Iga Swiatek vs Kaja Juvan - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Iga Swiatek vs Kaja Juvan - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the victory of Iga Swiatek over Kaja Juvan in the 1st round. The title holder won in straight sets 6-0 7-5.
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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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Ramone Cricket
Ramone Cricket:
At least have the decency to show the handshake. And given that this girl is going to dominate this tournament for the next decade, please make longer highlights for a few years down the road when Swiatek's fans want to check out some of her past matches. Posterity.
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
Swiatek has a chance of becoming the female Rafa on clay.
She is physically very strong. Her ball hitting and technique are at a high level :)
david d
david d:
The style of iga’s game is the best mode of all female players,no scream,very polite
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Swiatek is only seeded 8th but she's the favourite to win it again imo.
[GD] TheLiga
[GD] TheLiga:
Do you remember she won every single match without dropping more than 5 games? She won this match still without dropping more than 5 games...😅😂
Attractive tennis from both players! Iga is my favorite female player and I hope he'll prove to be one of the best tennis champions of all time. I also hope that Kaja Juvan will soon be among the first 50.
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Juvan didn't hit a single winner in that entire first set ! Brutal.
Congrats Iga, especially because of that really tough 2nd set.
Gabriela Woźniak
Gabriela Woźniak:
Damn those 1-minute RG highlights. You need to step up your game and take an example from the WTA channel.
ade trianus
ade trianus:
Omg she plays like nadal
Christine Wray
Christine Wray:
Congratulations IGA & happy birthday to you enjoy the rest of your day 🍾🍸🥞🌯🎂🌷
Shelumiel Peroy
Shelumiel Peroy:
It's like Iga was born for Clay. So excited on her following matches.
Iga and Kaja are so adorable. Sad that they had to face each other in 1st round. Anyways, go Iga <3
Wolfgang Wiesinger
Wolfgang Wiesinger:
Iga traveled to France, clearly with the aim, to win that tournament.
Damn, looks like Juvan played really well after getting bageled in the first set. Thought it was going to one of those Steffi Graf score lines
Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen:
They were so sweet together at the net. Hugging, talking, plus the flowers and singing happy birthday to the birthday girl were beautiful highlights too. You couldn’t include some of this in this ludicrously short highlight reel?

Anyway, Happy Birthday Iga!!🎉💕

Hope you win it all! 😎
She can not just win, but dominate - if she is consistent. More like the first set than the second, in other words.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
She 's great player loved all the way her play ever swiatek 👏🎾
The Ringo & Monte Show
The Ringo & Monte Show:
Happy Birthday IGA !!! LETS GOOOO ^^ LETS WIN IT ALL ^^
R Martinez
R Martinez:
Would you give Iga a longer highlights just for her birthday?!
Jahari Jainal
Jahari Jainal:
I opened the video, maximised the screen, adjusted the volume and the highlight reached the end. I know it is a pandemic time but the virus does not spread through the video that you want to make it very short.
Congratulations and Happy Birthday Iga. I know it was not easy playing your best friend. Stay on your game and the trophy is yours again this year.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
These highlights are weird. Good to see Iga though.
Bartosz Barcikowski
Bartosz Barcikowski:
Set 1- 6:0, set 2- 7:5, highlights length 1:40min...
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka:
Congrats Iga! Juvan wasn’t afraid to play the defending champion, either. Oops, they are best friends on tour.
Zenco Suzuki
Zenco Suzuki:
Happy birthday to you, Iga!!! Congratulations!!! Tough second set, but Iga managed to do it.
Ada Sułek
Ada Sułek:
Love IT! 🙌🧡😁 Pray for You! Victory for Iga's Birthday!🥳🤩💪🥰
Tennis Betting Spreadsheets
Tennis Betting Spreadsheets:
We need longer highlights!
Lucas Weir
Lucas Weir:
French open has the shortest highlights why 😂
super sonic
super sonic:
Iga and Sabalenka on the finals would be a great match to see
Rising 4 Winds
Rising 4 Winds:
Happy birthday Iga! You're a class act! ♊
Jason Chigaazira
Jason Chigaazira:
Great match! It's especially tough to play your best friend in the first round of a major on your birthday. Good win #jazda Iga
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak:
Great stuff from Iga. 2nd set was quite competitive as Kaja put on some fight
IGA is such a beautiful mover..her speed is incredible, she moves like a ballerina on the clay. Iga has got to be the in the top 4 fastest women on tour.I would say only Coco and Sloane and Serena in her prime was faster.
amazing. Juvan did some amazing dropshot judging from the highlights
Marek Manini
Marek Manini:
Happy birthday kiddo, and congratulation!
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
Swiatek actually has some great legs
Eryk F1
Eryk F1:
Come on Iga 🇵🇱
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell:
I really enjoy watching Iga Swiatek play. Its going to be a joy the next decade or so watching her dominate this tournament.
Even Eurosport has longer highlights
jj b
jj b:
IGA, Now you have six matches to go. Jazda.
Lin Jack
Lin Jack:
Iga will win this tournament.
DowifiHoangDangHoang Hoang
DowifiHoangDangHoang Hoang:
Udayan Kapaley
Udayan Kapaley:
Ah yes, French Open's lonely battle against itself to make shorter and shorter highlight videos. Strange things us humans indulge in..
Monika Kucharczyk
Monika Kucharczyk:
D Ray
D Ray:
I’ll go out on the smallest of limbs and say Iga will take this tournament.
John Albert Sivila
John Albert Sivila:
Juvan's serve is like Ivanovic before
Cap Noddy
Cap Noddy:
Iga’s playing style reminds me of Justine Henin
Hope she can win her first slam and dominate female tennis in the future
Anne Neville
Anne Neville:
Iga is always playing her best friend in 1st rounds 😂
Honza Čertek
Honza Čertek:
What about other players? At least the seeded one!
Love watching Iga play on clay!!
Mark Jayson Babad
Mark Jayson Babad:
Congrats and Happy Birthday our dear Iga. 6 matches to go💪💪💪
Wszystkiego najlepszego Iga! Skasuj ten puchar, będzie dobry do szampana😉
Happy birthday Iga! Take this cup with you, will be good for champagne 😉
Jovan P
Jovan P:
She's really amazing, but I think it's too early to judge. There are many great female tennis players. It won't be easy for her.
Iga has some really squeaky shoes
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen:
Iga is a female NADAL on clay. Relentless!
This girl is gonna pay my mortgage over the next 10 years 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
OK Haris73
OK Haris73:
william S
william S:
You are not at all generous with the length of your videos. FYI, there are many tennis fans, like me, who can no longer afford TV service. Even in America, many are facing hardships.
Khairilanuar Othman
Khairilanuar Othman:
Excellent start by Iga.👍👏
As regards sporting events, the term highlights should be withdrawn from the lexicon. At the very least it's insulting, misleading and inappropriate use ought to be prohibited. 😠
Bien jugado, Iga mía!!
Weihan Xingqi
Weihan Xingqi:
Formidable!! BRAVA, Swiatek.
Gap Year
Gap Year:
Please don't just be a one-slam wonder like so many WTA players in the last decade. I really hope we get a new dominating female player
mi amor platónico Iga Swiatek
Yaumil Khairiyah
Yaumil Khairiyah:
anjirrr 1 menit doang wkwkwkwk
Boleslavs Avdax
Boleslavs Avdax:
Iga, wszystkiego najlepszego w dniu urodzin! Jedziesz z nimi!
Don Quixote
Don Quixote:
I love this gal, she's gorgeous but doesn't hide behind it. She's intense on the court, and has game, that's what really turns me on, I mean what I like about her...
I love Iga!!!
Francis Ng
Francis Ng:
1 down, 6 to go !!!
Go birthday gal, IGA !!!
suski DlaWas-info
suski DlaWas-info:
Pięknie. Stylowo.
Krzysztof Zakrocki
Krzysztof Zakrocki:
there were 2 brek points for Juvan and 4 match balls for Iga
Ovidiu Cristian
Ovidiu Cristian:
Let's go Iga!
Andrzej Kozlowski
Andrzej Kozlowski:
Jazda Mała
Toño Good
Toño Good:
Impresionante la rapidez de Iga
Jerzy Kryszczynski
Jerzy Kryszczynski:
GRATULACJE 🌞 IGA ŚWIĄTEK 🇵🇱POLAND 🇵🇱 Świetny występ i zwycięstwo . Życzę dużo zdrowia i wytrwałości oraz sukcesów . Pozdrawiam z Chicago 🇵🇱
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода:
Ви не могли б робити відео по 10 секунд?
Вкл. викл. і все.
Adam Sawicki
Adam Sawicki:
Queen of clay!
Kata Kuri
Kata Kuri:
Qween of tennis 🎾😍
Czeslaw Borkowski
Czeslaw Borkowski:
Co za styl , aż serce rośnie .Gratulacje.
Rasha Abdel Salam
Rasha Abdel Salam:
David Grijalva
David Grijalva:
Again tennis machine. 🥰
Roman Morawski
Roman Morawski:
Gratulacje Iga, jazda
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak:
It's a shame RR to put together 1.5 min long highlights.. Last year was better in this respect. Is it to much to ask for regular 8 mins, like WTA do?
Nice young tennis players but Iga śmiga.
Jamie Whitney
Jamie Whitney:
Congratulations 20y old clay court sensation Iga Swiatek👏👏👏🥳🥳🥳👍🤗👍! S1 was Iga at top form 6-0 then it must be difficult playing a best friend at a GS tournament and it showed as she was in no mood to offer Iga best friend birthday gifts! she wanted to play a contest = 3-3 5-5 6-5 7-5😁😁😁! well done Iga for putting out the fight back flames😎! my heart nerves are hoping R2 will be more straight forward as it’s not the dangerous S Rogers😁😁😁!
Tamara Tkacz
Tamara Tkacz:
Stawiam na. LINETT👍🤗
Floyd Williams
Floyd Williams:
Stans Sports way better coverage,
dzulkafley samad
dzulkafley samad:
Clay court Queen in the making?
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
Oh well, Kaja is very cute however! ;o)
Kriston Cartwright
Kriston Cartwright:
The highlights are getting shorter and especially for the reigning women's FO champ. Thumbs down!
Someone needs to remind Javan that the point of tennis is to hit the ball WITHIN the lines lmao She hit herself off the court and did all of Swiatek’s work for her.
yasmin sahi
yasmin sahi:
Very Good
This video doesn't do justice to great play of Kaja in the second set. Bad highlights.
Cg Azlan
Cg Azlan:
reigning champ and the highlight just a little longer than one minute???
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Yes Iga Swiatek 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
tomasz krajewski
tomasz krajewski:
Happy Birtday Iga lets go
Tweener Head
Tweener Head:
Guarantee for a repeat title?
Roland Garros is simply joke to give 100sec highlight!!! Guys, save trouble yourself next time.
Short,,, but sweet...