Iga Swiatek vs. Ajla Tomljanovic | 2022 Toronto Round 2 | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Iga Swiatek vs. Ajla Tomljanovic at the 2022 National Bank Open in Toronto.

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97 komentarze:

Despite struggling since Wimbledon to some extent, I always felt like Swiatek's game is suited really well for hard courts and expect big things from her! She really looked good at the early hard court WTA 1000s this year, so I'm hoping she can return to that form.
morgan von
morgan von:
Iga looks ready to make another run at a major. No other player has her weapons combined with amazing defense.
Ariel Yaari
Ariel Yaari:
Looks like the IGA we love. GO SWIATEK ♥️🇵🇱
Xxxx Xxxx
Xxxx Xxxx:
That was the best victory of Iga since Roland Garros! Total dominance in 1st set, the beggining of 2nd one was bit intriguing, but Iga showed her class after 2-2. I always found Ajla Tomljanovic as good player which is top 50 worthy (only if Wimbledon gave points, she already would be in top 50) so that type of victory is good and definitely reminds me of that Iga which made the 37 match winning streak!
Świetny mecz zagrała Iga. Znowu jest jazda na hardzie ❤️😄
Jo Ou
Jo Ou:
My two favorite WTA players, since Williams is now retiring. Saw Tomljanovic for the first time, like 2-3 months ago. She's 'technically' a journeywoman player, but she has command of this huge attribute in life, called 'poise.' Win or lose. She's compelling to watch. Swiatek is facing girls, who spend their free time thinking of how to beat her. Worked for that French chick, Garcia, 2 weeks ago. These WTA chicks haven't had to focus on just ONE player, in like 8 years. You know? The 'rotating' carnival of new grand slam winners works for this new generation of player. So. Swiatek will have to get used to being targeted.
Ivan Caires
Ivan Caires:
Iga goes back to being the Iga Swiatek we in the first semester. After 6 titles and 37 consecutive victories, the pressure is off and she returns to play as lightly and forcefully as before. Wimbledon and Warsovia were two points out of the curve. Go Iga! You're the best! Be careful in the next game. Bia Haddad Maia is a very good player.
I can't believe Iga had a great volly and it wasn't showed in the highlights. 😭
For the first match of the year in Americas, Iga proved that she can serve well, look at these three aces. However, the second was kind of a chaos that lower first serve in and her kick serve were so close to out, and she errored at the net two times, broken twice!
Iga shows some improvement in her serve but she still needs adjustment, i look forward she could move on and raise her stability. 👍
Alex W.
Alex W.:
Congratulations Iga, you are a pleasure to watch. I hope this is the beginning of a new streak 🥰
Stef :
Time to find form and confidence again. Match by match. Keep going Iga!
Kong Leng Liew
Kong Leng Liew:
Iga, well done. Such pleasure to watch you playing in style. Go lead the way, WTA needs your leadership
Barbara Kostiuk
Barbara Kostiuk:
Brawo Iga. Piękny mecz.
Iga didn't bother with tactics, she was just hitting consistently to the same spot with heavy blows, and the opponent crumbled.
Rosalie Diones
Rosalie Diones:
Congrats, Iga! Always looks forward to your matches❤️
Simon John
Simon John:
Good play and consistency for the rest of the season! Congrats, 1ga!
John Dole
John Dole:
Way to go, Iga, let's have another winning streak going....
Well I can already see that she's going to be hard to beat congratulations Iga!
Elizabeth Krage
Elizabeth Krage:
😄 Iga is looking strong and fast like she was during her streak🔥! Go Iga
Zenco Suzuki
Zenco Suzuki:
Brawo Iguś!!!👏 Keep it up!!!
Jazda Iga! Good to see my girl coming back to imperious form. She'll be hard to beat here.
Tugat Galut
Tugat Galut:
Pleasure to watch Iga, she's superb 👍💪
WTF WTA? What is this? You showed 0 Iga winners from play, some Ajla's errors and 3 aces... Iga hit 16 winners and we only see sth like this! And where are 8min highlights?!
Heidi Wai-Yee Chan
Heidi Wai-Yee Chan:
I know Iga's idol is Rafa, but to me she plays more like Novak. She's very consistent, very fit, very focused, doesn't have any glaring weakness in her game, great at turning defense into offense. Kind of a perfect tennis player in her own way.
She also doesn't have a particularly spectacular shot (Novak's backhand is more legendary), and she does the kind of "suffocating" play that Novak is known for, by being able to get to every ball and make the opponent hit one more shot. Although, I'd say she has better hands at the net than Novak.
good match! I hope she will go far in the tournament. Message to all haters of Iga - relax guys!
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
Brawo Iguś!!! Keep it up!!!
Pompo Lini
Pompo Lini:
Iga hit 16 winners, I didnt see any in this poor highlights, maybe her name should be Coco Gauff to get proper highlights
Zaczynam mieć poczucie, że Iga lepiej czuje się na hardzie niż na glinie. Tutaj cały czas trzyma prędkość i dyktuje warunki, na mączce oczywiście jest podobnie ale jest trochę mniej agresji.
Muy bien IGA ☀❤
WTA peeps you don't get enough appreciation for the highlights you give us free to watch. Personally, I do miss the coin toss being included at the start but really thank you for all your work ☺️
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Jazda Iga! Good to see my girl coming back to imperious form. She'll be hard to beat here.
Aleksandra Sitko
Aleksandra Sitko:
Perfect game and perfect woman! JAZDA 1GA💜💜🎾🎾🥇🥎
jacques dobatien
jacques dobatien:
Such a class act
satyagraha a
satyagraha a:
Iga just takes the ball so early and demolishes it ......pure domination.
marek przykorski
marek przykorski:
Bravo Tamljanovic ,To loose with number one is not a shame
volodumur vasuluk
volodumur vasuluk:
Іga, бажаю успіху у Канаді.
Дякую,підтримую за гарну гру і допомогу сусідній державі.
Kowalski Leon
Kowalski Leon:
The queen 👑 is back on track. 💥There you go: 🥖. Bon appetit!
Well done Iga
Iga's Bakery is now open in Toronto. The franchise grows!
loana 0007
loana 0007:
Johan E. Turbí B.
Johan E. Turbí B.:
She didn't wear her wristwatch before greeting the public this time! 🤣🤣 Unexpected
Sutek Sutomir
Sutek Sutomir:
How? HOW? WTA did not include ANY winner from Iga? XD How is it possible when she did almost 20 :D What is wrong with WTA editors?!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr:
Pleasure to watch Iga, she's superb
Mia Th.
Mia Th.:
Finally she gave up putting that watch on after the win 👏👏👏 just celebrate, simple and nice 😊
Tomljanovic played like a 10 years young boy.
Juan Manuel Portillo
Juan Manuel Portillo:
Iga's style is kind of ackward, not fluid at all, but extremely effective. I like Iga but I acknowledge that her game is not the most aesthetically enjoyable. It reminds me of Djokovic, who often seems out of position, twists his legs and knees in uncomfortable ways and still returns the ball and often hit winners. Iga's serve has to improve if she is to become the dominant figure of her generation (she has all the tools to do it), that's her only weakness. What makes aesthetics irrelevant is that her short swing, which still generates lots of power due to great technique and torque, is what allows her to decide the trajectory of her shot at the last moment and keep her opponent on her heels. This fits perfectly with her suffocating strategy, which takes more court control with each quick stroke, by cornering and backing her opponent, thus taking her out of any favorable position to respond.
Cole B
Cole B:
She’s putting the WTA in a choke hold
poetries by avinish pathak
poetries by avinish pathak:
Well done iga keep it up
Nice training session for Iga. Next Laylah or BHM.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good win for Iga.
lidia zubowsky
lidia zubowsky:
IGA rushes on the court !!! It has something other tennis players don't have! It is all great harmony. It is a great pleasure to watch her on the court.
Marcin Gradon
Marcin Gradon:
Po meczu skapła się ,że nie reklamuje zegarka!
what are these highlights? Iga hit plenty of winners, and these are literally all unforced errors and some aces...
PT7 Szymek
PT7 Szymek:
Leszek Jerzy
Leszek Jerzy:
Iga has won this game, but her next opponent has shown better skills than she did. It seems that Beatriz Haddad Maia is more suited to win the next match.
*Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us*
where can I find the full match replay?
Javier Luque
Javier Luque:
we love Iga
shane braund
shane braund:
My feeling now is that Iga is a better player on hardcourt than clay.
What a decimation
Guess Back
Guess Back:
good game Iga, we needed bakery products from you :)
winada effendi
winada effendi:
I think Iga has improved her serve... 😀
marek kupiec
marek kupiec:
Iga zapomniałaś FLAGI NA CZAPCE .
Yesssss 💪
Serena is retiring and Osaka has demons in her head but Swiatek, her game is on fire. Will Osaka overcome her demons and be along with the hunt with Swiatek? Or is it all Swiatek?
Andrew Ma
Andrew Ma:
Iga's baaaaaaaaccckkk!! LMFAO 😂😂
parekhit bhattacharjee
parekhit bhattacharjee:
Iga forgot to wear her watch this time before waving to the crowd 😋
Hendrina Haikwiyu
Hendrina Haikwiyu:
The highlights became like Roland Garros
Honestly WTA? Shorten the videos from 8 minutes to 4 and just starting showing aces and keep repeating some winners with about 20 seconds length? What’s going on with the world and why is everything going faster and faster nowadays 🙈🤷🏼‍♂️
Mateusz Bartczak
Mateusz Bartczak:
Halo WTA! Where are 7-8 min highlights! 🥺
Денис Кондратьев
Денис Кондратьев:
Why did Highlights used to be 8 minutes long, and now they've shortened it to 4 minutes?
rafał mazur
rafał mazur:
Bravo . Tylko ten serwis
Luiza Rodrigues
Luiza Rodrigues:
É impressão minha ou no torneio tem o nome da IGA na placa de publicidade?
Piotrek L.
Piotrek L.:
I think Alja's breakup from Berrettini really hammered down her confidence.
Анатолий Гун
Анатолий Гун:
Ига. Пока ничего особенного.
not a single winner was shown here, whoever is doing this highlights (and thumbnail) needs to be fired
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
What happened to the putting on the watch at the end of a match ritual for Iga?
Really bad highlights, only showing errors and a few aces…
Martin Janíček
Martin Janíček:
3:31 až 4:01
Luca Salvarani
Luca Salvarani:
Good results but Iga is still far away from her standard level.
From the higlights it looks like Iga won because UE's by Ajla.
She makes it loooks easy
Tareg Wahabi
Tareg Wahabi:
Edrice Greaves
Edrice Greaves:
I am so happy for serena
a she has done a lot for tennis so my hat is of to the QUEEN of Tennis blessing for U on your new adventur.U will be truly MISSED GOD BlESS U,U are truly LOVED
Światek is involved in politics by wearing a Ukrainian ribbon on her cap. Waste.
Marco B.
Marco B.:
There must be a lot of pretty voices and they chose what looks more like a dog's bark: OUT, OUT, ARF, ARF, WOW, WOW!
Jacek K
Jacek K:
Prawda jest taka, że niepotrzebnie grała z Radwańską tą pokazówkę, sam wiem jak takie mecze potrafią wybić z uderzenia. Zwalniasz rękę, a później nie potrafisz się wstrzelić znowu do gry, a wiadomo, że nie wypadało jej ganiać "emerytki" po kątach.
Fiskus Fiskus
Fiskus Fiskus:
tasha gardiner
tasha gardiner:
Something about Swiatek matches that does nothing for me i attend to fastforward her matches. I do not no why it happens i would watch maybe 2 minutes of her matches and i start to get bored, and the surprising thing it do not happen with other tennis players match.
Uh oh it looks like Iga lost her watch sponsorship 😄😄😄
Mika Moldovan
Mika Moldovan:
Natalie Kap
Natalie Kap:
PLазов 💩
Still Moozy
Still Moozy:
Ajla sucked so bad. She should not have played in this tournament.
How old is the Aussie chick. She looks matronly, more suited to be an announcer.
Cycuszki powoli się zarysowują
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski:
I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this performance given that Iga is in a terrible state mentally. I hope she can gather some form after her losses to Cornet and Garcia.

I really like Iga but she seems to be just another one in the long line of inconsistent top players who start losing as soon as they win a Grand Slam and can’t back it up. I fear she may stay a one slam wonder, but I hope she will surprise me.