Humankind Review

Humankind reviewed on PC by Leana Hafer.

I don't dislike Humankind - far from it. But as the sun sets on my attractive empire, I'm not that impressed with it either. It certainly has some strong ideas, and the diplomacy system, at least in theory, is excellent. I loved the flexibility of being able to specialize in something different with each new culture I adopted. But especially against the passive and tactically inept AI, I kept feeling like I'd rather be playing Civ 4, or Civ 5, or Civ 6. To be fair, if this were a Civilization game, that would almost be expected - they've each come out in a state that was a bit underwhelming compared to where their predecessors ended up after multiple expansions. And maybe with time and DLC, Humankind will stand alongside the best of them as well. For now, it's an intriguing, though not always excelling, offshoot of a time-tested formula that succeeds at making me want to keep clicking one more turn...

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The best part of the humankind, is that it makes you feel like human
ollj oh
ollj oh:
for a longer neolythic game, play the Civilization4 mod [cavemen to cosmos]. it is more a super-compulation-mod, and it sure has some sillier aspects (mostly in the form of bear-cavalry and other creative mounts).
Steven Seagul
Steven Seagul:
*Damn, who else thought the score was a 4 when you moved the time cursor right to the end ??* 😅
If IGN had a casino, all the slot machine icons would be 7
Martin Avramchuk
Martin Avramchuk:
“The AI is kind of boring like in Civ 6”. Proceeds to outtech the ennemies by one shotting milicia with muskets and killing spear man with Musket Cavalry
Hughs R
Hughs R:
Uuh, one of my games ended 20-30 turns early because of pollution (because an AI was crazy polluting).
The fact that there was nothing much to do to stop them except eradicating them… really disappointing (pollution just exploded really quick, and just replanting a crap ton of trees in my outposts, using my overflowing influence, was useless).
“AI is disappointing” as he uses dragoon’s to kill enemy unit with clubs
Defintity _
Defintity _:
This reviewer gave civ an 9.4, but this only a 7. Even though half the features that he complained about were totally obscure and lacking in civ.
Real messGuy
Real messGuy:
The difficulty affect the enemy AI so much, if you want a perfect AI who doesn't want to recklessly do an offensive movement and hold strong position in battle, try increasing the difficulty, even in the open and close beta it's always like that, you'll be surprised how different the game by just increasing the difficulty of the AI
the light
the light:
Thanks for the review. It looks like some things can be tweaked and other thing we are stuck with.
And polution does force the game to be ended at a certain level. It needs more then just 1 Faction to build factories etc.
luke Merrigan
luke Merrigan:
Seems to me that is basically the same game as Civ except you can win the can through a greater variety of ways because the unique traits of your civilization vary through the ages then being set out from the beginning
Russell Williams
Russell Williams:
Look, it is a great game, but has a long road ahead. It took the CIV franchise how long to get where they are? It is awesome, that the rts genre is starting to get the attention it deserves, so please do not be overly critical people! We need constructive criticism so more come and give us better toys to play with!
Question: the avatar we created before starting the neolithic era had a meaningful role to the game?
A fair assessment for the game, but the key takeaway are the better alternatives. The studios previous work Endless Legend and Endless Space pushed the envelope more than this title and if you wanted to play a Civilization like game, play any Civilization game with all updates and DLC. I'd also recommend Stellaris, Beyond Earth or Factorio.
Erik Litsenius
Erik Litsenius:
Fun, but very buggy as of right now. That's about my experience in the first day of playing it
John Smith
John Smith:
Just played the game. Its FREAKING AWESOME
So excited for this game to finally come out and show it's muscle.
Fisu Lohi
Fisu Lohi:
Why is it that so many gamers see grey in games and call it "soul crushing"? 😂
Got this with Intel Bundle! Looks amazing!
"Where did these Chinese bureaucrats come from? Where they hiding in the forest? 7 out of 10" -IGN, circa 2021, colourised
Derrick Smotherman
Derrick Smotherman:
On what level are you playing that you never had a war brought against you? Literally every play through I've had, the AI has started at least one war. And was constantly fighting someone in some capacity
Mago Koro
Mago Koro:
There really should be an encyclopedia.
Pepega Lame
Pepega Lame:
But does the humankind really make you feel like Spider-Man tho?
T. J. Arnold
T. J. Arnold:
Kind of glad it isn't amazing out of the box. That gives me more time to continue with my non-stop love affair with Crusader Kings 3 before having to sink a massive amount of time into another strategy game. Here's hoping some balance patches and DLC will make it as amazing as it looks.
Tony Li
Tony Li:
for some one who played shot tons of civ, this is like another reason play it again
Should have allowed staying nomadic until feudalism at least, a la Mongolians.
James Atalin
James Atalin:
for me i’d rate it 9/10. it is more awesome than civ 6 atm
To Civ's players. How did you find this game? Is it worth buying or wait?
Ashish Shetty
Ashish Shetty:
Watch PartyElite's review of this game to see a review done right.
IGN's reviews are terrible.
Kevin Reber
Kevin Reber:
Dude must have played it once. Got attacked multiple times my first couple tries,
Theo Porcet
Theo Porcet:
the design is very Human!
Instituto Hamburgo de Idiomas
Instituto Hamburgo de Idiomas:
Well to truly jugde the game we have to see it once it comes out. Which will be tomorrow, Aug.17th.
Kurai Jōkyaku
Kurai Jōkyaku:
it makes sense that there are Americas tribes founding Washington since the mayflower founders came in 1620. But the Chinese one does not makes sense since they were there since BC era, for 3,500 years (to 5,000) of history.
this is the same guy that gave Shadowlands an 8/10.
It's basically a civilization game it's so incredibly similar that if you relabeled everything as a Civilization 7 you couldn't tell the difference. But still Civ is great and so is this game but it's not like a cities skylines vs sim city level of improvement.
Brendan Webster
Brendan Webster:
My wife while I’m watching this: “that sounds like Kermit the Frog”
O M:
this is basically like Civilization serie by the looks of it right?
Reviewers nowadays think 7 is an average.
Oh this is the review for Humankind the game, not the actual human kind.
Sauli Saarimaa
Sauli Saarimaa:
CIV6 is so damn boring at this point, only interesting thing in those games is the early game. Humankind seems to be very refreshing experience.
Mav Vynne
Mav Vynne:
Aaaahhhh... Another civilization and rise of kingdom game. Can't wait to dominate the world.😈
L M:
Fast Forward this entire video with Push It to the Limit playing
We all need a new civ with an upgrade civ5 graphic and smarter ai and real tactics with less war.
Jeroen Jansen
Jeroen Jansen:
:D you played on the same map as me!! probably a tutorial map
Taylor drobot
Taylor drobot:
Did you try a harder difficulty??
William D. Caballero
William D. Caballero:
Have any of you played the underrated awesomeness that is OLD WORLD though? Seriously, it's such an amazing turn based strategy game, full of complexity that makes CIV VI (and probably Humankind) appear generic and uninspired.
Spiny Slasher
Spiny Slasher:
Most of the review is just complaining about asinine stuff.
Andrew Taitz
Andrew Taitz:
And it’s on Gamepass!
Turns out, Humankind is an AMAZING GAME! There might be MANY bugs just like old games but hell yeah its fun af

IGN is just OA to SEGA
Le Chungus Munch
Le Chungus Munch:
Glory To Arstotzka
F V:
Makes sense now why Civ has modular updates
Eric Sell
Eric Sell:
Why did the Soviet leader look like she should be the sister of Alice Cooper (when he's in full costume)?? Hilarious!
Dave Solo
Dave Solo:
Civ 3 and 4 are still my favorite
But what about the combat?!
Ahmad M
Ahmad M:
He spoke more abt the verdict before actually talking about it lol
So Civ4 is still the best non-paradox 4x game
Nomadic hunting and gathering... 99% of human existence... "NOPE. Settle and planet bust you shitters."
Shoddy Peasant
Shoddy Peasant:
Ah yes, the soviets with Memphis
"The map is too grey!"
"The map is too colourful!"

Andrew Deshong
Andrew Deshong:
So they only gave it a 7 because it’s not Civ, otherwise it’s a 9. Lol
Me: Sees soviet
In my head: Soviet anthem started playing...
Austin Hetrick
Austin Hetrick:
He spent half the video shitting on the game just to give it a 7 anyways
Free on game pass tomorrow!
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson:
im very excited for this game.
j moore
j moore:
saw 4, stayed for 7
Abraham Delgado
Abraham Delgado:
This reviewer hates his job.
peter james north
peter james north:
can wait to play it...
User User
User User:
Knack 2 baby!!!
honestly the first 30 seconds of the vid were enough to convince me to not get it
What is Wealth?
What is Wealth?:
Ignoring climate change is the best part of this game!
Oki Doki Yow Yow
Oki Doki Yow Yow:
Is this better than civ6?
"The map doesn't even change to reflect rising sea levels or growing deserts."

So, kind of like real life, lol.
Black Person: This game is Great!

*Slavery Era*

Black person: 😟
An honest review. It's pretty clear the reviewer hated it, yet had to give it a 7. lol
Humankind or Civ VI ?
Richard L
Richard L:
Civ 4, Civ 5, and Civ 6 didn't tackle climate change either, until the 2nd Expansion of Civ 6.
So fairly hypocritical to knock the game for that, and then claim you'd rather play those games.
Shamuwel Ansari
Shamuwel Ansari:
The review is great but the scoring is terrible. Please define a transparent system of scoring for your future reviews.
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter:
The things you complained about can be patched relatively easily, especially when a people start playing and giving feedback to the developers
Harry S Human
Harry S Human:
1:57 this must be Netflix version of Poland
Stampy's pain adventures
Stampy's pain adventures:
this game looks like civ
It 4 if you try to jump to the point time
Downplaying a games fun factor is not only factually incorrect, it's also really boring journalism.
Pharaoh Medjay Law of Medjay
Pharaoh Medjay Law of Medjay:
They Forgot Ghana and Songhai and Mali and Benin an Congo and Nubia Sudan Archer's of Makuria In Africa DLC
just 7 ??? Even Wade will get 9 for this!
And whats the point to play this over Endless Legend?
So not worth the 50 bucks in steam
D T:
Don't forget how many marks ign gave the last if us 2.
vald 1989
vald 1989:
:laughs in spiffing brit and yorshire tea
This delicate flower is soul crushed by a grey map? This dude never had a gameboy.
Someone Unknown
Someone Unknown:
so its a civilization clone.
Go back to your old scoring system.. no idea why the did that. Why make a less accurate review score system?
Mirko Novak
Mirko Novak:
Then go play CIV
"climate change 2 easy" - IGN
damn, 7 is a pretty high score, I'm confused
D Mor
D Mor:
the best thing this game brought out on release was the desire to ignore it and play Civ 6 again
khan EL-angel
khan EL-angel:
this review. lol
ReyGaming Channel
ReyGaming Channel:
This guy talks almost like the same the guy in my life in gaming.... age of empires is better or tropico hahahaa
Damn first time looking at their review and it's poorly done
Time Traveling Old Man
Time Traveling Old Man: