Iceland's Plan To Stop Covid-19 Actually Works

When it comes to Covid-19, Iceland has deployed what medical experts see as the best weapon against the pandemic: testing. Thanks to the work of the government and local bio-tech firm Decode Genetics, the island nation has managed to build out one of the most sophisticated looks at who has the novel coronavirus and how it spreads.

Hello World invites the viewer to come on a global journey - and in the era of COVID-19, that journey requires a careful bit of social distancing. Nonetheless, it's a journey that stretches across the globe to find the inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future. Join journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance on a quest to find the freshest, weirdest tech creations and the beautiful freaks behind them.

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What do Iceland, Taiwan, and South Korea have in common? They have swiftly stopped the infection by doing aggressive testing.
Tarjet Tejtat
Tarjet Tejtat:
This guy knows more about American politics than most Americans.
Hiba Elrayah
Hiba Elrayah:
I can go on for hours listening to him, finally an interview with the right person. Who else demands a sequel to this interview?
Kristina Bartlett
Kristina Bartlett:
“10.5% of the population” this guy is about accuracy
Jaeho Choi
Jaeho Choi:
"The fish rots from the head down."
Bhavesh Ramburn
Bhavesh Ramburn:
The CEO is muscled up at his age
So much wisdom from an old Viking warrior.
“I am buying my re-agents from the US” This hurts and it made me literally cry! So many preventable deaths 😢
Rhonda Cox
Rhonda Cox:
This man is totally honest. He said they are getting what they need from America. Something really don't smell right. America can't get what we need to keep ourselves safe. I'm shocked. Shocked.
Yong Choi
Yong Choi:
5:04 "It's a complete lack of coordination". It summarizes all.
Mrs. Phoenix Jones
Mrs. Phoenix Jones:
“A lot of your problems begin with your commander-in-chief”

He gets it.
Antoni Susanto
Antoni Susanto:
Host tried to find an excuse about reagent being tied up
Interviewee: i am buying my reagents from the US
pax und peace
pax und peace:
I am buying my reagents from the United States.
"I buy my reagents from the United States" 🤣 perfect
4:20 "Because what we are doing here in Iceland is what we learned in America"
Raj Kmr
Raj Kmr:
Odin's lookin pretty cut these days just like his son used to
Kanishka Wijesekara
Kanishka Wijesekara:
Every single gray hair of his did not become like it by accident. There's wisdom that only comes with age. Much respect!
Motionsic RC & FPV
Motionsic RC & FPV:
Societal cost of broad testing is trivial compared to shut down yet we in the US don’t do it. Mind boggling.
OgoLord Group
OgoLord Group:
Did this man just likened Donald Trump to a rotten fish head😂😂
Jen Schultz
Jen Schultz:
The interviewer’s face when the guest said he buys his reagent from the US was heartbreaking
this video was of a breath of fresh air
Hiski Hämäläinen
Hiski Hämäläinen:
"The fish rots from the head down" = sick Icelandic burn 🤣
Tina San
Tina San:
That's ok. The rotten fish head is very close to getting infected and learning what Boris in England had to learn the hard way.
Peter Kroll
Peter Kroll:
Americans must be shocked to hear people talking straight like him.
Kareem Kirton
Kareem Kirton:
It’s called Lack of leadership, that’s why America is in the state they are in.
Wow. Our reagents are allowed to be sold overseas while we can’t get tested here in the USA. Fish rots from the head down is right.
The dog nose knows
The dog nose knows:
The problem lies within your commander and chief
NothisisCHLOE Peak ;-;
NothisisCHLOE Peak ;-;:
Bruh Iceland does everything so much better than the rest of the world 😂
Meisy G.
Meisy G.:
"A fish rots from the head down"... Especially if the fish has orange color skin 🤔🤔🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. "Your Commander and Chief"🤦🏻‍♀️😵😬.
Independent Thought Alarm
Independent Thought Alarm:
America, Iceland is giving you the answers, you just need to use them.
reallyAZ nokidding
reallyAZ nokidding:
What they are doing in Iceland is what they learned in the USA.
Someone was paying attention in school, and it wasn't the Americans.
sad vibes nigga
sad vibes nigga:
this guy might be odin reincarnated

one eye only, check
wise, check
old , check
norse, check
heather sellens
heather sellens:
Great interview! I’m so proud of all these countries doing the right thing and so sick that the US is behind because of the US administration’s lack of coordination. Fish rots from the head down!
Miguel Catita
Miguel Catita:
Congratulations Iceland!! 👏💪
Ninotschka Ooms
Ninotschka Ooms:
The fish rots from the head down: so true.
The Empress
The Empress:
This is another angle never heard before. Thank you
Hearing a WISE MAN speak after a long time.....
Amit Da
Amit Da:
Amazing interview, from a no BS guy
Mayra Manzano
Mayra Manzano:
This gentleman is so correct in everything he said about “our commander in chief” Out country is where it is on this virus BECAUSE of our commander in chief!!!
a rose by the other name
a rose by the other name:
Real important note about the smartphone thing: it's entirely voluntary, but widely used.
Alice Williams
Alice Williams:
"It is a complete lack of coordination." In other words, no the U.S. has no leadership.
Independent Thought Alarm
Independent Thought Alarm:
America Iceland is giving you the answers, you just need to use them. I other words do what Iceland does.
John Clarke
John Clarke:
My Governor- We are having problems testing because we can't get reagents.
Guy in Iceland- I am buying my reagents from the United States.
4:30 "You have the 25, 50 best universities in the world"
Drake Doragon
Drake Doragon:
What did Iceland do to their bankers after the 2008 theft? Jailed them! America? Gave them seed money to do it again 🤫🤔.
Seng Aik Lee
Seng Aik Lee:
Can someone explain to me why is this plan called "Crazy"?? ROFL
I feel a lot more secure now knowing Odin came down from his tree and has his eye on this for us
butti fdft
butti fdft:
5:02 "complete lack of coordination" -true faxxx
Bruce Parker
Bruce Parker:
Seems like the problem is more about response to the virus than the virus itself.
Pretty Bird
Pretty Bird:
That was a great interview where can I see more of them and this journalist
Hazel Old
Hazel Old:
It’s very interesting that there’s such a huge difference between the impact on men and women. I’m glad he’s looking into this.
Malik Phillips
Malik Phillips:
Damn man, tell it like it is! Lack of coordination. Straight up lack of leadership.
F L:
He’s Ripped and a genius . I wish I could be as composed and well spoken
Moeed Malik
Moeed Malik:
this was so informative. although i lack scientific knowledge but i could understand everything. he’s so eloquent.
Heather Wolmarans
Heather Wolmarans:
''About 10%?"
"Ten point five percent!" I love it!
Crazy plan? It’s common sense in epidemiology rofl
"Lack of coordination, lack of taking advantage from people who want to contribute". Very on point.
Chitlins Laundry
Chitlins Laundry:
This doctor can lift bro!
Metaforically Speaking
Metaforically Speaking:
damn he fit!
Hottest Icelandic man I've seen in a long long time . And I used to live there ....
Naveen David
Naveen David:
I'm watching this multiple time, just to really understand and realise what he's saying, I understand it but rather it's unbelievably true fact.
A 1
A 1:
5:02 "complete lack of coordination" -true faxxx
Tarjet Tejtat
Tarjet Tejtat:
Iceland is a really cool country.
Lori Sharpe
Lori Sharpe:
Bingo!!! Thats all I can say! Except. ..we have no commander in chief😔
Marc Bryan Art
Marc Bryan Art:
Wish he was on our team.
Thant Zaw Win
Thant Zaw Win:
"The fish rots from the head down, alot of your problems begin with the commander in chief" =D
That's a hard FACT right there!
Paul R
Paul R:
Testing tracking and isolation not a full blown lockdown thats what everyone should have done but privacy is more important to most people than human lives
If it weren't that cold there I'd move there in a minute
Vanessa Thomas
Vanessa Thomas:
This guy is SMART!
He is buying his reagents from the United I just watched someone else say we lack reagents...I believe this Iceland guy... we have the reagents but we lack leadership
This is so interesting Iceland is a fantastic country. I loved it there I visited in 2018 they have a really interesting culture and a willingness to learn. "The fish rots from the head down ".
pax und peace
pax und peace:
The US didn't even tested 1% by today.
aditya anand
aditya anand:
"fish rot from head to toe"
Andre ding
Andre ding:
But of course we can’t have contact tracing in the United States because that will violate privacy, so we have no choice but to remain in lockdown
“It is a complete lack of coordination.”

I have also observed this in my battle with prostate cancer. And this is my analysis.

That is because we do not have a nationalized health care system. The benefits of capitalism may be that the profit motive can drive innovation. But the hard reality is that the profit motive aspect also makes it a system that is information sharing averse, because protection of patents carries a higher priority than saving lives.

He speaks of the fact that we have some of the top universities in the world doing some of the most cutting edge research. But at the point patents and markets get involved (yes, universities can own patents), coordination ends. From that point on, its dog eat dog. Getting new things implemented faces a huge push back from the industry.
5:01 "It is not a reagent thing. It is a complete lack of coordination......I think that a lot of your problems begin with your commander in chief."

Well said, while Trump is still busy finding scapegoats instead of reflecting on his administration's inefficiencies in handling this...
pak diva
pak diva:
"About 10%"

Damn, dude is all about the accuracy
andrew kim
andrew kim:
love the videos bloomberg, thanks for informing us of what scientists are working on!
Live With Grace Oracle
Live With Grace Oracle:
Yes, exactly, a leadership problem.
Yep to summarize: Why has Iceland done so much better than the US? Well, the USA is led by in incompetent narcissistic who completely failed at leading through this crisis.
Jean Milka
Jean Milka:
When will all government realize that massive testing & tracking are the only way to stop this. Locking down people is just buying time, lockdown means giving government time to prepare the testing kit, PPE, also anything to make tracking possible & easier. Flattening the curve only to manage hospital capacity, doesn’t mean it’s the only thing government need to focused on
When you are looking a beast in the eyes you have to do whatever it takes. Brilliant
BigMug Bob
BigMug Bob:
Imagine how all this would have been approached if America wasn't ran by a rotten fish. So many wasted lives to come.
Jin Eve
Jin Eve:
“The problem starts with your commander in chief”, ‘nuff said
alexandra a.
alexandra a.:
i’m from iceland and i’ve been there in the testing..
Maria Franco
Maria Franco:
WOW for an older gentleman he looks amazing.. Damn!
Chuckie Miguel Bacolod
Chuckie Miguel Bacolod:
"10.5% of the population"
Sounded like a villain right there
The Fish Rots from The Head Down 👍
This video is way too short Bloomberg! :)
Kikay Trekkie
Kikay Trekkie:
please, interviewers, put a shoe box under your laptops and raise that to the level of your head
Excellent report “Hello world “
Mech Head
Mech Head:
Thank you Ashley! You rock!
Mahin Hasan
Mahin Hasan:
*“ The fish rots from the head down”*
A lot of your problems begin with your commander in chief.
Kate G
Kate G:
Thank you. I enjoyed that interview.
Haha the reporter tried to blame China and the guy set him straight - we got the reagents from America - lol
Anita Milligan
Anita Milligan:
At last some sanity and a wise approach..when you keep your head on when others have lost theirs. Its a quote but my eyesight is poor.
Just stop getting tested and turn off your tvs ..boom covids gone
GSEN Admin
GSEN Admin:
I like this interviewer and his questions. I definitely enjoyed the guest as well.
Sabrina N
Sabrina N:
Though I don't know much about it, I want to go to Iceland...have no idea why. It just seems like a very interesting place to visit. This just makes it higher on my list.
Scott Jan
Scott Jan:
Thank you, we need to learn to stop the Covid-19 for global pandemic.