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Patrick Swayze was his generation’s renaissance man. On August 18th at 9/8c, Paramount Network is planning the ultimate birthday salute with #IAmPatrickSwayze.

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The original documentary series "I Am" is an inside look at the lives of extraordinary individuals as told by the people who knew them best.

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100+ komentarze:

Reis World
Reis World:
This will make me cry . Love him rip
Paweł Wincentowicz
Paweł Wincentowicz:
Patrick Swayze CV: I’m an actor, gymnast, cowboy, dancer...
Today’s actors CV: I keep my body fat at 8% most of the year
When Sam Elliot gives you a co-sign you know you're the real deal.
“Whenever anything good in my life, happens, I’m just afraid I’m gonna lose it”

I can so relate to this.
Mystery Science Gaming 3000
Mystery Science Gaming 3000:
"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering."

- Bruce Lee
I still can’t believe Patrick Swayze is gone! Such a genuine, smart, generous man. Someone like Patrick only comes around once in a lifetime.
King Delevingne
King Delevingne:
"You're only on this planet for so long,
go for it now!!"
Roller Girl
Roller Girl:
This was recommended to me two days after I found out my Dad has Pancreatic Cancer 😞 just like Patrick had. But my Dad isn’t a young fit man like Patrick was. Please pray for him.
rudi barron
rudi barron:
c. Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe... because of this trailer I rewatched The Outsiders..
keeper of Dreams
keeper of Dreams:
My hats off to paramount pictures for this documentary. Respect.
S K:
One of the most underrated actors ever. His range was incredible. Every role he had made each movie better.
James Guthrie
James Guthrie:
I'm a child of the eighties. This video really made me appreciate him but it also made me think how much I miss him. Probably my favorite role of his was in The Outsiders.
"If you want the ultimate, you gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price. lt's not tragic to die doing what you love." - Bodhi
We lost an Icon when he passed, but oh we were so blessed he was here for a time.
Basil Thompson
Basil Thompson:
I Can't Believe It's Been 10 Years Since Patrick Swayze Passed Away After Losing Battle With Cancer.
Rest Easy, Patrick.
I must have watched Roadhouse 40 times one summer as a kid. The man is a legend. 🤘🖖
I only heard a voice and thought it was one of those interviews where they're in the dark to hide their identity and the voice is dubbed to be super deep. Nope. Just my boy Sam Elliot lol
for real
for real:
So talented, masculine, beautiful.
Cat Meow
Cat Meow:
Two of his movies really touched my life til now, Ghost and To Wong Foo(Thanks for everything Julie Newmar.
This guy right here
This guy right here:
I want the Chippendales audition with Chris Farley. Best skit ever on SNL. I'll fight anyone that says otherwise. On the Chippendales stage that is.
Andy R
Andy R:
Patrick Swayze, you will always be in our hearts. RIP
1001 Helen Of Troy
1001 Helen Of Troy:
Such a gorgeous man. Youre greatly missed💔
Kelly Cranford
Kelly Cranford:
such a beautiful and complicated man taken way too soon. I fell in love with him in North and South. He will live on in my heart as Orry Maine forever!!
I miss him. Great actor. Adds value to any movie he was in.
Bunker Boy
Bunker Boy:
I miss him and Chris Farley. I watched their Chippendale SNL skit the other night.
I loved this man. He just seemed so humble, respectful, & strong.
Christine Howell
Christine Howell:
"We show them that the human spirit is still alive"....RIP Patrick
laura hughes
laura hughes:
Ghost movie will always be number 1 movie In my heart ,that movie looked real then and now.R.I.P Patrick
The man could fight, dance, had comedic timing, could do drama, was secure with his manhood to do drag, and did his own stunts before Tom Cruise got his deathwish. That man could do it all.
Years ago, I bought a picture frame.
And you know how they place a mock photo of a person so you can see how your photo will look?
Well, my demo picture was PATRICK SWAYZE!!!💕💕💕💕💕👏👏👏👏
I SAVED IT!!!!😊🤗
This documentary is well deserved.
Who doesn’t know who Patrick Swayze is? EXACTLY!
Yesitsa Windup
Yesitsa Windup:
I'll never forget his role in Donnie Darko... Simply saying the name of the film gives me goosebumps... And Swayze's part in it stands out for being a bold step against type... RIP
Axel Will
Axel Will:
I Had The Time Of My Life watching some of Patrick's movies .. RIP Brotha🍻
Izabella Mcgrath
Izabella Mcgrath:
Happy birthday Patrick Swayze In heaven
XmartasussX CZ
XmartasussX CZ:
He is legend! I cant imagine any films without him where he was, how dirty dancing or the ghost :). Miss you Patrick, you are Forever in our hearts forever
“We’ll get him when he comes back in”

“He’s not coming back...”
Nice tribute.
Have a good trip Patrick. Take care of my mum over the rainbow. 💖💖
Mitchell Bast
Mitchell Bast:
Who KNOWS what he might have accomplished, had he lived another 25 years.
Knotty Pine Life
Knotty Pine Life:
Great actor. Great movies. Great characters. Great man. R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.
"You got those crazy Swayze eyes, I knew I had to come find you." - Old Gregg
Nuria Roach-Casares
Nuria Roach-Casares:
I was living in LA at the time of his death and remember how I was at Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park talking with a senior member of staff when a van pulled into the drive and park up. Another member of staff came up and discreetly pointed at the van and whispered 'Ma'am, Patrick is here' ... she explained that she had to attend to this matter and apologised for cutting out talk short. She then accompanied her colleague to the office and I overhead her ask if Lisa would be coming. I put two and two together and as I walked past touched the side of the van and cried.
Tim Craven
Tim Craven:
He was in one of THE funniest skits of all-time on SNL. That bit with him and Chris Farley auditioning for Chippendale's....Classic!
Potter Ali
Potter Ali:
I was a little disappointed in the stuff his wife said about his drinking, I think she was trying to make herself look better and I've heard she was no Angel. She seemed a little jealous of his career as well. He was the 🌟
Da Badguy
Da Badguy:
(In Peter Griffin's voice): ROAD HOUSE!
Love and Miss you Patrick Swayze❤ Loved Dirty Dancing and Ghost!!
Doctor Thirteen
Doctor Thirteen:
When you look at his bio, you are reminded of how many good movies Swayze was in. One of my favorites growing up.
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool:
Swayze and Heath Ledger: a duo of actors that died too soon.
Love this man, such a Brother...Buddy you continue to inspire, admire, desire and set fire to our Spirits...
Vae Smith
Vae Smith:
Rob Lowe and c Thomas Howell and Jennifer Grey made me tear up
With this im going to see AGAIN Road House!
Kimberly Weeks
Kimberly Weeks:
It’s being released on August 18th 😭❤️ Such a beautiful man and so under appreciated! Glad they are making this documentary 🙂
Johan Eights
Johan Eights:
I really miss this man I can't believe it's been 10 years since he passed.
S Bridges
S Bridges:
There will be no greater actor ever than the one and only PATRICK SWAYZE!!!!! He was a beautiful man inside and out! I have adored him forever and consider myself one of his biggest fans! Him and Lisa were a beautiful couple! He may be gone from this earth but he will never be forgotten! R.I.P. Patrick ❤️❤️❤️
Absolutely unforgettable, oh how I miss seeing the twinkle in his eye...love you Patrick always and forever! RIP 😢💗
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls:
Today's celebs could take some cues from Patrick Swayze.
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar🤙
Rom N
Rom N:
Patrick Could play a Greaser, Dancer, Bad Ass, Romance, and even a drag queen!!
Amy B
Amy B:
He seemed like a genuinely sweet man.
Wow, I'd actually watch that, he seems like someone worth having a documentary about.
That's the first time in years I've watched a trailer and it's made me want to watch it.
Susan Basile
Susan Basile:
I want this so much with portuguese subtitles please 🙏🏼. Love Patrick
Michael Dockery
Michael Dockery:
R.I.P Patrick Swayze 😥
Would have a loved a Keanu & Patrick reunion today😔
[?] Question Block
[?] Question Block:
Awesome! Cant wait for this!! My personal fav movie of his is Point Break. Fantastic actor/person
I thought this was about a guy who wakes up to find out he's become Patrick Swayze...
My heart feels heavyy... Gone too soon.. He was an amazing actor. Als a great human being.. Loved by many.. May he rest in peace
Nick Roberto
Nick Roberto:
When he drop, take his glock and I’m Swayze
A lot of all these gone 80's/90's actors makes me so sad... Here is just a few that I miss... :( Patrick Swayze, John Candy, John Ritter, Richard Pryor, Christopher Reeves, Robin William's, Chris Farley, Burt Reynold's, River Phoneix, and I could go on and on... Enjoy this life and make it a good one !
Angel Velez
Angel Velez:
Didn’t even watch this yet and I feel like im already gone cry
Susan Rachel
Susan Rachel:
Such a wonderful talented man that accomplished so much in his life .. he’s truly missed and never forgotten ❤️
Tony G.
Tony G.:
This made my day. One of my favorite stars. So sad he is no longer with us. Glad they made this for him.
To this day there has never been a more handsome face on scene with such charisma
Christopher Thrawn
Christopher Thrawn:
RIP Sir.
Thanks for the 80's
Heavy Disc
Heavy Disc:
he's like the wind through my trees
Hani Hassan
Hani Hassan:
Since To Wong Fu, I just feel he has a borderless talent.
Kadmos Phoinikou Kanaanon
Kadmos Phoinikou Kanaanon:
When it premiered in 1983 when I was a boy of eight, The Outsiders, based on the novel written by S.E. Hinton and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, became my all-time favorite movie. The character of Darrel "Darry" Curtis, who was responsible for raising his two younger brothers after the tragic death of their parents, played by Swayze, forever earned him a special place in my heart.
I watch Dirty Dancing, every time. It comes on television. And, fall in love with Patrick Swayze. All over again, he was ... Phenomenal😍
Nahla _
Nahla _:
He truly was a great actor and performer...he was soo good! Definitely a pop culture icon of an era and more. Loved his movies and to me Dirty Dancing is one of those beautiful timeless movies you'll never get tired of watching. Iconic.
Peter Blachnik
Peter Blachnik:
At least once a year im watching Road House,such a great movie
Phoebe Levesque
Phoebe Levesque:
He passed 10 years ago today😭 one of the most talented and wonderful people. he is soo missed
mimi love
mimi love:
I cried so much watching this documentary. RIP Patrick Swayze.
Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses:
Thank the stars above we had Mr Swayze. My personal favorites of his are: Ghost, Roadhouse, Too Wong Foo and of course Dirty Dancing (ever young girl I knew would quote 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner'). He is a legend and a force to truly be missed. R.I.P. Patrick Swayze and R.I.P. Robin Williams
Just The Truth
Just The Truth:
He was in a MASH episode. That is the first time I ever saw him and he was so fabulous even then.
Angelique Mercado
Angelique Mercado:
Well it’s about damn time (wipes tears). 😭
Cele Max
Cele Max:
I really want to see this documentary. I fell in love with him in everything he did, he was so beautiful and talented, but Ghost and Point Break will always be in my heart. R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.
Lizabeth Moore
Lizabeth Moore:
I still watch all his movies. Gone to soon! Rip Sir, you are missed ❤
Big Sis Candice
Big Sis Candice:
😭 Can somebody pass me the Kleenex you will forever be missed Patrick Swayze 😍
C R:
1:05 "there was an innate loneliness, and that's where his FART came from?" WTF?!!
big pimpin
big pimpin:
He made me love the outsiders😞
Edward Glenn
Edward Glenn:
Legend. He managed to make the best chick flicks (ghost, dirty dancing) and the best man flicks (point break, road house). Unique.
cc cav
cc cav:
I'd still like to know why he really died rather than be lied to.
Mack Williams
Mack Williams:
What a legacy he left
Feel the same way about being happy. Constantly thinking if it'll last. Loved Patrick so much. May he rest in perfect peace.
Linkin Park Fan 72
Linkin Park Fan 72:
I miss Patrick Swayze so much! I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 given 2yrs & it's came back mid 2015 stage 4 & he is my biggest inspiration! He had the most beautiful outlook! If being positive was a factor - this man would of cured cancer!! So many wonderful movies! My two faves Point Break & Road House! 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️
Rommel Sánchez
Rommel Sánchez:
It's a very fine detail that Paramount is releasing this documentary the day of his birthday. #ItIsImportantToBeGreat #HappyBirthdayPatrickSwayze #IAmPatrickSwayze
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson:
I LOVE Patrick. I remembered one weekend thinking of him because one of his shows came on, I thought of the pain he must be going through with his cancer; so I asked God to take him if he was in so much pain. Do not let him suffer. Patrick died a day or two later. I had Patrick appeared to me many years after that with a message to me, in his voice he told me that, "God, really loves you." I saw Patrick face to face. I never knew him on earth, but I was a fan of his. Once we all die and go to Heaven we will all know each other. No one is a stranger, and we all communicate telepathically. It was a GREAT gift to know that Patrick did not hate me for asking God to take him. Love ya forever Patrick. See ya on the other side. Patrick looked GREAT is was in mint condition, just like he looked on earth in great health. I have seen Jesus Christ many times, and a few loved ones of mine when Heaven opens up. I have seen all of my love ones be made whole and in mint condition. My mother died at the age of 83 years and with short gray hair, and when she died she flew to my sister and appeared with long brown hair to her waist and appeared to be about the age of 18 years old. I have seen a few friends who O.D. and they were young again and appeared in front of me and stayed there for several minutes, letting me see them and know they were okay. I have seen the apostles in Heaven walking and sitting at tables with books opened, I have seen thousands of angels in white robes, and many other creatures half human and animal. I am very blessed. Thank God the world does not end here; and you will see all of your dead loved ones and animals again after you die. Well, for what it is worth, Patrick is the same Patrick as on earth, just in mint shape. He felt compelled to say to me what he said. I was and forever will be his fan. He was and is a good person. I strive to be a good person. Just like Patrick said in his movie Ghost, "You take it all with you when you die." That is so true. I saw people who died with dark hair and pale white b/c they were sick but when I see them in Heaven a few days after they die; they are brand new and the best version of themselves with the hair color they wore and loved best. Some beings have clean shaved faces, some have beards, some have long hair like Jesus and God has short hair. Gabriel and Michael have short hair. Most male angels have short hair like a business man. Jesus Christ has LONG hair to his waist and when he walks barefooted he leaves blood spots on the ground. Life begins when it ends here on earth; and you will never die again.
Keri M.
Keri M.:
Boy, did I cry watching this.
BIlly Ray
BIlly Ray:
What a well Deserved Bio Film! Patrick deserves ever ounce of Love and respect he got...and still gets to this Day...Was one of the nicest Hollywood Actors, nobody has a bad word to say about the Man. RIP
Patrick in "To Wong Foo..." was something else. Showed his versatility as an actor.
Sarah Mc
Sarah Mc:
Beautiful man ❤️❤️💔💔
We love Patrick Swayze, he will always be remembered as a True Icon