arrogant.He seems like a really nice guy and I wouldn’t mind if he wins against Roger tomorrow. (actually I might be a bit bothered 😂)
Mi Nguyen
Mi Nguyen:
as much as I was rooting for Med this match, Hubi seems such a kind and soft-spoken guy! Noticed that since he won his Masters
Eva Cichon
Eva Cichon:
Can not stop smiling at this interview. Hubi is the cutest 🥰 Just want to give him a huge hug 🤗 So happy for him. he will have a tough battle against Roger tomorrow though. Should be a great match.
Akshay Anand
Akshay Anand:
To be able to play against your idol. Hell of an achievement in itself. Enjoy the moments boy!!
Subhojit Pradhan
Subhojit Pradhan:
Hubert is blushing like new born baby in the interview. Great comeback by him to win in 5 sets
Brawo Hubert, cala Polska sie cieszy i nawet polonia z USA!
Léman Bea
Léman Bea:
HuHu Congrats. I'm impressed by gorgeous crowd reaction towards him.
Seems like a nice guy
Jacek Sagatowski
Jacek Sagatowski:
What a lovely lad
Voo de Mar
Voo de Mar:
in terms of cockiness Hurkacz is like a total opposite of Kyrgios
Wenmar Marte
Wenmar Marte:
A real player with a heart!!! best of luck
Thiresia Dd
Thiresia Dd:
Oh look how sweet and humble he is!
Kien Serrano
Kien Serrano:
nice person with very likeable personality. Goodluck to both players on the QFs.
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Crowd loves Hurcakz 💚💚
Rahul Gautam
Rahul Gautam:
Roger inspiring a generation of players and because of his longevity in the sport, he's allowing new guys to play with their idol. It's a win win for the players, the sports and us fans. Can't wait for this match to start. Go Roger!
well done...he seems a really nice guy...great victory
Norman Clarence
Norman Clarence:
Really wanted him to win!! He’s too humble and nice not to root for! Keep going Hubert!!
Runner McTurtle
Runner McTurtle:
Nice, Hurkacz not only showed great skills, but also a good mental strength after the game was stopped yesterday.
HuHu’s smile and posture are like apology :)))
he's so humble
joanna ludwig
joanna ludwig:
What a class! What a gentleman and great player. Idol Federer can be proud of him
Very good tennis player and gentleman 👏👌
Ewa Wisniewska
Ewa Wisniewska:
Brawo Hubert dużo ludzie klaskali brawo ,pięknie grałeś ,wielkie Gratulcje
Samantha Cho
Samantha Cho:
Hubi is hard not to root for 👏🏻
Abdel Neeson
Abdel Neeson:
What a nice guy he is and what a story he's been having👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Tota Swamy
Tota Swamy:
He is so humble and keeping things simple..
Such a nice guy! 👏 All the best and win the next match! 💪
Tadeusz Łapyr
Tadeusz Łapyr:
Brawo Hurkacz
Po marzenia
Z taką gra wygra kiedyś Wimbledon
I'm happy for him to get to the next round. I always find it strange when I hear tennis players saying that Roger was their idol but practically all of them play a two handed backhand, why didn't Roger inspire them to play the one handed backhand if they looked up to him ? I saw the first women's player today in a while that plays a great one handed backhand, she also can slice great and volley one handed too, Viktorija Golubic from Switzerland, looks like she was inspired by Roger too.
Asia Trzybinska
Asia Trzybinska:
Fantastyczny mecz🤩
Grounded guy, its hard to not like him.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Great victory Hurkacz 👏👏🎾congrats
David Xavier
David Xavier:
Wimbledon, please upload Federer's fourth round press conference. Thanks.
Lee D
Lee D:
Seems like such a nice guy. Like he still needs to get tucked in and a bed time story from mum before being able to get to sleep
He beat a good player in the previous round too, so if we can get hot at the right time - like he did in Miami this year - he could beat Federer and who knows?
david_f l
david_f l:
no masks in the audience, but officials in masks, and then the interviewer. such hypocricy.
Pękam z dumy☺️
R T:
Wow ,
Wimbledon can upload Hurkacz's on court interview within an hour after his match ends , but can't upload Federer's 4th Round Press Conference.

Anyways , Hurkacz played well and hoping tommorow's match can be a quality match .
I think the moment of playing Roger on center court for a place in his first SF, will get the better of him tomorrow. Even if he wins a couple of sets, I think he won’t be able to wrap things up and end up faltering and losing. Good guy and player otherwise. Moves well, good touch, serves well. I can see him doing a lot of good things in the future. All the best to him.
Andhy Romdani
Andhy Romdani:
Good attitude to be future top player!
England Calling
England Calling:
I wish him well. His next match against Federer will show whether there's more to his game than defeating an off Medvedev.
Thomas Drinkmoore
Thomas Drinkmoore:
I wonder if the crowd is still cheering when he beats Feddy :-D
Brandon M
Brandon M:
What a nice bloke. He was unlucky to play Djokovic so early on last Wimbledon so glad he's been able to have a deeper run this year. Based on the crowd's response in this interview he might get a decent amount of support today
anna 45
anna 45:
Brawo Hubert! 👍🇵🇱
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Nice win Hubert!🇵🇱🇵🇱
I Mahdi
I Mahdi:
Congratulations! Seems like a genuinely good sportsman
Please upload Federer's fourth round post-match press conference video.
Kushagra Dubey
Kushagra Dubey:
The English crowd is literally the most knowledgable and appreciative of any crowds in any sport, truly elevates the whole spirit of the sport !
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Roger is Hurkcaz idol. 😜This could be a sign that he lost the match before he goes on court. ❌Many of the other players who faced RF and said RF is their idol, they sort of froze.🧊❄ Could not get going. What will happen to Hurkacz? Will he be ready to forget about being in awe of RF and play to win? ⭐🏆💫Will be interesting if the curse of the idol is at play in this next match! 👀
Ireneusz Gawrylow
Ireneusz Gawrylow:
Hubert jestem dumny ! Z profesjonalizmu i człowieczeństwa !
Ana Ambitionz
Ana Ambitionz:
Hubert is a strong player and also handsome af 🥰
Ceez Rain
Ceez Rain:
Big surprise but Hubert played fantastic 4th and 5th set.
Rame Shan
Rame Shan:
Next match with tennis Legend Roger Federer all Best 👍
Neth BT
Neth BT:
People will be rooting for him against Roger no doubt
Rakesh Bhat
Rakesh Bhat:
I didn't knew Steve Smith played Tennis
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Hurcats played out of his comfort zone (Court 2 to Centre) to deny Machine Meds. Next up the man the quintessential 🦗 (Big man Rog)
Now take the old man!
Fatima Jaffer
Fatima Jaffer:
Great match. Lovely guy. All the best for tomorrow. Hope u win Federer. Coming from a Djoko fan. 😊
Domingo Hernadez
Domingo Hernadez:
Buen triunfo del polaco, un gran jugador, llegará lejos, felicidades,
Ling Paulina Gronczewska
Ling Paulina Gronczewska:
Love him!!!
M Rrr1994
M Rrr1994:
Hurkacz and swiatek represent pole character well. Proud to be polish during these times
Andrew Li
Andrew Li:
Like Roger said, they are young, they will recover, just hope that he doesn’t recover too well, otherwise, poor Roger.
Daniel Jeppesen
Daniel Jeppesen:
Why don't they post more highlight videos?
C A:
He's so cute
Lena Widegren
Lena Widegren:
Can he beat Djoko ? I think he can. Good luck Hubert !
Chopper Fok
Chopper Fok:
Winning against number 2 in the world at wimbledon so special.
Mohammad Jahangir
Mohammad Jahangir:
Happy for him
Katarzyna Wiśniewska
Katarzyna Wiśniewska:
Hubert bliski łez, mega wzruszenie, wielka duma i ta flaga biało-czerwona:)
Djokovic can be congratulated on 20 helmets.
Gedeão Locks
Gedeão Locks:
Please post the highlights!
This one gonna hurt Medvedev the most & for a very long time. Because all the momentum was with him yesterday. That's what such suspension of matches mostly does to the players about to cross the finishing lines...👎🏻Djokovic did the same to Tsitsipas at Rome recently...!! Poor Medvedev, as he had a best shot at No.1 here at SW19...!!
amaizing guy
David Turco
David Turco:
Good humble guy.
Katarina Luna diCamella
Katarina Luna diCamella:
Sure, the British crowds cheering for him now, let's wait and see tomorrow, if he beat Federer will the crowd cheer for him like they did today...
I will say this again, the draw was certainly tailor made for Federer
david d
david d:
for roger,I think this guy is more dangerous
Jakub Pomorski
Jakub Pomorski:
Ukłony Hubert. Pokonałeś po wyrównanej walce faworyta, znakomitego tenisistę ;)
Rahul .
Rahul .:
I wanted him to beat medvedev coz Federer has better chance against him than medvedev... nice chap hubbi
Sundar Rajan
Sundar Rajan:
I might be absolutely wrong on this but I have been getting pictures of Fed winning his 9th wimbledon title few days before Wimbledon started. I would however want Hurkacz to win tomorrow's match against Fed.
Grzegorz Widok
Grzegorz Widok:
Reminds me of Rafa “unbelievable”
Great guy
Crowd thinking king got goat for easy ride
Ishan Agrawal
Ishan Agrawal:
Meddy certainly found his rhythm yesterday and indoor grass courts don't make sense, slows down the surface and makes it slippery.
Ravioli 219
Ravioli 219:
Hubi ❤️
Riaz Hassan
Riaz Hassan:
He out-Medvedeved Medvedev! Amazing
Isn't he modest like Norman Bates ,even he looks little bit like that character.
Anyone else getting serious michael cera vibes from him?
Rheno Mar Soqueño
Rheno Mar Soqueño:
The Clash 1973
The Clash 1973:
Rame Shan Djokovic is the BEST. Wimbledon 2021 Winner.
Antoine L
Antoine L:
Very slow channel to put videos on... what about Fed press conference? Also no highlights. Very sad for us fans.
Szuler Szuler
Szuler Szuler:
At this point Federer fans liked Hurkacz because they were thinking "poor lad he will tomorrow lose against his idol". Well who knew at this point it will go so much different. I think Hurkacz also after he was reminded against who is he playing tomorrow thought "heck, what can possibly go wrong" either he could lose and no one would say a bad word or he could win and be a sensation. So he chose the second thing :) Just do your thing Hubert. Nothing to prove, all to take.
Jehanzeb Ali
Jehanzeb Ali:
What's his age difference with Roger?
ses fabregas
ses fabregas:
She put words in his mouth. Djokovic goat
Luis felipe Ossa
Luis felipe Ossa:
Fedeeer ya se debe retirar.
Plant Seed
Plant Seed:
He doesn't realise that tomorrow the crowd will totally turn against him 😅