"I told Trent 3 weeks ago!" | Gareth Southgate & Kieran Trippier on England's Euro 2020 squad 🦁

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England boss Gareth Southgate explains his Euro 2020 squad announcement, and reveals that he spoke to Trent Alexander-Arnold about his inclusion in the squad 3 weeks ago.

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Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Football:
Let us know what you think of Southgate's England squad 👇
Sky acting like they’re completely innocent I love it 😂
No matter who he picks, there's gonna be livingroom fantasy managers in the comments who won't be happy. lol
Jammy Dodger
Jammy Dodger:
Southgate: “I spoke to Trent 3 weeks ago..”
Roy Keane: “no disrespect to the lad but that’s your job.”
Happy Slap
Happy Slap:
Southgate must use fullbacks at CB in Fifa ultimate team!
Time is On the Essence
Time is On the Essence:
Sterling will get man marked by a Russian waiter while lingardinho watches the scene. Good luck England....
Mohamed H
Mohamed H:
Sky: "im not involved"
Ethan Mahoney
Ethan Mahoney:
Sky: someone said it, yeh it wasn't me but I agree with that person
DCI Gene Hunt
DCI Gene Hunt:
sky starting with "I told trent 3 weeks ago"... when actually he said "i spoke with trent 3 weeks ago"..its completely different
The 1 Percent // Mindset Training
The 1 Percent // Mindset Training:
Legend has it that England will score the same amount of goals in the euros as Southgate blinks haha
Good lineup by Gareth just feel a bit sorry for Lingard as I think he’ll offer more than Sterling
Jon Clark
Jon Clark:
England have underperformed in the eyes of the press since 1966. Everyone should just get behind the manager and players, give them support and be happy with whatever happens. I am a Scotsman, but I enjoy watching England and the talent they have. Best of luck lads 👍
I told him, I said, “We need you Trent, how would we cope with only 3 right backs? When I play a back 9, we’re going to need every defender we can get. Now pop on some gloves, you’re keeper.”
Reality Plays
Reality Plays:
Disgusting how he never called up cal the dragon. National treasure.
Shivam Shukla
Shivam Shukla:
This is the best job anyone can wish for. This guy gets to watch best matches in the premier league all season long and now he has to work for a month and then it will be the same again. What could you possibly ask for?
Paul Fitness
Paul Fitness:
And that's why England fail in big tournaments, the false media gets into players and managers heads and they feel the whole world is against them
Finn Thornton
Finn Thornton:
Love this. Southgate telling the press to back off before the tournament is only a good thing.
I find it funny that in the first game, England play Croatia and Tripper will probably be up against Vrsaljko who is Trip’s backup at Atleti
Good luck to Gareth. 🤞😁 Let's get behind him, no good pulling him down before the tournament even starts!
RMC The Ramshackle Music Collective
RMC The Ramshackle Music Collective:
Man's got dignity. England world cup semi-final manager. One of three.
chris jones
chris jones:
Nice to see Trips being called up. Less and less call ups from Tottenham. Amazing what Poch had achieved.Southgate must miss him, though England have great players across all lines. A solid goalie and Qatar is within grasp.
Jesse Lingard
Jesse Lingard:
How can you do this to me, Mr Southgate ? I tried my best in the second half of the season, helping West Ham finishing 6th in the PL and this is the treatment I received. I’m very disappointed right now.
Trent is going to provide the assist for England to get the winner in the Final against France then two minutes from time France will score two from Kante and Platini. It came to me in a dream. I also dreamt that the Scotland Squad had two left backs playing at the same time and there was a national melt down
🔥 C.Y 🔥
🔥 C.Y 🔥:
Southgate has done very well off the field with every interview so far. It’s time to do it on the field
Lmao Kieran just sitting there thinking “I’ve been seeing a whole lotta hating on my name from y’all recently and I’m not having it”
Adam K
Adam K:
should have gone with 1 more midfielder instead of having so many right backs
Tbh any manager would have problems picking the right eleven with this squad. For the first time since the golden generation we have a great squad.
Honestly, looking at the squad I thinks it's completely fine. It's whether Gareth picks the correct TEAM and system that's the question.
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Southgate: I told Trent 3 weeks ago
Some wise guy: That's your job
G-man Einstein Einstein
G-man Einstein Einstein:
Happy for Trent. Considering that England don't play the same system as Liverpool and with inferior centre backs, I will be happy with Trent coming on if England need to push for a win or are behind in the second half. Good option to have on the bench. His only weakness is his defending which is not to bad for a young player who is still developing. He can go on to be a word class midfielder in his career cuz defending isn't his biggest strength
no one
no one:
4 right backs Jeremy, that's mental.
George Firth
George Firth:
I feel like one of the few who rates Southgate. Picks are never perfect. Whoever the manager. He's intelligent, comes across well, has been there before and took us to the semifinal in the world cup. Let's back him and boys!💪
My man twitches so much it actually made me twitch to the point where I couldn’t deal with it, made it hard to watch and my mans blinking more than I’ve blinked in my life
Terence Monaghan
Terence Monaghan:
1:15 the pain in his eyes is real, that’s look of a man who knows he will never shake the hand of Paul Hollywood.
Bungle Bongle
Bungle Bongle:
We’ve got a good manager in Gareth Southgate and a decent squad. We should do well. Looking forward to this tournament
Haydog1254 Gg
Haydog1254 Gg:
Trippier has put on a nice tan since he has been in Spain 😂
Matt Gibson-Wain
Matt Gibson-Wain:
"Sorry jack you're on mute"... every convo from 2020 onwards.

Also where is the dot in the third rose on the badge?
Bonnie Drasco
Bonnie Drasco:
As long Gareth can get other members of the defence and midfield to rotate into TTA’s position when he goes forward then those tta crosses will be invaluable to the England team
stephen hayes
stephen hayes:
Gareth came across really well. Hopefully he will prove to be a great manager and lead us to a couple of cups!

Um, it was, um nice to, um hear from kerion as well

Peace out
Billy Boy Boxing
Billy Boy Boxing:
Start getting behind the 3 lions!
We have a strong squad
It's only the club supporters whos players have missed out that have a problem!
Enjoy the euros!
It's our best chance for a long time to win something!
Top teams not playing well
We are fresh full of talent!
Let's go lions!
FIFA Dolpphyyt
FIFA Dolpphyyt:
Respect for him for this 😂
M M:
The fact hes took 4 right backs is genuinely insane
Shail Lalji
Shail Lalji:
James ward prowse wouldve been a valuable set piece taker and also a crucial leader.
Just gutted to see one of the most offensive heavy generational talents and Southgate will be playing 5 at the back.
Victoria Hannah
Victoria Hannah:
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
Joseph Perei
Joseph Perei:
Freestyling eyebrows on Gareth 😂 😂
Magnetic Interaction
Magnetic Interaction:
Everything that comes out of Southgate's mouth makes sense. So great to have an England manager who speaks in straight lines, who so clearly cares as much as he does and who has recognised problems from the past and specifically addressed them
Yes me
Yes me:
Literally read multiple “sky sources” saying that Trent will be dropped from the squad 😂
Lee Brown
Lee Brown:
Apart from myself definitely having ward-prowse in instead of Kalvin Phillips and I don’t think Tyrone mings should be anywhere near the squad. I actually don’t think his final selection is that bad.
Jake Horsburgh
Jake Horsburgh:
It’s weird how he talks about what he sees in training mattering but we know regardless of anything Sterling will start even tho there’s better options based on form
Lukas Woolly
Lukas Woolly:
You know what overall it’s a good squad not every one can make it lol hopefully we do England proud that’s all that matters! Play for the badge and you will be fine! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Mings instead of Godfrey? REALLY?
Have I missed something, because from what I've seen of Mings he hasn't exactly set the PL on fire this season.
Joel Vincent
Joel Vincent:
The interaction between Gareth and Dawn was really heartwarming
Moonlight Sparks
Moonlight Sparks:
Even hearing him talk convinced me that England will do well to just not go to the euro’s. We’re being managed by a bottler.
Harry NOT Potter
Harry NOT Potter:
Sky is the one that made these headlines, sky also is the leading force in taking away accessibility to football. Sky knows exactly what it's doing.
Bashir Mohammed
Bashir Mohammed:
Gareth is a top man 👊🏽
This is probably England's best chance to win a tournament and only the English press can be stupid enough to help stop it
Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson:
Tomori put Milan's defense in order. Not picked.
Lingard regained elite form. Not picked.
JWP can turn 50-50 games to wins with one set piece. Not picked.
Instead you have Coady, Rashford, Sterling (both good but horribly out of form) and 4 right backs (Could've been 3 plus JWP).
bottle of laughs, such personality
Dope Lyrics
Dope Lyrics:
4 right backs are essential if we’re to get any where in the forthcoming Euros.

Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
It’s honestly time the papers stop this bs every time England have a major tournament, they are parasites who write anything to sell papers and it just leads to problems for the manager and squad,they do this every time and I don’t care what people say it definitely effects the squad.
I don't care about who is in the team or not or who should be in it or not. All I care is that everyone in the squad gives 100% at every match and the rest, as we say, is in God's hands. You always also need a little bit of luck to win Euro or World Cup. I wish Southgate and his squad all the best.
I'm really stoked to watch England in this Euros. I really do believe they can bring it home now. Quality squad. COME ON!
Alexandru Vornicu
Alexandru Vornicu:
With this squad… amazing odd for : England - Scotland 1-4… 🙏😉😏

Some good players, but Sterling , will be the nightmare!

Lingard would do the best job in there (hope that TAA will be the best) but as it looks , Lingard have the best motivation to be there (as he prove that in half season)…

I would never have Trent starting on my first team list he’s on my bench the dude is amazing going forward but weak defensively and I see that constantly from him.
roy keane be raging when he sees this 😂
You know what, I was southgate out but I feel for him because he's got such a good squad he has to drop some people and everyone will be angry. Southgate in unless he has a stinker but we gotta support him. The only problem I have is of Ramsdale not going instead of Johnstone. He's been better in the latter part
I honestly would have brought Lingard
When you notice how much Southgate blinks you can’t ignore it...
Gareth had his words about Trent scripted for him, he said exactly the same words in a different interview, literally word for word!
Shivam Agarwal
Shivam Agarwal:
He has backed players regarding the future for the world cup.grear stuff 👍
Trevor Bucket
Trevor Bucket:
Looking forward to Andy Robertson against TAA
Yasin Adam
Yasin Adam:
I've surprised when I saw England Squad Without Ward prowse and Lingard
I sure hope 4 right backs is enough could've done with a couple more I think
I’m routing for you England, I think they got a pretty complete team
Mikel Cividanes Bertini
Mikel Cividanes Bertini:
As an Atlético fan...Trippier has been amazing for us
No Name
No Name:
"We're hearing reports...."
Translates to "Yeah we're the ones peddling this bullshit but we won't say so"
Jay Kingston
Jay Kingston:
Sterling's a world class player but he isn't on form and hasn't been for much of the season. Gareth has made an error there and the players will all know it.
Ross McCreadie
Ross McCreadie:
I love hearing England saying they could win it🤣🤣🤣🤣 4 right backs in a squad👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 bellends man🤣🤣
GV Games
GV Games:
We are lacking up front. I think the rest are pretty strong. Some very good young players. But up front those guys go in and out of form a lot. But I guess we shall see.
Jack Hewitt
Jack Hewitt:
Good to see a manager stand up to media probably get sacked now 😂
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson:
Rashford admitted he has been out of form and injuded since September, yet he is still picked and will probably play every minute now. Give the guy a proper rest before he ends his career with an injury
Lee Lewin
Lee Lewin:
Pretty happy. Very young team. Great potential. Hope he attacks. I think Portugal or France will win it.
jason harbron
jason harbron:
decent but very young squad, just hope Henderson will be fit enough to marshal the troops, i tell you, whoever made us 9/2 fav needs a rest, Southgate, the only person to have survived a triple charisma bypass
Shani Ace
Shani Ace:
After watching all these press conference of the covid era, it's really shocking how many of these so-called "journalists" don't know how to use a computer. 🤦‍♂️
That alone should disqualify them for the job.
trent played awful this season idc what anyone says
Sterling is a surprise. He's been in a steady decline. I would pick Greenwood or Watkins over Sterling. His pick is solely on past glories.
Kyle Farnham
Kyle Farnham:
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Trippier: Ermmm ermmm ermmm
I do feel bad for Southgate some times cuz we have to many good players in similar positions like right back so what ever he does he upsets someone
Strictly Football
Strictly Football:
this is what you get when kids grew up looking up to Gary Neville lol
Iain Richards
Iain Richards:
Squad overall looks okay. My main problems are that 4 right backs is a bit of a joke, I don’t mings over white or tomori, and Watkins or Lingard in for saka.
Simon Hart
Simon Hart:
This man got us to a World Cup semi final. He’s earned the right to pick whoever he wants without a backlash. Will be judged over the next 5 weeks if it was the right decision. Good luck to Gareth
I think England’s struggle could be keeping a clean sheet.

Good luck though !! From a proud Welsh man !
Breaking news: Southgate to play 10-0-0 formation at the Euros.
derek hattingh
derek hattingh:
Legend has it Southgate is about to get knocked out in the group stages with all of the England talent
I personally think Bamford should’ve gone, we’ve only got two real strikers in Kane and Calvert-Lewin. Say Kane gets injured, you’ll need at least two more strikers for backup.
Anyone else notice how Trippier answered a completely different question ?
Correct decision! To _Trent_ and the rest of the _Redmen:_ happy _Madrid 2019_ 2nd anniversary and many happy returns!
J Cronin
J Cronin:
Great interview. Such a pathetic world we live in that media sputh lies to make profit, but as Gareth says; that's the world we live in.
Daniel Dmello
Daniel Dmello:
Lingard deserved to get in ahead of Saka or Sterling(based on his current form), and Ward Prowse should've gotten in instead of 4 Right Back apart from that good selection.