Hugh Grant Flirted With Chris Martin's Partner | The Graham Norton Show

Nearly had us with that tattoo!

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I like Chris Martin humor because you can never tell whats a joke and whats not. I actually believed he had a Hugh Grant tattoo
unsaturated fats
unsaturated fats:
I love Chris' humour- he'll just say random and unbelievable stuff completely straight-faced, and then when he gets called out on it he'll give a cheeky grin and say "No I didn't 😏🤪" 😂
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Chris and Hugh = British humour
Sheryl Smallwood-Valdivia
Sheryl Smallwood-Valdivia:
*Chris Martin finding out Hugh Grant will be seated next to him*

Chris: I'm about to end this man's career
Onan. O
Onan. O:
that was the funniest interaction ever everybody else on the couch looked uncomfortable
Graham Norton always let's his guest talk take notes Jimmy Kimmel jimmy Fallon Ellen DeGeneres
Sam Nicolas
Sam Nicolas:
Hugh Grant is so British.
Pals P
Pals P:
Who wouldn't want to flirt with Dakota Johnson though?
Ulfath Mahmoud
Ulfath Mahmoud:
That's the most expensive couch in the world 😯
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith:
I've loved Hugh's work ever since he started 45 years ago!
That just cracked me up!! :-)
Also, did anyone see H G's face on that?!
Thomas becker
Thomas becker:
Chris calling out Hugh 💉
Peeyoosh Bhatt
Peeyoosh Bhatt:
I love this show all the guests are always awesome and the stories that graham takes out of them are just amazing
Chris Maritn has the same humor as his better half.
Craig Buckton
Craig Buckton:
1:56 Matthew McConaughey's laugh cracks me up everytime.
anusha kumar
anusha kumar:
Chris is so funny.
Rush B
Rush B:
Anyone remember when Yellow first came out? Life kinda changed after that
Jimmy McGill
Jimmy McGill:
Funny they make fun of what Chris used to wear, when he’s sitting there in literally the tattiest and most scraggy t-shirt ever.
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul:
Chris to Hugh:

How Hugh doin?
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation:
I love that Chris' shirt is also 20 years old! 🔥🔥 Coldplay is the best.
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare:
That was crack up. I still remember Chris Martin on Extras. He was great there too.
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul:
Damn 😂 Chris is on a roll. Watch out Hugh!!
Arjab Sarkar
Arjab Sarkar:
Ah, Chris is such a beauty.
linda bradley
linda bradley:
Matthew McConaughey’s laugh! Omg 😆
Elle Woods
Elle Woods:
Chris Never fails to make you smile! Just some sort of wonderful rare gift he has. 💫
Noelle Nn
Noelle Nn:
02:00 McConougnohey's laugh doe.
Chris is sweet, I never really understood the divorce;
I think I do now...
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein:
Bro, Chris saw his chance and he took it
silvia c
silvia c:
Hugh is such a savage :') love the way he bullies Piers Morgan on twitter
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz:
Jennifer Hudson and Michael Buble were there on that couch! I love their music! 🎼🎹🎵🎶🎤😍❤️
Nikki Lane
Nikki Lane:
Who new Chis and Hugh could be such a great double act😂😂. 😍 love them both xxx
Miss reign
Miss reign:
I like how everyone on the couch agreed that Hugh is a flirt.😂
They're laughing at his fashion style from 20 years ago but he's on the couch with stains on his shirt. Hahaha oops.
Lord Rorschach
Lord Rorschach:
Hugh Grant: the other record is the band of the Grenadier Guards.

Chris Martin: What album?

Hugh Grant: is my sex Tape

Omg I love their sense of humor.
Chris Maritn has the same humor as his better half.
Steven Pham
Steven Pham:
Chris is so cool.. dude is legend. I'm glad he got the super bowl gig few years back
Calvin Ziru
Calvin Ziru:
I think Chris stole my t-shirt from High School 😂😂😊
Rula mah
Rula mah:
chris martin.. hottest human being alive
20 years is crazy.. I can remember the day my mom picked out a random CD in a grocery store for our road trip... and it was Coldplay.. well she heard of them before but wanted to check out the CD! We didn’t stop playing it at all! Their music is amazing and I LOVE the new record!
Roche Waugh
Roche Waugh:
This one make me fall in love to Chris Martin.....his very soft spoken.
Hugh G. Rektshun and Chrissy Martini, yo!!!
Aryaa Nimbalkar
Aryaa Nimbalkar:
Chris is so so so charming! Such a good human ❤
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
Chris to Hugh: How Hugh doin?
Rob _
Rob _:
Matthew Mc sounds like the joker laughing
I like the way Graham Norton asked "What's wrong with you?" without being seemed offensive 😁
Debbie M
Debbie M:
Damn....Hughs’ like....enough already!🤦🏼‍♀️lmao
Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik:
He perfectly described Hugh as we all thing he would actually be in a real life.
aola wili
aola wili:
that was the funniest interaction ever everybody else on the couch looked uncomfortable
Souvik Mondal
Souvik Mondal:
I can totally see hugh grant flirting with other's partners !! He equally handsome and charming!! 😁
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28:
had a huuuge crush on hugh when he was younger! he was such a charming gentleman
Oh my god! Hugh, Matthew, Chris and Michael in one room.. graced with Dame Judi and Jennifer.. made possible by TGNS!
Great great couch!
This was hilarious. Chris is such a fun guy.
Heather Metz
Heather Metz:
Chris and Hugh are hilarious!
Angel Curtain
Angel Curtain:
Hahah he's so funny
You can tell that there is no love lost between the two of them! The way Hugh has been looking at him even before this story came out - sheesh!
My favourite persons in the world: Matthew McConaughey and Chris Martin!
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool:
Jeez Hugh Grant really can't keep his pants, on can he?
OMG this couch looks amazing !!! My god , so many stars 👍 love Chris Martin ❤️
Second time I was ever in New York City was a week after 9/11, we were in a shop and the Coldplay song High speed was playing over the speakers. " can anybody fly this thing..." " can anybody stop this thing..." the whole parachute album, it for me brings back the memory of the time that everything did indeed change the world changed and now people are growing up and don't even realize that it changed cuz for them it's just always been this way...ohhhh to age in this age!
Hugh Grant. Legend.
Susie Dupuy
Susie Dupuy:
Chris looks like he's using chewing tobacco in the band picture.
Jasraj Singh Bhinder
Jasraj Singh Bhinder:
Quite a crowded sofa this time! And big stars too!!!
Drew collings
Drew collings:
20 years and still the same shirt that's commitment
Awww man, what happened to Hugh, I really hope he gets happier. I remember him fondly in his movies, really thought he was having a laugh all the time, he seems so grumpy when I see him on interviews
Look at this couch!!!!
Top video in world
Top video in world:
0:33 he looks like benedict cumberbatch
Seema Chouhan
Seema Chouhan:
Today is the day, 20 years completed😄
'I've loved his work ever since he started 45 years ago' 😃 Hugh's face!! Ahahah... Pure Chris Martin's sense of humour ! So sweet. So cute and clever. Clear proof that Chris aged a lot better than Hugh did. 20 years ago, Chris was just a regular dude, now he is just handsome and a total rock star... Well done, Chris!
Ellie Rodriguez
Ellie Rodriguez:
I love this show, Graham is a great host and brings the best of his guests, which are really charismatic people too, I always have a great laugh!
Matthew McConaughey’s laugh! Omg 😆
Miss reign
Miss reign:
*Ever since he started 45 years ago* 😂.
He was finally able to get back at him for flirting with his significant other.
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria:
Wow, I never expected that from Hugh, now I've seen it all, I realized he isn't just a beautiful face, so a person full of surprises. I'm not a fan of his however, I find him an interesting actor, about A very English scandal, I'm wondering; how good is that TV serie?
laura messina
laura messina:
I wish we had a Graham Norton show in Italy too, I really love how he interacts with his guests and let them loosely talk and joke. Chris on his show are my favourite videos ever 😁
This is funny,,
Chris is just awesome!!
Marcus P
Marcus P:
Chris owes me 15 £ with with 26 years of interest.
Darren Walshe
Darren Walshe:
Awkward!? Didnt know how to take that!!!! Lol, I think chris may have been tellin it how it is, hes not really nuts about hugh!?
Frederic Maloof
Frederic Maloof:
That picture. Those moments in time are humbling.
mulan fa
mulan fa:
I love him since Yellow.
You've gotta hand it to Graham he really is a fantastic host and whoever does the booking of guests gets nothing but A-listers every week
Cosima Von Liebenau
Cosima Von Liebenau:
Hugh Grant leaning away. 😎
Derrick Pang
Derrick Pang:
How good is that couch!! Like damn thats a lot of starpower.
Inci Demirci
Inci Demirci:
Oh my...Hugh got old 🥺
These two are comedians hahahaha 🤣😂
angie mika
angie mika:
what a great guest you have graham chris martin, hugh grant and matthew mcco.... yeah they'll 👍.
that coffee feel
that coffee feel:
That's the first time I've seen mr. hugh where he looks his you
Rose Petal
Rose Petal:
That was TOO adorable!! Love them both <3
Fun interview ! Impressed with Coldplay’s video in Sri Lanka ! 😎 Definitely a fan of Hugh!
erica mary
erica mary:
I have always loved Chris Martin ❤❤❤
E. I. G.
E. I. G.:
I adore his voice, it's a caress
why is he wearing a tshirt with holes and stains on it
Veronica Costner
Veronica Costner:
that's a hell of a couch
Maria Hasmin
Maria Hasmin:
I’m a huge fan of coldplay and their frontman, Chris Martin!! 😍
Sarah X
Sarah X:
What there wasn’t a stylist?
Myrt Myrtle
Myrt Myrtle:
2:45 classic British self deprecating humour coming up.

PS, one of mine is a 1970's 'The Band of The Royal Marines'
Hugh Grant hasn't aged well like a melted candle haha
Boy Trent
Boy Trent:
he's starting to look like bill gates. wonder why.
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy:
How is that for two incredibly charismatic characters for entirely different reasons!!... Both so funny in there own way!!
🏳️‍🌈I want to have Chris Martin's babies......well I want to try repeatedly!😛