Huge fire engulfs skyscraper in China

A major fire has broken out in a skyscraper in the central Chinese city of Changsha, state media has reported, adding that the number of casualties is 'currently unknown'.
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Videos posted on social media show flames searing through the building, which housed an office of the state-owned telecommunications company China Telecom, as black smoke billows into the sky.

Major fire breaks out at skyscraper in Changsha, China ►

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100+ komentarze:

Guardian News
Guardian News:
Major fire breaks out at skyscraper in Changsha, China ►
Malaya United
Malaya United:
If I ever live in a tall building, I'll definitely buy a parachute.
That is just horrible, reminds me of the Grenfell Tower fire that occurred in England a few years ago. Such external materials must be banned everywhere.
Jonathon Brooks
Jonathon Brooks:
Now that's what I call a fire. Strange it didn't collapse into its own footprint at freefall speed ...
Fat Fish
Fat Fish:
This building, once known as "the tallest building in Hunan", belongs to the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Provincial Supervision Department. A source revealed that the cause of the fire was an "explosion in the computer room". The middle and lower floors of the building were the office buildings of China Telecom, and "the upper floors were the place where the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection handled cases and placed people under house arrest." Someone setup the fire, destroyed the central telecom services downstairs and killed someone upper stairs too
Bill LaBrie
Bill LaBrie:
Watch out! In about 20 minutes it’s going to free-fall into its own footprint and shatter into a million pieces and leave a glowing crater that can be seen from space for weeks! Happens all the time!
A B:
The issue is a lot of new skyscrapers built with highly flammable cladding materials, we have the same problem in australia
john davies
john davies:
My heart goes out to anyone trapped in that building.
This is horrifying. They're so focused on how quickly they can get those things up, they don't realize how quickly they can come down.
Neil Drew
Neil Drew:
My heart goes out to the people of China involved in that nightmare 😢
Jacques Mertens
Jacques Mertens:
It's a pity the corrupt officials who allowed this to be built weren't inside the building.
apparently architects have not yet learned from all the other times their towers made of flammable materials burned down in 15 minutes
Oxide Magicus
Oxide Magicus:
Strange for it not to fall down at free fall speed and take down others around it in the same way
Jenn R
Jenn R:
This is dreadful, looks like Grenfell. I hope people were evacuated. Best wishes to all, hope all are safe.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee:
Wonder why it didn't fall into its own footprint at free-fall speed ?
Madam Ost
Madam Ost:
My heart goes to the people who lived there.
Clarissa Thompson
Clarissa Thompson:
My heartfelt wishes go to those residents, the emergency responders, and their families. I hope there were few to no casualties <3
melissa saint
melissa saint:
Oh no! Sincere prayers for all who live inside, I hope everyone was able to evacuate!!
Sam D
Sam D:
Hope everyone working/staying there is safe.
Prayers for the lives of the residents 🙏🏼
john smith
john smith:
I'm sure they had all the correct building permits and followed all safety measures when constructing this skyscraper.
Jeez, seeing a building that size flaming like a matchstick is very scary to see. I read costs were cut to use flammable material during build. Very frightening indeed.
Tony P
Tony P:
Same thing happened in U.K Grenfell Tower, aluminum-magnesium sidings were installed there, 72 people died.
Building codes worldwide are different now. But zero deaths show China had a planned evacuation in place.
Aaron Martell
Aaron Martell:
Did a plane fly into it? Amazing how it still standing and hasn't collapsed onto itself.
Kristiina Kallas
Kristiina Kallas:
I hope that everyone got out in time 🙏
Obviously missed a few safety standards when building that one. My condolences.
Вася Пупкин
Вася Пупкин:
My condolences to the people up there
Carolyn Lowry
Carolyn Lowry:
This is awful! Lord have mercy!😥
Robert Huffman
Robert Huffman:
That building was 100% on fire, that's crazy. Leads me to think it was constructed out of materials it shouldn't have been.
Brad Brit
Brad Brit:
With such a ragging fire the building must have collapsed into its own footprint and looked like a controlled demolition when it did.
Crazy that it didnt collapse on itself at free fall speed :)
Thank goodness it didn't collapse instantly into itself straight down at freefall speeds!
Henrik Lahn Andersen
Henrik Lahn Andersen:
WOW! I mean... not even being condescending but that's the most impressive building fire I've seen in a long time... That's insane! Man I hope people got out before it took control! 😕
Daniel Andrade
Daniel Andrade:
That looked as if the building was made of paper. The whole thing was burning. Crazy!
Sgt Jay
Sgt Jay:
Let’s all wait and watch it collapse in its own footprint due to intense heat from the fires………………
On a serious note, I hope everyone is or will be ok.
Lenny Le
Lenny Le:
A few decades ago it would be common to see fires like this in the US. Solutions have been created for this within the building construction. It’s called Firestopping. It looks like NO firestopping attempt was made on the outer/curtain wall/windows. Modern Firestop technology can contain a fire to a couple floors for several hours. But when no Firestop is in place, or done incorrectly, there’s NOTHING standing in that fires way. And this is the result.
Dwi Supardi
Dwi Supardi:
Wow it engulfed the whole building... Never seen anything like that before
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed:
They certainly built this stronger than those that fell on their footprint years ago in US of A with a much less fire... hint! hint!
Mathew Freeman
Mathew Freeman:
But two of the tallest buildings fell at free fall speed after getting hit by airplanes at the top of each building but this one is completely on fire…. Makes sense
Suburban Boi
Suburban Boi:
Wondering if it’s going to come down as perfectly as Tower 7 did? Asking for a friend
Addrick Stich
Addrick Stich:
Terrible that this happened but.. it's strange , i thought fire made buildings like these fall in their footsteps..
Sid The Geek
Sid The Geek:
Oh no ! I wish everyone's is ok, safe and sound
All's Well
All's Well:
Hope everybody's okay.
Busted Fender
Busted Fender:
That’s awful, but notice how it didn’t melt to the point of collapse.
erik schaepers
erik schaepers:
This is horrifying .. . hopefully most folks made it to safety
I hope that everyone was able to get out safely and without harm.
Robert Reid
Robert Reid:
Amazing it didn't collapse at free speed into its own footprint.
Lana K
Lana K:
It might come down to building for efficiency, safety, and with a well designed plan, but instead, building owners do it in the most cheap and fastest way.
J. Dallas Brooks
J. Dallas Brooks:
Hate to see this. Thoughts and prayers for these people, and I just hope the casualties are at a minimum.
Tragic. I hope casualties are as few as possible. Trouble is - if they are tall buildings there is a limit as to what the fire fighters can do. I was in a Hall of residence at Uni when there was a fire. We only had 4 floors, and the fire doors kept the fire contained to a single corridor. The firemen got there quickly and the whole thing was contained and everyone got out. This was back in 1979 - probably older buildings were more solid, and less flammable partitioning! Ironic that we have not made progress with public safety.
karen vickery
karen vickery:
I hope everyone got out okay, I hope it isn’t like the greenfell tower in the UK.
CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan
CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan:
I'm genuinely surprised these sorts of fires haven't happened more often, especially in certain parts of the world.
Shubhanshu Jain
Shubhanshu Jain:
I hope everyone is safe.
Aban Juanito
Aban Juanito:
Reporter says it's a 42-storey building but zero casualties , it's a miracle !
Santa’s  Mocha
Santa’s Mocha:
Hope everyone was able to get out. 😬
Being stuck in that blaze would be horrendous.
This is horrible. I hope nobody was injured and everybody got out in time, at least is seems to have happened in daytime. Hitting "like" on such a video feels strange, I am of course just expressing my appreciation for the journalism.
......what, it burnt for longer than two hours and DIDN'T collapse into it's own footprint.....(like 3 other buildings we could mention)
Mirko Gavrilovic
Mirko Gavrilovic:
And strangely, it didn't collapse randomly just as some other towers I've seen in past... o.O
Based on how flammable this building is, imagine how easily China's new skylines could be set ablaze.
Eve Catherine
Eve Catherine:
This is quite spectacular. I mean I don't want people hurt but it's like a man-made volcano
I wonder if its going to fall at free fall speed and be pulverized down into its own footprint.
zoe I lo bowdery
zoe I lo bowdery:
Grenfell tower springs to mind a lot of these buildings have unsafe cladding that catches fire 🔥 like a match to paper from z in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Reminds me of Grenfell tower fire in London. I'm glad everyone is safe in this one.
Thierry Parte
Thierry Parte:
I hope all the people got out in time... That skyscraper should not be able to be in flames from top to bottom so I suspect the worst, prayers for everyone
The Yard
The Yard:
Horrifying sight. I know its very unlikely, But I hope that nobody was injured. My heart goes out to Changsha.
Sherry A. Presley
Sherry A. Presley:
Hope everyone is staying safe. Such a tragedy.
to see a full skyscraper on fire is supremely rare. and the manner of it being so complete, just goes to show if it had any form of fire prevention it surely didnt work.
AirStyles VN
AirStyles VN:
According to reports from Chinese netizen.
Thankfully, only the outer layer of one side of the wall was on fire.
Interior is built with fireproof material, and the fire didn't spread toward the middle of the building, it just look very bad from certain angles of the footage.
Fire was already put out by the fire fighters, and thus far, there's no known casualty.
Jak Corchek
Jak Corchek:
Weird it didn’t collapse on itself at free fall speeds…
Nolan D.
Nolan D.:
Strange how that big fire didn't melt the beams enough to collapse the building...but a small jet fuel fire will
Notice how they tilted the image on the right to make it look like the building was falling over, but then in the clip no such event occurs? 🧐
I Own Me - You Own You
I Own Me - You Own You:
Why didn't they show the part where it collapses from the fire melting the steel beams?
The true definition of a “towering inferno..” I hope no one was hurt.
Steve C
Steve C:
This is the moment that you just pray the architects got their emergency exit plans right. Fingers crossed.
Onkel Wonkel
Onkel Wonkel:
As a firefighter I would feel somehow helpless... what you wanna do here
Annette Elliott-Dunn
Annette Elliott-Dunn:
The first video I saw of this was recorded by a man looking down at the flames from his apartment. Seeing the speed of the fire I don’t think he and h,is family would have got out. millions of Chinese are locked in lockdown their homes right now, mostly tower blocks and those buildings are not safe
Peter Kim
Peter Kim:
This makes me question "Are we humans learn fast or never?"
So we've well established that skyscraper is with fires collapse internally when the structure of beams can't handle it anymore so when will that happen with this one?
J L:
Prayers from Texas :( hopefully it was empty
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke:
Odd how it did not perfectly pancake into itself like all 3 buildings of the WTC.
Second Note
Second Note:
Horrific, all the best to anyone there and especially those fighting the fire
Vairus Vitz
Vairus Vitz:
Owner: Ohh no my skyscraper is on fire.
Also Owner: Goes to insurance company immediately.
frowning Joker
frowning Joker:
I hope they managed to put the fire out and everyone was able to return to their homes.
Heinrich Guzman
Heinrich Guzman:
So, when did any of these buildings collapse at free fall speed?
o a
o a:
Omg hope everyone got out safe.
Ser Slack
Ser Slack:
Did it collapse in near free fall at anytime? They do that in the US when they start on fire.
Funny how it's all burnt and didn't collapse like....
Caleb M. F
Caleb M. F:
Wow. hope everyone got out, though I doubt it.
Darren MacEochaidh O'Neill
Darren MacEochaidh O'Neill:
Lovely just what the atmosphere needed
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler:
A symbol of the nation itself.
Craig Dillon
Craig Dillon:
This takes Chinese fireworks to a whole new level.
Acun Acur
Acun Acur:
In my experience, that would have to collapse like a house of cards

🏢 🏢 🗽
Handy Andy
Handy Andy:
Did it collapse vertically, in an almost choreographed way?
Alexanne Martel
Alexanne Martel:
I saw this video right after checking about the recent lockdowns, with people starving to death and yet unable to get out... My heart stopped. I am SO glad this was not one of those buildings, I hope everyone was able to get out in time!
john doe
john doe:
is the building safe to live after this fire ?
ExHaile Thurtyfieve
ExHaile Thurtyfieve:
Weird... it didn't collapse into its own footprint. Strange.
I hope no one got hurt 😢
Hope everyone is safe there
andx79 _
andx79 _:
How awful, what a nightmare!
The Axe Hound
The Axe Hound:
But, but, but... "jet fuel melts steel beams" even WTC 7 (that was was never even hit by a plane)!!