Iga Swiatek: "I have nothing to lose" (2R) on-court interview | Australian Open 2021

Iga Swiatek's on-court interview following her Round 2 victory over Camila Giorgi at the 2021 Australian Open

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Minh Vu
Minh Vu:
I love how iga is so cool and true to herself, she’ll be the future of female tennis!!
Iga is... An Insta sport star. Got fingers crossed for her. She's a new icon in the making.
she scares me...you look at her you see an innocent girl...and she is a destroyer..
Jan Kowal
Jan Kowal:
Nasza Polska dziewczyna! Tyle radosci dzis mamy gdy Ige ogladamy! Well done Iga! Bravo! All the best in the final!
Satisfying To Slime
Satisfying To Slime:
OMG ! ! !She looks so sweet and adorable😍💖💕
Patrycja Reć
Patrycja Reć:
We are proud of you. Jazda Iga💪
Jack Bell
Jack Bell:
Such a quality young player and she has such a good head on her shoulders, very intelligent and mature in her interviews. In the toughest side of the draw with potential matches against Halep, Osaka and Williams but if anyone can do it she can.
Marian Niscov
Marian Niscov:
Such a humble personality and a brave heart she has.Congratulations! Greetings from Romania
folta piotr folta
folta piotr folta:
Iga możesz wszystko,nie ma bata na Ciebie 😜😜😜
how it started. and how is it going,
Iga is a warrior.
Jola Yolka
Jola Yolka:
Iga well done!!! Tak trzymaj!!!
Arun Daniel
Arun Daniel:
Iga prepared well, worked & practiced hard and it's paying off ❤️
Dajesz Iga! She's still way too stressed giving speeches :P
Andy Spallek
Andy Spallek:
Podoba mi się jak rusza się na nogach podczas gry, styl gry i w jaki sposób myśli. Super Iga! 🇵🇱💟
Wiesław Trzebuniak
Wiesław Trzebuniak:
Gratulacje Iga jesteś wspaniała/
"I don't know what to write" -- that's all she wrote
Iga to go all the way! Best of luck
Lech Sz
Lech Sz:
serce rośnie ....Brawo Iga !!
hjuwelt packard
hjuwelt packard:
Jamie Stainer
Jamie Stainer:
Nice when the commentators make the effort to actually pronounce her name properly!
Kazik Anhalt
Kazik Anhalt:
Iga! Take it easy. The world just love you for innocence of the tennis you play:)
seiya1139 star
seiya1139 star:
Lubię patrzeć na jej grę i zachowanie na korcie. Ma w sobie moc i zdecydowanie. Życzę jej jak najlepiej!
wilhelmus jehadun
wilhelmus jehadun:
Lovely girl, proud of you iga, your fan's from Bali Indonesia
Cool Youtuber
Cool Youtuber:
You have got everything to WIN Champion.😃👍🏻
Adi 94
Adi 94:
She s a STAR !!:)
Anita Klara
Anita Klara:
Iga that light blue dress looks great on you!
All the best for your future matches!
Jazda Ida! 🇵🇱👍🏼
Krzysztof Ciesielski
Krzysztof Ciesielski:
Brawo, Brawo,Brawo!!!!!!!!
Yin Hou Khor
Yin Hou Khor:
Ironically, IGA also stands for: Independent Grocers Alliance.
Bravo IGA, Congratulations
SqubanY !
SqubanY !:
Haha brawo Iga:)))
Kate S
Kate S:
Nasza dziewczyna ✊
javier lobos
javier lobos:
Con ustedes IGA SWIATEK llamada a convertirse en la mejor jugadora de tenis de todos los tiempos
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Trzymaj sie I nie oglàdaj mediòw
Paweł Czyż
Paweł Czyż:
To my dziękujemy powodzenia w następnej rundzie
Damian Tymiński
Damian Tymiński:
Iga jest kimś komu warto kibicować.
daniel oliveira
daniel oliveira:
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Jerzy Kryszczynski
Jerzy Kryszczynski:
GRATULACJE 🇵🇱 IGA ŚWIĄTEK 🇵🇱🌞 Brawo POLAND 🇵🇱 Życzymy dużo zdrowia i wytrwałości oraz sukcesów . Pozdrawiamy serdecznie z Chicago 🇵🇱🌞
2:19 She should have said "I don't know HOW to write" (don't .... dont)
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright:
That's my Polish Lady !
IGA Swiatek will be future Australian Open Champion 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
i dont know but when she sepeak i heard a crying
Kuba Chmielewski
Kuba Chmielewski:
Kiedy teraz bedzie grala
ania wilks
ania wilks:
She is nervous and she shouldn't be. Her English is excellent, maybe she makes some mistakes, but hey, who doesn't if English is your second language. You should listen to native speakers ( Americans, Australians , British) sometimes they just don't make any sense and speak poor English
rodrigo de la pena
rodrigo de la pena:
i dont know what to write
you do have something to lose, the match, end of the line, out of the tournament. people with that quote is just no smart.
Paweł Rolo
Paweł Rolo:
Polish PRIDE, and polish DIGNITY🇵🇱💪
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Zaczynasz gwiazdorzyć,nie dobrze
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Zaczniesz I przegrasz