Iga Swiatek: "She played great" press conference (4R) | Australian Open 2021

Iga Swiatek's press conference following her Round 4 defeat to Simona Halep at the Australian Open 2021.

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Glad to see she still has a positive attitude even after a loss
Vasi Gls
Vasi Gls:
You’ll definitely be number one in the coming days! You’re such a likable person!
You’re talented and naturally beautiful!
My respect and well done for your run!
Regards from Romania! 🤗
yağız satılmış
yağız satılmış:
Iga will recovery better keep strong future world number 1
Camelia Ghenciulescu
Camelia Ghenciulescu:
Although i'm from Romania and i was cheering for Simona, i must say that your game (Iga's) was soo good. I'm sure you'll have a great future . 👏👏👏
I love her outlook. She gave sincere praise to Halep and she's not salty at all.
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Congrats on your efforts Iga! This is a learning journey for you and yes its tennis. Some you lose, some you win. How you deal with that is what matters. You have a great team, sure you will have many more successes in 2021! 💚
Avid Kafka
Avid Kafka:
You will bag another slam, but not this time dear Iga. Keep improving, be the best you can be, and believe in yourself. I am a die hard Osaka fan, but I have a huge respect for you too. Cheers dear!
micaron гутыс
micaron гутыс:
She is amazing, says the truth
John Law
John Law:
I like her honesty about where her experience is compared to Halep's currently even though she is a French Open Champion...very self aware and honest about it.
Krzysztof Otorowski
Krzysztof Otorowski:
I am pretty sure that Iga will improve her skills for next tournaments. Fingers crossed.
Dziękujemy Iga ❤❤ Do zobaczenia na kolejnych turniejach, jazda!
Your time's gonna come, Iga! Keep working
M. Fadhil Akbar
M. Fadhil Akbar:
Ayrat Khalimov
Ayrat Khalimov:
"when I read some twitter comments, I realized..."
O, plz, plz, don't read twitter comments, and neither youtube comments!
They can be toxic. Only ppl you really respect -- listen to them! :-)
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
A lot of errors in this match but, in any case, Swiatek is at least, potentially, a future elite player.
Stink Dyr
Stink Dyr:
"..when I got broken, I couldn't unbroke...so, Tennis!" How can you not love this girl???
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan:
Iga keep it up, you are always my favorite. Your play style are very different than others. So enjoyable to watch you played.
For me she lost with herself, not with Halep. So many unforced errors.. It was clear in the match that when Iga plays her game, Simona has no chances..
Żaneta Kania
Żaneta Kania:
No matter what, she's fighter and I believe gained experience will pay off in the future 👏💪
The Ringo & Monte Show
The Ringo & Monte Show:
she'll be back !! ...this is just the beginning of Iga :)
Adam Slowik
Adam Slowik:
4R is ok - Iga lost with a top player , no worries at all
Simona, see you in next G.slam 4R 😀
Maggie on the Move
Maggie on the Move:
Still enjoyed watching and looking forward to watching you grow into a star over the years!
Cheyenne Zaremba
Cheyenne Zaremba:
She just needs develop she made many errors she would of won
Trzymaj się Iga. Mniej nerwów i będzie dobrze :)
"Yeah, it's... tennis."

That cracked me up! :-)
micha znak
micha znak:
Miss Iga Świątek, please think positive ! You know you can play really good tennis !! Patience is the key. All the best in the upcoming events !! Congratulations ! I love watching your tournaments, always whenever I have a chance to see. You are such a charming young Lady ! JAZDA !!! 🤗
Głowa do góry i do przodu, dobre doświadczenie, jedziemy dalej ❤️
Jeffrey Parris
Jeffrey Parris:
Keep fighting Iga! On to the next one.
Kam Filp
Kam Filp:
Brawo Iga. Walczyłaś pięknie. Głowa do góry. Trzymamy kciuki za dalsze występy.
Iga wyciągamy wnioski i JAZDA!!!! Będzie tylko lepiej!!!
Jakieś Kropki
Jakieś Kropki:
Simona won today thanks to her experience, keep learning Iga, very proud of you 🎾🥳
Zina Stanescu
Zina Stanescu:
Iga very professional talk 👏👏👏👏👏
Love that girl! Cute natural always smiling, but you can see that she's super shy. Good luck in the future Iga :D Top awaits
Luca Salvarani
Luca Salvarani:
I expected this loss, but it has been useful in her growth process. Be patient Iga, your talent and hard work will pay off!
Ken Keneth
Ken Keneth:
Iga still play mixed doubles with professor Kubot, second round 16 February.
Alexandra Ungureanu
Alexandra Ungureanu:
Just recover yourself young lady, seems that u need it
Marcia Banks
Marcia Banks:
Iga, you are an awesome young woman. Be gentle and kind with yourself, always. Surround yourself with positive and loving people and let go of the rest. If the comments or thoughts of others aren't helpful, that's a sign to let them go and focus on what's most important to you.
Kate S
Kate S:
Dziekujemy Iga
Why don't you show national language questions? Wimbledon does
Åke Åkesson
Åke Åkesson:
halep threw everything at Iga to get revenge
Sophia Sha
Sophia Sha:
Take down all these pressure, gain more experience, and go on fighting.💪
magmagz z
magmagz z:
Genius overall
K M:
Good learning experience
Agnieszka Miciul
Agnieszka Miciul:
Well done Iga!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Mariana Valentina Amanda
Mariana Valentina Amanda:
Iga,you re a great player!❤🤗😘Keep going!
John Wong
John Wong:
When it is all said and done, I have a feeling this young lady's career will have surpassed Halep's.
Alexandru Silaghi
Alexandru Silaghi:
Noticed how she's flinching her head all the time? Even during matches
Eileen Shiella Dialimas
Eileen Shiella Dialimas:
Love you Iga, you did great!!!!
..But the audio is really bad in all post game con..left ear is the player, then Qs on the right ear..can you do something about it pls? Thanks..
Dominik Powroźnik
Dominik Powroźnik:
You‘ll never walk alone Iga. Keep working on yourself psychologically and athletically, and you‘ll surely win many tennis matches and those in life that are more important than any trophies. 🐈🐈
Mika Ma
Mika Ma:
Iga dzięki za piękny mecz, za wspaniałe emocje. Pokazałaś, że grasz na wysokim poziomie👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏. W sporcie tak już jest, ktoś musi wygrać. Tym razem przegrałaś ale było to w wielkim stylu. Dumni jesteśmy, że na AO Polka zadebjutowała w takim stylu. Pozdrawiamy z Melbourne i do zobaczenia za rok.🌹🌹🌹🌹
Morgan Freewill
Morgan Freewill:
Fun fact: Iga has won just 1 Grand Slam less than Simona has. She may catch up with her in May. No need to feel like an underdog. Understandable, but unnecessary.
Kaaun Hall
Kaaun Hall:
They both are champs someone had to win and someone had to lose... Maybe next slam
Katarina Luna diCamella
Katarina Luna diCamella:
I like her personality, her game and playing style, she and Osaka are the only player on WTA side that's is interesting, exciting enough, I would watch!!
alicehoshi2019 jav
alicehoshi2019 jav:
Thank you Iga. Romania loves you
nat bule
nat bule:
She is still young. With her skill, talent and attitude..she will win more in the future. She will be favorite for the french open..maybe wimbledon, being a junior champ in grass.
Cool Ridge
Cool Ridge:
It’s nice to see swiatek Sabalenka and muguruza all smile and keep with the positive even after their losses, all fought hard and all would’ve went further if they weren’t up against who they were
Today wasn't Simona top game ; Simona top game was in the Wimbledon final against Serena Williams
Pan Cogito
Pan Cogito:
I ❤ you, and i always will support you. You are great player. Thank you for AO this year. Every the best are before you 👌💪🙏
Geta Tiru
Geta Tiru:
Have time ,you are such yanger. Good luck!👏👏
M. Fadhil Akbar
M. Fadhil Akbar:
Elizabeth Krymski
Elizabeth Krymski:
Iga, stay positive, you are a great player, we love you💪🇵🇱💪🇵🇱
Ampi Tage
Ampi Tage:
It was pain to watch IGA lose today. Made too many errors that obviously gave Halep advantage.
Jarcik Bounty
Jarcik Bounty:
what is going on? she has some unconsciously tick..look on her head... still
shakes head.... mmm..
Martina Hadala
Martina Hadala:
Iga are you amazing! You know ❤
puneet kapil
puneet kapil:
Well she started crying in 3rd set, but in post interview she handle it better
Ghanshyam CBSE
Ghanshyam CBSE:
Kudoz to Iga Swiatek. She is so mature for her age...☝️ She just needs to enjoy her game to swing freely. She just has it all. Then why to worry? Just she needs to calm herself down & put her head down without caring every now & then that she's a Major Champion. That's not gonna be easy though for her. But that's what which will certainly take her places....👍

I remember an old saying "curiosity killed the Cat". She just needs to take earliest lesson of that just to make sure she wins more Majors come future....✍️
Alternative News
Alternative News:
The sound system is rubbish. We couldn't listen Iga.
sandymmc 2002
sandymmc 2002:
She's so honest. It's like her youthful innocence hasnt worn off and that's refreshing. Would love to see how her career develops
And i really think she should stop comparing every one of her matches with the French open. Champions win many matches without playing their best tennis.
Patrycja Reć
Patrycja Reć:
Dla nas jesteś wielka! Duma rozpiera Wszystko przed Tobą 💜🇵🇱
ovidiu hanganu
ovidiu hanganu:
she is a great player, and she has a great future. did you notice guys that she has had tick ?to young!
henry 1999sg
henry 1999sg:
You will be a super star soo for sure. Just focus on what you are doing and enjoy it.
Jigz La Madrid
Jigz La Madrid:
she won GS already and so her experience is not that much less and her attitude is good and not easy to surrender...the better player won today.
morgan von
morgan von:
With just a little improved serve, she will be number 1.
Winston Cooper
Winston Cooper:
Iga, you will win this tournament in the future. With such talent, there's no way not to success. Three appearances, two 4R reaches. Next year, next chance to step forward.
It really looked like Simona and Darren Cahill prepared heavily for this match. Definitely didn’t want a repeat of RG. In any case, you did great, Iga! Keep on fighting and improving!
Very good ☺️☺️😊 to see her smile. She did very well. She could make Simona problem.
Gabi S
Gabi S:
I can notice a slight nervous gesture of her, shortly moving her head left and right very quickly at times. And I've seen that during the game too, not sure if it started to show when she felt she lost hold of the game. Does someone know if it's a kind of condition or so? I am Romanian and ofc I supported Halep but there is no mockery or so in my question. It's just compassionate, she seems like a really nice person
Nothing IsReal
Nothing IsReal:
What are those head twitches? Is it just the stress, or lack of water or does that happen more often? I hope she is alright! Great match - one of the best female tennis matches I have seen in a long time. Certainly, this time Simona was mentally better prepared for the match and clearly had a plan B prepared.
trung quang
trung quang:
Iga lose because lack of experience. She is impatient when trying to come the net many time at inappropriate moment to finish the point soon . While she can play steady at baseline, she is stronger, quicker, faster, healthier than halep
Iacob Ioan
Iacob Ioan:
Ce drăguță e. :)
Dziękujemy Iga! Następny turniej Twój! JAZDA
Michał Majewski
Michał Majewski:
Brawo Iga i głowa do góry będzie coraz lepiej
Chiquita Pitono
Chiquita Pitono:
You are amazing.......positive attitude......
salik King
salik King:
hahaha she is so cute
Mike UK
Mike UK:
Iga stay focused on the future games. Learn work hard and get back to win again
Alvin Marvellus
Alvin Marvellus:
Why her head twitching so much?
Fatigue? Maybe
You can do it Iga !!
I was soooooo rooting for you...😢😢😢😢
d g
d g:
Its tennis😊
szs voc
szs voc:
rafa type
Peter John
Peter John:
What's up with the twitching? It does not look good. Hopefully nothing serious.
Woji Woji
Woji Woji:
It's good. She got to see Australia. How many ppl will get to do that?
Kata Kuri
Kata Kuri:
Future world #1
Marcin Kavinsky
Marcin Kavinsky:
Czemu jej tak drga głowa ? wiadomo co to ?
Fortress Fortresson
Fortress Fortresson:
I feel like Iga could have won the match if she was more confident. Congrats to Simona
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka:
Her English is pretty good, no noticeable foreigner accent.
Joan Grennan
Joan Grennan:
Never saw Simona play as well before .She reminded me of Djokovic ,crazy level of consistency and not a.brand of tennis I enjoy watchin at all .Iga is still learning her trade and handles those interviews so well .She is a breath of fresh air .Am I the only one who is allergic to Chris Bradnam , ruins every match for me .He has been mouthing off about Halep during her matches for yrs , v disrespectful . She is v likeable and v human but his remarks are usually so personalised .
Boleslavs Avdax
Boleslavs Avdax:
Nic się nie stało, hej Iga nic się nie stało! 🇵🇱
In the WTA ranking, S. Haleb 2nd, Iga No. 17th is a difference. In this match, we saw a lot of Iga's actions at the highest level. It is a pity that they were missing in the most important moments of the match. In Iga's game, the regularity of the game was not good, the first service was also missing, so there was defeat. The match in the first and third sets was interesting - this time routine won.
Jadwiga Banat
Jadwiga Banat:
Sprobuj cieszyc sie zyciem, jestes mloda i sliczna kobieta. Dbaj o siebie i trzymaj sie z daleka od zlych ludzi. Kochamy Cie tutaj w Kanadzie.
Alexandra Ungureanu
Alexandra Ungureanu:
What happened with her head??????? She moves really strange