Iga Świątek v Simona Halep | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Iga Świątek v Simona Halep at Australian Open 2021.

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giorgi vasadze
giorgi vasadze:
congrats to simo, shes experienced player already, iga has much time to improve more , she has a bright future , good luck both
Анатолий Гун
Анатолий Гун:
In all the comments, Simona is considered experienced, and Igu is considered talented. Does it ever occur to anyone that Halep is a VERY TALENTED athlete and woman?
Vasi Gls
Vasi Gls:
I’m happy for Simona and I hope she gets to lift the trophy. I’m rooting for her!
However, at the same time you have to feel for Iga. She’s such a young, beautiful and talented person! She’ll definitely reach out to be number one one day!
Krzysztof Kubuj
Krzysztof Kubuj:
Really quality match, Simona's more experienced player and I think it was a key to win, nevertheless Świątek came into the top and she's gonna win many trophies in future
Yeşil Elma
Yeşil Elma:
Go Simona Go 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

All middle east loves you .. you are such a great , respective and beautiful lady and your style of playing is amazing and clean .. you are great fighter .. my full reapsct to Swiatek .. she is great player and from nice country 🇵🇱
Halep is incredibly resilient! Top athlete!
First Last
First Last:
Super high quality tennis!
Beautiful to watch.
But unfortunately such matches very rarely in WTA
KC Nwokoye
KC Nwokoye:
What a match, just wow!
Tennis Caffe
Tennis Caffe:
Excellent battle. Simona's experience prevailed this time
Smaranda Rusu
Smaranda Rusu:
Succes Simona ne rugăm ptr.tine să ai izbîndă...cu nadejde vei reuși cu ajutorul Lui Dumnezeu...
Radic Radis
Radic Radis:
Luca Salvarani
Luca Salvarani:
Iga was great, but not enough for this experienced Halep. She's only 19 and can improve so much... Definitely rooting for her!
Ula J
Ula J:
Brawo Iga za super grę. Tym razem nie ma wygranej ale będą kolejne turnieje i zwycięstwa🥰🌹❤️
Crina Bodea
Crina Bodea:
Respect pentru Simona! Știm deja adversara următoare, dar e nevoie de 58 minute de concentrare, determinare, forța și rapiditate! Te rugam, fa-o! 🙏🙏🙏🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🥇🥇🎾🎾🎾🎾
Анастасия Стучинская
Анастасия Стучинская:
One of the best match in this year.
iG W
iG W:
that's about the highest level female tennis I've seen.. nice match
Josh Gandy
Josh Gandy:
Love you Simona! So beautiful and what an awesome performance 🇹🇩❤️
Estera Strurzyńska-Johson
Estera Strurzyńska-Johson:
What a game. 👏👏
Beni Sinca
Beni Sinca:
A Halep fan here, but heck, Świątek can play!
bnhgbx nmnvbmc
bnhgbx nmnvbmc:
Love You Simo....from Turkey....
sygmund klimczak
sygmund klimczak:
Iga ma tylko 19 lat a wiec dokonala juz niezwyklego postepu przergrana w tenisie nie jest koncem zycia...
Talpas Raul
Talpas Raul:
Sper că vei fi mereu așa o minune 🤗💣🦾🦿
Nistor Ilie
Nistor Ilie:
I-a scos Halep tenisul din cap.😅
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Two formidable players.
Mar Pi
Mar Pi:
You are great Iga. You will be the greatest 🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤💘
M C:
Iga’s striking is so beautiful
Catalin Bogatu
Catalin Bogatu:
Bravo Sim❤!
Concentrare, inspiratie şi noroc Vs Big Mama! 😎
Deserved win for Halep. Swiatek will be number one in the future.
Petrut Badea
Petrut Badea:
Forța Simo!🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴👏👏👏😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks:
Iga has a huge potential but she needs more experience. She tends to win the first set easily but then bottles up the second. It's not a question of skill but experience and mental resilience. She's only 19 so she has all in front of her. When she fixes the above she will become unstoppable.
First NeverFollows
First NeverFollows:
Swiatek must bring back the killer fourhand that made her won the French Open!
Random Person
Random Person:
Definitely Like, bravo Simo, brilliant shape !!!
Halep changed her tactic this time around, playing aggressive and close to the baseline hitting a lot of down the line shot to keep Swiatek off balance!
Kis Katalin
Kis Katalin:
Congratulation Simona it was perfect. Go a head. You are the best ♥️😏☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
As a Pole i congrat to both of them! High quality match and I am pretty sure they going to provide more of the show in the future! I hope Simona is going to win whole tournament! She is very classy player in the court and of course out of it, the way how she talks about her opponent is something what you want to watch and hear in nowadays sport lots! Very unique and intelligent human being!
CatchMe InLondon
CatchMe InLondon:

I like the maturity of Simona, very experienced player with very positive approach towards tennis!

In my opinion (statistics are supporting it) Simona has played a very good game with really good serving games, but at the same time, Iga has made a lot of unforced errors even after relatively easy balls from Simona.

Keeping finger crossed for the next Simona’s game(s) 🤞🏻

Greetings from Iga’s fan!
Gooooo Simoooo!
Bogdan Florin Stanciu
Bogdan Florin Stanciu:
Is it just me or are the commentators biased towards Swiatek :*
Great win for Simona!! ... This Iga is the real deal and is going to dominate in the future i feel
Iga has such a powerful forehand
Great match from both girls, maybe i think it was the best match of the tournament so far. But what a match next for halep vs serena!
xin liu
xin liu:
End of beautyfull series win in Grand Slam for Iga.!!
JW Kim
JW Kim:
2:49 I think this is the point that Iga has different movements.
Nice one Świątek great match - well done Halep
8:02 i love how Iga gets upset and she s putting her racket in the bag so angry 🤣
Lubomir Radev
Lubomir Radev:
I thought Iga and Aryna would prevail, but old school was just too good yet again
Samet S
Samet S:
Simona, you're Elite! Good luck on this. 🎾🏆🎾
Xmv 1
Xmv 1:
Thank you Simona ☺️ Bye bye Iga
Gilles DeRais
Gilles DeRais:
Felicitari Simona
Michał Mitalski
Michał Mitalski:
Iga come back stronger
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak:
What a match, what intensity..
cem cemali
cem cemali:
Meine kleine little ponny İGA;
Sana nazar değdi annemmmm ...
Adi 94
Adi 94:
Briliant level :)
Kat x
Kat x:
but anyways this match was such a BATTLE we love to see it and hoping to see more of these 2 someday
Forever BLINK
Forever BLINK:
Hai, Simona! 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴❤
ari grande
ari grande:
I love you Iga, you'll win a lot of slams in the future.!! ❤️
Toby Rose
Toby Rose:
Have we seen the. Matches . Of the tournament both in The men's and Women's. Brilliant. Unseeded Russian. And Canadian. Guy. And These two Young Ladies.
Irgen Dwer
Irgen Dwer:
Swiatek sometimes acted without any overview and rightly received the receipt from Halep. But she can turn that off.
1:33 Awesome IGA
Ionica Crihan
Ionica Crihan:
Terez Csorgo
Terez Csorgo:
Bravó Simona!
What a beautiful match, congrats! Iga, co za piękna walka! Obie zawodniczki to po prostu profesjonalistki :) A najpiękniejsze, że Iga ma dopiero 19 lat! Całym sercem jestem za Igą Świątek. JAZDA!!! ;)
Jeden z nich
Jeden z nich:
Iga to juz liga Swiatowa a dopiero ma 19 lat takze kazdy wie co sie stanie 🙌🙌🙌 nr 1 jak nic 🙌
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi:
What a formidable tussle, especially It was the encounter which satisfied our prospects from 3 sets between Simona Halep and Swiatek. Swiatek was really magnificent in the first set. However, Halep vividly subdued the second set against Swiatek with a huge dominance. As for the final set, definitely ardous battle till the last points. Even so Simona was more influential in the second section of the showdown. Well-deserved victory from Halep congrats!
In women’s tennis there is so little connection between players when they shake hands/racquets compared to men. Good match though.
qqaa wwqq
qqaa wwqq:
👑 Simona karaleva.....
MATS ontario
MATS ontario:
don't quite get as to why Iga discontinued level of intensity she had in first set and played not to lose in the second and gave up on her aggressive approach from then on, had she played 2nd like she did 1st it would have been 2 straight sets affair
Puiu Paraschiv
Puiu Paraschiv:
Hai, Simona!
Doru Buiuc
Doru Buiuc:
Simona păstrează-ţi calmul şi vei învinge mereu.
Bravo !
Ion Burciu
Ion Burciu:
loana 0007
loana 0007:
Ehh Iga :(
Jakub Pomorski
Jakub Pomorski:
Brawo Iga.
Forever BLINK
Forever BLINK:
I know that all of you can't wait for Serena vs Halep
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода:
Ти найкраща!
Great Simona
M D:
Felicitări Simona ești tare ca întotdeauna, te iubim.
💐 💐 💐 💐 💐
The commentators seem to cheer for Iga, for some reason.
Yossuan Von Grünigen
Yossuan Von Grünigen:
I. Swiatek played without her Prince racket, wow what a difference in her play, Im not surprised that she lost.
Людмила Малейкович
Людмила Малейкович:
Taras B
Taras B:
Świątek approaches to the net were very unprepared from what we can see here.
Martina Hadala
Martina Hadala:
Ruben Musat
Ruben Musat:
She looks like a mini Zlatan of tenis 🥰
von Smallhausen
von Smallhausen:
Thumbnail spoiler , for people that didnt watch the matches
Андрей Андреев
Андрей Андреев:
Симона, ты лучшая!!!!!!!
Something happend after 1st set. Świątek had about 50 mistakes. You can not do this in AO.
Flavius Mersan
Flavius Mersan:
I hope the commentators will choke in the next match simply bcs u could hear for who they cheered....
Viorica Todirica
Viorica Todirica:
Felicitari simona 2021
Emilia Ghiţan
Emilia Ghiţan:
To those of you that can't bear the sounds of Simona when she hits the ball I just want to say that this is a battle tactic of intimidating your opponent... When you scream like this you encourage yourself to hit the ball powerful... It is like a warrior sound preparing to fight until the very end... To never give up... and psichologically speaking, that says a lot about the personality of the player. So why should this be forbiden in tennis? If you are one of the best tennis player amoung the world, why shouldn't you express yourself emotionally? I mean Serena Williams screams as well or Sara Soribes Tormo while hitting the ball but no one seems to have a problem with that. So if you don't like Simona's screaming while hitting the ball then perhaps you shouldn't watch her matches anymore but you must understand that a true champion has to express herself by showing her fighting spirit while hitting the ball. Congratulations Simona! You are magnificent! 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍
Super Tennis by both
Saint Just
Saint Just:
Iga lost in her head rather than to Halep.
5:48 Why won't Television learn to show all/most tennis from this angle?!
Sean Combrink
Sean Combrink:
What incredible tennis. Could easily have been a win for Swiatek over Halep
mir nur
mir nur:
Great match, great performance from both players. Halep demonstrated wonderful technique, concentration and composure. Only downside: the Eurosport female commentator clearly biased negatively towards Halep thus very unprofessional.
Kat x
Kat x:
I mean the match was over after iga's double break on 3-2 in the 3rd set :( if she had won she would be still fighting
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Too bad she's gonna meet Serena now- heavy payback- for Wimbledon 2019!
Анатолий Гун
Анатолий Гун:
I think if Iga won, then the screams would not bother anyone. The commentator’s attitude against Halep is also obvious.
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
A lot of errors from Swiatek but in any case, potentially, at least, an elite player of the future. One to watch.
what a match
Alin kuzz
Alin kuzz:
Vivat Romania!!! .i. england! .i. u.s.a!