I am staying at Leeds! I Liverpool vs Leeds I Marcelo Bielsa press conference

0:10 new contract
0:42 all signed and agreed
1:20 why taken so long to sort?
2:00 nerves pre Liverpool
2:45 emotions after promotion

3:25 Calvin Phillips England call up
4:15 RODRIGO and other signings
5:05 feelings about first match in PL
5:50 preparations for Liverpool?
6:45 aims for season?
7:08 team news and injuries
8:25 changes to coaching staff?
8:50 PL best league in world
9:30 I haven't had a break since last season
10:00 Thoughts on Anfield? Nothing without a crowd.

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84 komentarze:

What will represent success for Leeds and Bielsa this season?
Handel Benny
Handel Benny:
This man Bielsa gonna be a stumbling block to big teams.
I expect him to do more great things. Best of lucks to the Leeds fc
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin:
he wont give an inch to the press ,he hates them and the publicity they bring, he is a very private man and the king of the one liners. he knows far more english than he ever lets on.
Mr BobaJango
Mr BobaJango:
I'm a utd fan but I'm excited to see Bielsa in the Premier league. Leeds are going to finish in the top half imo. Rivals yes but hate never. Good luck 👍
fred bloggs
fred bloggs:
He must be the most loved man in English football
At least the translator is 100% better!
John H
John H:
He has a better translator 😊
Rod Christopher
Rod Christopher:
Lovely man! I'd be delighted ending between 12th-15th. Then we build on that. Who's with me?
WHO CARES if he can speak ENGLISH OR NOT he still knows how to train, and educate his players to be the best ,they can be!! and leeds will finish lot highter.. in the table than you non leeds fans!! think Bielsa love's the city the club, and the fans. How many football managers can you honestly say that about!!
Lol Op
Lol Op:
I can literally see the pressure on the translator's face...
Dr Avalanche
Dr Avalanche:
Leeds are well prepared for the trip to Liverpool, top of the line immobilizer fitted to team coach and lock nuts on all the wheels! Leeds will win 2 1.
Martin Nadin
Martin Nadin:
Love his translator has a northern accent..
rb7 Skills
rb7 Skills:
i wish he could coach me . best coach in the world
_ skyguy _
_ skyguy _:
what if they beat liverpool ? that would be F'ing awesome !
Mr B
Mr B:
Popey: 'Wish you all the best Marcello"

Marcello: "Thank you"
Just have feeling Bielsa will bring Leeds into Top 10 somehow.
Tom Blackfyre
Tom Blackfyre:
9:18 such a nice man
Matteo Tsunami
Matteo Tsunami:
Keeping his cards close to his chest this season it seems! 👍🏼
Premier league interpreter.MOT
slavetrader leeedsu
slavetrader leeedsu:
ayatollah ferkah
ayatollah ferkah:
Leeds vs Liverpool will be 🔥🔥
Esteban Nestares
Esteban Nestares:
Locura total!
Rakib Mohammad Rafiuddin
Rakib Mohammad Rafiuddin:
Leeds have been playing attractive football since bielsa. I think everyone knows how hard it will be against him. From an arsenal fan.
John Pereira
John Pereira:
I swear I've heard him speak English before. So excited to see this guy in the Premier League.
I’ve got so much respect for that man. A real football genius
Marcos Sneider
Marcos Sneider:
El sabado a full con el Leeds y con Bielsa !!!
javier almada beron
javier almada beron:
Jaja! No tiene suerte con sus traductores!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kjell Esperås
Kjell Esperås:
Thank you Godfather 💙💛.
Best thing happen to Leeds United since we sign Giles from SCUM
The translator is definitely from medallo!... It's really weird to see him switch from a paisa accent to a british accent... Muy bacano que tengas un traductor paisa, Bielsa!
David Brailsford always makes marginal gains in his athletes with concentrating on the smallest details. The translator being one such tweak
Mathew John
Mathew John:
Leeds 2 Liverpool 1
German Abarca
German Abarca:
Nothing against the other translators, but this new guy, so far, seems more accurate and confident. Wishing everyone in Leeds a great and successful season.
Dan Holmes
Dan Holmes:
Most loved man in my house since 🎅
abiodun odeleye
abiodun odeleye:
Holy smokes, some of these questions!
Gary Foster
Gary Foster:
He is the best coach we have ever had
Hands down the most enternatining press conferences
Charlie Shaw
Charlie Shaw:
Thanks, @Liam Morin, @Mauro Blanco & @Luke Fletcher for your POV. Bottom line we all love what he´s done at Leeds & looking forward to his performance in the Premier.
jorge ariel ortiz
jorge ariel ortiz:
Se nota que Marcelo esta estudiando a full los equipos que le tocan enfrentar, se le ve cansado
Joe W
Joe W:
So Diego escapes translating duties this year....time for Marcelo to break in a new one 😁 Hopefully Marcelo will be back to those long, poetic answers that we enjoy in a few weeks, he keep his answers pretty straightforward and short today.

Also, thanks for posting this. I haven't been able to find video of it anywhere
Big No. 8
Big No. 8:
Leeds on my acca this weekend
Oivv V
Oivv V:
i love the Reply to the "Anfield" question; stupid self important question got what is deserved
He clearly wasn't in the mood for a press conference lol
Alejandro Napolitano
Alejandro Napolitano:
jaja se ve que Marcelo no tiene hoy uno de sus mejores días. Está con pocas pulgas....Lo mejor para el sábado!
N K:
Book the open top bus he’s staying
Chris Flux
Chris Flux:
You just think he could blow at anytime, much like Martin O’Neil. Ask the wrong question and 😡 💥🤣🤣
Adrian Ruiz
Adrian Ruiz:
Leed"s goals should be to enter into the UEFA Cup.
Rafael Poloni
Rafael Poloni:
Vaaaaamos Bielsa Carajo.... jijij
Lasse Johansen
Lasse Johansen:
As a Super-Leeds supporter I am very pleased Marcelo will stay. I was however worried after this video, due to his verbal and non-verbal expressions. He seemed unhappy. He answered every question very short and some of them not complete. I really hope he is well. Go Leeds, GO!
Ryan Craddy
Ryan Craddy:
Translator is brilliant.
if he stays we will win the league.
movie stars
movie stars:
Communication with the players must be kinda dif
Maitre Moss
Maitre Moss:
I'm spurs fan and I am very exiting about Leeds city style of football .. I hope they ll adapt with the PL
i'm pretty sure if bielsa stays in leeds and retires there, he can be the Leeds ferguson
Stain Less
Stain Less:
Bielsa deserves all the praise he gets what a man
Bielsa's footballing brain + Jose's charisma + Sir Bobby's communication skills + Harry's Man management + Sir Alex's iron hand = Ideal Football Manager
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers:
Time he started to speak English.
THE GREAT MAN! A Managers Manger! Arsenal Fan here but have so much respect for this man! Goodluck tomorrow
dario lemos
dario lemos:
Una cara de miedo tiene el traductor jajaja de meter la pata
Mucha suerte mañana
Ryan Oldershaw
Ryan Oldershaw:
Brilliant manager and a true hero to Leeds Utd wish Leeds and Bielsa the best (coming from a Tottenham fan)
Question at 9:58 is cringe, cant even get his name right and asks what he thinks of Anfield, as if he cares.
that will be a tough one for liverpool tonight
sam lowther
sam lowther:
1 down , can,t be , Red , gave thumbs down , sad git
Jolly B
Jolly B:
Media always looking for fine details about a situation, maybe their agenda is too always stir shit up to sell newspapers
Antonin Artaud
Antonin Artaud:
MMM health problems?? Bielsa face look...
John Smith
John Smith:
I worry about his health. He's not getting any younger, he hasn't had a holiday and he needs to slim down a bit.
inonk gaming
inonk gaming:
Need better media room
Mariano Andrt
Mariano Andrt:
El traductor colombiano habla mejor inglés.
Fausto Benitez
Fausto Benitez:
El traductor es colombiano.
David Turver
David Turver:
He doesn't like publicity and he doesn't like the press, he loves football. Oh, and he understands and speaks English when it suits him.
Still not learned ingles :)
All season goosh interview will be tedious
Rule Brittania
Rule Brittania:
Leeds es el club más pequeño de Yorkshire
Subash Shrestha
Subash Shrestha:
He said ANFIELD is just an ANFIELD .Now Leeds fans has has to worry.
MarcTeen CH
MarcTeen CH:
Bielsa is back! Still, I fear Liverpool will destroy Leeds this weekend. My guess, Liverpool 4 - Leeds 1, if not worse.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel:
It's time he learned to speak English considering he's been in the country 2years..
Andy Kurmann
Andy Kurmann:
so he doesn’t speake english? must be tough communicating with his players 🤣😎
It's the honeymoon phase. Marseille also had this phase. Then comes the next phase.......
Micky Leeds
Micky Leeds:
Stand up if you hate Man U!!!!
Avicenna 21
Avicenna 21:
It is a disgrace that a manager cannot speak a little bit the language in which he works.like sarri he is a manager without respect and identification to the club, the country, the supporters and the language.sarri and bielsa are communists🤩🤩🤩
tim phillips
tim phillips:
Look at this man. He looks totally uninterested. If things start badly he wil be off. I think he was hopping a big club would come in for him after his success last year.